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Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. My reputation is well known in my little city too. Guys show up at my trailer frequently looking to utilize my skills. Last night, this handsome married black man arrived saying he had a problem he heard I could take care of for him. I invited him inside, gave him a beer and asked what the issue was that brought him to me. Turns out he is a friend of Big D, my black truck driver fuck buddy. Trevor is the name of the guy that showed up last night. Big D told him if he had cum filled balls no one would drain him better than me. Trevor was not as long as Big D, but he was thicker. His cock is the kind of dick that gags women. His wife has tried everything to suck off her husband, but she gags and pukes, so she gave up. Trevor can only cum in a pussy or with a jerk off. Every man wants to cum in a woman’s mouth. This trailer trash whore was happy to help him out. I have been sucking cock since I was a schoolgirl. Likely, his wife has not had the many years of big cock sucking that I have had. I did a line of coke and started chugging his thick black meat. I won’t lie, it was a struggle, but I got him balls deep in my mouth. I wasn’t slurping very long when I got the biggest cum shot in my mouth. He was clearly backed up in his balls. He seemed very happy to receive a good ball draining. I was very happy to receive such a huge load of cum. Never trust a wife to drain your balls. Get a trashy milf like me for the job.

Trailer Trash Whore Christmas Party Crasher

trailer trash whoreYou know what a trailer trash whore does at the holidays? She crashes Christmas parties. Not just any Christmas party, but the parties of the rich folks from the right side of the tracks. I crashed one Friday night being held in a swank hotel. Most of the women were dressed elegantly in expensive ball gowns. Not me. I was in a short, tight micro dress. It was red with a plunging neck line. I walked in, got a drink and scoped out the men. It appeared to be a work Christmas party. I was getting eyeballed by the women, but the men were asking who I was with and buying me drinks. I didn’t give the female haters any time. When one woman tried to get me kicked out saying I didn’t belong, one of the men I was chatting with told her to apologize to his date. She looked shocked and pissed but she left me alone after that. The guys didn’t care that I crashed their work party. One guy said I was just what the party needed. There were plenty of 20 and 30 something single men there. They were all happy to play with this trashy milf. We found an empty conference room in the hotel for a little gang bang. I bent over the conference table, raised up my slutty red dress and let them fuck my ass one after another. No way any of the snooty high-class bitches at that party were taking cock in the ass. It was one of the best parties I have ever crashed.

Lot Lizard Tales

Lot Lizard SexShould I have a slow night at the club I will often go by the Love’s Truck Stop looking for a few clients to fatten my wallet. There were a lot of trucks idling when I arrived, and I was optimistic. I went in the store and chatted to my favorite cashier, bought a 40 and headed out. As expected, there were many horny truckers looking for a quick blowjob or fuck. I went from cab to cab that night. I hopped in and took their hard cocks right down my throat until they filled me with their cum. Some have beds and we would retreat to there and I would ride those dicks till they filled my pussy with their cum. Others like me to sit right on their dicks until they fill my asshole with their cum. Within a few hours I was a massive cum dumpster. Knowing there is a special trucker friend who loves that, I softly knocked on his window and got in. He spent hours eating all that cum from my pussy and ass, using his tongue and fingers to get every drop of that cum. I headed home all nice and clean with a big wad of cash.

Trailer Trash Whore EggNog

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore is already in the Christmas spirit. I make my famous eggnog every year this time of the month. My special ingredient is cum. There is no egg in my eggnog. Its all cum and vanilla lol. It is so thick and creamy and fucking yummy. It requires lots of cum, however. So, this weekend, I was on a mission. A mission to collect as much cum as possible for my holiday drink. Trust me, when you look like me, finding men to give you cum is never a problem. I went down to the truck stop Friday, Saturday and Sunday to fuck and suck my way to a gallon of jizz. I had an empty milk gallon jug with me to fill up with cum. I am a cum dumpster, after all. Those truckers were happy to help me out. I would get blow banged, then spit cum into the jug. I would get fucked in the pussy or ass, then shit or piss out the jizz in the jug. Sometimes, the guys just passed around the jug and deposited directly into it for me. My pussy and ass are sore as fuck, but I have enough jizz to make a couple batches of cumnog.

Lot lizard sex

Lot lizard sex

I needed to get high. So automatically I knew I needed to find some old man’s white cock so I can drink the cum out of it. If he gave me what I wanted of course I have no problem giving him what he wants. I put on the sluttiest little school girl outfit I could find and decided to find the nearest truck stop. That place is the best of both worlds because the truck drivers get high as well.  All I have to do is snort some coke off their dicks and make sure to swallow all of their nut while looking them in the eyes. They become putty in my hands and anything I say goes.

   Once I walked into the truck stop I walked right through the middle and started dancing making my ass cheeks jiggle. All the horns at the truck stop started to blow. I knew right then and there I struck a gold mind. I automatically went to the first truck I saw. I needed to scratch this itch bad and get a good high. First thing I did was grab his dick and pull it out. Massaging it with my soft brown hands. My hands firmly around his cock. Up and down my hand went into a motion. I spit on his dick and begin to massage faster.  His eyes rolled to the back of his head. ” Do you like that daddy’? I said. He nodded yes. I asked him so where’s the good shit. I knew he had some because I saw the razor blade and straw on the plate in his seat. He reached over into a tiny compartment and pulled out a baggie. My eyes lit up and I hurried and shoved his cock into my warm wet mouth and sucked him until his dick shot out a creamy liquid. I swallowed with ease. I did a couple of lines and began sucking his cock again. Next I felt like getting fucked in my ass. But I will go to another truck driver for that.

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutSaturday nights I have a routine. I am a cum guzzling slut down at the Love’s Truck Stop. It was chilly last night for Florida, but those big dicks warmed me up.  I normally just suck cock for free, but I need new tires on my car. I didn’t really know any of the truckers there. It was not the usual suspects. I was not sure if it was the cold keeping them away or the fact that it was not my usual lot lizard day. These truckers had heard of me. They were happy to pay me for some of the best head in the state. I love sucking big dicks but getting paid to drain balls was just bonus. My mom and I were hookers for hire in the 70s and 80s, but I discovered I just loved fucking so much I did it for free. But sex always sells. Men will pay for it when there is no one around giving it away. I swallowed load after load in the cold last night and made more than enough to buy new tires for my car. Three truckers were buddies and offered me $500 to fuck. I am a three hole whore, so I took their money and let them play musical holes with my pussy, ass and mouth in the back of a cab. I was just happy to be out of the cold and making enough money to buy a big bag of coke too.

Mommy’s New Gig

taboo phonesexI just found the perfect gig to get me more business. After school tutoring and care. The kind where the school sends the older brats to me so I can keep them until mommy or daddy comes for their precious cargo. I throw them some PBJ sandwiches, turn on the TV, and boom, easy money. But that didn’t satisfy me. I’m a greedy pervy whore. All I can think about is all of that useless flesh sitting there and waiting when I have so much for them to learn. I began by putting them in study groups. It was like an experiment and they were my little guinea pigs. I used money and blackmail to get what I wanted from them. They were trapped. I had them on video showing me those little pussies and dicks. They had no choice but to cooperate. We wouldn’t want Daddy to see those, would we?

Yep, it’s a great business. I’m having an Open House tomorrow. I’m giving out free samples. Sweet little cupcakes with gooey filling and a cherry on top. Cocktail weenies and d’oeuvres. They’ll melt on your tongue. Would you care to stop by and taste my fresh goods?

A Trashy MILF Knows How to Get Shit Done

trashy milf

A sexy trashy milf knows how to get shit done. I had a flat tire when I came out of Walmart this morning. I looked around for the biggest guy and worked my charm. I went right up to him and explained what happened. I pulled my shirt down to show off more of my cleavage. My big tits get results. I asked him if he had a jack I could borrow, knowing full well he would change my tire for me. I watched him change my tire. I gave him lots of praise for being a big strong man. The truth is I can change a tire, but why would I when I can get a stud to do it for me? I prefer to save my nails and my strength for fucking. After he was done, I offered to buy him a drink. I mean I wanted to fuck him. A strong handsome stud like him had to have a big dick too. I saw the wedding ring on his finger, but that never stops me. We went back to my place for a beer and a fuck. I think he took two sips of beer before his cock was out of his pants. I didn’t care about the beer. I only cared about his cock. I showed off my cum guzzling slut skills and thanked him with a hard swallow of his yummy jizz.

Lot lizard sex

lot lizard sex

It has been a wild and sexy weekend! On Thursday I was bored, so I snorted the last of my coke and went down to the truck stop to see if I could find a little more blow. Of course I was dressed like a little cock tease whore, so finding a guy didn’t take long. Truckers are easy to deal with. If you give good head and are willing to be a nasty little slut, they pay really good and they always have good drugs. I’m not picky but I was looking for blow. I would settle with whatever I could get me hands on. I found a guy with the best shit I have ever tried and the best cock I have ever had too! He fucked me so long and hard that my juicy little kitty was tingling when he was finished with me. Everyone knows lot lizard sex gets crazy but the way he fucked me was insane! We stayed fucked up and fucking for the entire weekend. He kept my little whore pussy dripping with his cum the whole time! He fucked me so hard from behind that I thought he was going to rip my pussy open! He fucked my asshole just as hard. He was so turned on at my gaping asshole and stretched out pussy, dripping with his cum that he fucked me over and over. When he got tired of filling my fuck holes, he fucked my face hard. His cock slid right down my throat as he fucked me hard and made me gag. I had drool running down my chin and dripping all over my tits as he fucked my face. I spent the entire weekend fucked up and getting used up like a cum dump fuck toy. When he finally dropped me back off at the truck stop in my town, he gave me a nice bag of coke and a handful of pills. This is why I love being a lot lizard whore.

Anal Cum Dumpster For My Tranny Cock

You’re just one big ole anal cum dumpster for my nearly nine inches of throbbing hard tranny cock. I love visiting those hi-way truck stops when I am commuting along the tri-state corridor meeting up with my johns. The stops at those trucker showers and all night diners where they can camp out for the night are so much fun for me. I love that extra cash and boy do they love a sexy tranny with great tits and a nice cock like mine. I’m loaded and ready to go when I swing by. Whether they want a blow job, wish to suck me off or in need of a good anal pounding, giving or receiving I’m all in baby. You big guys never need be shy around Josie, I’ll be a perfect woman and I give satisfaction. You are guaranteed a good time with me, and yes, I have the blow if you need it too. This tranny is always packing a fully functional big cock and a little nose candy to party the night away. Sweet dreams lover.

Anal cum dumpster

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