Cum Dumpster dreams

Cum Dumpster

My cum dumpster pussy is always ready for service! I love going to local glory holes and sucking all the big fucking cock i can get! I love feeling them splash their loads all over my face and pump my pussy full of seed. My cunt is only happy when i am taking load after load of cum from strangers. Big cock little cock i don’t care! My cunt craves all the seed there is out there! My ultimate dream is to have to fat cocks stretching my well-used cunt, 2 in my asshole, and one in my mouth. I crave five cocks to fill me up and feed me every last drop of their cum. I was born to be a cum dumpster and I will be taking loads up into my golden years!  I can picture it now me still sucking and fucking in all my trick spots showing them that this is what i was made to do!


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