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Bbc sex stories are so hot!

bbc sex storiesBbc sex stories are always hot don’t you think? I know that I can’t get enough big black cocks, they are so much better than any other kind so I am totally addicted now! Last night I went to the ghetto in search of more big black cocks and I found almost more than I could handle! There was a group of thuggish looking men standing on the corner and they all looked like they had a giant dick swinging between their legs so I just walked right up to them and asked if they needed their dicks sucked. Well, they started laughing and carrying on, calling me a ho and all that… well I just stood there and waited for them to finish. They were like oh shit she serious so finally they let me suck those big dicks of theirs! I was surrounded by them, right there on the street! I sucked every single one of their dicks and swallowed all that cum… next time I’m gonna make sure I get fucked too!

Sucking BBC For Molly

BBC Phone Sex


I love licking huge crystals of mdma off of big black dicks. The sensation of the the sandy power crackling across your cock mixed with the weird medicinal flavor of the drug is completely sublime. I love the way it feels to have you or a few friends come over with those dicks and have them just filling my mouth up- sword fighting each other inside my mouth. The pre-cum dripping down my throat and the salty taste and scent of your balls up against my nose while I start to feel higher and higher. The cocks growing bigger and bigger inside my mouth. It’s all just leading up to that amazing moment when I’m high as fuck and I get to feel that cum shoot down into my belly. I’ll do anything to get a little loose though so don’t think that just because you don’t have my drug of choice we can’t talk. I wanna tell you about my slutty little life all night.

Deanna’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

I had an awesome night at the strip club. One of my favorite customers came in for a private dance. I have to say he is a hot piece of dark chocolate. I almost feel guilty taking money from him because his big black cock is the best I have ever had. When he bends me over and fucks me from behind his thick black cock always hits my g-spot. He gives me screaming and squirting orgasms like I have never had before. He pays me more so that he doesn’t have to wear a condom. So all of his warm gooey cum is all inside my pussy. When I get home my little cuckold is waiting for me. You start with your whining shit and that is when I tell you to come over and lick all this warm gooey cum out of my pussy. You better stick that tongue deep in my pussy and make sure you get every last drop of cum that was left by a big black cock.

cum filled cunt

Big Dick Sucker Bev

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is my trucker handle name. I am not a trucker, but I do hang out at the truck stop enough to know all the regular truckers. Big D is my supplier of recreational fun. He gave me that moniker because I can handle his big black cock. When I showed up at the truck stop last night looking for Big D, guys were trying to give me party favors. I was not low on supply. I was low on cum. Not just any cum either. I wanted big black cock cum. I wanted Big D’s cock. I found him in his cab around back of the truck stop with some lot lizard skank. I wasn’t jealous. The moment he saw me, he was happy. She was not. Big D looked at me and said, “A woman who can handle my cock, finally.” I laughed, looked at the skank and told her to get lost because a real woman was here. She left in a huff. “Big D,” I purred,” if you needed your cock sucked, you should have called me.” He smiled, pointed to his cock and I went to work. He has 10 inches of thick black meat. His dick is not for amateurs. I slurped on it, deep throated him and made him cum a bucket load of jizz. That little teen skank blowing his rod before I came to the rescue couldn’t even get him hard. Never let a girl attempt what only a trashy milf can accomplish.

Sucking Big Black Cock in Front of My Cuckold

bbc sex storiesSo tonight is the night that after I finish my shift at the strip club I am bringing one of my fuck buddies home just to prove to you how much bigger and black cock really is. My fuck buddy works as a bouncer at the same strip club. He is 6 foot 5 inches of well built muscular dark chocolate, not to mention the fact that he is hung like a horse. I could see the anticipation on your face when we arrived home. I immediately helped him out of his pants. You were so shocked at how big his black cock was. You ask if you could touch it and he said ok. You told us that you had always thought it was a myth that black cock was so much bigger and that you never knew a cock could feel so heavy. He told you no offense man but I am here to fuck your lady not have you play dilly dally with my fuck rod. I said you could sit in the chair by the dresser and watch us. I climbed up on the bed and started sucking on his big thick hard black cock getting it ready to fuck my hot wet pussy. Hopefully, now you understand that if you want to be with me you are going to have to be my cuckold. Your teenie tiny dick isn’t worthy of my pussy!

Big Black Cock

BBC sex stories

I have had my fair share of cocks, but I have to say that the only kind that ever leaves me satisfied is big black cock. I have been dating this guy I met in the strip club for about two months and he is wanting to get all serious on me. He is a nice enough guy and all but he has such a little dick. I mean like not more than three inches on a good day. So I told him last night that if he wanted me to move in he needed to understand that I would still be fucking big black cock on the side. He, of course, did not understand and thinks that it is a myth that black cocks are indeed bigger. That was when I decided that I would have one of my big black cock fuck buddies come over and show him. I can’t wait until tomorrow night to see the look on his face when he sees this big black cock….I will update you on what happens!

Anal Cum Dumpster Teen Punished!

Anal cum dumpsterI had her cunt stretched around the biggest, blackest dildo I could find. She’d gone off without permission with some strange guy I’d never met, and let him fuck her in the ass. By the time we found her, I was frantic, and the guy has been banned from the club. But, the damage was done. Her little ass hole was stretched to fuck. Young teen phone sexSo, I forced the only punishment I could really think of on her. I forced her to stretch that tiny, tight little cunt down over the biggest fucking dildo I could find, and made her slowly work it as deep as she could manage. Then, I made her fuck it. I sat back and fingered myself watching that tight little cunt stretch to hell and back under that gaping little ass hole. Watching the skin suction itself to the dildo every time she would pull up off it was so fucking hot, and I found myself enjoying her punishment more and more. Unfortunately, she was starting to enjoy it, too, which meant time for a change. I pulled the dildo off her, laid her down, and covered her face with my cunt. I forced her lungs to the brink again and again, smothering her over and over, until she made me cum. THEN, and only then, I let her back up. I bet that ass won’t disappear anymore!

High On Cock

bbc sex stories


You already know what a drugged up whore I am but what you didn’t know about me is how high I really get on just getting dick. Especially big black cock all gangbang style. 20 or more dicks coming at me from all angles. Cocks on cocks, sticking my holes and filling me up in ways i didn’t think was imaginable. 2 cocks in my cunt, 2 cocks in my asshole and 2 in my mouth. Gangbang the shit out of me with you and your friends. Sex gets me higher than any drug out there. I love getting silly like this by you boys. It’s my ultimate kink after all 😉 being used up by a bunch of horny men and having no say in whats going to happen next. You guys can hold me down and make me your little bitch or force me to ride you hard and long till my body aches from all the orgasms. Fill my cunt up, let’s have fun.

Blonde Fucking on Washing Machine

Blonde fucking

Laundry day is always fun. I typically get my laundry sorted, toss the load I want into the wash, set it up, and then I sit on top of it and slide my hand down my panties. I play with my clit and slide fingers into my pussy, slowly and gently playing, waiting for that spin cycle to roll around. I lose myself in it, because it’s usually while baby girl is at school or outside playing. So, when he walked in and cleared his throat, I was surprised right out of my sweet spot. I had forgotten he was coming to drop off some stuff his wife had borrowed today. He caught me with my fingers deep inside of myself, and my pants pulled down low where he could see them pressing into me. I couldn’t even apologize, because I had had a thing for this guy for as long as I’d known him. Well, it was my lucky day, because he walked right over to me, took my hand out of myself, and pulled my pants straight off of me. He picked my legs up, draped them over his shoulders, and I laid back against the wall behind the machine. He started thrusting into me deep and hard, and his cock was so fucking perfect. He stretched me out just right, and had my pussy so full I could feel it up in my belly every time he thrust. Just about the time I started to feel really good, the spin cycle kicked in, and we went to town. I got off at least 3 times before the spin cycle ended, and he left me with the biggest fucking load of cum in my pussy. I hope he stops by again soon!

Trailer Trash Whore Takes a Load

Trailer trash whoreI treated myself out to a nice dinner to celebrate the day I came out of the closet. I’ve come a long way since that day, and I am so proud of my strength, and I treated myself. While I was dining, I noticed another guy was seated at a table for 1. Since, the server didn’t bring him another set of silverware or anything, I decided to ask if he wanted to join me. He hesitated a second, but then seemed to be relieved as he picked his things up and carried them over the couple of tables to where I sat. I could tell he was interested, he kept looking at me over the top of his menu when he thought I wouldn’t notice. I could see his gaze linger on my perfect tits, and I just knew that he was getting turned on. I slid my foot against his under the table, then on up his leg when he didn’t move his foot. I wound up with my shoe-less foot in his crotch, rubbing a hardening cock. We finished dinner with my foot still in his crotch, massaging him through his pants, then walked out together. He was parked just around the side of the restaurant, and asked if I’d like a ride home. I agreed, and he walked me to the car, unlocking it. I went to open it, but he grabbed my hand and pulled it behind me, pressing my stomach and tits into his car. His other hand went to my ass and then between my legs to stroke my sack. He let go of my hand and reached around me to undo my leather pants and slip them down enough that he could stroke my cock as he started stuffing his own into me. He pinned me to the car with his body, and fucked the ever-loving shit out of me! I really hope I get to see him again!

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