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lot lizard sexThere is one thing I had never tried before and that was lot lizard sex. I’ve been paid for my pussy before, just never in a truck stop and for a white trash hooker like me, that is practically a crime! I got all dolled up and went to the big truck stop a few miles from my house, there were always a lot of truckers parked there so I was sure I could find a willing customer with no problem. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, I kept thinking do I stand here and wait to be noticed or start knocking on truck doors but the problem resolved itself because I was only there for 5 minutes before a guy approached me. He told me I was beautiful and asked if I was a working girl and as soon as I said yes, he led me back to his truck and gave me a hundred dollars to bend over and let him fuck me doggy style. That was the easiest 100 bucks I have ever made!! I will definitely be doing this again!

Big Daddy Daycare and Ellen

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Big Daddy Daycare is my pimp. He loves to wear purple and sing songs, Kinda like Barney. He takes real good care of his hoes, as long as we bring in the money he is happy. Our relationship is not the best. I tend to skim some money off the top. He gets crazy! But he doesn’t like to hurt his hoes too bad. Before we can go out and make him money he wife’s us up for a month or two. He beats the pussy up and us up.

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He breaks us down and then builds us up. He showed me the meaning of nose candy and I fucking love it. I will suck a dick that is green and smells like shit for some coke. My first client Bid Daddy Daycare was in the room with me. The John wanted to piss all over me. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I thought it was nasty as fuck. BDD took me to the bathroom. He smashed my face into the counter and told me I was gonna drink piss if I was fucking told to do it.

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I was crying and upset and BDD made it all better with a kiss on the forehead and some  blow up my nose. After I was pissed on and cum on My first John was done. I didn’t have a chance to shower before my next john but he didn’t fucking care. I was high, covered in cum and piss and making money for BDD. 

Hookers For Hire and for Sire

hookers for hire dirty MILFThere is this crazy pimp in my neighborhood that I do my best to avoid. Not crazy cuckoo, crazy sick. But, he has the best drugs in town. My husband and I are throwing an orgy for some high end clients of his so we need the best dope we can find. This cat carries every flavor too. He is an old school 70s pimp. Name is Maurice, old enough to be my daddy, and just as twisted. I went to meet him, exchange money for a large stash of coke, X, smack, weed and pills. I had the money, but this crazy mother fucker didn’t want my money. He wanted my oldest daughter’s anal cherry and to breed her. He heard that I was a dirty mommy. He heard right, but even I was unsure about her ass being popped by an old black pimp with a rumored 16 inch cock, let alone bred by him. She just started her period.

He was adamant that he was not doing business with me unless I gave up my daughter. I told him I needed to think about it. Gave me an hour to make up my mind. Best party favors in town to violate my daughter’s ass, then knock her up so he’d have a cute little bi-racial nugget to whore out. What the hell, my daddy bred me at that age, sold my little ones off to support us. I went home to get my daughter. She looks just like me, younger of course, darker hair, slimmer, tits not as big yet, but knock that slut up and her boobs will be round and full like mine.

trashy milf young pussy for hireI told her she needed to help mommy out. “You can study later,” I told her. I dressed her up in a slutty little school girl outfit and went back to Maurice’s lair. It was all tricked out. Shag walls, floors, a disco ball, serving trays of coke, whores galore everywhere. He insisted I watch. I kissed my baby girl’s forehead, “Make mommy proud,” I said. She did a few lines of coke to take the nerves off before he pushed her to the ground to suck his cock. I wanted to see if it was as big as folks said. It was bigger. My daughter screamed when she saw it. She tried to run away, but that was a mistake. Maurice went crazy. Smacked her hard across the face and skull fucked her. She was gagging. I should have felt bad for my baby, but I was turned on. My cunt was drenched. He used the same amount of force on her ass too. No lube. Just straight up fucked her virgin ass until his anaconda was covered in a cherry juice and shit. He then took his shit stick and shoved it up her tight cunnie. His huge black balls slapping her ass so hard, I know she will be bruised tomorrow.

Hooker phone sex incest mommyWhen he dumped his spunk in her barely teen twat, he yanked her up by her legs and held her pussy lips together so none of his baby batter leaked out. After he was confident his swimmers reached her eggs, he shoved his bloody shit covered monster cock in her mouth and made her clean it off. I must have cum a dozen times watching him violate my baby girl’s fuck holes. He told me she is going to sire him a slew of pretty whores who will earn him top dollar. Probably true. I’m actually looking forward to playing with her pregnant pussy in a few months. I don’t care if it makes me a bad mommy. I will breed any one of my young bitches for the right price. Maurice may be a crazy old mother fucker, but he does have the best drugs in town and the biggest fucking dick around. If I was only 30 years younger, maybe he would fuck me too.

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Pimping Ain’t Easy

cum filled cunt cleoThe other night I went to the club and there he was in all his glory. There was no denying that he was a full fledged PIMP. He wore all white, the hat and coat were fur, he had the cane, the the shades, the strut, His pours oozed PIMP. I had to get a picture of him just to share with the girls and he posed for me gladly. Then he followed me around the club all night long trying to get me to be one of his girls. He promised me the sun and the moon. His antics were very entertaining and he was persistent to say the least. There was no way in hell I was going to let him pimp me out, I am not giving any one a cut of my money. But he did drop a shit load of money on me that night so the next day I agreed to meet him and let him take a few snap shots of me. I should have known his apartment was done in all white too. He tried to impress me with his lavish life style. Funny PIMP, he doesn’t think I know that all this was bought by dumb bitches willing to work the streets and give him a cut? I let him take his pictures. When he asked me to suck his dick I couldn’t help get wet, I love sucking cock. And then I had an idea. I said yes and got on my knees. I gave him a blowjob like he has never had before. I brought him to the edge several times, teasing him with my mouth and making his knees buckle. When I finally let him blow his load, I stood up and smiled, holding out my hand and telling him the pictures were a thank you for last night but the blow job would cost him. The look on his face was priceless, but he paid up. Silly little PIMP….

This Cum Dumpster Cums With A Price

cum dumpster phone sex evonneThe girls brought him home last night. We worked his ass over good, fucking him inside and out. he loved having three hot wet pussies all over him at once. He got more then his monies worth out of my little sluts and the bonus was my hot wet pussy joining in. We were so full of his fucking cum by the end of the night that we really were cum dumpsters. Our cunts were full of it, our bellies were full of it, our asses were over flowing, even our hair was full of his cum. He was so happy that he took us all out to eat breakfast. Stopping at the ATM to get some money I slid up behind him. Seeing the amount of money this old coot really had made me cum right there in my panties. I silently went back to the car, he never even knew I was looking over his shoulder. Sliding into the front seat  I barely gave him time to turn the key before I was bent over and sucking his cock. The girls in the back seat leaned over and kissed his neck and sucked his ears while I worked his cock. All the while purring about how I couldn’t get enough of his dick and what a great lover he was. Wrapping him around my little finger was going to be fun. Milking him dry was going to be easy.

Extreme Phone Sex Whore Does Anything for Money

extreme phone sex mommyThe term extreme phone sex whore applies to me because I have no limits. Chances are if you can think it, I have done it. I live high off the hog now because the man who use to pay for my jailbait pussy, made an honest woman out of me. But he didn’t make a classy woman out of me. I still think like the backwoods little white trash family fuck toy breeding whore I was when I met him. A few charm school classes took the edge off, but didn’t kill my trashy p mommy side. I can look the part of a Beverly Hills housewife, but I will never act the part. My husband loves me for that. You see, he is just as dirty and extreme as I am, but because he is a big shot in the money world, he has to act like upper class respectability.

trashy milf extreme whoreWe have a big brood of little ones. Some are his offspring; a couple belong to my brother and my daddy; and two others are just random men who paid top dollar for my pussy. But Charles is their daddy regardless of DNA. When my hubby is at work, I sometimes give live sex shows for some overseas gentlemen who pay top dollar to see some kinky shit. Today, I was fucking my holes on cam with an expensive sex machine my hubby bought me to play with while he is away. While I was getting hammered in my ass for this guy on cam, my youngest daughter came into the room, and crawled onto the bed with me. She wanted to suck on the dildo that had fucked my cunt and ass. This not only turned on my watcher, but prompted him to make me a pretty taboo offer. I think he thought I would say no. I never say no, especially when being paid

anal sex whore white trash mommyHe paid several thousand dollars more to watch me use that big ass sex machine on my tiny young daughter. I licked her little ass and cunnie, then positioned her in full view of the camera. The sex machine has like 6 settings from mild to warp speed. I started off slow on her at first. Had it fuck her little pink cunnie which immediately puffed up. I was getting wet watching her take such a huge dildo up her tight little girl snatch. My patron was rock hard, furiously fucking his hand. Some blood and juice trickled down her thigh which I licked up. I steadily increased the speed until her little cunnie was getting the turbo treatment. Looked like her little body was convulsing.

white trash phone sex sex machineShe was crying and shaking, but if she realized how much I was getting paid, she’d take one for the team willingly. Besides, her body belongs to me. I brought her into this world, she will do whatever mommy and daddy want. Just like I did when I was her age. My watcher increased his bid sizably to watch me use it on her ass. That dildo barely fit my ass, but money is money and assholes heal! I was a good mommy. I lubed her ass up good, even finger fucked her ass to prep it a bit, then I let my sex machine temporarily ruin my baby girl’s ass. The way she was thrashing about, one would have thought she was possessed. My watcher paid me top dollar for that show. Got me thinking perhaps others would pay even more to spend some time with my angel one on one. Would you fuck a little girl if her trashy p mommy offered her up to you? My parents did it to me, and look at me? I have a millionaire hubby and only have to work because I want to. I think my life turned out quite well being an extreme whore.

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