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BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something I know a thing or two about. Growing up, my mom ran a whore house in our trailer in the 70s. My dad would go on the road and my mom would make money for us the only way she knew how. I saw black men coming and going frequently in the trailer I grew up in. Black men love white trash whores. My mom passed the BBC loving gene to me. Big black cocks love me, and I love them. Jerome was over partying with me last night. He is a friend of Big D’s, this black trucker fuck buddy of mine. He brought me some cocaine and his big black dick. It was a white on black night. I did cocaine on his dick and his dick was in my holes all night long. White powder on black cock and black cock in white holes. Jerome’s favorite thing to do with me is titty fuck. I have a big rack, especially for my thin frame and he has a long black cock. I put coke on his big mushroom head and sucked his cock. Now, he railed my cunt and ass too, but when he left, I had yummy cum covered tits. I will be a cum dumpster for any black man.

Independence Day Fireworks

There is no greater treat than celebrating our country’s independence like having a good ole American BBQ. I personally love the idea of having dirty phone sex while family, friends and neighbors are all around me, but I am a known crack whore prostitute and most of the party will consist of my dealers and their bros. I love getting a good gangbang on while everyone is preoccupied with the fireworks. Last summer was a perfect example me taking about 20 bbc cocks from behind while I knelt over the couch looking out the big front window watching explosions in the sky while I took explosive cum loads in my stripper cunt and trashy whore mommy ass. I am so excited about how this years festivities are going to be!
My son will be the one tending to the grill and will be wearing a sissy collar and only an apron so his bitch hole will be exposed and available for use as a cum dumpster. This will be very exciting for him and it’s a good thing the only meat on the grill will be wieners so not much work needed from him. Let’s not forget the fun for our furry friends also and the best fun is shoving some of those hot dogs up a hole and letting them eat them out, it’s such dirty fun for all and I hope your Independence Day celebrations are kinky and exciting, and would love to hear about them.
Dirty phone sex

BBC Phone Sex Whore

BBC phone sexAnyone who knows me, knows I love BBC phone sex because I am a BBC whore. I am not one of those women who just thinks about it but is afraid to do it. I am a trailer trash slut. I always have been and I will be one until I die. I look rode hard put away wet and I sound like a 3 pack a day smoker. I do smoke, but my voice is mostly rough from all those big dicks I suck, all those big black dicks. I was raised as a whore and I am still a whore 50 something years later. I like nigger dick, what can I say? BBCs love me too. Last night, I was a black gangbang whore.  I got stuffed with lots of big black cock and I loved it. I had big black cocks in my cunt, ass and mouth while I jacked a few off at the same time. When it comes to black dicks, I am the queen of multi-tasking! In the moment, I was high and loving how hard they were fucking my holes. Today, however, I can barely walk and I am sitting on a bag of frozen strawberries to quell the swelling of my cunt and ass. But guess what? I would do it all over again because I am a nigger loving whore.

BBC Gangbang

Trashy milf

I escort on the side when I’m not stripping to make some extra money. One of my clients has a very particular fetish. I’ve never even fucked him, but he’s hired me to watch me get fucked multiple times. I get paid per guy and per fuck, so with one session with him I make a ton of money. He likes to stand in the corner jacking his dick or next to the bed filming me getting my pussy fucked by multiple men. His fetish is to watch me get bangbanged by as many big black cocks as he can afford. I’ve been with as many as 5 at a time while he watched and got himself off. He just loves watching a white pussy get used and filled with cum by a bunch of huge black dicks. And if I’m being honest, I have fun too. There’s nothing hotter than being used as a cum dumpster for a bunch of thick black cocks. I get to cum and get paid too.

Use me Daddy

Cum dumpsterWhen i’m acting up and catch a little attitude, be a gentleman and stick your throbbing dick in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Slap me and spit into my eyes because that’s exactly where your saliva belongs! As you know, a cum dumpster like me has intense sexual hobbies and mine include throating cock that’s the size of my fucking head! I’m gonna spark this weed joint and bend over so that you can blow my back out while you simultaneously hold my vibrator on my clit! to make me cum hard I look my best when i’m positioned face down and ass up. Fuck me insanely hard and spank my ass. I swear my sex drive is unreal today!! I think the only reason that guys like me is because i’m nasty as fuck and they’re super dirty too so our kink levels just mesh so well. I really like what these filthy perverts do to me and my body which was made for sin!

Ace of Spades In My Holes

BBC Phone sex

Boy Do I have a BBC phone sex whore tale for you! They don’t call him ace for nothing! Fucking 13 massive inches. Ace has become my new fetish. My Spade dick is the High card of my pussy and the blunt force object of my anal loving creampie ass hole. A fucking Nigger drill if there was ever one. And Ace loves for me to wear a Confederate bikini top as he fucks my white bitch ass and pussy.  How could I ever turn him down with a wild card cock that when I do blow off of it my pussy creams. I am the white bitch passed from BBC to BBC during his card and blow nights. Of course, I had to get a picture to pass around to my other druggy hoes like me, they have heard of Ace but now they see that dick in real life and they all want a hell of a ride from his black stallion winning hand! I am a BBC craving slut and I need his black load deep in my poker pot!

Lot Lizard Sex Weekend

lot lizard sexIt has been a lot lizard sex weekend. My daughter and I have been skanking it up at the truck stop since Friday night. Big D called me up and told me he was training some new truckers and asked me to bring my daughter. He promised us big black cocks and coke. How do I say no to that? Two of my favorite things. A storm rolled through town this weekend and benched many truckers, so instead of an overnight stay, it turned into a weekend stay. We just got home from two days in the back of a truck getting high and getting fucked. You would think that the first thing we would do when we returned to my trailer would be shower. We were covered head to toe in cum. I am a cum dumpster loving whore and so is my daughter. We cleaned each other up with our tongues. I licked every inch of cum off her tight young body and she got her tongue in my old cervices. Our fuck holes were both sore too. We had two days of big black cocks fucking the shit out of us. I can’t wait for the next time Big D is in town.

White Trash and Black Thug Cock

bbc phone sex

He was a VIP hung Black cock. He went from strip club to strip club looking for the trashiest white bitches to take his 13 inches of rock hard cock. VIP Black cock always boasted about how no fuckin’ white bitch can handle all of his massive elephant trunk cock. Well, baby, he hadn’t met Hardcore Hadley yet. He came into my section threw $500 down and a fat sack of pure cocaine. I was first in line with my skinny big titted white bitch whore ass! He laughed and made the announcement if I could swallow him and take all of his 13 inches in my pussy and 3/4 in my ass hole I could have all that blow and the dough! So I slurped, and gulped, and choked until I got it all down. I bent over and moaned and groaned and squirted until it was all in me. Then this white trash bitch got up on top and squatted and farted and grimaced until all of his 13 inches disappeared up my ass. Then it was a free for all gang bang as I snorted and fucked and was filled with cum, oh my!

Sloppy Wet Pussy Watching Porn with My Young Girls

sloppy wet pussyI have a sloppy wet pussy from watching porn all morning. My youngest adopted girls aren’t in school yet. I decide to spend the morning with them watching movies. We watched all kinds of hardcore porn too. Daddies and daughters fucking was the mildest kind of porn we watched. I taught them how to rub their little bald slits too. They truly enjoyed themselves. I saw them come to life watching interracial porn. They enjoyed watching black men fuck these tiny white girls into oblivion. I started licking their little bald cunnies as they watched some tiny blonde nymphs get ravaged by big black cocks. Their sweet young cunnies were so wet. I was waiting for a piss orgasm and they gave it to me. All over their mommy’s face. I was glistening in little girl juice. I am so glad we adopted these two little angels. It is like being a new mommy all over again. I have so much to teach them, but they want to learn. They love learning from mommy. Since they loved watching big black cock porn so much, daddy and I are going to arrange a black cock gangbang for them. We know some black men who will pay big money for such tiny little girls. I bet you would too.

BBC Sex Stories from an Old Whore

bbc phone sexEveryone who knows me, knows I have a lot of BBC sex stories to share. I am a black cock whore. Black men love a tiny blonde cougar. It’s the contrast in size and color, but it is also that women like me can take big dicks. Even though I am tiny, I can take a monster cock in my holes. My favorite black lover is Big D. He has a huge mamba snake tucked in his trousers.  He is my favorite big black cock. He gapes my old ass and old pussy. Plus, he has the best blow. He travels to Texas often and he gets some blow from Mexico and that shit is primo powder. Mexicans know how to make cocaine and black men know how to fuck. Last night, Big D was in town and wanted to hook up. He pounded my ass and pussy for hours. He was tired of the lot lizard sex whores he had encountered on his trip. He said none of them could handle his cock like me. The secret to taking his big black dick is cocaine. You must be high to take 12-inches of dark thick meat up your back door. I can take every inch when I am high. It helps numb the sensation. I love having a sore ass, however. I am a nasty freak. I don’t want to make love. I want to fuck down and dirty. Think you have what this old cougar needs?

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