She’s A Real Party Animal

Druggy phone sexI went to a party last night and there was a mountain of the purest cocaine I’ve ever snorted. I made two large lines and made them disappear. Cocaine makes me super horny and my eyes roamed around the room for someone sexy. I saw two guys talking and they were very appealing. I walked over and grabbed their hands and pulled them into an empty room. I dropped to my knees as they unzipped their pants and pulled out two large cocks. I stroked their long cocks back and forth, amazed at their hardness. I put the cock that was in my left hand into my mouth while I continued to stroke the other cock. Then I switched and started sucking the other cock. All of that sucking and stroking was making my pussy wet, I needed to be fucked. I bent over the arm of a sofa and they took turns pounding my tight cunt. I walked out of that room with cum dripping down my thighs.

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