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Trashy Milf & Tiny Teen Edgeplay

Trashy milfHe wanted her. He was staying close enough to keep an eye on us, and I could see that his eye was on her sweet little ass in that short skirt. Well, I caught him as he was leaving the store right behind us, and told him to follow us to the house. He looked torn between taking me up on my offer and flat out refusing to admit to any interest. He was smart, and he took my offer, and I watched him in the rear-view the entire way home. He helped us unload, still watching her sweet, tight little body. Then, we led him back to my room, and I got him all naked while baby girl watched. He looked like he wanted to question, but he kept his mouth shut, letting me have my way with his body. He lay on my bed when I told him to, and I started stroking him, getting him so close as he watched baby girl strip down, too. She stripped slowly, and his cock was so hard and throbbing by the time she finished. The sight of her nakedness was almost enough to send him over the edge, but I wouldn’t let him. I pinched that shit off, and he looked really offended, but baby girl walked over to him then, and she gave him a kiss. She straddled his face and started grinding out on him. That, alone, had him almost cumming again, and I had to pinch it off. When he was far enough from orgasm, I leaned down and started sucking his dick, bringing him close again. This went on for well over an hour, us driving him closer and closer. He made some strange faces every time I pinched off his orgasm, and he was so happy when I finally had baby girl straddle him and settle her cunt on his dick. He came so deep in her that she came hard all around him, too.

Hardcore Anal Sex With Teen Petal

Hardcore Anal Sex

Hardcore anal sex can be so much kinky fun! I have so many stripper sex stories about men making me into an anal cum dumpster. Sometimes I like it to get pretty rough and wild though. I like to find guys that have a monster cock that they can slam into my tight teen asshole. When it comes to anal fucking, I want it hard and fast. No need to worry about being gentle with this teen anal whore. I love taking your giant cock and shoving it my tiny fuckhole. I love it when you sit down and pick me up, then place me on top of your cock and just lift me up and down. Just slamming me down onto your cock. You could even bend me over, I’ll gladly spread my ass cheeks apart for you to slid that huge dick in my ass. Hardcore anal sex just makes me feel like such a whore. I want you to stretch my ass out and pound my tiny hole until you explode your cum inside me. Make me your anal cum dumpster.

Gangbang Whore Petal Gets Naughty


Gangbang Whore

I had a gangbang in the back room at my strip club once. I love being made into a little gangbang whore. This group of guys came into the club and they gave me all their attention, not to mention all their money. They started making jokes about making me a gangbang whore and I felt my pussy get wet thinking about it. I love being a teen stripper slut.  So, of course, I wasn’t going to say no. I took them all into the back room and I let them each take their turn fucking every one of my holes. I was riding a cock while taking it in the ass and mouth. The other guys stood around us and jacked off. I came so many times, looking around while getting pounded in every hole and seeing all the hard cocks in the room. I loved the cum shower I got at the end. All I could think about was how much of a little gangbang whore I was while I took their loads all over me. I bet they come back for more my sweet teen stripper pussy.

This Cock Sucking Stripper Is At It Again!

cum dumpster

Want to hear another one of my stripper sex stories? Well, the other night this older guy walked into the club and I could tell that he had money. He sat at a table and I walked right over to him. He loved my tight little body and the way I grinded on his dick with my ass and rubbed my little tits in his face. I started whispering all the dirty things I would do to him in his ear and I felt his boner growing in his pants. I started rubbing my ass on him some more, feeling that dick grow bigger and harder for me. I took him to the back room so we could have some privacy. When we were alone, I started dancing for him while taking my clothes off. Then I got on my knees and pulled his cock out. I started sucking it and really getting into it. My pussy was so wet, I had to start fingering my myself. I could feel his cock throbbing on my tongue and my clit swelling. Just when he blew his load of wet hot cum into my mouth, I came and squirted my pussy juice all over the floor. It’s so great to get older men to pay me while I cum with them!

Hot Stripper Sex with Deanna

hot stripper sexYour daddy brought you into the strip club for your 21st birthday. After all what 21-year-old wouldn’t want some hot stripper sex. The girls and I always have so much fun with you young ones. We brought you up on the stage and started shaking our luscious big tits in your face as your dad and friends were cheering things along. I helped you take off your shirt because I knew things were going to get messy. Plus we wanted to see your hard 21-year-old abs. I sat down on your lap. I could feel your big hard cock throbbing through your pants. I placed my tit in your mouth and one of the girls started pouring tequila on it. It was running down from my big tit into your mouth. Then we switched tits. You and I were becoming a tequila covered mess. She stopped pouring and sprinkled some salt all over my big tequila covered tits. I told you to lick and suck it all off. As you were doing that I started bouncing up and down on your pants covered cock until I felt your warm gooey cum leaking through your pants.

Portuguese Breakfast with Deanna

golden shower sex storiesNothing is sweeter to my ears than hearing last call at the strip club where at work. It makes me all giddy knowing that my shift is over and I will be going home with one of my regulars for a night of fun, not to mention the extra money. You are one of my super freaky clients. You always want to spray me with that warm sparkly golden shower straight from your great big cock. I can tell what you have been drinking from the smell of your warm piss. Oh, how I enjoy your warm piss when you have been drinking jack and coke half the night. Now that I am refreshed from your tasty piss. You ask me if I want a Portuguese breakfast. I reply with but of course. I lie down on the floor. You help me to prop my ass and legs up. As I am laying there I can hear you cracking eggs in a bowl. You come back and stick a funnel in my hot wet pussy and then you slowly pour those cold eggs into my hot pussy. The chilly slimy egg creation makes my pussy tingle with excitement. You hold my legs up in the air and put that big hard cock into my pussy. You tell me how you have to scramble the eggs. You pound your big hard cock into my hot pussy until the eggs are all frothy. You help me up over a bowl so that the frothy mixture can run out of my pussy. Then you sprinkle it with your cum and pour it into two glasses. We both enjoy our frothy Portuguese breakfast.

The Swim Team’s Slut

gangbang whore


Got invited to see the team practice. You know it’s hard for a gangbang slut like me to hold back my whorish desires. The guys had a really fun idea where I tried a little bit of ghb. Woooo- that was wild! All 20 of these hot and sexy guys taking turns on my tight bald cunny in that pool as soon as their coach left. I gotta do my part for the school, right?! Having multiple cocks inside all of my holes. Being given the task of jerking and sucking them off while being pounded! It was a phased out, drugged up heavily fantasy for a girl like me. The best part is when they all got around me and let the cum shoot out of their dicks at the same time all over my face, body and inside my mouth. Then to clean me out, they held my pussy and asshole open to piss inside me. What a thoughtful bunch of bros! I heard you might want to watch next time- we’re getting together tonight but this time at my dorm! See you there?

Drunk fuck

Drunk phone sex

I kind of like getting fucked up and getting laid, sometimes the guy takes longer and that lets me get off a lot more. I don’t go to bars often, usually too busy, but I have met johns at bars for the initial meeting. Rarely just to meet men, but I was having a particularly shit day so I went to have a drink at a local watering hole. This hot but very intoxicated guy started to hit on me, I was fine with it but he seemed a little too drunk. I thought fuck it, I want to get laid.

I poured him into my car and sped off to my place. He was barely understandable, but when he slid his hand under my shirt and started expertly playing with my tits I was excited. Not just by what he was doing, but looks like the boy has skills. We got back to my place and fuck yes! He picked me up and threw my legs around his waist and walked me to the bedroom I was directing him to.

This man laid me out of the bed like I was a quest to conquer, but it was so fucking hot. He did everything slowly, took my pants off, my shirt, my panties. He got me completely naked then unzipped his pants just a bit to show his nature trail. He laid down next to me and just teased me, it was so erotic. He played with my tits and would make his way down to my clit, play a little then go back to my tits. He made me orgasm in so many ways before he even took his clothing off. Once he did, he really let out the beast. He fucked me in ways I had never experienced before. He fucked me all night, making me squirt, cum and just plain exhaust me.

….. Morning….

Blazing headache, I drank too much last night but, aah what a great wet dream I had last night. Wait, there is a warm body next to me.

Deanna’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

I had an awesome night at the strip club. One of my favorite customers came in for a private dance. I have to say he is a hot piece of dark chocolate. I almost feel guilty taking money from him because his big black cock is the best I have ever had. When he bends me over and fucks me from behind his thick black cock always hits my g-spot. He gives me screaming and squirting orgasms like I have never had before. He pays me more so that he doesn’t have to wear a condom. So all of his warm gooey cum is all inside my pussy. When I get home my little cuckold is waiting for me. You start with your whining shit and that is when I tell you to come over and lick all this warm gooey cum out of my pussy. You better stick that tongue deep in my pussy and make sure you get every last drop of cum that was left by a big black cock.

cum filled cunt

Just my luck

Gangbang whore

I didn’t make any money last night working the poles so I needed my hit real bad. I tried to work the young bangers on the corner but they was hip to me now.  So I thought I was going to be without a high.  This one guy I never saw in our hood said he would fuck with me.  So I said ok we went to his car and I took a couple of his of his blunt and one good pull from his pipe.  I was completely blasted.  He was doing all types of shit to me but I did not care.  Normally my focus was on getting his stash but I couldn’t focus for shit.  This motherfucker gave me some shit where all I could do is fuck. I had so much energy and was ready to go for hours.  I heard the door open and we was still going at it.  So I thought.  He had called the other dealers over for a gangbang. They all fucked me beat me and drop their loads in my face mouth and everywhere.  I tried to get some more he told me I could have the whole stash if I let ten more of his friends fuck me.  I said didn’t I fuck your friends he said no he didn’t know who I fucked.  He just made I bet with these dudes that he get me back for all the times I robbed them.  Just my luck I took his stash and ran.  I wanted that high again.  Unfortunately  for me I found out this was just cut up pieces of fucking soap.

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