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Milf Lot Lizard

Trashy milfWhen I am not fucking to get my crack from my dealers I am usually at the truck stop being a lot lizard. Truckers are easy pickings to make a quick twenty bucks. Most are married and on the road too many long lonely days. They are in a hurry and just looking to get a quick cheap happy ending. These young lot lizards are charging a small fortune for their tight little cunts. I am well over forty years old my holes are a lot looser than these young bitches. But my cheap holes still bring in more money than the young ones. I have been fucking since I was a teenager and can get a man off very quickly. I got moves that these girls have no clue about and only dream about. Maybe one day they will be as good as a trashy milf fuck like me but into then I still wipe the floor with these little bitches.

Lot Lizard Sex Weekend

lot lizard sexIt has been a lot lizard sex weekend. My daughter and I have been skanking it up at the truck stop since Friday night. Big D called me up and told me he was training some new truckers and asked me to bring my daughter. He promised us big black cocks and coke. How do I say no to that? Two of my favorite things. A storm rolled through town this weekend and benched many truckers, so instead of an overnight stay, it turned into a weekend stay. We just got home from two days in the back of a truck getting high and getting fucked. You would think that the first thing we would do when we returned to my trailer would be shower. We were covered head to toe in cum. I am a cum dumpster loving whore and so is my daughter. We cleaned each other up with our tongues. I licked every inch of cum off her tight young body and she got her tongue in my old cervices. Our fuck holes were both sore too. We had two days of big black cocks fucking the shit out of us. I can’t wait for the next time Big D is in town.

Lot Lizard Gangbang

lot lizard sexI needed money to party so I dressed up and headed down to the truck stop for some lot lizard sex. The truck drivers always give me good money for nasty sex. I prowl around the lot with my skirt hiked up to show off my taut ass until someone hires me. I met my John in his cab and it turns out he had friends! They offered me extra to gangbang me raw, and a bitch needs money so I agreed. There were six of us crammed into the nasty smelly cab, so I had to use all my flexibility to accommodate this dick. I let two truckers cram their dicks in my mouth at once, and they mouthfucked me until I had tears running down my face. At the same time, one dude slipped his bare cock into my asshole. I jerked off two others while the last guy watched and stroked himself. I love taking multiple dicks in front of an audience; that’s why I’m such a good gangbang whore. Every trucker got a turn in every one of my sloppy holes because I believe in good customer service. I want to get pregnant with another little whore, so I made sure that every one of those truckers creampied me. They gave me a great tip so now I can go get fucked up!

Trashy MILF

trashy milfThis trashy milf was minding her own business this morning. I was not looking for trouble, but trouble found me. There was a knock at my door. When I answered it, I was in a t-shirt and panties. Usually, when someone is at my door, they are there to get high or fuck, but usually both. It was a young boy, but he was selling something for the Boy Scouts. I saw fresh meet. I saw a cute boy who could use the tutelage of an old cougar. I pulled him inside under the premise that I needed to get my wallet. I came back naked and watched him pop a woody in his uniform. “Ever seen a naked woman, son,” I inquired?  He was speechless. I walked over to him, pulled his dick out and gave him his first blowjob. That lead to his first pussy. My sloppy wet pussy was happy to welcome his cock inside her. He had no clue what he was doing, but I taught him. He didn’t last long, but it was his first time. I bought some of his nuts after I busted his nuts for the first time. I told him to come back every day because he has a lot to learn still.

Big Dick Sucker and Big Dick Fucker

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, you get a reputation. The guys and the boys with big dicks show up at your door all the time. Normally, I am sucking down big black cocks. Not because I don’t fuck white guys because I do; it is because I live in a black neighborhood. Last night around 1 am, there was a loud knock on my door. I was up partying. I answered the door naked, with cum running down my legs from the black cock gang bang earlier. It was a teen boy. He was alone. He looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure. Turned out he was a boy I fucked last year a few times on his way to catch the school bus. He had grown in that short of time a lot and in all the right places. I was happy to see how much bigger his cock had grown since then. That was one hell of a growth spurt. He told me he had an erection that wouldn’t go away. Come to discover, he had taken one of his grandpa’s Viagra. Poor baby was in pain. I brought him inside and took care of his painful erection. I drained him with my pussy, my mouth and my ass. Three cums wasn’t enough, so I gave him a prostate exam to drain him completely. That did the trick. He came so hard with my finger up his ass, but he needed it. I told him Viagra was for old men with dick issues. He doesn’t need Viagra. This trashy milf told him to come back anytime for a thorough ball draining. Anytime I can help a young mam drain his balls, is a good day for me. It was win-win because on Viagra he was more of a sex machine than Peter North.

I love Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex

This Hot Coke whore had hot lot lizard sex with two foreign guys last night. This slut had been at the truck stop fucking as much as I could. I found two men who wanted to pay to  Fuck me Bareback while I Sucked the other, one pulled out the money handed it to me, I got up removed my shirt, skirt, bra & panties then lay down on the bed Naked, both of them were naked now, A Cock in my face it was about 7″ long cut and brown, it smelled sweaty and didn’t look very clean. I needed a fix so at this point had no choice I opened my mouth, he stuck it in and I started sucking it. It tasted as bad as it smelled but I kept sucking on it as he started Fucking my mouth, he put his hand on the back of my head as he Pumped my Mouth. I could feel one spreading my legs then fingering my Pussy, after a minute or so of this he climbed in I could feel the head of his Cock enter my sloppy wet pussy and he was much larger. I didn’t get a good look at his Dick but could feel he had some girth!. Once he was fully inside me he took my legs put them on his shoulders then started to Fuck me, I had to hold the first Dick in my hand to control it as The other was pounding me Hard I could feel my ass and tits bouncing as he thrust his Big Cock in and out. both of them started talking in their native tongue I have no idea what they were saying but they were smiling and laughing as they Fucked my Mouth & Cunt, pumping my Mouth Harder now, grabbing  both sides of my head then Pushed his Cock Deep as he Groaned and Blew his Load into my Mouth, he came so hard the excess flowed out the sides of my mouth, I was gagging as his orgasm slowed, once done he pulled out of my mouth then left the sleeper. It was perfect for this trailer trash whore!

BBC Sex Stories from an Old Whore

bbc phone sexEveryone who knows me, knows I have a lot of BBC sex stories to share. I am a black cock whore. Black men love a tiny blonde cougar. It’s the contrast in size and color, but it is also that women like me can take big dicks. Even though I am tiny, I can take a monster cock in my holes. My favorite black lover is Big D. He has a huge mamba snake tucked in his trousers.  He is my favorite big black cock. He gapes my old ass and old pussy. Plus, he has the best blow. He travels to Texas often and he gets some blow from Mexico and that shit is primo powder. Mexicans know how to make cocaine and black men know how to fuck. Last night, Big D was in town and wanted to hook up. He pounded my ass and pussy for hours. He was tired of the lot lizard sex whores he had encountered on his trip. He said none of them could handle his cock like me. The secret to taking his big black dick is cocaine. You must be high to take 12-inches of dark thick meat up your back door. I can take every inch when I am high. It helps numb the sensation. I love having a sore ass, however. I am a nasty freak. I don’t want to make love. I want to fuck down and dirty. Think you have what this old cougar needs?

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf I love being a trashy milf. Good soccer moms are boring as fuck. My son and daughter are grown up now, but I have some dirty stories from when they were young. I remember this one time, when my son was in high school. I had been partying all night fucking and doing lines of coke. The school called me because my son got in trouble. I had to go get him and meet with the principal. I looked like a whore in a cat house. My make-up was smeared on my face. I smelled like a brewery. Cum was matted on my neck and legs. I was dressed like a street corner hooker. I had no business on school grounds, but I was fucked up and sleep deprived. I showed up anyway. All the school boys and girls were staring at me in awe as I walked the school halls. All the teachers were looking at me with disgust. I got my skanky lot lizard sex ass to the principal’s office and bailed my son out of trouble. Apparently, the principal liked the trashy whore look and let me blow him under his desk in front of my son to prevent him from being expelled. I left the principal’s office more of a cum dump than when I arrived, but according to my son, I was mother whore of the year.

Trailer Trash Whore Then and Now

trailer trash whoreBeing a trailer trash whore pays the bills. Trust me, I have been whoring myself one way or another since I was a wee girl. I helped my whore mommy pay the bills. Johns paid more for my young slit than her old pussy. Nowadays, I don’t make as much as I once did, but I get free coke and that saves me a ton of money. I can pay the bills because I trade sexual favors for white powder. Normally, I go down to the truck stop and have sex with the black truckers. They have the biggest dicks and the best coke. Last night, however, none of my regular playmates were around for some hot lot lizard sex. I was starting to head home, when a guy made me a proposition. He reeked of police. He was a nerdy white guy out of his ball park, and he didn’t know the lingo. He was a cop, but off duty. He just wanted his dick sucked. No way I was getting coke off a cop, likely not money either. I just blew him. I figured I would have a get out of jail free card if I swallowed his cum. Turns out the cop had a nice cock, a lot of great confiscated coke and a wad of cash. Clearly, he was not a good cop. That was fine by me. I much prefer to party with bad boys.

Nice Tits and Live Phone Sex

live phone sex I got into a jam today. Nothing my big tits couldn’t get me out of, however. When you are a curvy gal like me with nice boobs, you command attention. I got busted shoplifting. I have sticky fingers. Normally, I never get caught. When I was in the security room, I let a boob fall out of my shirt. Once I saw the security dude’s jaw drop, I let the other boob fall out. I was standing in front of him with my big knockers out asking him to play let’s make a deal. He pulled his cock out and I knew I had the deal I wanted. His cock was just average. Normally, a hot chick like me gets the men with big dicks. I couldn’t shame this guy because he had all the power. I didn’t want to see the cops, so I acted like he had the biggest dick I had ever seen. I wasted my cock sucking skills on him, but I was in a jam. I made him feel like a King for the day. I had to give up my big round booty too, but that was fine because it kept me out of jail. I would let anyone ass fuck me if it meant I didn’t have to wear an orange jump suit. I had to work hard to get myself out of trouble, but in the end, I got off with some tit groping and an ass fucking. Hell, I wasn’t even barred from the store. Sometimes a girl must do things she doesn’t like to stay out of trouble.

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