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BBC Sex Queen

bbc phone sexI feel like such a dirty whore for partying last night. I woke up not knowing where I was, and my pussy and asshole felt like someone had fucked me with a baseball bat. The room was dark, and My mouth tasted like cum. My pussy and thighs were so sore. I just wanted to know what was happening and where I was.  My hands were bound, and my voice cracked as I called out. I heard voices, deep voices as the room lit up in a red light. I could make out cameras in the corner and the smell of sex caught my nostrils. I heard the words final scene and action as Five big black men surrounded me. Clearly, they didn’t know me. I never have to be forced to gangbang black cocks! I saw a glint of a large sharp blade as I was cut free. There was no were to go as I was lifted up and fucked like a rag doll. But, I didn’t want to go anywhere. I screamed in delight, shocking them, as I felt my ass hole fall out from the force of suck a large cock. My pussy was stretched and gaped. I did feel the cocks start to fuck my throat as I passed out from lack of oxygen. Even a seasoned BBC whore struggles to breath with that much fuck meat in her throat. I was video taped for some black market bbc gang bang whore video. They never had to force me, I loved every moment I remember.

I got this pussy cleaned out yesterday

bbc phone sexOh, how this pussy got cleaned out yesterday! Its fall and I am fucking horny as hell. That being said, it’s prime time for my chimney to be cleaned and I hired a couple of chimney sweeps. I needed that black soot all cleaned out for when the cold hits. It was still a little warm, and it was downright hot as two big black men showed up to do the work I had paid them too. As They were walking up the drive, I let my hair down and opened my robe. I smiled sweetly and asked if they needed a pick me up before they started. They thought I was referring to my coffee in my hand. I got them in the kitchen and as I was pouring the coffee my robe slipped open. The looks on those faces as My tits and cunt were on display.  Soon coffee downed they went to work setting up. I commented on the big rod they had and wondered if those cocks matched. Before I knew it I was sucking BBC right on those plastic sheets they laid out. And oh, how I was laid out to be a hot BBC spit roast as well! I was practically screaming as they came in my ass and pussy! I do hope they do service calls this winter!

Listen To Me Get Fucked, HARD!!!!

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Wanna hear me get fucked HARD?!  My old man just got out of prison and he loves putting on a show for my callers.  Live phone sex is fucking hot.  Listening to me sucking his cock.  Sloppy head is the only head I know how to give.  He has a huge uncircumcised cock too.  I love sliding that skin back, revealing that big black mushroom head.  I suck his cock so good, his eyes roll back in his head.  My pussy gets so wet sucking that big black cock. I can’t wait for him to fuck me.  He loves fucking me from the back so he can watch my ass jiggle while he beats my wet cunt.  I squeeze my pussy muscles tight around his cock. I beg him to fuck my ass too.  He shoves his big black cock in my ass.  I rub my clit while he fucks my ass. Then when I’m about to cum, he shoves his cock and beast fucks my cunt until I cum all over his black cock.  I love it but it’s so much hotter when there’s someone listening.  Jack off for this BBC whore while you listen to me get fucked by this huge black cock.  I’m stroking his cock now.

Cum Filled Cunt With BBC Spunk

cum filled cuntWhat would you do for money?  Any fucking thing.  It was kinda slow at the strip club this past weekend so when this group of BBC came walking in, my pussy literally got wet.  I’ve seen these guys before.  They’re football players, so money to them is never an object.  Just so happens my favorite 2 Chainz song was on and I can’t stop twerking when that song comes on. As soon as I hear “I’m different”, I go right up to them and bend over and make my fat ass clap.  Dropped it like it was hot, then turned around and grabbed handfuls of BBC.  They were like “whoa”.  Immediately we were whisked to a VIP room where we all scored touchdowns.  They gave me so much money.  I just emptied out my amazon cart.  Little did they know, I would have let them gangbang me for free.  I’m a nasty fucking cum guzzling slut for BBC. 

I Fucked A BBC Rapper

bbc sex stories

Wanna hear about one of the times I fucked a BBC rapper?  It’s just one of my many BBC sex stories.  He’s pretty famous.  Part of a two man group.  Boy did he have me shaking it like a salt shaker.  My best friend is a booking agent so I get to go backstage with all the rap artists who she does concerts for.  Lucky me right?  I always dress super slutty. These guys are known for getting lots of pussy and I don’t ever wanna miss a chance on some famous BBC.  So we were at their concert, backstage.  Drinking, smoking, you know the usual rapper shit.  We start flirting.  He tells me I better stop rubbing up against him and gives me a flirty evil grin.  I tell him, I’m grown.  He tells me he’s a big freak. I tell him I am too.  He tells me he has a big dick 😉  I tell him “I swalllow”.  Well, that was the end of that.  He grabbed my hand and started leading me through the crowd but his bodyguard stopped him telling him that they were about to go on stage.  He told the boduyguard to keep his eyes on me, that he had plans to fuck me into tomorrow.  As soon as they got done performing, he jumps off stage, grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd into the limo.  We didn’t even wait til we got back to the hotel.  It went down in the back of that limo in front of everyone else in it as they cheered us on.  Guess what?  He was a huge freak. He did have a huge dick.  And I really did swallow all of his creamy cum just like the good BBC cum guzzling slut I am.

Anal Sex Whore For BBC Only

anal sex whoreI love having my ass fucked by men with big black dicks, ONLY!  Yeah, I’m a size queen and no matter what you’ve heard all black men don’t have big cocks.  BBC is the only cock that touches my pussy or my tight sweet puckered asshole.  Having my asshole stretched by a black man with a huge cock makes my pussy so fucking wet.  Especially when they get real nasty and slide it in between my juicy creamy cunt and my ass.  Ultimately, I want all that hot cum in my ass.  I come so much it seems like it’s one long orgasm.  Biting the sheets trying not to scream out in pure ecstasy while getting my ass fucked like the anal sex whore I am.  You know your white cock could never quite satisfy like BBC does.  Wanna hear some hot stories?  Maybe you would like to hear me get fucked hard in my ass.  I’ve always got BBC on deck.

BBC Gangbang Whore Bethany

gangbang whoreI got fucked so good today.  This BBC gangbang whore proved her name sooo true.  I get asked to model at a car show today.  I was all too thrilled because I knew that there would be a lot of BBC dope boys there.  They don’t mind throwing their money around either.  I made sure to spend plenty of time flirting with them.  Shaking my ass and dropping it like it’s hot for them.  They rained money down on me, but what I really wanted was their hard big black cocks in all of my holes.  My wish was granted.  They had a bottle of Henny and kept pouring me shot after shot.  They were trying to get me drunk so they could take advantage of me.  Little did they know, I already wanted them to fuck me like the BBC lovin slut I am.  After the car show, we went back to the hotel where I performed for them.  Being a stripper has it’s perks.  They rained more money on me and started shoving their cocks in my face.  I sucked their bbc’s and let them fuck my wet cunt and my ass.  What a great day.  I was suck a bbc cumdumpster, and I fucking loved it.

White Trash Phone Sex Whore Bethany

white trash phone sex

You know the best phone sex is nastiest with a white trash phone sex whore like me.  I grew up in a trailer park where I had to suck all the daddies off just so I could  buy new school clothes every year.  Those rich white bitches never could figure out how I could afford nice clothes.  What I really wanted to tell them that it was their dad’s money who bought my clothes.  Sucking his puny little white cock and letting him spray his warm jizz all over my huge tits.   Oh well, it got me my start.  From there I went on to getting a fake ID when I as 15 so I could strip.  Now that’s when I started making some real dough.  But my first love has always been BBC.  I’ll be a BBC size queen whore til the day I die.  But,  never forget my white trash start in this world.  When all else fails, pussy sells!!

BBC Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterMy asshole looks like it’s been stretched a time or a few hundred times rather.  That’s because I’m such a fucking slutty ass anal cum dumpster for BBC only though.  No puny little white cocks in my shitter.  Oh fuck no.  I love having my ass stretched.  I’ve even taken two big black cocks in my brown hole.  Sure I love having my cunt stuffed at the same time.  I cum so fucking hard with a super hard black cock in my ass.  I never let them pull out either.  I tell them all to cum right in my shitter.  I’ll take black cock anywhere I can get it.  I once got fucked by a complete stranger at a nightclub.  I had on a super short dress and no panties.  He came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass.  I got so fucking turned on, I started fingering my pussy right there.  Next thing I knew, I felt his huge mushroom head on my ass.  He parted my cheeks and started to slide it right in my ass.  It was so fucking hot.  I didn’t care that there were people looking.  What they didn’t know is that he was fucking my ass and not my cunt.  Wanna hear some more bbc stories?  Call me

Black Cock Makes My Pussy Cream

bbc sex stories

Big black cock makes my pussy cream.  Honestly, bbc sex stories make all white girl pussies cream.  Some of them don’t wanna admit it, but I’ve seen more than just a few of my friends who had previously said they would never open their greedy little mouths and cunts to some of my bbc homies.  A little bit of alcohol never hurt either.  My friend Jessica who has always had the same lame white boyfriend came over the other day while some of my bbc friends were her hanging out.  You know, chilling, smoking and drinking.  It was obvious at how uncomfortable she was at first.  After a few shots and a couple of hits off of a blunt, she began to let all her inhibitions down. Observing the obvious, they pounced on her like a tiger at a fresh kill.  Jessica’s I would nevers turned into doing everything.  The guys had her stripped naked in no time at all.  Big black cocks in both hands.  One shoved down her throat while getting plowed with a huge black cock from the back.  She creamed all over their cocks.  Hell, I did too.  There we were side by side with all these big black cocks.  Creaming all over them over and over.  She went home, broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with me.  Now she’s a bbc creampie sex stories whore just like me.creampie sex stories