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Cum Guzzling Slut Tamsin

Cum guzzling slut

You had been at one of those wild parties where there are a whole bunch of prescription pills mixed together. You thought that the bowel just contained Oxycodone,Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. So you popped one of those little round pills in your mouth thinking it was a Roxy. After about fifteen minutes and not experiencing that calm and relaxed euphoric mood that you have come to love, you decided to take another one.

Not only did it not relax you but all of the sudden your cock stood up at full attention. Your cock was rock hard and throbbing. You didn’t know what was going on. You just knew you couldn’t go to a regular emergency room so you came to see Nurse Tamsin. I took one look at your big thick hard cock and knew exactly what had happened. Those little blue pills you were popping like tic tacs where Viagra not Roxy.

Luckily for you I am a dirty nurse who enjoys sucking cock. I told you to lay back and relax. This cock sucking whore would take care of you. I licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. I sucked on your balls before deepthroating your hard throbbing cock in my warm wet mouth. I shoved two of my fingers up your tight puckered ass as I continued to deepthroat your hard cock.

Big dick sucker

I worked your prostate glands with my fingers as my mouth sucked hard on your cock. I made sure I drained every last drop of your warm creamy salty cum from your balls into my mouth. I slurped every last drop of your yumminess down. You were both relieved and shocked. You had not realized until today that Nurse Tamsin was one hell of a cum guzzling slut. I don’t know why you were so surprised since the word sin is in my name.

Daddy is Going to Find out Sissyboy


Tranny phone sex

Show me what kind of filthy dirty cock-slut you are, I know you like taking thick hard cocks in your ass. You thought I had no idea that you were a fucking Sissy but I knew it all the time. You like sneaking over to that tranny house in the valley and getting fucked by the big dick black trannies. You know how I know because one of those trannies is my good friend and she told me all about you plus she took video. I’ve decided that your dad has so much money you need to share it with me and all the rest of my girlfriend’s including my tranny girlfriend who made that beautiful tape for me. We are going to out you for the world to see, you won’t be able to fake your way into love relationships again baby because everyone’s going to know your back alley. If you don’t want everyone to know who you are you had better pay me it’s the only out for you right now. Either you pay, or I play with your dad’s reputation because you know he doesn’t want anything scandalous out while he’s running for office. I suggest you write me a check for $20,000 and wait for me to come back for more. In exchange for your money, my mouth will stay closed, and I will let you take as much tranny cock as you want to. I’ve known for a long time now that you can help yourself you’ve got to get the big dicks, and you’ve got to have them stuffed in your ass tight hard and often. I don’t care how you behave I just want all the gifts and all the goodies your daddy’s precious money I just want all the gifts and all the goodies I don’t want you to ever forget that.

Lot Lizard Sex With Hot Hadley

lot lizard sex

Sometimes A gang bang slut just needs so Lot Lizard Sex! I was strung out on Coke and decided my aching wet pussy needed strong nasty big dick to spread it out. I went to the back of my local truck stop and someone knew my name and he said hey baby I want to be first, drop down and suck this cock so everyone knows your on duty! As I gobbled and choked on his sweaty dick I noticed the big rigs headlights come on and some trucks circling me in. I was grabbed from behind and my skirt ripped off as well as my panties. My ass was spat on as I received cock after cock in my ass and sweet stripper coke whore hot fuck cunt.  Someone put a piss jar and was trowing tips into the piss sometimes just quarters. I was being a creampie slut for mere change. I don’t mind cuz I know these guys have the best coke around and the big nasty cocks to make my throat sore and my ass a gaping hole. As the cum loads came I began to feel satisfied that I was being a good white trash whore for these hard working truckers! MMM, how would you use me? 

Gangbang Whore Central

Gangbang whore

All of my beautiful my girlfriend’s rented a motel room for my birthday. They told me they had a big surprise for me, I was uber excited I didn’t have any idea what it was my girlfriends were up to. My girls are so fucking fun they love to do the most where ever we go, and I really like them for that. We drank Moet and got drunk in the room, we were licking each other’s honey cunts while getting fucked up off of coke. Oh my God, it was amazing we ate marijuana brownies it was great. Then at 12 midnight, we got a knock at the door, and oh my goodness that’s when the party started. 15 guys walked into a room, and they were going to fuck me first because my girlfriends were fluffers for them. I feel so special the top slut I get as much cock as I want for me, of course, I love it cuz I’m a stupid slut inside. Gangbang Central I’m getting my cunt banged in fucking and getting fucked so hard. I must have got fucked by all of those guys at least twice. I got that birthday dick special 15 big hard dicks pulsating for me, the guys they were white and Spanish and black wow was all I could say. My girlfriends said they were specially chosen for me, they said they picked them all special for me, no cock was under 10 inches that was astounding. Cock for my birthday cock in my mouth cum all over the place I loved it.

Tasmin Finds A Teen Anal Whore

Teen anal whore

I had this hot little blonde teen come into my office today. There was just something about her that made me think she would make a perfect teen anal whore. She had heard on the streets that the clinic I work at provides services that you cannot get else where. She wants a boob job but her parents are against it. It was so hard listening to her talk.

The whole time she was rattling on I was undressing her with my eyes. Thinking about how many different ways I could fuck her tight teen holes. When she finally finished and I told her that we would give her porn star boobs, but I needed to receive payment upfront. She gave me a dumb blonde stare and then told me she didn’t have any money. Oh baby girl this is going to work out perfect!

Because not only does Nurse Tamsin want to feel your soft wet tongue licking on my hot wet pussy, but I know quite a few men who will be more than willing to pay to fuck that tight teen ass. You were the first client of mine that popped into my head. Not only have you always been more than generous with your money, but I knew a hot teen slut would make your cock harder than Viagra.

Big dick sucker

I wanted to watch you spank her ass until it was red and glowing. I wanted to watch you fuck her tight teen ass with your big thick cock while I shoved her face into my juicy pussy. Most of all I knew how much you would enjoy watching me use all my different medical devices to fuck her hot wet pussy and tight teen ass getting her holes ready for your big hard cock. My mind is spinning out of control just thinking about all the dirty kinky things we will be able to do to this teen whore over the next few months.

He will never forget me

live phone sexSo, I fucked this new guy last night and I guarantee you that he will never ever forget me! He had all these nasty desires that he was afraid to share with me, he thought that I would be disgusted by them or even pissed off that he even brought it up but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to get real freaky so I just took the lead and started begging him to piss all over me. He was shocked that I liked it and even more shocked when I begged for his shit too, he couldn’t believe his luck in finally finding a bitch as nasty as he was! Honestly, it was so hot to get this guy doing all the perverted things he had been fantasizing about for so long, it was like a dam had burst inside him, all those frustrations spilled out and he came harder than he ever had before! I bet he’ll be dreaming about our night together for the rest of his life.

BBC Phone Sex Inspires My Daughter

bbc phone sexMy youngest daughter overheard me on a BBC phone sex call. She got curious and started asking me questions after the call. She was acting like a black cock whore without the black cock. We watched a few BBC videos on Porn Hub and she was hooked. She loved the way tiny teen white girls took cocks way too big for their fuck holes. She made me promise to get her some black cock. How can I say no to my baby girl when she wants something so many girls want? I told my husband to arrange a black cock gangbang for her soon. In the meantime, I broke out my Kong dildo. It is this life-like huge ass black rubber dick. It is tree trunk thick like the real thing and just as long. I modeled black cock whore behavior for her as I sucked on my Kong. I am a mommy whore. I have had many cocks in my life and more black cock than any California trophy wife ever has I bet. Even with my big dick sucker credentials, I still struggled to get that imitation cock in my mouth. My daughter was like my nasty freak cheerleader. She was telling me to suck that nigger dick. Hearing her dirty words of encouragement made me wet. She is the only daughter who has not had a black monster snake yet, but that is all about to change. What my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets. Her daddy and I will give her as many big black dicks as she wants.

Mr. New Sponsor

Dirty phone sex


Mr. Bradly is a wealthy guy with a lot of pull; he’s not a regular dude Mr. Bradly is a high roller with a great deal of clout in his field. I get to go on trips at the expense of Mr. Bradly; we travel to places that are beyond beautiful. I feel like a princess when I am with Mr. Bradly because he spoils me. This month I received a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag with five thousand dollars inside. I couldn’t get over the fact that he remembered my birthday. Mr. Bradly loves to suck my pussy and dig his tongue deep inside of my creamy cunt. We make love in such fabulous positions for hours until the both of us fall out. Whenever I am laid out on the bed exhausted from hot sweaty lovemaking I grab a joint and we get high together. Mr. Bradly likes to be completely discrete, and I respect his wishes, but I still had to tell you a little story about him. I can’t tell you too much about him, but I want you to know he sure is a winner.

My Brother Juju

Latina phone sex


Juju is my brother, and I’m ready to be especially closed in with him. Juju came over with his bitch ass girlfriend, I’ve always been jealous of this twat. This bitch has been fucking over my brother for the longest time, I’m not just going to let her do that to my brother anymore. I love my brother, I’m going to show this bitch just how much I love my brother too. This whore cannot be playing on him and lying to him like a fucking trash ass fucking bitch. My brother is so beautiful he’s tall, dark and his cock is so fucking big, it’s 12 in. Why in the fuck does he have this ungrateful little piece of shit as his woman? She’s not worthy, she’s not worth his big ass dick and his sexy body I am tired of her. Bitch you have got to go. I told that cunt one day, You were supposed to satisfy him like you knew how but you don’t understand how the cunt just looked at me and looked down. You’re a piece of fucking trash you and your blonde hair and your blue eyes it’s not cute at all. I am going to give my brother everything he needs, and now he knows it because he’s gotten the taste of it. My brother is in town for me too this week. You’re a piece of white trash ass fucking Tramp bitch. You fucked over my brother, he deserves more than you because you’re a fucking whore. I hate white bitches. I told him I hated white bitches because you bitches cannot be trusted. You’ve been fucking everything that moves you white trash Tramp. You’ve been putting your pussy everywhere except for where it’s supposed to be in my brother’s bed. You’re just a piece of shit I hate you, I have to satisfy my brother bitch. I have to do everything that you won’t do fucking whore because you’re wasting time bitch and I am going to get rid of you. I’m so tired of you bitch. I’m tired of you and your stupid blonde hair and I’m sick of your goddamn Blue-Eyes bitch you ain’t nothing. You mean absolutely not one thing you’re useless. He needs to replace you-you don’t know how to give head you don’t know how to lick ass not correctly put together, but today you’re going to learn bitch, or you’ve got to go.

I’ll do anything for my drugs

Big dick suckerI’ll do anything and everything to get my drugs, that’s why i’m known as being such a filthy big dick sucker. Nothing is too extreme or off limits for me, all I care about is getting my fix! I am so fuckin high and so fuckin horny, I need to keep doing more and more so that I can keep this rush going! I wanna have all of my holes filled up. I’m such a slut, I let anyone fuck! Give me money and drugs in return for having unlimited pleasure with my delicious cunt. My body is a sex machine and is only good for being stretched open and used up. It’s so fucking hott to me that I just lay here on my back on the bed with my legs spread open really really wide. My fat tits are bulging and just exploding out of my bra top. I’m such a goddamn skank. Let me do a line of blow off of your cock. I want your shaft to be throbbing all over my tongue while it goes numb. I’m your slutty prostitute cum dump, baby.

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