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White Trash and Black Thug Cock

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He was a VIP hung Black cock. He went from strip club to strip club looking for the trashiest white bitches to take his 13 inches of rock hard cock. VIP Black cock always boasted about how no fuckin’ white bitch can handle all of his massive elephant trunk cock. Well, baby, he hadn’t met Hardcore Hadley yet. He came into my section threw $500 down and a fat sack of pure cocaine. I was first in line with my skinny big titted white bitch whore ass! He laughed and made the announcement if I could swallow him and take all of his 13 inches in my pussy and 3/4 in my ass hole I could have all that blow and the dough! So I slurped, and gulped, and choked until I got it all down. I bent over and moaned and groaned and squirted until it was all in me. Then this white trash bitch got up on top and squatted and farted and grimaced until all of his 13 inches disappeared up my ass. Then it was a free for all gang bang as I snorted and fucked and was filled with cum, oh my!

Sloppy Wet Pussy Watching Porn with My Young Girls

sloppy wet pussyI have a sloppy wet pussy from watching porn all morning. My youngest adopted girls aren’t in school yet. I decide to spend the morning with them watching movies. We watched all kinds of hardcore porn too. Daddies and daughters fucking was the mildest kind of porn we watched. I taught them how to rub their little bald slits too. They truly enjoyed themselves. I saw them come to life watching interracial porn. They enjoyed watching black men fuck these tiny white girls into oblivion. I started licking their little bald cunnies as they watched some tiny blonde nymphs get ravaged by big black cocks. Their sweet young cunnies were so wet. I was waiting for a piss orgasm and they gave it to me. All over their mommy’s face. I was glistening in little girl juice. I am so glad we adopted these two little angels. It is like being a new mommy all over again. I have so much to teach them, but they want to learn. They love learning from mommy. Since they loved watching big black cock porn so much, daddy and I are going to arrange a black cock gangbang for them. We know some black men who will pay big money for such tiny little girls. I bet you would too.

BBC Sex Stories from an Old Whore

bbc phone sexEveryone who knows me, knows I have a lot of BBC sex stories to share. I am a black cock whore. Black men love a tiny blonde cougar. It’s the contrast in size and color, but it is also that women like me can take big dicks. Even though I am tiny, I can take a monster cock in my holes. My favorite black lover is Big D. He has a huge mamba snake tucked in his trousers.  He is my favorite big black cock. He gapes my old ass and old pussy. Plus, he has the best blow. He travels to Texas often and he gets some blow from Mexico and that shit is primo powder. Mexicans know how to make cocaine and black men know how to fuck. Last night, Big D was in town and wanted to hook up. He pounded my ass and pussy for hours. He was tired of the lot lizard sex whores he had encountered on his trip. He said none of them could handle his cock like me. The secret to taking his big black dick is cocaine. You must be high to take 12-inches of dark thick meat up your back door. I can take every inch when I am high. It helps numb the sensation. I love having a sore ass, however. I am a nasty freak. I don’t want to make love. I want to fuck down and dirty. Think you have what this old cougar needs?

Black cock is better

BBC phone sex

Big dick sucker

When I really want my pussy stretched out, I like to call my bestie Serenity and have her organize a little gang bang for the two of us. Serenity’s a Big dick sucker that loves big black cocks and getting all of her holes fucked and filled with a hot load of cum. I was feeling really wet and horny last night when I texted her and told her I wanted to have some fun. She messaged me back and told me to be ready and at her place in an hour. When I got there she had 6 guys there already that were hard and ready for me. We spent the rest of the night getting our asses and pussies pounded while being gagged by big thick black cocks. The boys didn’t get to have all the fun though, after our pussies had been nice and creamed by all those black cocks, Serenity and I got in the 69 position and licked each other’s pussies clean until we both squirted.

Anal Cum Dumpster BJ Drains Balls

Looking for a real trashy anal cum dumpster to work yourself up with as you smoke some crack and jack? The BBC I had a few hours ago sure were! These mother fuckers love to plow my milf ass and make my son watch the whole time as they (all five of them) pumped my anus over and over making it a gaped out prolapsed cream filled and dripping whore hole. My son was forced down on his knees to clean all of the big nigger cocks off like a good little white boy faggot should and he will always be subjected to servicing those big black dicks as long as I keep my druggy ways up. I may have to go overboard and make him learn to take it in his sweet sissy ass if I don’t slow my roll.

Anal cum dumpster

BBC Lover

Big dick sucker

When I’m in the mood for a really big cock, nothing scratches that itch quite as good as a big thick BBC to stretch and fuck my sloppy wet pussy. I had a little too much to drink last night and a little too much  of everything else and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to get fucked. I started dancing with a hot guy and I could feel his big thick cock through his pants. He told me if I wanted to have some really nasty fun, that he had two friends with him that would love to try me out. The four of us went back to his hotel room and got freaky. We passed around a plate full of coke and did lines until our faces went numb. I stripped naked and the three of them picked a hole and started stretching me out with their huge black cocks. I had one in my ass, one in my pussy, and one of them shoved down my throat gagging me. The three of them used me like a whore and fucked me as fast and hard as they wanted. Even if I wanted to stop, it was too late. They were too fucking hard and horny to stop, I was basically their fuck doll. They filled every hole on my body with a big fucking load of cum and gaped my ass and pussy.

The wedding crashers

cum filled cunt



cum dumpster

My cum filled cunt gets an endless supply of jizz during wedding season. My friend Heidi and I tend to disturb the peace and cause chaos together. We are a force to be reckoned with when we team up. Anytime you see the both of us you know trouble is about to happen. We are both naughty and love getting in things together.

We were looking at things to do one day and realized that we could cause damage if we both were to try to crash a wedding we knew about. We made a bet, and as all bets, I have to follow suit and win each one. It is easy as pie; all I had to do was sleep with the groom. Each time we crashed a wedding we both had to seal the deal and fuck the groom. It seemed impossible, but two big tit sluts like us can make anything happen. We sneak in and always have some elaborate story that seems to favor us in a way to get close to the man that’s about to throw his life away and marry some broad. We have done long lost cousin and even wedding planner assistant — everything you can imagine. My favorite is the one where I was pretending to be altering his suit and had him one on one for ten minutes. Its crunch time but I was able to rub one out for him and make him turn me into a cum dumpster. 

BBC Phone Sex Stories

bbc phone sexI have plenty of bbc phone sex stories to share. I have been a BBC whore for decades. To be honest, I am just a whore. I don’t really discriminate against cock. The brothers sure do like me though. I can’t go anywhere without black men flocking to me. They see an old skinny cougar and wonder if they can split me in two with their big black cocks. They have no idea who they are about to fuck. I was downtown at a black biker bar last night. I was looking for Nigger dick. I found a posse of them too. As my lot lizard skank ass walked into the club, black women were throwing daggers at me with their eyes. One brother paved a way for me to walk, I felt like a show pony or something. In the back room was where all the single dudes were hanging out playing pool. I hopped on the pool table like the trailer trash whore I am and asked who wanted to gangbang an old whore? They pawed my clothes off and within minutes a black gang bang was going on in the back of the bar. Some of the married bikers joined in because free pussy is free pussy. I waddled home with cum running down my legs and a big smile. I love being a black cock wore.

We like getting in trouble

Drunk girl fuckingMy friend Nomi and I always get ourselves into some trouble together. What are friends for if you can’t do bad things with, We are wild things that cause havoc? We party all night and barely make it to school. We are never sober and always high. Drunk girl fucking is one of the best experiences ever. Having your cock straddled by a girl who won’t remember it the next day is a win-win. You get your rocks off, and you get to stay anonymous. This past week at school Nomi and I were on a bender, and we got to school high as fuck. We couldn’t hide it or contain it quite frankly. The dean and the assistant had a word with us in their office. We had to show both of them why we are hell raisers. We didn’t do much talking because actions speak louder than words. Our cunts on the office desk were all that needed to be expressed.

My Naughty Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineI have an anything goes phone sex line. I love talking dirty. My life is dirty. Super dirty and I don’t want it any other way. I joined my best friend last night with her son. She wanted me to be there to help her boy have a milf threesome. I was down for that. I gave my son milf threesomes all the time. She didn’t tell me her son was half black. I was happy to see a white boy with a big black dick. Ten inches on a barely legal boy. I died and went to heaven. She let me watch them fuck first. He had a great style about him too. His rhythm was great. I was rubbing my pussy watching mommy sex. After he nutted in his mommy’s pussy, I went into my creampie slut mode. I buried my tongue in her wet pussy. Her son’s cum tasted wonderful. He got hard watching us in the 69 position. She has always been a great cunt licker, but I am not bad either. I especially love a pussy full of cum. Her son got hard watching me eat his mommy’s pussy. He wanted my milf whore holes the second time around. He pounded my ass and nutted deep inside me. That was okay. His mommy ate my ass better than I ate her pussy.

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