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Coke Whore BJ Loves Big Dick

Druggy Phone Sex

Well isn’t that fucking hot, a retired stripper milf coke whore like me dying to have druggy phone sex with naughty pervs like you. I’m a hot fuck and I know you want this pussy and this filthy talking tramp to do you really good. I love talking about all kinds of dirty stuff especially all the BBC I love to fuck and all the drug dealers I have in my black book for hooking up some fine trades. I’m in love with the perfect blend of being high and fucked right. Sucking cock is an awesome high for me especially when I am coked up and horny. And let me tell you, this trashy milf is always horny when she’s high and I try to keep it that way on a permanent level.


BBC welcome to my insides

Gangbang whore   I don’t know what it is about BBC that makes me so wet. I get so turned on when I see black men come my way. Just imaging their big cocks in my mouth makes me so excited. I cream my panties listening to rappers rap, black men dancing I just love dark men inside of me. I met these guys from my shift last night. They are brothers dirty right ? Yes that’s why I love it the nastier the better. I sucked both of their cocks stroked them made them grow and damn did they get so hard. The weight of them just makes me want them in my mouth all time. They spread my pussy open and pounded my little pussy . Taking black dick makes me feel so amazing. I told them to push it all the way to my chest. I made them nut so big right in the back of my throat.

druggy porn star

druggy phone sexI have had to fuck my coke supplier before and have even had to make some porn with him. This time he was missing an eight ball of coke, and yes it was me I stole it from him what can I say? I have a lust for that angel dust. This time my drug dealer was going to show me a lesson he was going to make me a druggy porn star and make sure that everyone in town would view our home video. He brought over a couple of guys and ordered me to strip down and get fucked like a dumb slut. I knew I had to do this if not I was going to end up even more fucked up. I was on display for the bright camera and was used like a rag doll. I was so humiliated but I was wet as can be anticipating what all three of these men were going to do to me. I was going to learn my lesson for sure. Within seconds it went life, and within days it was viral. An innocent looking whore fucking multiple cocks for coke.

Hadley and Cleo Do BBC



2 girl phone sexcreampie slut

Do I have a slutty story for you! 2 girl phone sex with your whore Hadley and Latina super slut Cleo! We were doing some lines in the VIP room at my club and this big black man and two of his friends decided they wanted free blowjobs. I mean I knew what big thick cocks they were packing so I didn’t mind. But Cleo threw a fit saying they needed to pay or give us coke! She fucking was one fiery whore jalapeno!  WE all three strong guys threw us down and shoved huge cocks down our throats. We were gagging and slobbering like never before. Her Hispanic ass actually started moaning. I guess she is like me and likes it a little rough.  We were fucked every way imaginable my sweet ass was drilled over and over. Cleo was screaming in pleasure as she became a creampie slut for these big black cocks. I enjoyed licking out her pussy and eating the cum out of her ass when they were done with us. We would love to tell you how naughty we got after that!


Cock Sucking Cum Loving Whore

big dick sucker

Sometimes I don’t know why I put my makeup on when I go to strip at the club. I know that I’m going to end up with my lipstick smeared all over my face and black running down my cheeks from my mascara after I get face fucked in the back. I can’t help it though, I love being a big dick sucker and taking massive loads of cum all over my face. the taste of a creamy load of man jizz makes my tiny bald cunt fucking drip. Let me show you what a good little cock sucker I am. I can deepthroat the biggest fucking dick all the way down my throat. You and all your friends can come into the club and let me take turns making you all fucking cover me cum. Everyone can fuck my mouth and blow their load down my throat. I’m a cock sucking cum loving whore and I want to make you all explode your loads all over me!

Show Me That Tiny Cock

hot stripper sex

I invited this guy over that has been coming in for lap dances at the club. The girls have all been giggling behind his back because he’s so hot, but we can tell he has a little secret. When we grind our tight asses on him we feel how tiny he is when he gets hard. He came over to my place thinking he was about to get some hot stripper sex and instead we had him dressed like a total fucking whore. He had on sexy panties, high heels, and red lipstick. I had a group of guys that all had massive big black cocks and we made him worship each one. He took his time milking each cock of all his warm creamy goodness. He was fucking covered. That cum loving little whore fucking loved it. He’s been begging me to come back to get slapped in the face with those monster dicks again.

I’m Such A Fucking Whore

Gangbang whore

I’m a flexible little fuck toy. I love being folded up like a fucking pretzel and getting my wet cunt pounded by hard cock. I let this group of guys each have a turn with my fuck holes. I took them to the back of the strip club, into the VIP room and laid down right there on the floor. They turned me into a total gangbang whore. Each of them blew their load either into me or on me. I think one guy even came twice. I was fucking covered in cum and I loved it. I had my legs pulled back over my head and I was taking a hard cock into my pussy, ass, and mouth. There was so much fucking cum. Nothing makes my pretty pussy squirt more than a nice hardcore gangbang that leaves me dripping cum and soaking with it from head to toe. Come and add your cock to the party, give me that warm creamy goodness. I’ll be your favorite new fuck toy.

Dirty bitches

Anal sex whore


  My ass hole was gaped so wide from that big daddy cock I got early this morning right home from the club. I’m just their favorite Anal phone sex whore. I love to take pictures my ass hole and pussy to show how sexy it is and how I just go right back to normal. I am still drunk, but i don’t care after my shift last night I brought some of my girls over and some guys we work with and they had talked about gang bangs and just having strippers lick their balls oh damn it finally happened. Big cocks, sweet pussy, drinks it was so much fun. I am the nastiest, most kinky dancer, lover, and fuck they have met. I tried to tell them so many times I have no limits you can wrap me like a pretzel fuck me any way you want. Cream pie me, tie me, hurt me choke me. Pain is pleasure I took so many big dicks last night I can barley stand. If you have no limits and enjoy being in charge come fuck with me.

Want a Video Of Yourself Fucking A Sexy Stripper?

stripper sex porn

I love making kinky stripper sex porn with the girls I work with. We have so much naughty fun letting guys come in and pay for dances. Then they always want more and we’re more than happy to give it to them. Just the other day the group of guys came in and we were dancing for them we could feel their cocks getting hard for us. One of the boys made a joke about wanting to watch us all get fucked. We were so ready to party and have some fun so we went back to their house. Us girls were all naked right away, dancing and touching each other. The guys loved watching us make out and start licking each other. We were getting so wet and kinky. One of the guys pulled out a camera and started recording us fucking. Before you know it, all of us had a cock pounding us and filling us with cum. the porn we made turned out so fucking hot and there was so much fucking cum! Now those lucky guys have a video of them fucking some sexy tight stripper sluts!

I Slid Down From Heaven On A Stripper Pole

hot stripper sex

I slide down from heaven on a fucking stripper pole and you better know it! I welcome all perverted men with a thick wallet and hard cock to come and play with this teen stripper. I ran away to sell my pretty pink fuck hole as soon as I was old enough to take a dick. I fucking love getting so much attention and cum. I’m a total fucking cum whore and I can’t get enough of the stuff. So when guys come into my club looking for some kinky hot stripper sex they come to me. They heard that I’m the nest fucking slut that will never say no. The rumors around town about me are true. I’ll do fucking anything you ask me to when we get in that back room. If your feeling really fucking naughty you can take this teen stripper to a hotel and pay me for the night. I might call myself a stripper instead of a hooker, but let’s be real, I’ll let you pay me to fuck me.

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