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Games Played

Black stripper sex

When you know the game better than the guys who play it. I have been handling these young dope boys for years even before I started using.  The power of the pussy is real and I know how to use mine.  These little young bangers think they doing something because I let them fuck me for free.  Nothing is free where I’m from.  While I’m sucking your dick with your pants down by your ankles.  You exposed all of your money and if you have what I need that night that too.  I can suck you until you start to cry I’m good at what I do.  The whole time stuffing my pussy with your loot.  By the time you realize what happened sweetie I’m already gone.  Then you don’t know if it was me or your home boy, but you won’t say a crack whore worked you for your stash and cash by sucking your dick.  Like I said I’ve been playing the game you won’t catch me but I got you.

Sucking Big Black Cock in Front of My Cuckold

bbc sex storiesSo tonight is the night that after I finish my shift at the strip club I am bringing one of my fuck buddies home just to prove to you how much bigger and black cock really is. My fuck buddy works as a bouncer at the same strip club. He is 6 foot 5 inches of well built muscular dark chocolate, not to mention the fact that he is hung like a horse. I could see the anticipation on your face when we arrived home. I immediately helped him out of his pants. You were so shocked at how big his black cock was. You ask if you could touch it and he said ok. You told us that you had always thought it was a myth that black cock was so much bigger and that you never knew a cock could feel so heavy. He told you no offense man but I am here to fuck your lady not have you play dilly dally with my fuck rod. I said you could sit in the chair by the dresser and watch us. I climbed up on the bed and started sucking on his big thick hard black cock getting it ready to fuck my hot wet pussy. Hopefully, now you understand that if you want to be with me you are going to have to be my cuckold. Your teenie tiny dick isn’t worthy of my pussy!

Hot Stripper Sex and Tiny Teen

Hot stripper sexI love watching baby girl work her magic on the guys at the club. Watching her walk around and chat them up, encouraging them to spend more money on the girls on stage by distracting and charming them with her perfect little body. She’s such a good girl, she even tries to make sure that they request another of the girls with her when they ask for a VIP room with her. Most of the time, she manages to sell it, but when she doesn’t, Mommy is always there with her in the VIP room. She moves that newly curvaceous little body around like a pro already, teasing the guys until they’re begging for her to let them touch. And she does. She slides onto their lap, straddling them in nothing but her pretty little undies, her perfect little nipples poking out at them. She’s perfection when she slides her hands inside their pants and pulls them out, rubbing her panty-covered pussy all over it. It turns me on, too, when she pulls the panties to the side like I taught her to, and then slides that beautiful, bald, wet pussy up the underside of that shaft. I love the faces they make when she does that, like they’ve just lost their minds or died and gone straight to heaven. By the time she finally slides her little tight cunt down onto the head of their shaft, they’re fighting not to cum. Her sweet, tight little hole slowly swallowing them, stretching around them, does so many of them in that I fight not to laugh. And then, baby girl will make them clean her up for having been given the privilege of cumming in that tight little hole. Oh, she’s such a little pro!

Stripper sex stories with Alyssa

Stripper Sex Stories

You like that I am willing to be a secret.  I can come over late at night and leave early in the morning like I was never there.  While I’m away you make sure my habit is fed.  Before long I’m back to give you everything you can’t do to your wife.  I lean you back in your chair, to give you a quick strip tease.  You love watching me bounce my plump juicy ass to the beat of the music playing.  Without you saying a word I remove your pants while still entertaining you.  I put my face between your legs.  Not just yet but that made you very excited.  I started to straddle you, you grabbed me holding on tight. I began to give you a ride of your life.  You are really feeling me now.  I slide your cock inside me grinding and clinching my cunt tight.  You start to moan with every stroke.  I turn around with you still inside of me.  I do that little thing you like the double clinch while slowly bouncing my ass up and down on your cock.   You are holding me down by my tits telling me how much you’re enjoying yourself.  In on quick move I lean over with my hands on the floor, my feet around neck giving you the perfect view of my tight cunt.  In almost a full handstand I begin to take your cock in my mouth.  The site of this have you more than excited.  You begin to erupt like  a volcano.  You tell me how amazing I make you feel and I tell you I will always give you something to remember me.


Trailer Trash Whore Does a Drifter

Trailer trash whoreThe weather has been beautiful out lately! Of course, this means I’ve been spending more time out on my porch. I have the best neighbors, because I can sit out there naked as a jay-bird, and not a one of them minds. Then again, I guess they probably know that I’m on a first-name basis with all our officers. 😉 A drifter was walking by, and he looked really out of sorts, like he was just hot and about to collapse. I invited him to my porch and went in to grab him some water and fruit. He ate and sat and visited with me for a while. I let him go in with his bag and use my shower to clean up, and he came out looking like a whole new man. After we visited for a bit longer, and he had lunch with baby girl and me, he asked if there was a way he could repay me for my kindness. I told him that I’d love a facial. He didn’t catch my meaning, at first, and I had to clarify by grabbing his crotch and rubbing it. I got down on my knees as I undid him, and I recognized the moment he realized what I was asking for. He pulled his huge cock out and slapped me across the cheek with it a couple of times before holding it out for me to take into my mouth. I sucked and licked all over it, pulling it deep into my throat with some vacuum-quality suction. His moans told me all I needed. I grabbed his sack, and started massaging his nuts while I sucked, and baby girl walked out and started playing with her little pussy in front of him. That really got him. Before I knew it, he was pulling out of me so he could spray me down with that beautiful, delicious jizz. Baby girl came up and licked some off of my face as he zipped up. Before much longer, he was thanking us again, and heading out on his way. I hope we made his trek through our little part of the country memorable!

Partying With Molly

Druggy PornI just scored a huge sack of Molly and I am feeling extra cum dumpster-y today! I can’t wait to do lines of this shit off your dick tonight and lose control. This time I want you to bring over a few friends and let them use me like the little worthless druggy whore I am. I want you to take turns fulling up all of my holes with your cum and piss. I want to sit on the floor while you guys surround me and cover me in your warm golden showers. Being so messed up on MDMA makes it feel like a beautiful waterfall! Let me take turns jacking each of your cocks off with my pretty young titties. Choke me out on your dicks and don’t let me stop- make me keep going until each of you have reached total satisfaction. You know I’ll do anything for some cocaine too, so go ahead and pick some up on the way here. Shove a beer-bong tube down my throat and make me chug that nasty flavored vodka too. I’m your favorite wild girl for a reason and that reason is because I have no boundaries. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for your cock and I’m thankful I have you to turn me out proper. Call me when you guys are on the way! 😉

Hardcore Orgy Porn Can’t Compare!

Hardcore orgy pornBaby girl passed!! She gets to move on, and I could not be prouder!! So, I took her out for a celebration. Little did she know it would be a very gratifying celebration! The girls had set up a surprise party for her, but she thought we were going camping. We pulled up to the big, rustic looking cabin in the middle of nowhere, and unpacked. No sooner had we gotten inside than the girls sprung out of all their hiding places, bare as the day they were born except for party hats. She turned about in surprise, only to have a cake smashed into her face when she made it all the way back around. We all took turns smearing the cake all over her, and each other, before we started eating it off of each other, licking and sucking bits of icing and spongy deliciousness. Her nipples got hard, her cunt got wet, and we all got hornier and hornier. By the end of the cake, there were fingers in cunts with backs arched, girls on all fours, and asses being eaten as if there was cake in them. I had my own tongue in baby girl’s ass while the club owner had his cock inside of her cunt, and my pussy had a big strap-on pounding into it. We fucked for a while, then moved our orgy out to the lake, and kept right on fucking. Baby girl really enjoyed her party!

Trashy Milf & Girl Auctioned Off

The club was having a private auction to support a local cause. Baby girl and I were one of the “items” up for auction, and I was excited as fuck at the thought of being auctioned off with her to the highest bidder for a day. Trashy milfWhen our time came to show off and earn bids, I walked her up with me. All eyes were on her little, supple body with the perky, tiny titties and sweet little ass barely covered by that mini skirt and tube top. Her hair was pulled back in a tail to show her body off to full advantage, and I immediately sat down and pulled her into my lap. I took my shirt off, letting them all see my tits, before I pulled hers off, and started tweaking her nipples, showing how tiny and taut they could get. I reached down and spread her legs apart to dangle on either side of my own, and she leaned back against my chest. The bids were rolling in by that point, but I knew we could get more. I ran both hands up the insides of her thighs, pushing the mini skirt completely up and away from her tiny cunt. Her sweet little lace-ruffled panties immediately caught attention, and the bids jumped a couple of times. I ran my hands over her abdomen, slowly stroking downward. When I got to her little cunt, I moved them down the insides of her thighs to slowly push the fabric of her panties until it all slipped up into her gash. Her pussy lips were on full display, and she turned her face to kiss my cheek. I turned to kiss her, and our french kiss definitely sealed the deal. We were the highest-paid item of the night.

Cum Slut Stripper

Cum guzzling slutYou’ll love the way I bounce my ass. My name is Carmel and I’m a stripper. I get on that stage and all eyes are on me. Men flood the stage with cash when I make my ass cheeks shake. It’s real easy money, I make thousands in a week. But the money isn’t the only reason I love being a stripper…I’m a cum guzzling slut. I love the taste of semen. Every night I chose a lucky man to take to the champagne room and suck his dick dry. I love the feeling of warm cum sliding down my throat. I see you in the crowd and I want you. Come with me to the champagne room, I’ll make all of your dirty fantasies come true. We’re not suppose to fuck around in the club, but I’m a rule breaker. I love to get down and dirty behind closed doors. I’ll bend down and touch my toes to give you a beautiful view of this pussy. Get on your knees and suck on this pussy. Let me be your cum slut, feed me semen.

I Blow VIP’s

Black girl phone sexI was up on stage bouncing my ass making the crowd go crazy, when I noticed that a man standing next to the stage was throwing $100’s on the stage like confetti. I knew he would be my choice to take to the champagne room. He was showing me so much love during my dance, I had to give him a private performance. My song ended and picked up all of money off the stage floor. It took me more than a few minutes because there was so much money. I walk over to the big baller and introduced myself. He told me his name was Jim. I told him to follow me and I walked back to the champagne room. I had him sit down on the leather sofa and I drop to my knees between his legs. I pulled his huge dick out and wrapped my big lips around it. I sucked his cock like a porn star, with lots of spit and suction. He stood up and held the back of my head and made me deepthroat his hard cock. His cock was so far down my throat my eyes watered and I gagged, but I never stopped sucking. Soon he rewarded me with a shower of milky cum down my throat. Jim is now an official VIP in my book.

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