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I am an Anal Sex Whore for the Right Price

Anal Sex WhoreThe club doesn’t know but I take a lot and I mean a lot of clients off the books. I have this one client that has a massive big black dick that he likes to stick right in my tight little asshole. But he isn’t satisfied with just me, he always wants me to bring a friend. He pays well so I never have any trouble finding a helper. I have been crushing on this new girl so I thought I would bring her along. We met up with him and his huge cock at a hotel. We smoked some meth and drank all the alcohol from the mini bar. Feeling fine and horny we undressed this fine man. I could tell even she was impressed with his giant manhood. We played hard, licking and caressing each other until we were a tangled mess. Then he moved us to the balcony and laid me on the lounge. He lifted my beautiful legs and I spread my ass cheeks for his entry. He used his pre cum as lube and stuck that giant beast right in. Not wanting to be left out my friend gave my pussy some attention. While he fucked me hard in the ass, she licked my clit until I was squirting from my pussy. That was too much for him and he quickly filled my asshole with his cum. We smoked some more meth and collected our money and left. She licked my pussy so fine I think I will include her next time he calls for his anal sex whore Deanna.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI have lots of BBC sex stories to share with you, if you are into blonde whores who love big black cocks. I won’t lie. I was not always a BBC whore. When I was a young girl growing up in the south, I was not exposed to many black boys. My dad was a Confederate Flag flying racist man. My mom, however, was more enlightened. It wasn’t that she was a size queen. She needed to make money because daddy never gave her any. He would hit the road and men would pay to fuck her in our trailer. A lot of black men paid for her body. She was a blonde fucking whore. I am just like my mother. The difference is I am not fucking black men for money. Well, maybe I am because I trade my body for coke sometimes! I like fucking black men. My daddy would turn over in his grave if he knew I was a black cock whore. Last night, I met a new black man. Tony is a 24-year-old construction worker. I walked by his crew earlier in the day and he whistled. Maybe cat calling doesn’t work on most women, but it does on me. I gave him my address and he came by after work. He was sweaty and coated in concrete, but that didn’t matter to me. I could have been his mother too. That didn’t matter to me either. I was happy to discover a monster cock. His dick was so big, I measured it. Damn near 13-inches. That was a lot of cock even for an old trailer trash whore like me. I showed off my cock sucking skills. He was impressed. He said he never met a woman who could swallow all his dick before. I am not just any woman though. I am a BBC whore. I took every inch up my pussy and ass too. I am walking funny today, but damn it was worth it.

Trailer Park Whoring

Trailer Trash WhoreThere is no party like a trailer park party. I never miss them. So, tonight was no different. I put on my short little dress with some heels and of course no panties or bra because I don’t want to lose them when things get freaky. I drank of few beers, smoked a little meth and headed out whoring. It was already in full swing by the time I got there. I poured myself a beer from the keg and took another hit of meth. I was just hanging out with my friend Flo and we both were getting a little bit horny, so we scoured the party for some nice hard BBC to fuck. I found the perfect cock hiding in my neighbors’ sweatpants. I could see the outline of that monster from across the cedar porch. I took my trifling ass over to get me some of that dick. As I have never met a dick that wasn’t mine for the taking this one was no different. We went inside the trailer where others were fucking and found a nice soft bed in the back with only one other couple on it. We positioned ourselves around them and got down to it. I took that little sexy dress and threw it on the floor and undressed him. I climbed right up on him and stuck my sweet juicy bald pussy in his face for the licking. I grabbed that big black cock and licked, sucked and rubbed that monster until I stuck it right down my throat. I get super turned on watching others fuck so when he stuck one finger in my dripping wet pussy and one in my tight asshole while licking my clit, I exploded all over him. While he licked my cum from between my legs, I throat fucked him so hard I almost choked when he blew his load right down my throat. Now I think we will join the other couple on the bed and fuck some more.

The BBC That Almost Choked Me

BBC phone sexBig Black cock has always been a favorite of mine. It is a challenge. I try to find the biggest one possible and see if I can take it all down my throat, all in my pussy and all in my sweet tight ass. So, when I happened across this fine young bulk of a man that had just moved close, I knew I had to have it. I waited patiently until I saw him out doing yard work. I took my trampy ass out for a walk and casually started talking to him. I could see that monster through his jeans, and it was not even hard. Oh my, I couldn’t wait to get a hold of it. I invited him to my house for drinks and he obliged. We drank a bit and I made my move, sitting on his lap kissing him. I could feel that bulge now. It was a snake. I unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the ground. That thing smacked me right in the face it was so big. I caressed that nice big black cock and it took both hands just to get a good grip. This dick is the biggest I have ever seen but being the little whore, I am there was no way it was going to defeat me. I flexed my mouth, loosening up my jaw and started putting that gigantic cock right in my throat. I had to work hard to loosen my throat up enough to take it and almost choked in the process, but I was successful. I had his entire big package in my throat. He pounded away, blocking my airway almost completely. I was lightheaded and dizzy by the time he unloaded in my throat. With such a big black cock the amount of cum was astounding. I almost choked again trying to swallow it. My pussy was dripping wet with anticipation of taking that beautiful big black cock. But that is a story for another day…….

Hot Stripper Sex Kinky Milf BJ

Sometimes you just have to let loose and go with some hot stripper sex for the real dirty fun. I’m a retired stripper that has been stripping and prostituting since I was a young teen. I knew no other way to make a living and had big beautiful fake tits by the time I turned legal. A trashy milf of the trailer park and a crack whore prostitute is what life dealt me and I live it up and make the best of it. It’s in my genes to be a whore, and I raise my son around my lifestyle without shame. He has greatly benefited from it even. From his young days of accompanying mommy to the strip clubs where he hung out with the other strippers and they had so much fun playing with him and he loved the attention. He didn’t mind being a little toy to their affections and made into a dress up dolly. The girls made him pretty and into their own little slave doll. He was a cuckold before he even realized what sex was. He was servicing stripper cunts and assholes and suck big black cocks from a ripe young age. It’s no wonder he is such a dirty boy for his mama and a great fucking cocksucking Sissy.

Hot Stripper Sex

Blonde Fucking Whore and BBC Lover

blonde fuckingBlonde fucking whores have more fun. Being blonde makes me a magnet for black men. They love the contrast. A skinny blonde chick taking their big fat black cocks gets them hard. I went down to the truck stop early this morning. I woke up needing some big black cock and none of my trailer park BBCs answered my texts. Down at the truck stop, there are always a couple black men down to fuck an old white woman. I found one almost instantly. He was 19 and not a trucker. He was just in the truck stop to buy some 5 Hour Energy. I told him my tight holes and excellent cock sucking skills would wake him up better that ginseng and caffeine. He was down to give it a try. He was new meat in my eyes. I had never met him before. I am sure I would have remembered him too. He was tall, handsome and from the outline in his pants, hung like a horse. This trashy milf took him around back and sucked the shit out of his monster dick. He skulled fucked me hard but was impressed that I held my own. He wasn’t gagging this old whore. I have had more black cock than 20 black women combined. His pre-cum was yummy. Chock full of healthy protein for this skinny blonde whore. He wanted to fuck me. I didn’t care that it was chilly and raining. I pulled my panties down and he hoisted me in the air. He fucked me against the brick wall of the Love’s. I didn’t care that I was getting fucked in an ally like a dirty old whore. I am a dirty old whore. A black cock loving trailer trash whore. I got my morning BBC fix. I came back home, got high and started talking dirty. I love my morning routine.

The Sex Store

BBC sex stories

Michael took me to this place called the sex store last night; it wasn’t that I couldn’t take myself. I just wanted him to go to the sex store with me. I like going to sex shops because there is so much to do like the VIP room. I was constantly begging this motherfucker to go with me to this sex store, but he was always saying no because he thought it was going to be boring. He would tell me all the time if you’ve been to one sex shop you been to them all. I proved him wrong, and I’m so glad. We got to the sex store ready to be nasty; that was me, but for him, it was ready to be amazed. Michael has always been a wild man he fucks 3 and 4 Girls at the same damn time that’s why I like him. He has a big fucking abnormal huge gargantuous 15-inch dick. Black guys have big dicks, but Michael has way more than just a big dick; he makes black guys look like monsters. So when we got there, I invited him to go into the VIP room with me; he did it, and it just so happened to be for other girls in there with me. As soon as these bitches saw Michael, they were all over him because he is gorgeous. I mean he’s tall, dark and beautifully handsome. All of the slut alarms went off this motherfucker makes everybody into a slut. He even made a guy into a slut with ease. Let me just say last night was amazing because I got to see my friend Michael beat pussies in, and he even beat a gaping wide faggot ass open. He had that man screaming and hollering from that big fucking dick going in and out of his man pussy I loved it. I love to see a big stiff dick manhandle up on a faggot motherfucker. I can’t tell you everything; it was vicious; it was creative, and it was so much of a dream. I want Michael to fuck men for me so we can get paid what do y’all think about that?


Creampie slut

Owning that Big Black Cock

bbc phone sexSome girls are afraid of that big black cock. But not me. I love big black cock. The bigger the better. I recently met this fine young man at work, and I was certain his cock would not disappoint my dick sucking mouth. I flirted a bit, rubbing my titties across his back and uncrossing my legs so he could get a good look at my nice big bald pussy. After a week or so I could not wait any longer. I grabbed him and pushed him into the inventory closet. The thought of getting caught and his thick love muscle had already started to dampen my twat. I immediately unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the ground. I unleashed that gigantic black monster from his boxers and admired its beauty. I wasted no time licking the tip, caressing his balls and playing with his ass. I believe he had underestimated my sluttiness as he was being very gentle and sweet. Deanna wanted no part in the kissing and caressing. All I wanted was that dick. I took that dick like a champ, taking his hips and moving them back and forth in a forceful motion pushing his cock deep into my mouth. I was enjoying every inch of his massive black cock. Eventually he caught on and was ramming that cock down my throat harder and harder. I could feel it tighten up as he unloaded into my throat. I gladly swallowed, wiped my mouth and walked out. No words needed to be spoken. No kisses or hugging was to be done. I owned that big black cock.

Druggy Phone Sex Junkie For BBC

I’m a filthy fucking trailer park ex stripper jizz junkie. I love all kinds of drugging and fucking, but the only cock I love is big black cock. I love getting high as fuck and pounded by three to ten BBC’s. It’s what I do, what I know and what I trained my son on. Yeah he understands that he needs to help mama with that BBC and be a bitch to that big black cock just like his mama is. I have the best filthy little whore sissy to big black dick. He know just what to do and will always be ready to text my dealer and back up cocks when I need them. I get so fucking high some nights that the only thing that will satisfy me is a Gangbang of BBC.

Druggy phone sex

Anal Sex Whore for BBC

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore for big black cocks. They are the best cocks for any of my fuck holes. I am a dirty old broad. I have birthed a bunch of brats. Gravity is no longer my friend. And my pussy is not as tight as it once was. That doesn’t mean I don’t still fuck. It just means I need bigger cock to fill up my aging holes. I was at the truck stop getting cigarettes when I met Marcus. He was a young black hunk of burning love. He stood over 6 feet tall and looked at me like he was fucking me over the counter. I caught his eye and he caught mine. Marcus is a trucker and he was camping for the night in the back of his cab. He was in the Love’s for a shit, shave and a shower. Once he cleaned up, I was waiting for him next to his truck. Not the first trucker I have fucked. I told him he looked like he had milf fever. He pulled his anaconda out and I my knees hit the pavement. I wanted that big black cock. I sucked him in the parking lot, but he saved his load for my hot ass. I sat my ass down on his black monster snake in the back of his cab. He fucked my ass for hours. I am sitting on a frozen steak today because my ass is so sore. I am going back tonight for round two. I am a glutton for punishment!

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