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Hooker Phone Sex

Hooker Phone Sex

I love getting high and fucking strangers.  I love a guy that talks dirty to me and tells me what a slut I am. I really love my new gig, the glory hole room.  I can’t tell you how fun it is to be fucked all day by dozens of men.  At the end of the day, my wet, dripping pussy has so much cum inside.  I prefer the guys who don’t want to wrap their cock.   I love taking cock bareback.  The danger is half the fun.  I love thinking they may impregnate me or give me something they got from the girlfriend.  Better yet, fuck your girlfriend and then come see me at the glory hole room or at the strip club and fuck me with your cock still dripping with her cunt.

Hot Stripper Sex With Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

I love giving out some hot stripper sex to guys that come into my club. They walk in and see tits, ass, and pussy in their face and they get instantly hard. They can’t help themselves but want to stuff their cock into a stripper’s wet pussy. We’re all more than willing, it’s practically in our job description to fuck the horny old men that come in. It’s the older guys that fuck the best too. They take their time with it, letting you suck their cock while they lick your pussy. They make sure that you cum in their mouth or all over their cock before they dump their load in you. I love getting fucked by guys that are much older than me. They are obsessed with my tight young body and my tiny bald wet cunt. They want to rub their hands all over my perky tits and I love it. I love knowing how bad they want me and how bad they need to stuff their cock into my young pussy.

He’s A Stripper Groupie

Stripper sex pornI make a whole lot of money bouncing my ass in a strip club. I feel so powerful and sexy dancing for a room full of men. If you buy a lap dance from me, I’ll let you break the rules and allow you to touch me anywhere. I like when you finger my pussy while I grind your dick. If you want more we can go to the Champagne Room and really get nasty. Behind the closed door, I’ll drop to my knees and give you the best blowjob that you’ve ever had. When we’re all alone in the Champagne Room anything goes, I’ll let you fuck me. Sex with me is so amazing that you will turn into a stripper groupie. You’ll spend all of your time and money at my strip club like a crack addict on crack. I promise I’ll do stuff that your wife or girlfriend refuses to do because I aim to please.

Coke stripper whores

Phone sex slutsPimp me and my little cock suckers out! I love making my 2 little cum sluts watch mommy sucking dick and blowing angel dust off those big black nigger cocks! It makes my pussy so dripping wet. They know mommy sucks dick for a line. They are little coke whores too. Daddy pimps all 3 of us out! He brings all the clients from the strip club to the house and makes them fuck them for an 8 ball or 2. We love keeping the party going all night long. Cum on over bring some fucking drugs! That will make me and my 3 little whores really really fucking horny for you! We will snort that line right off your big fat juicy cock, then start sucking it taking it deep down our throat! I’d love to watch you face fuck my 2 little whores, while I get fucked doggy style by a big black nigger cock!

Blonde Fucking Slut and Shop Manager

Blonde fuckingBaby girl and I were out for one of our walks, and as we were passing the mechanic shop, we heard raised voices, and clattering metal. I thought I’d better see if anyone needed help, so I pulled her with me to the open bay doors. It seemed one of the mechanics was arguing with the shop manager, and the manager was sending them home. After the mechanic finally left, the manager was still fuming, so baby girl and I decided that we needed to help. She called him over, and she took my skirt off while she did. By the time he got out to us, I was there, naked from the waist down, and baby girl was back away from the building a bit more, doing a strip tease. I’m telling you, she’s taken to stripping like a fish to water! He was hard as a rock, and I was all too happy to walk up on him and start rubbing his dick and balls through his pants and kiss on his neck as she showed off her tiny, tight little body. When she was completely nude, showing every inch of her little body off, she came over to help me, and pulled his fly down. We pulled his dick out together, and she started to stroke and suck on it while I reached back and started fingering her bent-over little puss. He watched every move my hand made on her body, and her little mouth going back and forth on his dick. Before we knew it, he was blowing a load down her throat. He brought us into the office after that, and we had a good time fucking each other for a good hour. I’m sure the rest of his mechanics enjoyed the show, and he was definitely in a better mood by the time we left!

Hot Stripper Sex From Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex is what all the guys in the club are looking for. They come into my work just hoping they can’t the chance to fuck a sexy stripper. They know we are the nastiest and kinkiest girls around, willing to do anything to make them cum. As long as they can pay the price. Any of my fuck holes are up for sale. I’ll let guys of any age, size, and color slide inside my dripping wet cunt. You can even ram that nice hard cock into my tight asshole and shot your load so fucking deep inside me. My mouth is open for you too, I’ll be on my knees like a good like a whore waiting to take your hot creamy load down my throat. If you fantasize about fucking a sexy teen stripper then come on into my club. I’ll be more than willing to give you the hot fuck session that you need. We can even let my other stripper friends join in the fun. Imagine having me and all my friends caressing you and stroking the cum out that nice cock. What could be better than lining up a gang of stripper sluts and showering them with your cum?

I’ve got some stripper sex stories for you

stripper sex storiesI’ve got some stripper sex stories for you now cus I got myself a little side job. I’m not working at some strip club tho, I do private parties where things can get a little nastier. Last night I went to this nice house in a real classy neighborhood and stripped for a bachelor party. They were drunk as fuck and real fucking horny so as soon as I started to get naked they were all over me! I knew it was gonna happen tho, hell they even paid extra to be able to fuck me so who am I to complain? I just started sucking and fucking those hard dicks like a pro! Y’all know I’m just a whore that loves to fuck and if I can make some money on it too why not right? May as well use this sexy body while I still got it! Anyway, I went home sore as fuck but they tipped me well for being their whore for the night… a couple of them even slipped me their cards so I could call them again!

Stripper Sex Porn For Kinky Petal

stripper sex porn

This guy came into my club the other and asked if I wanted to make some stripper sex porn. He told me would pay me a lot of money so I figured, why not? I love getting fucked like a whore every night anyway, I might as well get paid for it. So I let him and his friends take him in the back room. One held a camera and recorded us fucking while the other two fucked me like a total slut. They bent me over and shoved a cock up my pussy and the other rammed his cock down my throat. They’re friend who was recording started to get too turned on watching. He couldn’t stop himself from coming over and stuffing his cock inside my asshole. Having all three of my tight holes getting fucked hard make me cum so fucking fast. Then they put me on my knees and took their turns jacking off onto my face and tits.

Anal Sex Whore Takes A Huge Cock

anal sex whore

I’m a huge anal sex whore. I can get enough ass fucking. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about getting my ass filled. Having my bald little pussy fucked is fun too, but what I really want is to be stretched out by the biggest monster cock I can find. When I’m at work in the club, I have this thing whenever a guy pays for a dance from me. I’ll take my naked ass and rub it all over his cock until I can feel him getting so fucking hard for me. If I feel like his man meat is a little on the smaller side, I’ll finish the dance and move on to the next guy who wants to pay for me to shake my tits and pussy in their face. Then I’ll do the same thing, once he’s hard I’ll rub my hand over his pants and feel for that nice thick boner that I crave. Once I find that guy who has a monster cock for me to play with, I’ll invite him to the back room and let him spread my ass wide open. I love feeling my tiny little fuck hole of an ass getting ripped open and stretched out by huge fucking cock.

Hot Stripper Sex and a Car Wash

Hot stripper sexNow, you know that I love being naked whenever possible, almost as much as I love pretty lingerie. So, when a good friend of mine asked me to wash his car the other day while he took his other car to the shop for a tune-up and oil change, you KNOW I was doing that naked as fuck! The minute his car was gone, I was stripping and carrying all the supplies out, plus a blanket for me to sunbathe on when I finished. I tucked the blanket in the car, then got down to the washing. I didn’t hear him drive back up a few minutes later, so when his hands were suddenly on my naked body, it startled me. But, when he moved them around to grab a tit and a handful of pussy, I was done for. I leaned back into him, not even caring that I was getting his shirt wet. Eventually, I pulled the blanket back out of the car, and we used it. He fucked me bent over, doggy style, missionary, and everything in between, right there on his lawn! He fucked my pussy raw, and still kept going, til I was begging him to stop. And when he finally did, I had a pussy full of cum, and wasn’t sure how I was going to finish his car!

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