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Big dick suckerWorking in his office and masturbating is his favorite thing to do. He’s been walked in on before by the previous company he had employed to clean up his office but now he has a new slut of cleaning ladies that he gets to play with. They came in for their first shift and walked in on him stroking his thick cock. They are so surprised but know that they need to make a good first impression on their boss! As they start to deepthroat his cock they realize that they’re gonna need to clean up something else now instead! They get down on their knees and get skull fucked while they give him a tongue bath. It’s so cute that they beg for his fresh load of dick cream down their throats. They love going back and forth while they take turns sucking his cock as they both try to prove who the better big dick sucker is! There’s pre-cum everywhere and it’s a big ass mess! Thankfully these whores know exactly how to soak up a puddle of liquid like the pros that they are! They’re both such good cum eaters and definitely worked hard for those extra cash money tips from their boss!

Slutty Car Wash Cheerleader

Gangbang Whore

The slutty cheer squad came up with the dumbest idea to raise money. A carwash? Who the fuck cares about a carwash? I sure as hell don’t, but I guess if I must. I decided that if we had to make money the lame way we might as well lure some happy customers! I told the squad put on our tightest little uniforms… but made sure to leave all bloomers and panties at home!

         Sure enough, that lured some dirty horny men with dirty cars. Seeing us bend over and flash some cunt and ass made them all pull up to take a peek. We even put on a little show; spraying each other with the hoses, rubbing up on the cars and exposing our teen cheerleading pussies! We nearly caused 2 traffic accidents! Haha!

 We made decent cash alright, but I guess you could say I’m a greedy little bitch. Frolicking teen pussies pulls in some bills, but what we needed were stacks! And I had just the right idea. I guess you could also say I’m an entrepreneurial whore!

Instead of letting guys pay for a wash a show, why don’t we charge extra for a wash and a hoe? After all, my dumb slut squad gives pussy away for free. Might as well bank off of those whores. For a couple hundred extra, each of us washed down the car, stripped down to nothing, and rubbed our perky tits on the windows and windshield. Then we would just pop into the car for a fuck!

Being head cheerleader also meant I was the bottom bitch of our little business. I for one, am a whore for cocks and cum. So, I charged extra for a ticket to my very own gangbang. We made 1k just off that. Thick cocks pounded my pussy, ass and mouth in the campus parking lot. I had multiple cocks thrusting cum deep inside me and I loved every second! It was such a nice perk in addition to meeting our fundraiser goal (and also put aside for shoes and coke! Lol)

Sucking BBC for Dope

I love big black cock almost as much as I love dope, and both at the same time is like heaven to me. When I go to parties, it is usually frat parties full of white boys, but this time I decided to go to a party on my own side of town. Rap music was blasting, and there was drugs and guns everywhere just laying around. All of the girls were half naked and twerking. It was definitely my scene, and I really questioned why I didn’t come to these kind of parties sooner. There was bbc all around me, and I didn’t really even have to do anything to get the free heroin, but what would be the fun in that? I was on my knees on a filthy kitchen floor giving blow jobs for tickets. Sooooo many dark chocolate men filling up my mouth with their ginormous cocks, and shooting their huge loads of jizz all over my face, hair, and mouth. Now that was my kind of party!!!!

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Cum Dumpster Milf Gives Two Rides

I’m a total whore and cum dumpster and I love some hot anal and pussy fucking. I often need to get both holes penetrated and love to get a cock for a second round and ride it with my cunt and with my ass. It’s always better when there are more than one dicks around and I can be double penetrated and sucking dick at the same time. I’ve always enjoyed my son and his friends fucking me and will always have him invite his well hung black friends over to penetrate the fuck out of this trailer trash coke whore milf pussy and make my juices flow on those young throbbing cocks full of whore milk. I party all night and I party hard so I really need a few guys to keep up with me to party and fuck for hours.

Cum dumpster

Gangbang Diner

Gangbang whoreI love having multiple cocks in and around my cunt at the same time. My biggest fantasy and turn on is being a gangbang whore. The truck stop was busy today. Trucks and men from all over. I knocked on each cab window and invited them to the diner at 3pm. When all 27 drivers were finally in the diner, I walked in, naked, and told them to have at it. I told them the only payment I wanted today was in cum. One by one each of the 27 well hung dirty truckers had their way with me in my fucking whore mouth and in my wet sloppy pussy. They all fucked me raw with no protection and paid me heftily in load after load of hot cum. I played with a bit of it, rubbing it on my huge fake tits, licking up every bit that I could, but enjoyed leaving most of it in my cunt for you to enjoy. Ready to see how they filled this whore up?

Pimping out young sluts

cum dumpster

I had a gig working as a lead youth counselor. I was trying to pay for college and was doing my hardest to keep my nose clean. That was an epic fail. I owed my dealer so much money and I was in debt with him. All my holes were already used up by him he got bored with me. My huge tits and hot face and body would only keep him content for so long. He craved young whore and that was one way I could eliminate my debt. My new job came in handy. I had plenty of young girls around.

They were all so eager to hang out with me. I wasn’t too much older than them and they looked up to me. It was awful but when I get the urge to get coked out and snort H I could careless whats morally correct and whats not. I invited the young girls over to my house for a movie night. I dressed them up and had my dealer come over with some friends. I let him have a party with each one. I could hear them scream and yell for help. I was focused on the eight ball in front of me. I new they were cum dumpsters and they had to be sacrificed for my own gain.


Anal sex whoreI got caught sucking your cock today in your truck by a policeman. He made us get out of the truck and searched me. In my bra, between my tits, he found my stash of cocaine and immediately put me in cuffs. He then put me in the back of his police car and drove me to an empty lot. He said he wouldn’t take me in to jail if I let him do a cavity search and behaved myself. I agreed. I got me out of the car and pushed me down face first into the hood. My wrists still cuffed behind my back. He leaned against me letting me feel his hard cock through his uniform pants on my ass. He spread my legs and put his hands up my skirt, feeling my wet cunt. After stuffing his fingers in my mouth and gagging me with them, he took out his cock and put it in my pussy fast and hard. Next he took my asshole and raped it hard, using me like the whore I am. Then he got my bag of coke, placed it on my asshole and used his cock to pack it in deep. He slapped my ass. Made me drop to my knees and fucked my face until he covered it with cum. He undid my cuffs and took off, leaving me to walk all the way back to the truck stop.

Little Girl Becomes An Anal Sex Whore

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore is what you desire and word has gotten out that nurse Tamsin can find you just about anything on the black market. You called me because you are a P. Daddy and you were looking for a little girl. It just so happened that I had the perfect little girl for you. She had just arrived from the Ukraine. I made sure to have her ready for you that evening. I told her that she was going to have a new Daddy and she must do everything that he says. You had stressed how important to you it was that she was still a virgin.

So I made sure to give her a proper medical examine to verify that indeed she was. She was not very happy when I inserted that cold speculum into her bald tight pussy. So I was not surprised at all that I met with some resistance on her having an enema. I pulled her over my knee and spanked her bare bottom until it was a bright red and she was agreeing to follow my instructions. I made her stand in the corner while I prepared her enema. I put her back over my knee to administer it. Having her red ass squirming on my lap made my cunt so wet. I had to remind myself that I had already promised her to you.

After her enema, I gave her a lavender bubble bath. Then I dressed her in the cutest little light pink fluffy dress. It was extra short and you could see the ruffled white cotton panties that she had on underneath as she walked. I put her blonde hair up in pigtails with great big pink bows. I finished off her outfit with ruffled ankle socks, black mary jane shoes, and a teddy bear stuffed her arm. I brought her out to met Daddy and I could tell by the look on your face that you were extremely happy with her. I had her turn around in her dress and so you could get the full view of her.

Then I slowly started removing all of her clothes. Once she was totally naked you unzipped your pants and exposed your big hard cock. I told her to go and suck on Daddy’s cock. She was hesitant. But Daddy knew how to handle his little girl. You pulled her over your knee and spanked her bare bottom. The harder she cried the harder your cock became. Once she was promising to be a good girl and give you a blow job you stopped. She sucked on the head of your cock like it was a lollipop while her little hand was stroking your shaft.

Then you had her lay over my lap and I pulled her ass checks apart. I told her that she had been a bad girl and that Daddy punishes bad girls by fucking their tight puckered ass. She started to cry as you shoved the head of you hard cock into her tight virgin ass. She cried out Daddy hurt me as you continued to pound your big hard cock into her tight young ass. Her virgin ass was so tight that it practically squeezed the cum from your cock. You gave her ass a giant load of cum and left one very happy Daddy.

Dirty phone sex

Nationwide whore

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They sure don’t make it them like me anymore. I have done more sinister shit than any slut I know. I am back from a long coke and cock binge. I was able to make it to Tijuana and fuck my way up to San Francisco. I like to push myself and go on these whore adventures. I like being a lot lizard cum dumpster. My plan for the summer is a nasty one. I know we barely left summer but I am already thinking about the next. I want to fuck dirty men in every state. I want it raw and high of course. I am addicted to getting coked up and being a cock slut. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. I might get a head start and do it sooner rather than later. I am always in the glory holes might as well make it my 24/7 profession.

Training a Little Girl to be a Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI was teaching a little girl how to be a big dick sucker. She is the super young daughter of a friend. She is being raised by a single mother down on her luck. He husband recently left her, but he hid his finances so well she didn’t get much in the divorce, not even in California. She asked me how to make extra money, so she could stay in her elaborate lifestyle her husband screwed her out of living. I told her only one thing brings fast money and that is sex. When I told her that her little girl could make more money than she could, she asked me to train her to be a good slut. Slut training begins with learning how to suck cock. She was a quick study for such a young girl. She loved sucking on my big black dildo. I only used my fingers on her little bald slit. That was only because I didn’t want to pop her cherry. A virgin pussy can bring top dollar. I showed my friend where to put her daughter on the dark net for auction. She was putting up pictures as I was working on training her little girl to be a good whore. My friend was surprised by the instant bidding war that started. I told her that young sexy prostitutes make bank, so prepare to live even better than she has been living, at least until her daughter ages out.

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