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The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men

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Every year on January 12 I go to the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. I love looking at these hot sexy men. The work out, they live wild single lives. They fuck as many women that they can pump there cock in. Most of these Wild men want something new sexually. They need something to spice things up. They do nasty shit to see if they can get off on it. I make tons of money and do so much coke while I am there. I get gang banged, I suck cock, I eat cum. These guys was to rub our dick together. Some want to taste my thick sexy tranny cock. I lick and eat men’s assholes all day long. I don’t care if they are clean or dirty! These men want me to take charge. They want to be taken down by an alpha male and forced to have a big thick cock fucking their tight assholes. I love the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. 

Filthy Whore

phone sex line hadleyI am a filthy fucking phone sex whore and not at all ashamed of that. My daddy and uncles taught me when I was young how to be such a good fucking whore. I am looking for some nasty phone sex right now. The nastier the better. You can do anything to me I just want that cock inside of me. In my mouth, my pussy my tight tight ass. I want to be pounded so fucking hard. A gang bang would be great. 3 or 4 big cocks fucking every hole making me cum over and over. I can go for hours even days. I love taking 3 cocks at once. Put one in my mouth one in my pussy and one in my ass and fuck me silly. It has been 6 hours since I have had hot filthy phone sex so call me and let me make you cum by doing whatever you want and shooting your load in me. I want you so bad, Im so lonely. My pussy is already wet so I am ready for you now.

Don’t Fuck with a Trashy MILF Gangbang Whore

Trashy MILFTrashy MILF is what I am known as among many of the parents in my soccer mom gated community. They look down on me. Think my husband is some saint who took pity on a younger woman. They think I married him for his money. Little do they know that my wealthy church going, white collar hubby is a total freak and that is why I married him. The stuck up bitches in my neighborhood would freak the fuck out if they knew my perfect husband paid my parents good money to fuck me for years when I was just a school girl. And, that he bought them from me. Not because he wanted to keep me as some sex slave, but because they would never let me go without sizable money. I was their cash cow. My husband and I have a kinky open lifestyle, but all the community bitches see is his trashy younger wife in her too short and too tight clothing. They think I am a slut and a gold digger. Well they are half right. I am most definitely a slut.

I decided to show them that I am not only a slutty MILF, but I am a gangbang whore too, with their sons and husbands. Friday was some student teacher conference day so most of the boys in the neighborhood got off around noon. I had my sons invite a few of the boys whose mothers are the most catty and bitchy towards me. My boys know how I operate. They knew when I told them the boys to invite over what exactly I was up too. I had a house full of young teen boys. I got on the couch naked, twerked my hot MILF ass and they lined up with their stiff dicks in their hands ready to fuck their friend’s hot mom. You remember when you were a horny teen? I bet you would have died to fuck that one friend’s mom. I got several loads of boy cum in my fuck holes. Even taught those boys the joys of a good blow job. I sent them home with the scent of a woman on them and a message to their mommies: “Your husbands are next.” I’m a street wise dirty MILF. Women should know better than to fuck with me.

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Help Me Fuck This Hot Young Pussy

phone sex line carolineI see you staring at her with the lust in your eyes. That’s my sweet little girl you are drooling over. I’m not judging you honey. I’m a p-mommy so I understand your urges. In fact, I taught this sweet little goddess how to pleasure me long ago. She can finger and eat mommy’s pussy and ass so good. She gets my doudle ended dildo and fucks my pussy and ass at the same time and I come so hard I fucking explode!
Her little honey pot is so sweet. I love to lick and suck on her nub. She drips the sweetest nectar into my mouth. She loves to have her ass fingered to. I lick it and finger it until she comes. When she comes, she just gushes that sweet cum all in my mouth and over my face. She begs me to use my dildo or my strap on to fuck her little pussy, but I have been saving it for you. I know how bad you want to pop that sweet little cherry. Imagine her little twat milking your cock dry once you finally work it into her. That virginal pussy will be so tight on your cock, I bet you can’t hold out for long. You’ll be flooding it with your seed in no time. I know it is sweet to be the first, and I want to save that special treasure for you, but if you don’t call me soon, I may have to break down and fuck her myself.

No taboo phone sex !!

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I’m a horny bitch Ill fuck everything and I don’t care if people see me fucking in the car or on the porch of my trailer. I do what I want when I want because I’m a nasty ass trailer park piece of trash and I’m proud of it. There is nothing more sexy to me then a group of men that let me ride the shit out them ! I can make groups of men scream like hillbilles the moment there  in my pussy fucking it like its supposed to be , making my pussy sore from  two dicks hitting my cervix and one in my asshole.

I love the sensation of feeling like a little whore when I have my ankles behind my head getting my cunt fucked like the nasty kinky bitch that I am with one man fucking my asshole high giving his friend while I give there daddies the best blow job of there lives and I want  my neighbors to see  it  and watch me getting fucked like a nasty whore it just shows how classy and great I am since I’m doing this all for a beer! Who wouldn’t want to fill my holes with cum when I’m a dick sucking anal begging whore who is in need of cigarettes?

BBC sex stories with Ellen and Vinny

BBC sex stories

Walking the street tonight this nice ass car pulled up to me. When the back window of that black car rolled down I saw this sexy bald cunt with three big black fingers deep inside of her as she sucked his big thick nigger cock. He asked me how much to join them for the night. We settled on some blow and a few hundred dollars. Vinny was the sexy white bitch taking that big thick cock down her throat. I love nigger dick and I knew right away Vinny and I were going to have fun. I started sucking his balls and licking his asshole as she sucked his cock.

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I moved my body next to hers and started licking her pussy and asshole. I tongue fucked her gaping asshole until she came all over my face. She pulled me up and shoved his big thick cock in my mouth and pushed my head down on his cock. She started eating my cunt as I choked on his thick cock. She got my good and ready to get my pussy blown out by that big thick nigger dick. I wanted it all, every fucking inch inside of me. I wanted his spunk load so deep inside of me!

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phone sex line cleoI got a job as a secretary and am finally making some legit money. Last week I fucked up some paper work. I thought that looking sexy and giving the bosses something to lust after would make up for any mess ups but apparently I was wrong.
Today the boss called me into his office and sat me down. After telling me how much money my fuck up cost him and the partners he made me undress to keep my job.
Before I knew it all four partners and my boss were in one room and I had a lot to do to be able to keep my job. They filled all my holes with dicks and made me the cum dumpster that I was before I got this legit job.
By the time they were done I had cum everywhere and a red hot ass from being spanked.
Just when I thought I had done everything they wanted and would be able to keep my job, they threw my clothes at me and ordered me out of the office and fired.
I had to walk through the lobby with all the employees looking at my naked, cum covered body so they would know what fate would meet them if they fucked up.
Guess I am back to being the trailer park whore and fucking for money.

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang

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I am a dirty whore and this new year is not going to be different. I wanted to bring in this amazing new year with a big bang and I did just that. I called all my dirty whore friends to my place for a big party. When everyone showed up there was cocks and tits all over the place. I went to the sex shop and got tons of lube, different gang bang porn movies and sex rope. I wanted my hunky hot friends to tie me up and fuck me into the New Year. What is a better way to ring in the New Year than being covered and full of cum? I swallowed so much cum I could have coughed into a pussy and I would get her pregnant! I fucking love having my tranny pussy filled with as much cock and cum I can get. I love being fucked hard and by random men! What a way to bring in the New Year!

Let Me Be Your Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut evonneI can’t remember when i wasn’t fascinated by a mans body. Even when I was very young I would stare at the men in the house knowing they were different and wondering what they looked like under their clothes. I remember the first night that I heard my mother moaning in the room and snuck in to see her with a man on top of her ramming his cock deep in her pussy When he pulled out and shot his load into her opened mouth and she swallowed it all I knew I wanted to be a cum guzzling slut just like her. I spent the next several days trying to figure out just how I was going to get the first taste of golden jizz. I didn’t have to wait long, one of mom’s guy friends had been eyeing me for years unbeknownst to me. But this time when he came over I felt his stare and knew he would give me what I wanted. I changed into the shortest shorts I had knowing my pussy lips would hang out of the crotch with no panties on and a top that was cut so short that if I lifted my arms my tits would peek out. As soon as mom was in the other room I walked right over to him and grabbed his hard cock. The look on his face was priceless and I knew I won. I leaned in and told him to ask mom if he could take me to the park. I told him I wanted a mouth full of cum and would give him anything in exchange for it. We were in the car in no time and there has been no looking back since.

Promotion has drawbacks

phone sex line deannaThe promotion I got last month to Assistant Manager at the strip club was a great one for me. While I missed being naked each and every night, I still got to wear really slutty clothes, and the salary was exceptional and wasn’t based on tips. It was probably getting time to pass on the actual dancing night in and night out to the younger girls anyway. The only drawback I had found to my new promotion was a lack of sex. While dancing, I could have my pick of hot-blooded men. All it took was getting them in the private rooms for a dance. By mid song, I would have a hard cock buried in my hungry cunt any time I chose. Believe me, I chose to finish those private dances with a good fucking quite often.
Being in management is taking me too far away from my customers, which is leaving me so very horny. It is another night and I sit here in my office needing a good fucking. I’m tempted to leave my work undone here and head out to the floor to pick out my stud for the night. Wouldn’t you love to be the one I choose? You think you can help me out with this problem? I would love to feel your wonderful dick in the hole of your choice. Call me so I can take you into my office for your own private dance.