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Deanna Can’t Get Enough of Donna’s Pussy

phone sex line deannaOil prices having dropped seem to have affected things at the strip bar. Us girls are having a hard time paying our bills. So when my friend and co-worker Donna suggested we rent a trailer together, I jumped on that shit. You all know how much I love being naked, well guess what so does Donna. I know that this is probably hard for you to imagine, but I think that Donna is even more of a nasty whore than me. We have been so busy playing with each other today that we barely made it into work. Donna made my pussy so wet and juicy when she was shaking her tits and ass up on that stage that I couldn’t wait until we got home to finger fuck that pussy. I had to take her into the bathroom and finger fuck that pussy right there on the floor. I already had two fingers in her cunt, but she was screaming more, more, more!

Strip Teasing

trashy milf

I am a super hot blond stripper, and the club I work at is totally nude. My pussy is the prettiest part of my body. I love to show it off to men in the club. I also like to tease. Since while we are at the club you can look but you can’t touch. I love when I am on stage and you are sitting down below me. I come over to you and kneel down and spread my legs far apart so that you can see my pretty little pussy. You are even able to smell how sweet it is. I can see how hard you are in your pants, and how badly you want to touch my pussy. I just smile and giggle. Then I tell you that I might go to a hotel with you when I finish my shift, but first you will have to convince me that you are worthy of my pussy.

Blonde Fucking on Washing Machine

Blonde fucking

Laundry day is always fun. I typically get my laundry sorted, toss the load I want into the wash, set it up, and then I sit on top of it and slide my hand down my panties. I play with my clit and slide fingers into my pussy, slowly and gently playing, waiting for that spin cycle to roll around. I lose myself in it, because it’s usually while baby girl is at school or outside playing. So, when he walked in and cleared his throat, I was surprised right out of my sweet spot. I had forgotten he was coming to drop off some stuff his wife had borrowed today. He caught me with my fingers deep inside of myself, and my pants pulled down low where he could see them pressing into me. I couldn’t even apologize, because I had had a thing for this guy for as long as I’d known him. Well, it was my lucky day, because he walked right over to me, took my hand out of myself, and pulled my pants straight off of me. He picked my legs up, draped them over his shoulders, and I laid back against the wall behind the machine. He started thrusting into me deep and hard, and his cock was so fucking perfect. He stretched me out just right, and had my pussy so full I could feel it up in my belly every time he thrust. Just about the time I started to feel really good, the spin cycle kicked in, and we went to town. I got off at least 3 times before the spin cycle ended, and he left me with the biggest fucking load of cum in my pussy. I hope he stops by again soon!

Trailer Trash Whore Goes Back to School

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore knows how to have fun. This stripper that lives in my trailer park paid me in coke to impersonate her at her son’s school this morning. She works until 5 am in the morning, then she parties, sometimes fucks and crashes. She is pretty much a vampire who is up all night and sleeping all day. She has no time for a boring school meeting. They are kind of fun. I used to go to them for my son and daughter. Usually, I got to fuck a hot teacher in exchange for passing grades for my son and daughter. I dressed like a trashy MILF. Everyone knows Donny’s mother is a stripper. I had to look the part. Now I am about 20 years older than his mother, but cougars have brats too, especially in trailer parks. No one questioned if I was his mother. Partying ages a woman, so I’m sure they thought I looked older than they expected because I am a stripper whore. Most of his teachers were very boring. Turns out Donny is nothing like my brats. He is a smarty pants. Gets great grades. I was disappointed to hear that because I wanted to fuck a sexy student teacher. When I got to Donny’s history teacher, I hit the jackpot. He told me flat out he wished my son was dumb so he could get into my pants. I pointed to the supply cabinet. He followed me in. I went down on him; blew his socks off. I told him after he blew his spunk down my throat that I was always available to fuck my son’s teachers, for grades or for fun. He gave me his number so we could hook up tonight when we had more time to fuck. I hate to break it to him that Donny is not my brat. I doubt he will care. He is getting MILF pussy. I miss having little ones in the house though. Being a sexy MILF brings a lot of cock to your door.

Trashy Milf & Girl Auctioned Off

The club was having a private auction to support a local cause. Baby girl and I were one of the “items” up for auction, and I was excited as fuck at the thought of being auctioned off with her to the highest bidder for a day. Trashy milfWhen our time came to show off and earn bids, I walked her up with me. All eyes were on her little, supple body with the perky, tiny titties and sweet little ass barely covered by that mini skirt and tube top. Her hair was pulled back in a tail to show her body off to full advantage, and I immediately sat down and pulled her into my lap. I took my shirt off, letting them all see my tits, before I pulled hers off, and started tweaking her nipples, showing how tiny and taut they could get. I reached down and spread her legs apart to dangle on either side of my own, and she leaned back against my chest. The bids were rolling in by that point, but I knew we could get more. I ran both hands up the insides of her thighs, pushing the mini skirt completely up and away from her tiny cunt. Her sweet little lace-ruffled panties immediately caught attention, and the bids jumped a couple of times. I ran my hands over her abdomen, slowly stroking downward. When I got to her little cunt, I moved them down the insides of her thighs to slowly push the fabric of her panties until it all slipped up into her gash. Her pussy lips were on full display, and she turned her face to kiss my cheek. I turned to kiss her, and our french kiss definitely sealed the deal. We were the highest-paid item of the night.

Trailer Trash Whore Goes Wild!

Trailer trash whoreI’d always heard that traumatic experiences and brushes with death can make you horny enough to fuck anyone and everyone near you. I don’t think I ever really believed it before, though. Yesterday was one for the books. I was at the bank, and a guy walked in wearing a mask and carrying a gun. He screamed for everyone to get down, and I did, quickly. He took his time, pointing the gun at any and everyone who breathed too loudly. He walked so close to me, with that gun just over my head, that I nearly peed myself. When he finally left, I was so scared that I was shaking. The guy next to me asked if I was ok, and it took a minute for me to register that we were ok, that we had survived it. I couldn’t have helped my next moves if I had wanted to. I grabbed the guy and started kissing him, hard. I fumbled with his pants until I got them undone, and immediately climbed on top of him. Right there, in the bank, with all those people watching, I fucked his brains out. I bounced on him, kissed him, and made sure that my body knew that it was still alive and ok. He resisted at first, but quickly got into the feel of things, and I guess that our brazen display was a cue for others. When I finally finished fucking him, and my body was sated and satisfied that I was ok, I looked around from my perch on his dick to see at least 3 other fucking couples, and a bank manager jacking off at his desk. We were all pretty happy to be alive!

Strip Club Feature Dance

Hot stripper sex CarrieI love to feature dance at my local strip club, it’s always a special night whenever I do and all of my regulars come out to support me! I used to strip every fucking night but now I do more out-call prostitution work, so i’m not up in the strip club as much as I used to be. All of my customers gather like a pack of wolves at the club and drool over me while I shake my sex ass on stage for them! I wear my hottest, skimpiest little outfit so that my tits and ass are hanging out! The way I slide up and down the pole drives them fucking wild! They hoot and holler for me, it’s so fucking hott! Of course I expect tons of money to be thrown at me too, my regulars always take great care of me, especially because they know I love to shop and buy drugs! They know better than to just throw some lousy one dollar bills, they better be throwing twenty and hundred dollar bills my way! The more money they throw, the freakier I get! I love fucking the pole while they stare in amazement! It’s so much fun and I love being the slut in the spotlight!

Hot Stripper Sex Like No Other!!

Baby girl had a sleepover a little while back, and I had so much fun with it. She had 3 friends from school, and when it was time to take a bath, they all wanted to take one together. So, being the awesome mommy that I am, I brought them in my master bath and filled up the garden tub for them. As they got undressed, I couldn’t help myself. Hot stripper sexI watched them each strip down to nothing. All those nubile young bodies so close together in my bathroom. They all climbed into the tub, and asked me to bathe them. Well, you know I wasn’t about to turn that down. I started with their legs, working my way up them to the very tight little cunts. I barely avoided that area, skimming around to their hips and up their little bodies to their perfect little nipples. I soaped those up, running the cloth lightly over them to make sure they stood out really nicely. When I finally got back down to their little pussies, I put a little more soap on the cloth. I wanted a nice, sudsy lather. I washed up and down their little gashes, paying particular attention to their little clits, until they each came. We moved their naked, clean bodies from the bathroom to the bedroom, and continued our night of fun.

Amateur Strip Contest

Hot stripper sex

I was driving around downtown when I saw a sign outside a strip club that read “Amateur Strip Contest Grand Prize $2000”. That’s easy money I thought to myself as I pulled into the parking lot. I entered the contest and went backstage to the dressing room to prepare for my turn. I was already dressed like a stripper, I did a couple of lines of coke and drank 2 shots of vodka and I was ready. I heard them call my name and I hit the stage. All eyes were on me as I danced seductively, bouncing my ass and popping my pussy. And for the ending I gave the audience a full view of my tight, wet pussy. The crowd went nuts and gave me a standing ovation while throwing cash on the stage. Of course I won the grand prize and I was walking out of the club when someone grabbed my arm. It was an older gentlemen with a proposal, he offered me double the money I won for a little private time in the champagne room. I’m no fool, $4000 is too much money to pass up. I let him lead the way to the champagne rooms. Once inside we got right to business. He pushed me down onto the sofa, pulled off my panties and started eating my pussy. It felt so good, this old man really knew what he was doing. He licked and sucked on my clit so good and fast, he had me squirming all over that sofa. I grinded myself on his face and then I started bucking against his mouth. I came so hard that I squirted cum all over his face. That only excited him more and he kept devouring my sloppy wet pussy. He didn’t want anything in return. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid $4000 to get my pussy ate!!! I walked out of that strip club with over $6000 and a smile.

Gangbang Whore Daydreams

Gangbang whoreLast fall, baby girl convinced me to attend the local convention, and we had so much fun! Well, this time, she’s decided she wants to go to the local renaissance faire, and I can’t tell her no. Especially when she’s actually straightened up her act and is making her grades in school. I’m going to pull out my warrior princess outfit again, and hope that they find it acceptable. If things go well, and heavens above know I hope they do, I’ll have half the people in that place panting after my sexy little ass, and baby girl’s too. Just thinking about it, I’m picturing a great hall filled with people, and baby girl and I surrounded by men and women who are highly attracted to us. I can just imagine them all pushing the food out of the way to lay us out on the table and take turns eating, rubbing, sucking, and fucking our tight, wet cunts. I envision them pouring gravies and sauces on us, stuffing our cunts with turkey legs or chunks of meat that they’ll eat out of us, and then fucking our greasy, sloppy wet pussies. I can just see them flipping us around and sliding dick after dick into our mouths and hot boxes, and filling us so full of cum that we just DRIP for hours!! Ohh, I cannot WAIT for this to go down!!

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