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The Sex Store

BBC sex stories

Michael took me to this place called the sex store last night; it wasn’t that I couldn’t take myself. I just wanted him to go to the sex store with me. I like going to sex shops because there is so much to do like the VIP room. I was constantly begging this motherfucker to go with me to this sex store, but he was always saying no because he thought it was going to be boring. He would tell me all the time if you’ve been to one sex shop you been to them all. I proved him wrong, and I’m so glad. We got to the sex store ready to be nasty; that was me, but for him, it was ready to be amazed. Michael has always been a wild man he fucks 3 and 4 Girls at the same damn time that’s why I like him. He has a big fucking abnormal huge gargantuous 15-inch dick. Black guys have big dicks, but Michael has way more than just a big dick; he makes black guys look like monsters. So when we got there, I invited him to go into the VIP room with me; he did it, and it just so happened to be for other girls in there with me. As soon as these bitches saw Michael, they were all over him because he is gorgeous. I mean he’s tall, dark and beautifully handsome. All of the slut alarms went off this motherfucker makes everybody into a slut. He even made a guy into a slut with ease. Let me just say last night was amazing because I got to see my friend Michael beat pussies in, and he even beat a gaping wide faggot ass open. He had that man screaming and hollering from that big fucking dick going in and out of his man pussy I loved it. I love to see a big stiff dick manhandle up on a faggot motherfucker. I can’t tell you everything; it was vicious; it was creative, and it was so much of a dream. I want Michael to fuck men for me so we can get paid what do y’all think about that?


Creampie slut

Owning that Big Black Cock

bbc phone sexSome girls are afraid of that big black cock. But not me. I love big black cock. The bigger the better. I recently met this fine young man at work, and I was certain his cock would not disappoint my dick sucking mouth. I flirted a bit, rubbing my titties across his back and uncrossing my legs so he could get a good look at my nice big bald pussy. After a week or so I could not wait any longer. I grabbed him and pushed him into the inventory closet. The thought of getting caught and his thick love muscle had already started to dampen my twat. I immediately unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the ground. I unleashed that gigantic black monster from his boxers and admired its beauty. I wasted no time licking the tip, caressing his balls and playing with his ass. I believe he had underestimated my sluttiness as he was being very gentle and sweet. Deanna wanted no part in the kissing and caressing. All I wanted was that dick. I took that dick like a champ, taking his hips and moving them back and forth in a forceful motion pushing his cock deep into my mouth. I was enjoying every inch of his massive black cock. Eventually he caught on and was ramming that cock down my throat harder and harder. I could feel it tighten up as he unloaded into my throat. I gladly swallowed, wiped my mouth and walked out. No words needed to be spoken. No kisses or hugging was to be done. I owned that big black cock.

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutSaturday nights I have a routine. I am a cum guzzling slut down at the Love’s Truck Stop. It was chilly last night for Florida, but those big dicks warmed me up.  I normally just suck cock for free, but I need new tires on my car. I didn’t really know any of the truckers there. It was not the usual suspects. I was not sure if it was the cold keeping them away or the fact that it was not my usual lot lizard day. These truckers had heard of me. They were happy to pay me for some of the best head in the state. I love sucking big dicks but getting paid to drain balls was just bonus. My mom and I were hookers for hire in the 70s and 80s, but I discovered I just loved fucking so much I did it for free. But sex always sells. Men will pay for it when there is no one around giving it away. I swallowed load after load in the cold last night and made more than enough to buy new tires for my car. Three truckers were buddies and offered me $500 to fuck. I am a three hole whore, so I took their money and let them play musical holes with my pussy, ass and mouth in the back of a cab. I was just happy to be out of the cold and making enough money to buy a big bag of coke too.

It was so much fun

live phone sexI was just walking around the mall the other day when this guy came up to me. He said that he had seen me at a party the other week and he couldn’t get the sight of me sucking dicks out of his mind. He had been at that party with his girlfriend and she wouldn’t let him join in on the fun. Sad to be witha  prude like that don’t you think? He said she never sucks his dick ever, I asked him why was he with her and he really didn’t have an answer. So I just took him by the hand and led him to a quiet corner where I sucked his dick like a fucking pro. I didn’t care that there were people around, I didn’t care that we could get caught, I only cared about getting him off. Boy did he love it! He came so fucking hard and I swallowed every drop. Looks like he will be leaving that girl for me now cus he’s never had better!

Cum fill me up!

Hooker phone sexI have a hot hooker phone sex story to tell you, baby. I got a call from a regular John of mine. His buddy was coming home from the military and wanted me to welcome him back. I love our men in uniform and offered him a special two for one deal. I met them at the bar, and we went back to my place. They wasted no time getting me naked. I get their pants off and pull on both those cocks at the same time. My regular loves my hard-core blow jobs, so I start blowing them both. Down and up one, then the other till they are both rock hard. I’m a real sucker for two big cocks. Double penetration is fucking amazing with two young studs. I can never get enough of those young hot dicks. I love how full I feel with two cocks deep inside both my holes. I definitely believe in saluting our fine soldiers and giving them the best welcome home possible. Are you ready to cum home? Come see this hooker and get those balls drained, bring a friend and get you a two for one from the best whore around.

My Tranny Phone Sex Lover

My tranny phone sex lover is completely addicted to me. He cannot stop thinking about me or worshiping my big hard cock. He has a little clitty and a sweet mangina that I just love to plow. I like to take him in the back of the church and whisper to him about how I am throbbing to be inside his man cave. His little dicklet throbs when I mention penetrating his man cunt. His mouth waters and I can only lift my Sunday dress up and let him release my throbbing ladyboy cock from the confines of my pretty red lace panties. I want his mouth on my cock and I want his tongue teasing the precum out of my dick hole. The thought of him sucking me off in church is hot, it’s even hotter when we sneak into the church while I’m dressed as a nun and he a priest. Ever sucked a Nun’s cock in church before? Well you should try it.

Tranny phone sex

I aim to please

live phone sexI’m sweet cheeks, and I have always been able to please. I’ve always been able to do the best fucking that I can because I like it. I love to be bent over with my head as far down as it would go into the bed and my ass up as high as I can Arch my back. I like to get cocks stuffed inside of my hot gushy wet pussy. I want a big thick cock, but first, I want you to grab my pussy lips with your tongue and start slurping and licking me while my ass is up in the air. I am so fucking horny right now. I want you. I want to ride your fucking face. You’ll have so much fun inside of this super wet pussy. I want you and I to be together right now for the first time and then again. Can’t you feel how warm my cum guzzling cunt is? Doesn’t it taste so sweet, eating my pussy because it feels so good? I need your sexy pussy slurping tongue. I love your hard cock; I love your whole body.

I need every part of you participating in making my pussy melt. Some people don’t appreciate me, but it’s certainly not a guy. I’m in a situation, I have what you would call a female pimp, and she’s hard and unmovable. I feel like she Lust For Me, and every time I see her, it’s electrifying, but she doesn’t show weakness, she only shows strength. I have to submit to her I have to give in to her, and when she punishes me, it’s still all business. I Know you will be able to give me cock and allow me to escape her complete dominance over me. When I’m with you, I forget her.

Dirty Phone Sex: Naughty Maids for Hire

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex. I had a client with a naughty maid fantasy. He wanted a French maid and her daughter to clean his house and him. He paid well for our special maid service. My teen daughter and I donned our French maid outfits and arrived at his house as scheduled. We looked so sexy. It started off harmless. We cleaned shit with feather dusters and bent over a lot showing our bare asses and cunts. Then we started to clean his cock. We teased him with the feather duster first. I like edging a man’s cock. He was leaking pre-cum like crazy, so my daughter got down on her knees and licked it all up. I tickled her bald cunnie as she bobbed up and down our client’s cock. She polished his knob; she gave it a great spit shine. I didn’t do too bad on her bald cunnie. I had my baby girl purring like a kitten as she showed off her big dick sucker skills. He wanted to fuck her pussy first, so I lifted her on his throbbing cock. She took a spin on his dick. I have done a lot of fantasies for men in my life. I am a sexy prostitute. This was my first naughty maid role play and I loved it. Sensual, sexy, dirty and hot. My daughter and I may just live in our French maid costumes.

Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

I love to suck cock. Swallowing a man’s thick sweet cream is the best thing ever. I love the feeling of a hot sticky load sliding down the back of my throat after I suck him off. My Daddy is the one who taught me how to swallow. He would make me suck his cock and then hold me down as he filled my little mouth with cum. He always made me swallow and told me what a good little whore I was and how proud he was. When my brothers were old enough, Daddy would make me show them what I could do. Tonight, I met a guy with a huge cock and I surprised him at how good I am with my mouth. I took his whole monster dong, all the way down my throat and held it as he pumped his cum right down my throat! He said it was the hottest blow job he’s ever had but I already knew that. That’s what every guy tells me when I’m finished!

The Halloween party was so fun

live phone sexMe and my friend dressed up as Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas for the big Halloween party last night and man were we ever a hit. We won best costume and celebrated by stripping naked and giving the whole party a sexy show. We fucked in front of everyone. They loved seeing me suck his cock and they couldn’t believe that my makeup was everywhere, they thought for sure it wouldn’t be under my dress too but I was committed to being authentic. I let Jack fuck my pussy and my ass until he came and then he started calling up other people to fuck me too. I fucked a devil and scarecrow, the joker and even ate Harley Quinn’s pussy too! It was the best Halloween party I have ever been to I can’t wait till tomorrow I hope that party is even better! I wonder what I should dress as for that?

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