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BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories I have one of the most amazing BBC sex stories to tell you. One of my lovers, Michael, came over and brought several big black cocks for me to  suck, fuck, and have some down right dirty fun with. We have done it a couple of times, but he’s not keen on sharing me, so it’s a rare treat. But back to the sex story. He called me on my birthday and told me that he was coming over with a nice surprise for me. And, he wasn’t kidding. When I opened the door, he had 5 of his big black friends with him. All of them were tall, dark, and handsome. Once inside, they started stripping and I saw how huge their dicks were, none of them under 9 inches. I couldn’t help myself, I dropped down to my knees instantly and started sucking two at once and giving two hand jobs. The last one got up behind me and fucked my dripping wet cunt. I was loving every minute. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a fiend for BBC. It was so fucking awesome knowing I was going to be fucked by all those big black Anacondas. And I did. I got pounding in all my holes, several times that day. I’m sure that you’re dying to know what happened with all those big gorgeous dicks once things really got going, aren’t you? Well, I would be happy to fill you in on all the dirty details, but you’ll have to call for those.Sexy prostitutes

Trailer Whore MILF Is Your Cum Dumpster

The idea that a trailer whore milf is just a lazy flabby ball drainer is really not to far from the truth, except there is nothing flabby or lazy about this whore. I’m a dirty fucking cum dumpster that really works those BBC cocks good and hard for hours and I take on loads of thick creamy spunk. I let them cum in me bareback and in any whore hole they want. I am a retired stripper that is almost solely a black cock milf but really if the money is green and the price is right I am open for fucking, sucking and jacking those cocks no matter the size. But be warned I will certainly have a laugh or two on your accordance and fucking hell no one said I would actually suck that pathetic thing. I may just allow you in my back door and let you pump away while I get high and work on my next big cock.

cum dumpster

BBC worship

BBC sex stories

I was in V.I.P in the strip club with one of the top ballers. Now it is a known fact a man with a lot of money does not always have a big dick. He uses his money to substitute what he lacks in his pants. But, this particular customer proved me to be wrong. Like I said I was in V.I.P sippin Moet and shaking my ass for Mr. Money Man. As I started bouncing my ass to the music with my ass in his lap I couldn’t help but to feel this huge dick print. It startled me at first because I thought it was a gun. I asked him and he said No baby that’s my dick. I call him Big Dick Willy! He said “Do you want to ride him? I promise it will be worth your while”. As he pulls out a whole stack of cash. Of course I wasn’t going to say no. I get some good big dick and money. I was in heaven. What Mr. Money man didn’t know was I was going to take that big black dick and ride him until I can’t fill my legs. I did just that and he filled my sore pussy up until I had a puddle of his cum on the floor as if my water broke. It was dripping all out of my pussy and it was soooo much Cum. I couldn’t walk for days.  This is just one of my many BBC sex stories. I have plenty more. This black pussy right here gets around.

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutI’m such a Cum guzzling slut, I just can’t get enough of that creamy salty-sweet jizz down my hungry gullet. I could slurp up a gallon a day if I had it. Suck it up with a straw! But it’s always better straight from a cock. I love a BBC down my throat fucking it till I can’t breathe. I’ll suck every last drop of that salty goodness down, till their drained dry. I’ve had guys tell me they were sure I could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. And you best believe I send them home with empty balls. A big old mouth full of man chowder makes my pussy twitch and spasm in delight. I could drink a bucket full of cum on a daily basis. It’s my favorite drink next to Absolut Vodka with a Dr. Pepper chaser. It’s like salted caramel melting in my mouth or being rammed down the back of my neck. Either way, you want to give it, I’ll damn sure take it. I love to see a big fat pair of balls hanging low, full of cum ready to feed this cum hungry slut. So if you’re full to the brim and need a release, I’m here with my mouth wide open for you.

BBC Sex Queen

bbc phone sexI feel like such a dirty whore for partying last night. I woke up not knowing where I was, and my pussy and asshole felt like someone had fucked me with a baseball bat. The room was dark, and My mouth tasted like cum. My pussy and thighs were so sore. I just wanted to know what was happening and where I was.  My hands were bound, and my voice cracked as I called out. I heard voices, deep voices as the room lit up in a red light. I could make out cameras in the corner and the smell of sex caught my nostrils. I heard the words final scene and action as Five big black men surrounded me. Clearly, they didn’t know me. I never have to be forced to gangbang black cocks! I saw a glint of a large sharp blade as I was cut free. There was no were to go as I was lifted up and fucked like a rag doll. But, I didn’t want to go anywhere. I screamed in delight, shocking them, as I felt my ass hole fall out from the force of suck a large cock. My pussy was stretched and gaped. I did feel the cocks start to fuck my throat as I passed out from lack of oxygen. Even a seasoned BBC whore struggles to breath with that much fuck meat in her throat. I was video taped for some black market bbc gang bang whore video. They never had to force me, I loved every moment I remember.

I got this pussy cleaned out yesterday

bbc phone sexOh, how this pussy got cleaned out yesterday! Its fall and I am fucking horny as hell. That being said, it’s prime time for my chimney to be cleaned and I hired a couple of chimney sweeps. I needed that black soot all cleaned out for when the cold hits. It was still a little warm, and it was downright hot as two big black men showed up to do the work I had paid them too. As They were walking up the drive, I let my hair down and opened my robe. I smiled sweetly and asked if they needed a pick me up before they started. They thought I was referring to my coffee in my hand. I got them in the kitchen and as I was pouring the coffee my robe slipped open. The looks on those faces as My tits and cunt were on display.  Soon coffee downed they went to work setting up. I commented on the big rod they had and wondered if those cocks matched. Before I knew it I was sucking BBC right on those plastic sheets they laid out. And oh, how I was laid out to be a hot BBC spit roast as well! I was practically screaming as they came in my ass and pussy! I do hope they do service calls this winter!

If you like bbc sex stories read this!

bbc sex storiesDo you like bbc sex stories? Well have I got a good one for you! I went apple picking yesterday with the family, I know, I know lame right?But it’s just one of those boring ass fall activities that my mother insists on the whole family doing together so I was stuck. I was bored as hell walking around picking apples and looking at all these families doing the same when I saw him. He was this massive black man and I could see the huge bulge in his pants from a mile away. I knew as soon as I saw him that I had to get me some of that giant black cock. I told the family that I was going to talk a walk to the other side of the orchard and walked away as fast as I could so that my mother wouldn’t bitch and I walked right up to that massive black man and asked him if he wanted to go behind a tree and fuck my brains out. He laughed and asked me what made me think he was here alone, I said I didn’t care who he was with I just wanted to suck that huge black dick. I could see him getting hard as we were talking so he pulled me to a quiet corner of the orchard and pushed me to my knees. I gasped in surprise when he pulled out his cock, that thing was huge! I tried to swallow it all but I cold barely get half of it down my throat it was that big! Then he picked me up and put me against a tree and fucked me right there where anyone could see. It was so fucking hot!! I was trying so hard not to scream but it was so hard. I came over and over and then I heard my mother calling for me so I had to go. It was a shame tho cus that was the most fun I ever had picking apples!

Big Dick Sucker Faggot Son

My son was raised to be such a fucking cock whore that he is now a big dick sucker Sissy faggot that loves getting used. His favorite kind of used is just like mommy’s,. He loves to be used by massive black cocks. To get banged by a bunch is her ultimate sissy whore goal, and mommy is sure to make that happen for the little fucking slut. I invite my most extreme clients over to take her sweet little ass and gape the fuck out of it. We work out deals all the time, I get my cut in the whoring of that little whore son/ daughter of mine. I bet you would love to be the little whore and be served up into a jailhouse gangbang of thug nigger cocks.

Big dick sucker

Dirty Dick Loving Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

Sometimes all a big black cock needs is a tight ass to fill. I gladly will be his anal cum dumpster. Kenny was smoking a joint hanging out on the block with “his boys” I was tired from slinging my ass on the stripper pole all night. I was out of blow and feigning. I just needed a line before I brought my slutty ass home. I hear “white bitch!” How much money did you make tonight?”

“Oh, that’s right your money went all up your nose.” “Come here and suck this dick and Ill give you a baggy.” “Better yet come here and take this black cock in this shed back here you dirty white whore!”

I did and he didn’t waste time, teasing me with a baggy of sweet blow he said he wanted to bottom my ass out. And by ass, he wanted my ass hole. Deep and painful. I had to play with my pussy to take it all in. I was screaming and begging him to stop. He knew his cock could fuck my ass up as I am just a coked-out trailer trash whore!

That big black dick came in me and I was made to clean my ass juice off of it as he slapped me across the face and threw the coke at my feet. I have an ass full of black cock cum and I am high now My life is fucking perfect, don’t you think so?

Playing With My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntBoy, did I party hard last night. Look at this cum filled cunt of mine. Hours later and I can still push out globs of cum.  That is always the sign of a good time. When my coked out mind can’t remember what happened, my well-fucked pussy can piece together the events. I pushed out what cum was still inside me. I put it in a cup. I filled that cup up too. Damn, I am a nasty whore. I started spoon feeding myself the cum that was still deep in my pussy. It was all mixed together but I could taste several different strands. I am a cum connoisseur. I knew that I fucked a few black guys, some younger teens and a Latino just by tasting the cum. It is a skill I possess. I wish I could figure out how to make money from being a DNA sampler. It always amazes people that I can tell so much about a man just from drinking his jizz. What can I say, I’m a cum guzzling slut and proud of it. I may not remember much from last night, but my cunt and ass tell me  I had a hell of a good time.

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