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Gangbangs and Coke

ganbang whore

I am such a gangbang whore that I always need more than one cock to make me feel like a dirty slut.

I live by the words trailer trash slut and I fill my life with dirty druggy sex and all-around trashy smut.

I beg for cum in dirty nasty bathrooms and glory holes.  All between swinging on the poles!

I am not above selling my ass for cash. Hell, what am I saying I give it away for a smattering of coke, cum and more.

Pure white blow and big black cock make my world go ‘round.
I have the most cummy pussy for you to pound.

Incest and a dealer father made me the whore I am today. All I live for is cum!

I have been giving my pussy and ass up since day one.

I beg for drugs and huge loads of cum.

I am just your stupid white trash whore. I know you will come back to fill me more.

Hot creamy jizz and piss make me an anal cum dumpster for you. 

There is no limits to the nasty shit I will do for you!

Don’t cum in me

Blonde phone sex

I went out with a guy last night and ended up making out with him back at my apartment. He started reaching his hands under my skirt and working his way up to my breasts and then back down to my inner thighs before lingering on my pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and pushed me up against the wall and slid his cock into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips as he fucked me hard against the wall, slamming his cock into me, each thrust harder than the last. I warned him I wasn’t on the pill and he would need to pull out. He laughed and purred in my ear that he didn’t care, he wasn’t going to pull out. I tried to argue, but he just slapped one hand over my throat and kept fucking me. Despite myself, I was even more turned on. I loved that he wanted to cum in me so bad, secretly I wanted him to cum in me. My brain didn’t, but I did. I wanted him to claim me as his own by roughly fucking me and then filling me with his seed even though I begged him not to. My hands raked up and down his back, pulling him further into me. I wanted him so bad, all of him. I wanted him to breed me and then leave me panting and red faced from orgasm while his cum trickled out of me and down my thighs. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he growled and thrust his cock as deep into me as it would go, and then fill me up with his cum. I could feel his cock throbbing as he squirted inside of me, and I fucking loved it. He made me love it.

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore for crack I will do anything. So I met the white boy filling up at the gas station. I walked to his truck and flashed my ass. Come here Daddy. You got cash we can play. He smiled and said get in my truck. I hopped in and he parked amongst some empty trailers. He told me to come into the sleeper. I complied and sat on his messy bed. Here he hands me $200 and a gram. ” I want that ass. Bend over.” He immediately stuck his tongue in my ass. He moaned and said “I love the tangy taste of nigger ass.”  While he ate my booty I loaded my pipe up and took a hit. The crack smog made his tongue dig deeper into my asshole. I moaned, took a hit and enjoyed the wet feeling of his tongue. He spread my cheeks and slammed his cock into me. This is really some Crack whore anal. He held my ass cheeks open and continued to pump until I heard a gasp and felt his balls drain into my ass.











Cum filled cunt gets eaten


Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt gets eaten by a trick after my pimp cum in my pussy. I wasn’t expecting to do it but Daddy got an outcall for me while we were fucking. He slammed inside my pussy while Jefferson set up the appointment.  Daddy throws the phone and continues to pound my pussy seconds later he bust inside my pussy slapped my ass and said go see Jeff. I met Jeff in a room at the Ramada. I came in and he smelled the cum on my pussy. He asked if I fucked before I came I told him Yes…He then asked if I took a shower.. I laughed and said No. His response was perfect. He laid me on the bed and proceeded to lick each part of my body. He started at my neck and licked down to my nipples, then he traced a line from underneath my breast to my belly button. He tongued my belly button hole and then finally stuck his nose in my cum filled nigga pussy. He smiled and said you pussy smell like black dick. I told him my Daddy came in my pussy before I left. As if on cue my pussy began to ooze my Daddy’s cum. Jeff being in love with nigger cum decided to lick it clean. Jeff really like a cummy Sloppy wet pussy.

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Gets Nasty

I’m totally down with being the filthy trailer trash whore that I am and will play with every kind of cock and kink. I had a client of mine needing me to look in on his furry buddy while he went on a business trip, and invited to house sit as well. He left a good pile of blow for me and the place was stocked with food and alcohol a girl could need or want for the week. I really enjoyed the week there and got really naughty with the one I was taking care of. This was just the hottest dirtiest fun I could have and squirting my juicy cunt juices all over that furry muff as he licked me was just awesome.

trailer trash whore

HOT Stripper SEx Whoreout

hot stripper sex

I tend to make my workouts (whoreouts). I use my cock loving as a way to get my yoga in. I will do the stripper splits so my pussy can get licked and then downward dog to get pumped hard by cock! There is motivation in cock, I tell you. lick out my cummy hole from my stripper job last night and I will show you massive skills. I will hold his body in the air for some oral pleasures. Let me show you my slow bounce right on top of that cock. The VIP room hasn’t got anything on my private training sessions. The coke keeps me slim, but my trainer keeps me flexible.  do run on a diet of almost pure cum! Besides that, I gotta know just how low to go, and I can do the spits on any cock at all. I’m that Girl the joke was made for. What is the difference between a blonde and a rooster? A rooster says cock-a-doodle-do. And I say any cock will do! How else am I gonna keep my Rep as a gangbang stripper slut?

Trailer Trash Whore Needs Fire Put Out

trailer trash whore

This trailer trash whore was doing line after line of coke and my pussy was hot and I needed it quenched. I had done a hot firefighter striptease and being high I got an Idea. I pulled the fire alarm and the next thing I knew 10 firemen in two big firetrucks were at the club. Nobody knew what I had done but as soon as the prank was discovered I lured in a couple (Or 4) of those sexy firefighter studs to the back room because my lust was burning hot! I told them the only thing that could help me was buckets of cum all over my body and deep in my throat. You know those fire-boys can’t resist a damsel in distress! I took all those cocks down my throat. I had two in my hands one between my huge fake stripper tits and two battling for my throat. DId I say four? I meant five firefighters giving me huge buckets of cum to guzzle and eat for hours. Such a shame they had to leave but I know they will be back! I want to play with your firehose baby cum play,

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Beverly is my nickname around town. It don’t mind me none. I like being known as the dirty fuck slut of Florida. No matter where I go, people know me. Word gets around fast in a small Florida town. I crashed a party last night.  I was in the good part of town and heard music and saw the cars. I knew what was going on. I know the signs of a party. No one turns down a woman at a party. Even though I wasn’t on the guest list, I walked right into the house. It was a mansion. All the trailers in my trailer park could have fit in there. The security dude thought I was the stripper. The party needed me. It looked boring as fuck. It was boring as fuck until I got on top of the bar and stripped. That stuffy old money party needed me. Suddenly, all eyes were on me. Some looked on in shock, some in awe and a few in dismay. Some of the old broads didn’t want me there, but when old dicks started getting hard, I knew I wasn’t leaving. I passed around blow because it is the next best thing to Viagra for getting old dicks hard. Next thing I knew, I was a gangbang whore at some old money party on the good side of town. I don’t normally crash a geriatric party, but I didn’t know it was a bunch of old folks partying. I put the party in their party. It was a dud until I brought the pussy and the coke.

Creampie slut at work

creampie slut

I started working at this bar downtown. All the workers are men, and I am the only big tit slut around. Right before break I always tend to slip to the back room and get real acquainted with all my new co-workers. I like variety and being able to be a cum slut daily is the dream for me. I am not going to pretend I am classy. I maybe lovely on the eyes but I am genuinely a sick fuck and love rough sex booze rock and roll and lots of drugs. I am always high and wasted and wanting to be explored. I welcome anyone wanting to fuck to get close to me. I can satisfy all your needs and make you release a nice big shot of cum. I am a perfect creampie slut after all.

Big natural tits

Dirty phone sex

My tits are my best asset. They’re big and totally natural, and men love to play with them and suck on them. My nipples are so sensitive too, My pussy can get soaking wet just from having my tits sucked on and rubbed.

I strip at a club on weekends and I was giving this guy a lap dance and jiggling my tits in his face when he told me he would slip him an extra $100 if I let him suck on my tits while he jacks off. We went into the back room and he sucked on my nipples and squeezed my big tits while stroking his cock. He didn’t even want to fuck me, he just wanted to get up close and personal with these huge tits of mine. I let him cum on my tits and he coated them with a nice layer of sticky jizz.

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