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drug dealer on speed dial

cum dumpsterI have my drug dealer on speed dial. I am so ready to get high and get fucked. After working all day, all I want is my holes fucked, and I want to be high as hell. I spread my ass and let him take it with each pound. My eyes roll back, and my juicy pussy starts to drip. I can feel my cunt begging for some meat too, Cum inside me and make me your cum dumpster. Together we get fucked up and ready to be used some more. My drug dealer gives me two of the things I want and need in this whole world. Drugs and dick will always be my favorite combo ever. Nasty girls always get what they want.

Stripper SEx Stories of a strung out Whore

stripper sex stories

Sometimes I am a strung-out whore with a shit load of stripper sex stories. I was doing a retirement party. And the young guys thought it would be great for me to flash my ass for some quick cash. I get there I am so fucked up as the weekend is coming and I start gyrating on this old man. I pull out my coke and do a line not even thinking about it. This retiree asks if he can have some. Boy, he really got nasty after that. I was bouncing on his lap and he pulled his cock out and pulled my bottoms to the side and was fucking me right here at the party! Well I ran out of coke I wasn’t prepared so My dealer showed up and I really showed these boys what a big dick sucker Hardcore Hadley was. Bet you want to know just how many cocks I sucked and how much of a cream pie druggy stripper I was!

Your a Cock Sucker, Admit It!

Get down and suck my tranny cock like the cum eating faggot you desire to be with hot tranny phone sex fun. I want to make you a cum eater as I trance talk you into it in a very hypnotic sexy voice. Telling you you love to eat your chode, you crave the taste of cum, you jerk off only to appease your need of eating your own spooge. I will make you swallow my load after load until you confess and prove to me that you really do love, crave and need to eat cum. That itch of  dissatisfaction in life is the lacking of your cock sucking chores. Fulfill the need that hovers over you and start taking cock sucking on as your favorite pleasure, and it’s always easier to give in with a hot, sexy shemale, so submit to Josie cock sucker.

Tranny phone sex

I Get Even

Cum guzzling slut


I love being a fucking cunt bitch it’s like my favorite thing to do. I was looking at your husband, and he was looking at me, I must say he really enjoyed peeping at my tight plump little ass. Your husband is a pervert I need you to know that because he really keeps lusting after me and guess what I’m a pervert too, so that means your husband is going to get lucky, bitch. I could not ever stand you ever since you first moved into this apartment complex looking all high and mighty with your beautiful blonde hair and your big blue eyes and your nice tight gym body; honestly, it made me want to hurl. Your husband though he makes it all worth it because I know that you’re not that good in bed; otherwise, he would not have been lusting so fucking hard after me. Let me tell you what happened when you were away on your business trip last week. Your husband and his huge fat cum-filled cock came over to my house asking me for sugar, can you imagine sugar. It was hilarious to me I let him write in I excused myself I told him that I was going to the kitchen to get his sugar, I returned wearing a pair of pink lace panties and a little bitty matching pink lace bra. His cock your husband that is, his cock thought so fucking hard right then and there. I walked over to him. I told your husband to touch my body, and he did the next thing you know, we were fucking seriously on my living room floor. I’m sorry I’m such a nasty freaky fucking whore, but your husband isn’t sorry he loves it. I’m sure you’re upset, but I’ve got another secret to tell you I videotaped the whole thing and this is your present to look at over and over again. The moral of this story is don’t you ever be rude to me you dirty bitch if you love your man because I don’t get mad I get even, and I get fucked.

Big Dick Sucker

Big dick sucker

I know I’m good at sucking cock and I absolutely fucking love it too! I’m such a slut that loves having her mouth filled with a fat dick all the time! I especially love a huge thick dick ’cause I’m a great big dick sucker. I hardly have any gag reflex and I can take a cock all the way into the back of my throat and take it hard! Grab my hair and force your dick into my mouth and fuck my skull like you’re fucking my sweet pussy. I love the feeling of slobber all over my face and spit dripping down my chin and onto my perky tits. Messy means it is being done right! I want you to use my wet little mouth until you cum and definitely make sure to give me every drop! I am a cum guzzling slut and I know it!

Fuck Me Hard


No taboo phone sex

I want you to fuck my pussy good, make me feel like I can feel the best in the world. My cunt is begging for your love I want your huge dick to fuck me so hard. Don’t you know I would do anything to get you in my arms and I don’t think that I would be wrong at all? My body is screaming for loving all night I want you to pierce my pounding purr-fluff and make my girly go crazy. When your warm lips are wrapped around my hard nipples, you drive me so insane, my panties always get soaked. I am a nasty little bitch with a strong desire, you set my slutty girl soul on fire, and you make me want even more. Bitches don’t even get the clue how badly I need you how much I need your long strokes inside of my hot cunt I love what you do to my pussy-cat. You mean the world to me you mean everything and I don’t care that you’re my brother. Bros like you make sisters feel lucky I know all the girls with Brothers like you they really get the best. Mommy said that you were a hunk even before you were able to reach the counter. Mommy said your cock was huge from long, long time ago she said your cop was like commands when you were only a little one. I like what you do to me, and Mommy said she likes you too she has so much fun with you. And when Daddy is videotaping everything he says that he’s impressed because you make him proud. Daddy likes to tell me you can fuck like a Trojan on a mission you’ve got ambition.

Blow my back out

Anal cum dumpsterI have a large ass sack of cocaine and my big black cock fuck buddy is on his way over to blow my fuckin back out! just like how I want! I literally want my spine rearranged once he’s done fucking my brains out! Black men always fuck me harder and deeper than any other white cock can. They have so much fucking cum packed inside of their massive shafts, it’s insane and it’s all for me! I’m my coke dealer’s anal cum dumpster and he is more than happy to give me every drop of his creamy cock juice while he lines up some racks of  blow on my ass cheeks! He spanks my butt and makes it jiggle as I bounce up and down & twerk on that horny BBC of his! Dealer daddies love this juicy pussy, fat booty and dirty imagination!

Big Dick Sucker and Ball Drainer

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker has its perks. I love cum. And when a big dick meets the right dick sucker, he unleashes a lot of cum. Cum he didn’t even know he had in his balls. My trailer park had a community Fourth of July cook out. It was a bunch of rednecks like me drinking beer and lighting off fireworks. Around 3 am, only a few of us were still standing. One of the men still standing was Jared. He is a thirty something married man. His wife is a stripper. Fucking gorgeous too. She was working late because holidays are big bucks in her line of work. The rumor has always been that Jared has a big dick, especially for a white guy. I never put the moves on him because his wife is hot as fuck. Not only is she a stripper but she is soon to be a Playboy centerfold. When that happens, I am sure they will leave this trailer park. Jared and I got to talking and I discovered his wife won’t give head. A stripper who won’t suck cock? He said she claims she has an easy gag reflex and doesn’t want to puke on his dick. I joked that I have almost no gag reflex and I love to puke on cocks. The next thing I knew, we were at my place titty fucking. I told him I was a cum dumpster whore and loved to swallow. He had not had a proper ball draining in a few years. This was charity head! Of course, as a cum whore, I benefited from the ball draining because he had a ton of cum backed up in those balls. By the time he left I was covered in his jizz. Hey, if your wife won’t drain your balls, this cougar will.

best cum dumpster on earth

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster, and I am proud of that. Cum is so delicious and pretty much a need for me. My stepdad uses to fuck me every morning before school. I would hear the arguments between my mom and him. My mom wasn’t a good dick sucker, nor was she fond of cum. I, on the other hand, was put on this earth to be glazed on and fucked. I have always known I turn boys on of all ages. As long as you produce that yummy cummy, I will be all over you in no time. I like being fucked to the point of no return. My holes are to be fucked with and used. Give me all your cream and make me beg pretty please!

I’m a Dirty Girl


No taboo phone sex

I’m a whore I’m a motherfucking skank I need to be fucked better than a motherfucker, I don’t care about anyone’s feelings I’m just out for myself. If you want to fuck a nasty whore, then I suggest you fuck me for sure because I’m dirty as fuck. I can be a bad girl; I can be number one at being a slut I really like to act up; that’s why. Bitches like me don’t ever go home lonely we always get what we want big money guys to love us the most too. All I need is a big dick stallion he can run me up and down all over the place because I’m willing to take big fat cock bitch. I know that your boyfriend looks at me like he’s hungry. I’m going to let him eat me if he comes my way again. I don’t feel sorry for you because you’re boring you have no x-excitement in you-you’re just a stupid cunt to me. My pussy is wild and Untamed; I can do things other girls feel ashamed to do with ease. I bet you you’re worried about your man because he left in my car last night while you’re afraid and that’s right you should be. I sucked his cock; I made him feel so right. Your boyfriend he needs more than what you offer cuz you’re boring. You’re a piece of shit sweetheart he needs a nice big piece of fucking hot sex for his body. He wants a bitch who can take his cock and shove it all the way down her throat that’s me you’ve got it you’re right if you guessed my name. So do you think that you want to watch your boyfriend fuck me crazy? Come on, sweetheart, maybe you’ll learn something.

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