Treat Me like I Deserve to be Treated

Pissing sex stories



I got this guy he loves me like nobody loves me he just pays attention to my needs he doesn’t care about the things that other guys lose their minds over at all. David wants to make me happy make me really happy and he satisfies me he does what I need all the time he is my everything and I need him, and I love him, and I truly appreciate what he does for me. He does everything he does everything David it is my dream he is and when he tells me that he loves the way I behave he loves the real me the me the nobody else I want David to always be by my side I am his number one and he is my prize. He has a fireplace and a Texas ranch and it’s so great to be under him and I love when his cock is hard because it makes me feel so damn good. He really gets raunchy to he really gets so damn raunchy he’s nasty or the most but he’s good you know what I mean. David is a joy because he knows I am going to be there for him I want to fuck him I want to suck him I want to let him pierce my pussy can be so wet he loves to smell it. He loves to smell under my tits and that just turns me on. I Can’t Get Enough this man is the real deal he’s amazing. Every time I say yes makes me want to say yes

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