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That Big, Delicious Latino Cock!

He was a gorgeous Latino man, and he came home with me from the home improvement store. I dropped to my knees and took his pants with me, letting that big, beautiful hunk of man-meat out to play! I ran my tongue over the head, then up the length of the shaft from the base, before I swallowed that delicious cock. He didn’t let me suck him for too long. Big dick suckerHe turned me around, bent me over and pulled off my pretty little panties, and pulled my dress over my head, leaving me in nothing but my garter. He took his still-wet dick and rubbed it up and down my crack, teasing my balls with it a few times, and then started to press it into my tight man-cunt. When the thick head finally broke through, the even thicker, satiny, hard shaft filling my ass just drove me wild! Just when I thought he’d gone as deep as we were getting it, he bent me over, wrapping his arm around my chest, and walked forward, so that his legs were around my waist. He managed to get even deeper, and lord-have-mercy!! I about came then and there. I had to fight to hold it back a while so he could really fuck me. When we finally did cum, it was together, and I made the most beautiful mess all over my floor! Good thing I keep my floors clean enough to eat off of. 😉

Crack Whore

Crack Whore Anal

I was out of cash and out of drugs, so that meant it was time to go out and put in some work. On the corner in a bad part of town because I know the customers there usually have some party favors on them. A hunky looking guy picked me up and we headed back to a motel. He asked if I was into crack, as if he even needed to check. When a girl is standing on that corner, you know what she is looking for! I told him of course I do, so he whipped out his crack pipe and we took turns smoking a nice big rock he had.

It was exactly what I needed, and now that I was ready to for some fun, I sat down as he undressed me. He got me naked and stood up to shove his cock down my throat, holding it all the way in so he could feel my throat contracting as I gagged on every inch. Coughing as he pulled out to let me get some air, I grabbed the pipe again and took another hit.

Now that he was throbbing with desire, he laid me on my side, lifted one of my legs, and thrusted into my dripping wet cunt. I moaned as the drugs made his dick feel even better inside my honeyhole. The drugs also made me unable to feel any discomfort when getting the absolute piss fucked out of me, so he ravaged me like a wild man, pumping me with all his might. I’d sure be feeling that tomorrow!

I sucked that glass dick one more time before he got me on all fours, shoved my face in the blankets, and stuffed my ass with his meat tube. He made animalistic grunting noises as he exploded inside my asshole, making it a sloppy, creamy mess. I’m glad I chose that corner tonight!

Druggy Phone Sex

Getting Fucked In Your Mom’s Van

Live Phone Sex


Your mom let you take her car today and you couldn’t think of anything else to do besides go to the truck stop and pick up a whore. I look like fun and we start chatting about what you want. You ask me to get in the van and you pull the car over to the side of the parking lot. It’s super hot outside so you just roll the windows down and we climb into the back. You grab the back of my head and make me suck your big dick off. I can’t help but notice your mom’s bible and church bag in the seat beside us- I wonder if she knows her son is such a whore-lover? You then pull me on top of you and make me ride you facing out so I can see all the people watching me get my nasty pussy banged out. You pull my panties to the side and ride the shit out of me. I am gripping on to anything I can to hold on because I am getting rode so hard by your cock. You start cumming inside me even though I am begging you not to. After you kick me out of the car quickly, throwing the cash we agreed on into my face. Before you pull off you just tell me to be here later. I’m waiting for you now, dirty boy!

Cum Vampire

Black stripper sexI love dancing for money. Making my ass bounce for cash is so easy and so much fun. I love seeing the lust in a man’s eyes when I drop down into a split. But my favorite part about being a stripper is all of the different types of men that come into the club. I’m a cum slut. I need cum like a vampire needs blood. Every man tastes different, but I get it the same way… on my knees. I pick a lucky man and I take him to The Champagne Room. Once I have a man behind closed doors he’s mine forever. I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his hard dick and suck like my life depends on my ability to make you cum. I’ll whirl my tongue and tease the tip of your cock and alternate between sucking and licking. And before you know it, you’ll blow your load down my throat.

Sex Drugs and FootBall

Sexy Prostitutes

I was so fucked up last night.  I was able to make triple of what my pimp wants.  I hit the jackpot of all tricks.  Rookie mistake for this NFL player.  He was just throwing money at me like a broken ATM.  The best part of it all he like to party.  He had every drug you could think of from weed to dope even some other shit too.  I was in fucking heaven.  I knew we was going to have a good time.  He pushed my face down in a pile of coke until my whole body became numb.  I was so high I felt like I was just floating and watching myself at this point.  I had popped a few Mollies and was all ready to go.  I couldn’t feel my face and was all smiles.  I had put his huge cock in my mouth and was fucking my face like it was just open season.  I swear I felt him hitting my throat.  Thank goodness I’m not afraid to take dick to the face.  He flipped me over without a word and very little effort.  I arched my back so my ass and pussy could be fully exposed to him.  He snorted a few lines of coke off my ass and was feeling himself.  He began to pound my asshole as if he was trying to break through for a tackle.  We fucked for hours on end.  Oh there was no breaks or anything.  He had me pissing all over him and he did the same to me.  At this point he was just an animal.  On the menu for the hunt was me.  he shoved a bottle of Champagne in my pussy as he want to see me pop the cork using just my tight cunt.  The party had just got started but I had to end it.  The last time I spent the night out with a trick my pimp beat my ass so I know better than to have Daddy mad.  Slip this beast a few sleeping pills and out the door I went with a few souvenirs of course.

Get Off With No Taboo Phone Sex

Let’s get fucked up real good tonight and get each other off with hot no taboo phone sex. You know you want some of this hot fucked pussy after I have been hooking all night and taking nigger cock is my sweet pink slit. Or well maybe slit isn’t the correct term as this pussy has been fucked hard and fucked loose. I bet the fact my cunt is gaping is getting your cock pretty damned fucking hard right now isn’t it?

No Taboo Phone Sex

We can have a filthy roleplay where you’re my daddy and I am your sweet slutty daughter that you walk in on getting fucked by five guys. You know this mother fucking turns you on and that dicklet of yours is so fucking stiff and throbbing I bet a touch with my lips, daddy, and your dick will spurt! I Totally bet on that.

Stripper sex stories with Alyssa

Stripper Sex Stories

You like that I am willing to be a secret.  I can come over late at night and leave early in the morning like I was never there.  While I’m away you make sure my habit is fed.  Before long I’m back to give you everything you can’t do to your wife.  I lean you back in your chair, to give you a quick strip tease.  You love watching me bounce my plump juicy ass to the beat of the music playing.  Without you saying a word I remove your pants while still entertaining you.  I put my face between your legs.  Not just yet but that made you very excited.  I started to straddle you, you grabbed me holding on tight. I began to give you a ride of your life.  You are really feeling me now.  I slide your cock inside me grinding and clinching my cunt tight.  You start to moan with every stroke.  I turn around with you still inside of me.  I do that little thing you like the double clinch while slowly bouncing my ass up and down on your cock.   You are holding me down by my tits telling me how much you’re enjoying yourself.  In on quick move I lean over with my hands on the floor, my feet around neck giving you the perfect view of my tight cunt.  In almost a full handstand I begin to take your cock in my mouth.  The site of this have you more than excited.  You begin to erupt like  a volcano.  You tell me how amazing I make you feel and I tell you I will always give you something to remember me.


Trucker’s Delight

Lot Lizard Sex


The regular lot lizards aren’t as pretty or as cute as me. You get hard as soon as you see my cute tanned body walking around looking for cocaine and giving out blowjobs like it’s Christmas. Let me up into the cab of your truck and force me to suck your cock- can’t make that money for nothing right? Your dick tastes so salty and sweaty, I love being your little cheap hooker on the down-low. None of my friends know what I do for thrills. Take your hand and make me gag on your big juicy dick. I lick up your pre-cum with a smile. Being a dirty whore is my kink and making extra money for slutting it up is fun for me. Bang the shit out of me in your truck and call your friends on the radio- you found a cute and tight whore who has no limits. When are you going to be back on this side of town?

Fucking On Crack Rock

Anal Sex Whore


Load the pipe up for me? I don’t have any money but I’ll do whatever it takes for you or one of your boys to give me a little pep. I wanna get high as hell on crack cocaine and get fucked by a countless number of dicks. You guys can get me so fucked up that I won’t even know what happened so why not use me? Make me suck each of you off. Make me jack off your dicks with all the energy the drugs give me. I wanna have some real taboo fun! Drop a pill down my throat then make me drink your cum to wash it down. I love fucking for drugs so much and at least you’re actually a babe. I’ll do whatever you want me to do, I just need my next fix.

Semen Addict

Cum guzzling slutI’m a cum guzzling slut. I love how your cum tastes and how it feels on my skin. Sucking your cock gives me so much pleasure and you reward me by shooting your milky jizz down my throat. I love wrapping my full lips around your hard cock and the way your balls slap my chin. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face, I want to suck you dry. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood. I love it even more when you fuck my black pussy then let me suck my juices off of your hard dick, and I taste delicious. Look at my skin, can you see how clear it is? That’s because of the daily cum facials. Cum is good for your health it’s full of protein. And baby, I need my daily dose of protein. Your dick fits perfectly in my mouth, like a hand fits a glove. Come and give Carmel your semen.

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