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Jerk your dick while I watch

Cum eating phone sexI know that you love to have an audience while you masturbate and it turns me on so much to see you put on a show for me! I’m wearing my sexy little g-string and sucking on my lollipop while I look you dead in the eyes as you stroke that cock! I’m so wet and horny and get even wetter with each stroke of that rock hard dick of yours. I love hearing you moan loud as your eyes roll to the back of your head. My slutty girlfriend just arrived to the house and she wants to join in on the fun and watch you with me too! Cum eating phone sex is our specialty and we wanna prove that to you! The more of an audience the merrier, it only makes you wanna jerk yourself harder and faster! All of your pre-cum is splashing out and showering your torso & making a big ole’ mess. My girlfriend and I are no ready for the main event, baby. Show us how much sperm you have imploded into that throbbing shaft of yours! Don’t spare a single drop, we wanna get fucking filthy and clean you up so don’t worry about causing a huge puddle for us to lick all up! Put our tongues to work and let us show you how fuckin dirty we love to be!

Glory Hole Whore

Cum eating phone sex

I fucking love sucking off strange cock, I don’t give a fuck who it is attached to. I am so addicted to cum, my favorite glory hole spot in town is in the trashiest, run down sex shop. The guys that come by just cum buckets of their splooge into my awaiting teen whore mouth. I love getting on my hands and knees in the dirty, crusty adult video store back room. Getting my knees scraped up on the floor while cock after cock comes through that grimy glory hole waiting to pump thick dick cum down to my belly. I love getting cum drunk on thick glory hole cum. My throat loves getting fucked so hard. I love cum eating and being a cum dumpster slut. By the time I have had my fill, my cunt just dribbles so wet that I need to get fucked so hard. I love making my pussy and asshole a glory hole offering and getting fucked right in that back room.

Bukkake Whore and Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick Sucker

I know you have filthy fucking wet dreams of mommy being a big dick sucker, and we both know that that is exactly what I am, and I love to make you one also. My son will always be a dirty ittle cock sucker sissy thanks to his stripper whore mommy raising him the way I did. I’d bring him to work with me from a young age and he would hang out with the other strippers in the dressing room. They had so much fun with him as he was dazzled by the stripper outfits and all the glitter, frilly pretties and feathery accents. He wanted to play dress up and they girls had lots of fun playing with him. His pretty young face would get whore make-up all over it and he just had lips that screamed to be made up with pretty colors and made for sucking dick. He really took after mommy and I know you wish to play with a mommy like me also.

cum guzzling slut

Two Wives

Cum guzzling slut


Your dick is a miracle I love to slobber on it so much I want to worship you every single night. When you come home you make me want to fuck you right all I think about is making you feel just like a man. You’re a Raging Beast you’ve got a horribly huge cock your dick is thick it’s hard it’s so fucking heavy, and I love it. I think about you when you’re away I dream about you when I’m awake that’s the hold you have over me. You make me dream you make me wonder you make me want you so fucking bad I’m aching for your body right now. I know your fiance she has no idea that we are still together I don’t give a fuck at all. You’ve got to live, and as far as I am concerned, you have got two wives to because I am your wife and she is going to be. You can have what you want with me when you’re tired of her come and drive your cock inside of my wet pussy. I am better than her, and I’ll prove it I’ll suck your cock from the back I know that’s how you like it, but she has no idea how to do it. I know you’re only going to marry her because her father has so much cash, it’s okay. I support you because we are going to break the bank. I want you to choke me ever so gently when you fuck me as I climax you can squeeze because I love it. Don’t forget when you put that ring on her finger that before you go on your honeymoon, you need to come in fuck me for at least 4 hours.

Use me Daddy

Cum dumpsterWhen i’m acting up and catch a little attitude, be a gentleman and stick your throbbing dick in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Slap me and spit into my eyes because that’s exactly where your saliva belongs! As you know, a cum dumpster like me has intense sexual hobbies and mine include throating cock that’s the size of my fucking head! I’m gonna spark this weed joint and bend over so that you can blow my back out while you simultaneously hold my vibrator on my clit! to make me cum hard I look my best when i’m positioned face down and ass up. Fuck me insanely hard and spank my ass. I swear my sex drive is unreal today!! I think the only reason that guys like me is because i’m nasty as fuck and they’re super dirty too so our kink levels just mesh so well. I really like what these filthy perverts do to me and my body which was made for sin!

My Sexy Daddy


No taboo phone sex

My sexy daddy, please get your cock wet in my mouth and then I want you to ram it inside of an itty bitty bald virgin pussy. Believe me, you can do whatever you wish to including fulfill all of your nasty rape fantasies. Daddy, I want you to have all of the satisfaction that you can bear. I miss you, and my cunt is so fucking wet right now thinking about you getting that you young sweet innocent virgin pussy. I want to witness you fucking a young cunt, hard fast and rough. I want you to explore all of your rape fantasies on her pussy. I love the way it looks when you fulfill all of your fantasies every one of them. You can do it, daddy, you can do whatever you want. I need you. I’m lusting for you. I want you to take all the young cunts and fuck them. I’ll bring you more and more you can fuck them whenever you want. I want you to power drive your big fat cock deep inside of each and every one of their hot creamy wet cunt bunnies. Oh yeah, daddy be the pussy reaper, and I love helping you daddy get your cock off. I love helping you Daddy I love when you get your cock all filled with joy. Daddy, you are a nasty, nasty fucker, you’re a real sadistic piece of work, and I love it. I can’t wait to watch you, you’re so good. I’m going to bring you all the little bitches you can take. I’ll bring them to you one at a time and let you fuck them stuff your cock inside of their mouths slap their faces with your cock meat fuck their mouths and fucking make them feel like they’re supposed to do whatever you say. You are the boss; you are the master cock everything you say is all that matters you’re terrific.

Druggy porn star for daddy

druggy pornDaddy loves when I am a druggy porn star. We both get high and end up on all kinds of nasty naughty websites. We end up doing all sorts of fucked up stuff together. We have no reason not to be our most authentic selves when we are high and ready to tap into all kinds of nasty fetishes. Some of the things we do on camera involve a lot of piss play. I play with my pissy pussy for daddy, and he proceeds to fuck it hard. I like being fucked like a kinky no limit dumb coke whore. I am daddies little play whore and will always do whatever it takes to get that million dollar shot. It always involves me getting jizz on my pretty whore face of course — no wonder why I am his favorite. I am his no taboo princess.

Trashy Milf Beverly

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I decided to try Tinder. All my friends talk about it like it is the best thing since sliced bread. I never have to use apps or dating sites to get cock. I am a hot old whore. Most men want to fuck me. Last night was my first Tinder date. I never saw a picture of him. I just saw his cock. That is all I cared about. There was a reason why he only sent dick pics. He was jail bait. He was still in high school. He just wanted to bang a cougar. Get this. He arrived to my trailer on a bike. Not a motorcycle, but a bike. He doesn’t even drive. He told me he was 18, but I called bullshit. Not that I cared. I told him he was getting fucked regardless of what side of barely legal he was on. He had the biggest smile on his face. I did too because for a young white boy, he was hung. It was what I would call a pleasant surprise. I slid down to my knees to show off my big dick sucker skills. He was impressed. I looked like I had been doused with a carton of milk. He was embarrassed he came so quickly, but he is a teen boy with an old whore’s mouth on his dick. Of course he was going to nut on my face. I fucked him for a few hours before his mom started calling him wondering where the fuck he was. I guess next time I hook up with him it has to be on a Saturday afternoon. He left with his balls drained several times, and I spent the rest of the night playing with my cum filled milf holes.

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big dick sucker

Dirty Dick For A Dirty Whore

Live phone sexI want a dirty dick now. When I say dirty that is what I mean. This white trash whore wants you to fuck as many dirty cunts and dirty asses as you can. That is when I want you to call me. Tell me you need your dick cleaned up real good. Maybe the fucking whore got shit on your dick. Why use a rag when this white trash whore will suck you clean and fuck you clean. I want to be your personal dick cleaning machine. I hope the whore shits and pisses all over you. Once I am done cleaning you up, I am going to need you to give me a nice golden shower right down my throat to clean off all that dirty shit I just sucked off of your dick. I love the feeling of warm hot piss going right down my throat. Then I want you to stuff your hard rock cock back in my mouth, shove all that piss right down my throat like the little white fucking whore that I am. Dirty, Nasty, perverted dick is what I want and what I need.

Golden Shower and Brown Splatter

Cum filled cuntYou love it when I give you a delicious golden shower with my tight little cum filled cunt. I know how much you fuckin enjoy it, probably a little bit too much! You’re such a dirty boy though, a golden shower just isn’t enough to feed all of your sexual desires! I wanna shower you in my dirty brown poop splatter on top of all that fresh urine I just smothered you in. Push your naughty tongue deep up into my asshole as I prolapse out all of that chunky goodness all over your face! I have to admit, you look so much better when you are totally covered in my bodily fluids and fresh shit! There’s so much creamy gunk but you love to clean the both of us up! It turns me on how horny you are you depraved poop eater you.

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