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BBC Lover

2 Girl phone sexSometimes I wonder what I love to enjoy more as a naughty treat, women or big black cock! Huge dick always wins out but I have so many girl crushes and dirty thoughts that I can never seem to get out of my kinky mind! I want to whisper in your ear about how much I crave to suck on your throbbing fuck stick while i’m gently clawing at your inner thigh. You can’t contain yourself or your boner when my wet ass mouth gets near your shaft and hairy balls, I love gulping you down while you skull fuck my face! Slap yourself across my cheeks while I slobber all over your manhood. Even better would be to include my sexy girlfriend into our naughty playtime because two filthy whores are always better than one, hehe! My pussy gets soaking wet when i’m face-fucking a sexy ass bitch with my pussy, her tongue sloshing in and out of my tight cunt slit! I want my titties sucked on while getting my fuck holes railed with your huge BBC!

Deanna Can’t Get Enough Big Black Cock

BBC phone sex

When you walked into the strip club tonight I just knew that I had to get me some of that scrumptious dark chocolate cock of yours. As soon as I finished my set on the stage I went over to your table. You told me to come and sit on your lap and I was more than willing. I whispered in your ear about all the kinky nasty things that I want to do with you in the private room area. You, without any hesitation, said well then let’s go. As soon as we were back there you whipped out your big black cock and told me to get down on my knees. You grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me with your big hard black cock. You plowed that hard black cock so deep into my throat that I felt it touch my tonsils. My cunt was soaking wet and longing to have your big hard black cock fuck it.

We got so nasty!

live phone sexWe got so nasty last night! I couldn’t help it tho, I was drunk as hell and there were sooooo many men! How was I supposed to resist them all? I did what any whore would do, I jumped in the middle of all of them and told them that I wanted all their cocks! Well they sure didn’t disappoint, they fucked every hole and then some, they pissed on me and fucked me and came all over the place and no matter how filthy I got I just kept on cumming over and over cus I fucking love being a nasty whore! I was handling every cock in the room and I couldn’t have been happier about it… even if some of their girls were pissed. But really it’s not my fault that you can’t keep your man satisfied!

Creampie Slut Aurora

creampie slut It has been a very busy day here at the truck stop for this creampie slut. I have been being fucked all day so my hot wet pussy is extra juicy and my tight puckered ass is full of creampie. I am waiting for my human toilet to come and suck all that warm salty cum out of my hot wet pussy. I just love the way that you clean my hot wet pussy and my tight puckered ass. I even have a straw ready for you so that you can put it in my ass and make sure you suck all of that special Aurora milkshake out. I also have a client coming in later that wants to use you. He wants you to suck his big black cock and eat every drop of his scrumptious creamy cum that he dumps in your mouth. Afterwards, he wants you to wash his creamy cum down with his warm fizzling golden piss. Then he is going to have you clean his asshole. I want to see you stick your tongue deep inside his puckered asshole and lick all of that creamy chocolate goodness out. Then before you go I have a surprise for you. Since I know how much you love to drink piss. I have even been saving my piss in mason jars so that you will have a to go drink to take with you. I want you to think of me every time you take a sip.

Petal Loves Being A Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick Sucker

Being a big dick sucker like myself, I have a lot of kinky stories of sucking and gagging on huge man meat. One of my favorite stories was when my black friend gave me his BBC to choke on. It was amazing to feel his thick long dark cock filling my throat. I think about that kinky fuck session a lot. We had been sexting and getting hot and bothered before he came over. When he finally got to my place, there was no need to waste time. He knew exactly what I wanted to do to his big black cock. I got on my knees and pulled out his monster dick. It was too thick for me to wrap my hand around. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took that giant dick into my mouth. He started forcefully fucking my face, making my eyes water and drool to drip down onto my tits. He told me that he wanted to make me into his little cum dumpster. More than happy to be his fuck toy to shoot his load into, I laid back, grabbed my ankles, and spread my legs wide open for him. He shoved his entire cock inside me, stretching me and making me yell from the painful yet wonderful sensation of feeling him so deep inside my tight wet pussy. He came inside me and when he pulled out he started fingering my tiny hole. His cum we spilling out, and he smiled at my pussy, appreciating my cum filled cunt. He called me creampie slut ever since. 

Nasty Little Cum Dumpster Deanna

cum dumpsterIf you are looking for a nasty little cum dumpster you found the right place. I can never get enough of your warm white salty cum. I like to suck it out of your big hard cock getting every last drop of that yummy cum of yours. Nothing makes my pussy soaking wet like eating loads and loads of cum. I like to have two or three big cocks in my mouth all at the same time leaking all that super yummy pre cum in my mouth. I even have a client that will jack off in popsicle trays and freeze his cum for me. So when I need some refreshment on a hot summer day all I have to do is pop out a scrumptious cum popsicle and start sucking away. Since one thing is for sure Deanna can never get enough of that white creamy salty cum of yours.

Big Booty Dancer

Black stripper sexI’m a stripper and I love shaking my ass for cash. I love getting on that stage and having all eyes on me. When I make my ass bounce all jaws drop. I make so much money every night I have to have a bouncer walk me to my car. But the best part about being a stripper is the private dances in the Champagne Room. In the Champagne Room, I really get to be my true freaky self. I love dropping to my knees on the cum sticky floors and swallowing hard cock. In the Champagne Room, we can do things that we can’t do out in the main room. Outside of the closed doors of the Champagne Room, you’ll hear moans and grunts of sexual pleasure. Sometimes I take two guys in because I love double penetration. Because two hard cocks are better than one. I’m a real freaky and anything your dirty mind can think of I’ll do. Because I never say “no”.

My Car Broke Down

no taboo phone sex


My car just broke down on the side of the highway and all these cars were flying by me not stopping to see if I needed help or anything. I am completely pissed by this point but that’s when I remembered the obvious thing to do here- flash the truckers! Would you believe that the first one that saw my hot bod pulled over in seconds flat? “Well, what can I help you with little lady?” – I made it clear that if he could fix my car I would fix his cock up real good. I climbed into the cab of his truck and road that cock right. Bouncing all over his seat and making his dreams come true. Then we got out and I let him pound my ass on the hot hood of my car. God damn, it was so much fun. After letting him cream my hoes up all good- he jumped my ride of and everything was dandy. Now it’s off to the orgy party. Wanna come with me? The more cocks the better, right?

I like it nasty

live phone sexThe thing about me is that I need it nasty, I can’t settle for plain old boring vanilla sex! I need many men, lots of cum and even your piss and shit. I need it rough and deep and even painful or I just can’t get off! I’m always the center of attention of every party I go to cus I’m the drunk bitch on her knees sucking every cock I see, and you know what? The guys all love me! Girls don’t like me as much but fuck those hos if they were satisfying their men they wouldn’t need me! Honestly they could learn a thing or two from me but they won’t prudes never do. Oh well I don’t care, I’ll be over here sucking their men’s cocks!

Hardcore Anal Sex with a Bitch-Boy

Fucking little bitch-boy thought he could do whatever he wanted, and treat me however he wanted. It was time to teach him a little lesson. I called him up, asked him to come over, made it sound like I was his horny little fuck-bitch. When he got here, I had 2 friends waiting for him the moment he knocked on my door. Hardcore anal sexThey hauled his ass inside and masked him, tied him up for me, and left him kneeling on the floor. I walked over to him, telling him what a filthy, ugly piece of trash I really thought he was for treating me the way he did. I used my riding crop on his ass cheeks, and he howled at me, called me a bitch. I told him I’d show him what a little bitch really was. I pissed right down his chest, and he didn’t think anything of it, until I pulled that mask off of him. When he saw my dripping cock, it registered, and he started to curse me, but I stopped him with my dick in his mouth, still dripping my pee. I shoved straight down his throat, and started throat fucking him. He made to move, but my friends threatened him while I dug the riding crop into his back. Trailer trash whoreHe shut up and took that dick like the good little bitch-boy he was. When I felt like my cock was clean enough, I pulled out of his mouth, running my cock along it once for good measure. That was when I spun him around, put his head to the ground and put a heel on it. Then, I pushed that as up as much as I could get it, and opened it up with my dick. Little bitchy-boy who always wanna be up in my ass treating me like shit screamed at having me up in his. He couldn’t take it. I bet that pansy-ass doesn’t darken my doorstep again.

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