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Fucking in the Private Room

Dirty Phone SexI do love being a stripper and I do love making men’s eyes roll back with pleasure. I love hearing them moan. The loader they moan the harder I try. So one night I was in the private room with this guy. I did the typical lap dance and brushing my breasts against his face. As soon as he started moaning, I was feeling the need to fuck. So, I removed his pants and took that dick right in my mouth. I gave him a great throat fuck and he came all over my face. I then stuck my cum covered tongue deep in his mouth, kissing him hard, bringing that dick to upright position. I removed my panties and hopped right on that hard cock. I rode that cock hard, bouncing up and down bringing him pleasure. I stuck my big titties in his mouth, and he started sucking my nipples to my delight. I rode that cock until I could feel it start to swell. I then got off, laid in the floor with my legs spread wide and directed him to mount me. I guided that nice hard cock right into my juicy, wet, bald pussy and he pounded away as I wrapped my legs around his back. We fucked so hard that we both came at the same time, leaving a cum puddle underneath me. I felt so much better, now on to the next.

Fucking Them All

cum guzzling slutSome nights at work are more memorable than others. Tonight, was one of those nights. The strip club was exceptionally busy as a business convention was being held in town. That means horny men with big wallets. So, I had made sure to make an appointment to wax my pussy so that it was nice and slick and bald, just the way they like it. We did a few dances and then some gentlemen wanted a private party. Oh, hell yes, I guided them back to one of the rooms and got them all comfy. Had them order our nicest bottle of booze and helped myself to it. I do the best lap dances as I can bring my pussy so close to their laps that they can feel the heat radiate from it. I can bring my nipples so close to their mouths they feel them brush against their lips. That always drives them wild. I was piling in the cash but wanted more. I gently whispered to what appeared to be their leader that for an extra amount I could please them all. By this time their dicks were protruding from their pants and they quickly gathered the money. So, I removed my G-string and paraded my sweet, juicy, bald pussy all around them. I sat on their laps, stuck my tits in their faces allowing them to suckle on my nipples. More and more money kept being given to me, so I then sat them all down, removed their pants and throat fucked every one of those nice hard money-making dicks. Soon I was covered in cum, making my pussy wet with desire. I sat on a guy’s face and he licked my clit until I came all over his face. That sight made those dicks hard again and I let them fuck my wet, bald, juicy pussy for a price. By the time the night was over I had cum running down my legs and face. I cleaned up and left with more money than those rich bastards make in a week.

Selling My Throat for $100 a Blow Job

Hot Stripper SexAs the holidays are coming up my services are more in demand. Everyone wants a stripper at their parties. Saturday, I went to an office party for a bunch of bankers. They tend to be old, rich, cheap white dudes so I was not looking to make extra cash that night. But boy was I surprised. After giving lap dances to some of the guys and collecting the dollars they put in my G-string, a very nice-looking older gentleman approached me asking for a private session. He put out a $100 and asked for 30 minutes of my time. Hell, yes, I said. We went to another office and I had him sit in the chair and I gave him his own personal lap dance, rubbed my nice big tits across his face and straddled him. I could feel his cock getting hard and was pleasantly surprised at the size I was feeling. I was getting horny and generous as he was sweet. So, I unleashed that nice old guys dick and gave him a mind-blowing blow job. I licked his balls until I could feel them swell, I stroked that hard dick and licked it from base to head. I played with the head with my tongue and finally took his entire dick right down my throat till it was totally in my mouth and throat. By his reaction I could tell he wasn’t getting this type of dick service at home. I could see and hear the pleasure this man was getting so I took it deep and hard while playing with his asshole. Within minutes that old guy was blowing his load all down my throat. His eyes were bright as he cheerfully handed me another $100.00. He basically skipped out of the room. I sure hope he tells his friends to come on back. I will gladly sell my mouth for $100.00 a throat fucking. Soon enough there was a line out the door. I think this might be my most lucrative party of the season.

Trashy Milf Decision Making

Trashy Milf

The only thing this trashy milf knows is how to stuff is her fuckholes. How the fuck was I supposed to know how to cook and stuff a turkey. A raw turkey on the counter, my brat running crazy and three lines of coke laid out. I just wanted to be stripping or selling my ass right now. Why the fuck did I not get an abortion. I don’t know how she survived all the cum and cocaine I had when I was preggers. Now I have a useless little bitch. I mean she is good for licking mommy clean and I do enjoy tasting her, but I am a druggy slut! But men are starting to want to fuck her little body and I should put on good airs for this man who is going to purchase my munchkin. I should show him I am a good mommy, or at least pretend so I get more cash for her. I should call my brother. He will bring me more dope and tell me if I should sell her once or keep her and sell her pussy multiple times…

Stripper Mommy Fucking

stripper sex stories

It was bring your daughter’s day to the club. Okay, I lied I had just snorted to much cock and I had no money for the babysitter. I could have left her with pervert Pete, but he owed me money for letting him eat her little pussy. And I figured if I was going to make money on her cunny, I should at least get it upfront. Turns out just talking about her little tight innocent cunt got mommy fucked up and fucked real good. A nice businessman came in and as I was giving him a lap dance he asked why I became a stripper.  He asked if I had brats and everything just came pouring out. I hate not being high my mouth runs too much. Well, he laid out some pretty while lines of cocaine and I answered every question he had about my fuck tot. he paid to fuck me and He reamed me so hard as I kept talking about her. I felt so good and dirty that I came all over his cock as he fucked me bareback. He even left his business card and asked if I was serious to give him a call and he could get me real dough on her slit!

Stripper Sex Stories About BBC Sex

I take a lot of BBC and have been taking it for years. As a stripper that worked a VIP room that was dedicated solely to big black cocks I have a lot of stripper sex stories about those big black dicks. It’s hard to go back to fucking any kind of white dick after taking so many black cocks that would really blow any white cock away when you compare the sizes. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a white dude that is endowed with a big white dick then i am certainly up for that ride. I hope you know how to use it though. I’ve been with a few big white cocked men that really had no fucking skill with that thing. Really they were best just jerking themselves off because they couldn’t fuck for shit. Come on and prove me wrong.

Stripper sex stories

Single Mom Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Sometimes my single mom stripper sex stories get a little put there. But In my profession, I know that there is always a cute little nursery in the back of the clubs and that single mom whores must bring brats young and younger to the club. We normally take turns watching them between sets that don’t mean we take the best care of them. Shit, Most of the time there is a budding girl who oversees all of them and she loves to peek around the corners and see what her life will be like in a few years! I know I have been watched giving blow job after blow job by these sexy young whores in training. I also know if those boyfriends kept their dick in their pants these older offspring wouldn’t be here to watch all the filthy shit me and her mommies do for a dollar or two! As much as it turns us on to think about you knocking our brats up, we reserve that for the men who will take care of older daughters. You can have her pussy for a price but if you intend on knocking her up you better take her for keeps or give her slut mommy an allowance baby. I need all my cash for my white candy!

Why Im a gangbang Whore P-mommy

gangbang whoreImagine growing up with a gangbang whore mommy. One that let’s her sex drive and need for Coke drive her decisions. My slutkins are my personal sex slaves that’s true but…I have excuses for my behavior. I use my brats just like I was used. I was daddies angel taking his dick and getting my very first lines of coke from him. My pussy craved his dick and I loved being his high slut at his beckon call. What he didn’t Know was my brother loved molesting my asshole.
That’s right brother said that my asshole was okay to fuck. I think he knew daddy would know if my brother popped my cherry. So now I am a hot whore stripper who loves using her girls for extra coke and just the fucking nasty desires I have watching men use them!

Trailer Trash Whore Mommy Galore

trailer trash whore

I never knew being a trailer trash whore P-mommy was really a bad thing. I adore making my littles please me and I return the favor.  I guess I get so fucked up I forget the nasty shit that happens the night before. I woke up to a big pile of cash and a note written on my bathroom mirror saying that I was going to hell, but I sure a nasty mommy willing to do anything for a bit of that white good, good. I rarely blackout anymore. I went to check on my girls and my oldest was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t freak out and I had to try to remember last night. I pulled out the mirror did a fat line and texted her. I laughed when she told me she was at uncle Johns house and would be home tonight. It all came back to me. The cum in my ass leaking out as I fingered my pussy knowing I had exchanged some cash for a few hours with my lovely blonde mini-me. Guess I really am a P-mommy druggy whore pimp now. I do think things will have to change; I really do like playing with her cunny. So next time this trashy milf with make them stay and play! On the plus side I cant wait to slurp the cum from her holes.



Trashy Milf Bring Your Daughter to Work Day Stripper Style

trashy milf

I might have had a trashy milf moment. I brought my little girl to work at the strip club last night and let her play in the back room with my stripper friends. The night went on and the more coke that went up my nose the more I forgot about her. I was having too much fun being high and making my dollars as the men watched me work the pole. I was twerking on the stage and she was watching from the shadows. I gave some VIP money a little masturbation show and men were crawling on the stage. It became 2 am and the strip club became a feast of cock for this milf gangbang whore.  The men were stuffing me and a couple of my blonde stripper friends with meaty cocks. I looked up at one point and with a mouthful of cum I saw my brat trying to help mommy by jacking off a cock. After mommy was full of cum I decided to take her home. That was until a man in black asked me into the VIP room and I was offered a wad of cash to sell my daughter to him for 24 hours. I agreed only if I was allowed to be with her. But that is a cum filled tale for another time wink,wink..

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