I Fucked A BBC Rapper

bbc sex stories

Wanna hear about one of the times I fucked a BBC rapper?  It’s just one of my many BBC sex stories.  He’s pretty famous.  Part of a two man group.  Boy did he have me shaking it like a salt shaker.  My best friend is a booking agent so I get to go backstage with all the rap artists who she does concerts for.  Lucky me right?  I always dress super slutty. These guys are known for getting lots of pussy and I don’t ever wanna miss a chance on some famous BBC.  So we were at their concert, backstage.  Drinking, smoking, you know the usual rapper shit.  We start flirting.  He tells me I better stop rubbing up against him and gives me a flirty evil grin.  I tell him, I’m grown.  He tells me he’s a big freak. I tell him I am too.  He tells me he has a big dick 😉  I tell him “I swalllow”.  Well, that was the end of that.  He grabbed my hand and started leading me through the crowd but his bodyguard stopped him telling him that they were about to go on stage.  He told the boduyguard to keep his eyes on me, that he had plans to fuck me into tomorrow.  As soon as they got done performing, he jumps off stage, grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd into the limo.  We didn’t even wait til we got back to the hotel.  It went down in the back of that limo in front of everyone else in it as they cheered us on.  Guess what?  He was a huge freak. He did have a huge dick.  And I really did swallow all of his creamy cum just like the good BBC cum guzzling slut I am.

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