My sisters boyfriend

Big dick suckerI have always had a sibling rivalry with my sister Lilith. She was the opposite of me she was blonde tiny and fair skin and looked like one of those model bitches on magazines. Lilith was a genius too. Lilith Ultimately went to study to become a dermatologist. She was in medical school, and I was working at a library on campus during the day, and at night I was stripping because I needed real cash flow. I was always the whore and she was the dainty princess. I had an arrangement with a sugar daddy to meet up at Seattle;

My Airbnb was a disaster, so I hit up my sis who was staying in a lovely lavish apartment while she attended school. I got there, and I was not up for her whiney voice, but I sucked it up. I was greeted by this guy that peaked my interest. I pieced the puzzle together; my goody two shoe sister was living in sin with her boyfriend. My parents would be ever so disappointed. I giggled and in my head kept a calm composure and introduce myself to her new boyfriend. My sister was out doing errands and must have forgotten we planned this out; I wasn’t wasting any time. I made conversation with her boyfriend who ended up telling me more than I needed to know. I was making him nervous

I was wearing almost nothing. I had on a strapless dress that was short and showed off my cleavage. I liked that my sister’s boyfriend was checking me out. I got closer to him, and we were on the topic of hidden secrets, he said his name was Kelly, but he went by his middle name Ashton because he hated how girl it sounded. I giggled and told him something that slipped right out. I said well I’m quite the big dick sucker. Ashton replied really? Why don’t you show me what you got, I did more than show him. I had complete satisfaction knowing I was sucking off my sister’s man. His cock was beautiful, and I was already thinking about all the fun we were going to have. 

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