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White Trash Whore

white trash phone sex

Come get some white trash phone sex with a nasty teen slut. I’ll do any fucking thing you want. I left the trailer park when I was young and was nasty little lot lizard. I fucked my way to the city and took truckers loads until I became a stripper. I’ve taken so many fucking loads you wouldn’t even believe. I’m a white trash slut and I fucking love when everyone knows it. I shake my naked ass on stage for dollar bills and all the men are fucking drooling when they see me slide up and down that pole. I need that attention. I need to be the biggest slut in the room and I always am. Any dirty fucking thing you can think of, I’ll do it. I just want that big creamy load of warm cum. Shower it all over my pretty little face or fill up any of my three fuck holes. Anything goes with this fuck toy cum loving whore.

Druggy Porn Star Wannabe

druggy pornI am a druggy porn star wannabe. Seriously, I do my best fucking high. Big D my trucker fuck buddy and dealer gave me some premium coke last night. The purist shit I have ever snorted. I’m always horny. On coke, however, I am a Super Whore. I begged Big D to arrange a gangbang for me.  He said no problem, but he wanted to take advantage of my fuck holes first. He pulled out his big black dick and I got on my knees like a good whore. I was blowing his fat snake while he was texting some other truckers to come get some trashy milf action in his cab. He knows how to sell my fuck holes.  Truckers love me because they can fuck me for free. As I was swallowing his massive load of cum, his trucker buddies arrived to check out the lot lizard wanting fucked. I wiped Big D’s jizz off my chin and told them to cum and get me. I got on all fours in Big D’s cab and his buddies took turns reaming my pussy and ass. It was tight quarters in the cab, but guys waited outside the truck for their turn. Guys are patience when it comes to free pussy. I did lines of blow while get trained for hours. I love being high because it accelerates the whore inside me. Big D gave me the best blow I’ve ever had. I got fucked all night long on that shit. Not sure how I got home, but I woke up late this morning with cum matted all over me and a swollen asshole. I showered, did some more blow and turned on my phone sex line on so I could talk dirty to you and find out what dirty things you enjoy.

Lot lizard sex sluts


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lot lizard sextrashy milfLot lizard sex sluts ready to serve some naughty BBC. We love going to the city just south of us because we know all the BBC truckers drive by that stop. Bethany gave us the scoop shes the BBC queen, and we are only her little prodigies. It was the scene out of a whole BBC porn clip. A trashy whore and her minions following the lead. Carrie isn’t new to the BBC scene, and neither am I, but cute teen slut petal has only given a couple of bbc bjs. That perfect teen cunt has never had a chocolate cock. As soon as we set it all up all three of us were watching petal closely and helping her take that cock. We started her off slowly with one, but she was able to handle more than one real quick. We all loved this size queen party. We didn’t stop with a couple, actually we each took about a dozen of them. Nothing brings a pack of prostitutes closer than sharing BBC.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation of being a big dick sucker, men know who to cum on! My girlfriends and I went to this new strip club that opened for girls. The dancers are male. I have never seen male strippers at an actual club before; just female ones. The mother of this young boy I fool around with is a stripper. The club she works at is Big Al’s and the newly opened Big Alice’s is upstairs for the ladies. Last night was the premiere, so I went with some of my friends. My neighbor got us free passes. I was happy to see a few black men as dancers. They would give me some great BBC sex stories for my men who enjoy a BBC whore. At Big Alice’s, anything goes if the money flows. I was stuffing bills in g strings, so I could show off my big dick sucking skills. Who ever said male strippers were gay was wrong. No way a gay man would be so hard in my mouth. I sucked two big black cocks dry. My face looked like a jizz bomb exploded. Before long, my girlfriends were testing their cock sucking skills too. I had to help some of my friends because they have never had foot long nigger dick in their mouths before.  Those black strippers loved my assistance too. They skull fucked all the women in the club. It was a jizz bomb explosion in da club. I envy the janitors getting all that cum on the floor. I think I will go back tonight.

Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard SexIt’s that time to pay for my habit again, I need that nose candy. This time I am going to try something different, I am going to dress in my black dress with matching heels and I am going to the local truck stop. I walk around and start knocking on windows of them and one guy opens and tells me to hop in. He asked me how much I tell him 100 dollars. He gets his dick out and I start sucking it and then when it’s really hard I put it inside my cunt and ride him hard. And then go all the way down grinding on his dick. When he feels like he is going to cum I pull him out and let him come all over my pussy. He hands me my money and I go on to the next truck this guy opened his door. Pulled me in and threw to his bed and fucked me hard, and came inside of me but whipped his money at me told me to get the fuck out of his truck. I didn’t care I had what I needed.

I’m A Nasty Little Lot Lizard

lot lizard sex

I’ve been having nasty lot lizard sex since I was older enough to take a load of cum. My Daddy was a truck driver and my Mom was his nasty fuck toy that he used to sell to all his trucker friends. I watched her used her sexy body and tight fuck holes to get anything she wanted and I learned that being an easy fucking slut was the life for me. I started slinging my pretty pink pussy around to all the horny dirty older men. They all fucking loved me. Men would come to the truck stop I went to just to get a chance to fuck me. There was a cheap hotel across the stress and it made it perfect for renting an hour to dump your load into me. I’ll let you fucking pound my tight pussy until you explode. You can take any fucking hole you want. I’m a total fucking whore and I never say no. My holes are yours to use, stuff, stretch out, and fill up. I fucking love cumming and making you cum, Come and make me your little fuck doll. I want to be your nasty toy you shower in your cum.

Boss in charge

prostitution pornThe prostitution porn was blasting in the background, and I could feel strong body on me. I felt his cock pushing my cunt and feeling him grunt. I hated him so much, but I was just so turned on. I’ve never done anything I don’t want to, but he somehow convinced me to let him fuck me. It was an entire plot for him to get what he wanted from me. My pussy was dripping wet as he was thrust into me. I was moaning and groaning, and he was enjoying hearing me and even told me he knew I wanted his cock. He got so intense he also started to choke me out while he was plowing my cunt. I passed out and came right back to conscience and I came so fucking hard. I was pretty much addicted to his cock by then. I have always been the more dominant one, and this experience put me in my place.


Now I am his anal slut who is willing to give him all my holes whenever he desires and craves it. I even have a ton of tasks to do anything he wants I do. I wear whatever outfit he needs me to wear. I love this new relationship with my boss in charge.

He Is A Trick Daddy

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Brock is my big daddy, he makes everything work out for me without fail. Last night I went out with a few of my girlfriends, we got super drunk and had a great time. I told one of my girlfriends that I wanted to thank my trick daddy for funding our golden night. My girls are the best, so I easily convinced them to treat my sweet as sugar trick daddy. We went to Brocks summer home where he was staying and all of us agreed that Brock could request anything he wanted, and he would get it. My pussy got instantly got wet as soon as my love machine Brock answered the door. I escorted the ladies in and we took no time to get busy. We all took our clothes off and started sucking Brocks rock-hard pulsating cock. We were kissing each other’s tongues and cunts, it was absolutely amazing. Last night I did things that made my trick daddy fall in love with me forever. Do you want to be treated like Big Daddy if so call me now.

Plain White Trash

white trash phone sex

Call me up when you need some really fucking nasty white trash phone sex. If your cock is aching to find a dirty used little fuck hole then I’m the girl you can dump your load into. Quick hot fuck sessions are my specialty. I’ve been letting guys pump and dump me since I was old enough to take a cock. I’ve come a long way from being the nasty lot lizard all the old truck drivers wanted to bang. I used my money I earned being a nasty little fuck doll to move to the city. I got a job the first day there, all I had to do was walk into the strip club and let those girls have their way with me. They brought me up on stage and took my clothes off. I was shaking my pussy in rich men’s faces within an hour of first setting foot in there. I fucking loved it.  I love the attention and the sex and the drugs and the fun! It’s endless and I can’t get enough. I’ve always had an insatiable desire to get fucked and milk big cocks of all their cum. come and give me your hot load! I’ll take it any little fuck hole you want to fill up. Make me your nasty little fuck toy.

I’m Such A Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fucking

I’m such a blonde fucking whore. The second I was old enough to sell my pussy I ran away to be a nasty little truck stop hooker. I was a lot lizard and fucked my way through old truckers until I became a stripper. I love getting paid for my pretty little pussy. I have seen the way guys check me out my entire life and why not use that to my advantage? They want to fuck me and I want to get paid. It’s the perfect deal. Anyone can my hot bald pussy for a price. I’ll be the blonde little slut that you’ve been dreaming about. There is no limit to the fucked up and nasty things you can to do this little cum whore. I’m just a cock pleasing fucking whore and I want to take your money and your load. Let me take your load. Cover my face, tits, ass, or cunt. Any of my tight fuck holes can be yours.

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