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Golden Showers Sex with Silvia

Golden Showers SexI love when a John has his cock deep in my asshole while I snort a line of coke.  My ass hole constricts and clamps down on his hard cock.  It’s a great feeling when he’s shoving in and out of me. Some guys might call me a coke whore, I say Thank You.  It’s what I aspire to be.  I especially love to me a human toilet.  I’d love you to spray your Golden Shower in my mouth and all over my body.  Fill up my cunt with that golden liquid.  Do I have Daddy issues? Fuck yeah!  Any girl in my position has Daddy issues.  My Daddy was taking advantage of my innocence long before I caught on.  But I learned that I could have all the power.  It’s my body and if I choose to use it to my benefit, who the fuck cares?  I’m sure you don’t.  Why don’t we use each other?  I’ll use you for your money, blow and hard cock you give me, you use me for the mind numbing orgasms I’ll give you.

This Trailer Trash Whore is the Life of a Party

trailer trash whoreI’m such a trailer trash whore, but I am not ashamed of it. Some will argue that I am proud to be a skank. I will agree to that.  I went to a Christmas party last night with my son. It was for his office. He didn’t introduce me as his mother, however. To his coworkers and his boss, I was his girlfriend. He wanted them to think he was banging a skanky old broad. He is banging a skanky old broad, it is just that I am his mother too. He has a legitimate job. He must wear a suit and tie. At one time these guys would have been called yuppies. Not sure if that is still a term. The party was boring. I wasn’t sure why my son wanted a trailer trash whore as a date at a young professionals’ party. Once the eggnog was passed around, it became clear. When those boys get drunk they get horny. Horny as fuck. They were a different group when drunk. Now, it was clear that I was there for entertainment. I’m always drunk or high, usually both, so now I felt more comfortable. I got on top of a table and did a sexy striptease. Before the party was over, every one of my son’s coworkers, even his boss, had fucked my cunt and my ass. If you have a boring holiday party to attend this season, bring a dirty old tramp like me. Then you can have some fun.

Cum Dumpster at the Doctor

Cum dumpsterA girl’s gotta have her checkups done regularly. I went in for mine, and there was a new nurse on board. She was sexy as hell, and I couldn’t wait to get her alone in the room. I made my move as soon as I had the door closed behind me, and she got into it immediately. That’s precisely how my doctor found us, naked and rubbing our bodies together. He knows me very well, and very intimately, so you know he wasn’t the least bit surprised. And, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when he started stripping down, too. He laid his lab coat on the floor so we wouldn’t have to mess up the bed, and lay down on it. She and I were on him in an instant, licking and sucking his dick, and playing with his sack. He pulled her up on his face, and started to eat her cunt. I took the opportunity to sit straight down on his dick, and started bouncing. I didn’t expect him to start drilling up into me while he was still occupied with her puss, but he did. He banged me hard and fast and deep, keeping his mouth busy on her cunt the entire time. He drove us both to such amazing orgasms that another nurse peeked in to see if everything was ok. She left pretty quickly, and we carried on with our fun for another 15 minutes or so before he had to get back to work.

We were hookers for hire!

hookers for hireMe and my friend got real fuckin wasted last night and decided to be hookers for hire! We needed more money to keep the party going so we just got dressed in these real slutty outfits and took a bunch of skanky pics and posted them online and within 10 minutes we had our first offer! This guy was old and his dick only half worked but he had money and party favors so who cares right? We sucked and fucked that half hard chub for a few hours just to stay fucked up! After he left tho, we got the best offer. This group of black guys wanted to make us their whores and they were bringing drugs and cash so we were all about it. They had us begging for mercy! Their cocks were huge and their drugs were the best, I was about to sign my life away to them if only they would keep handing em out! Honestly, it was the best night ever!

Hot Stripper Sex Makes Him Cum

hot stripper sex

This guy was looking for some hot stripper sex. He had heard from his friend that if he asked for a lap dance from a slutty girl named Petal at the strip club in town that she would get your cock off for you. So he came in and asked for me. I started giving him his lap dance and rubbing ass all over his cock. I could feel him getting hard for me and that was when he asked if we could go have some real fun in the back. I took him by the hand and led him to the room where we could have some naughty and kinky play time together. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock until he was about to explode. Then I bent over and grabbed my ankles. My ass and pussy were wide open for him to stuff his cock into and I told him to take his pick of what hole he would like to dump his cum into. He chose my ass and gave me and nice pounding in my tight little asshole until he filled up with his cum.

Hot Stripper Sex Any Way You Want


hot stripper sex

Every guy has a fantasy about getting some hot stripper sex when they go out to the strip club. Finding that slutty stripper that’s going to let them do anything they want to them is what gets their cock rock hard and ready to fuck. When they whisper my ear and ask if they can take me home with them I giggle and tell them that my pussy isn’t free but it can definitely be theirs for the right price. It gets me so fucking wet to know that I can get paid for my pussy. When I’m getting fucked and knowing that I’m getting paid to cum all over a nice hard cock my pussy fucking gushes. Guys love it too, getting an easy fuck from a sexy teen stripper. They love watching my tits while I bounce up and down on their cock, riding them until they explode their cum inside my pussy.

Hard Fucking Hooker

Hooker Phone SexI have been a whore my whole life.  My Daddy used me when I was a kid and would sell me to the neighbors for a pack of smokes so I learned pretty early that sex is money.  I still sell my body, but I do it on my terms.  I work as a stripper and call girl in Hollywood, so I run into my share of let’s say interesting clients.  I love them all.  They make my life exciting and I get to fuck lots of guys and make lots of money. We usually party before they get what they paid for.  Those Hollywood types love their drugs.  I have partied with more than my share of actors but I’m not one to name names.  One of the kinkiest things that ever happened to me was a John, who is a pretty famous guy wanted me to fuck his Furry Friend in front of a room of his buddies.  He offered me a lot of money to do it.  I think they thought I would be chicken shit, but I took a couple of bumps and pulled down my pants and let that fucking 4 legged beast have my ass. It was awesome!  I have been thinking about getting a furry companion of my own.  (Wink Wink)

Hot Stripper Sex With A Dirty Girl

hot stripper sex

I love giving guys some kinky hot stripper sex. They want to fuck a naughty little teen stripper like me and I love it. I can see it in their eyes the moment they walk in. They want to fuck me and know what it’s like to get into the back room. They want their chance at fulfilling that dirty fantasy of having some hot, sweet and kinky sex with a stripper. I never say no. Guys ask me all the time when I’m giving them lap dances if they can slide their cock inside my tight wet cunt and as long as they want to pay up, then I let them. The best part is that I fuck one guy and let him fill me up and then I come right back out to the floor and start rubbing my cum filled little cunt on some other guy. Then he comes in the back and stuffs his cock inside me too. It makes me feel so naughty and cum so hard knowing that they are fucking me with someone else’s cum inside me.

Gangbang Whore Petal Loves Cum

Gangbang whore

I love being a gangbang whore. Groups of guys are always coming into the strip club I work at looking to make one of us teen strippers into their cum dumpster for the night. I’m always more than happy to be the one that goes into the back and lets them all have their way with me. Getting all three of my tiny fuck holes filled with a nice thick cock makes me cum so fucking hard. I love feeling used up like a trashy little whore. I love when guys want to make me into a little fuck toy for their pleasure. They can fill me with their cum in any hole they want. My ass, mouth, and pussy love to take hot creamy loads. I love to get fucked and pounded by massive cocks while I watch all their friends jack off around us. Cum showers are one my favorite things. I just want to be filled and covered with cum like a good little whore.

Hot Stripper Sex For Everyone

Hot Stripper Sex

I love when groups of guys come in looking for some hot stripper sex. They are usually fucked up and horny, just looking to score some young easy pussy. Lucky for them, I am really into getting all of my holes filled in a nasty gangbang. So, when I see them coming in I make sure to walk right over to their table and make it clear that if they pay the right price they can taste and fuck this sweet cunt. They have no problem paying up and following me into the back room. They’re usually hard by the time we get in the back. Then I let them all watch me strip down while they pull their cocks out. Soon they are lining up to take their turn at stuffing their dick into my fuck holes. Having a cock in my ass, mouth, and pussy makes me feel like such a good little fuck toy and I love it. I cum so fucking hard during gangbang fuck sessions. The best part is getting filled and covered with cum, I just can’t get enough!

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