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I love it nasty!

live phone sexI love it nasty, like real nasty, way nastier than most girls! That’s why I was so excited to go to this party last night, I knew that there weren’t gonna be many girls there so I could suck and fuck whoever I wanted. I dressed up real slutty and walked in there and was instantly the center of attention cus I was the only chick to show up! Can you believe that shit? I was on my knees in like five minutes sucking dick and had a line of men waiting their turns too. I told them to come on over and fuck whatever hole they wanted, I wanted a gangbang and I was gonna get one! They all fucked me, I had cocks in every hole and all I could do was beg for more, more, more! It was the best night ever!

Pick ups


 Cum filled cunt

My girl friends and I go out every weekend, and we love to people watch. Sometimes we get caught starting like last week, a guy came up to me and asked why I was staring me being such a little whore I told him strait up that I just had to have his big meat rammed inside of me. He could tell what I wanted just by my sexy stare. Its not the first time I have been told I give off a look. He got my number and he came over that night. I just had write about it.

How easy it is to pick up any one I want. When he came over I had my sexy naughty skirt and my tight little shirt tied in the front so he could see my stomach. It did not take long before he ripped my skirt and shirt off completely, I was not complaining. After all he was a gym rat. He kissed all over my body and flipped me up side down and sucked my pussy juices right out. I got all my holes fucked just the way I like. People watching seems to turn out in my favor. My cunt was filled with all of his cum.

Trailer Trash Whore of the Party

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore is what most people call me. I don’t mind. I embrace it. I am a whore. I know I am, but I am proud to be one. Whores have more fun. Whores are happier. Last night, I went to a new club in town. I wore a skin tight spandex dress. I looked great. It wasn’t a classy outfit, but I am not a classy woman. When I arrived, the doorman wasn’t going to let me in because I didn’t meet the dress code. No bars in this town have dress codes. My tits and pussy were covered. Barely, but nothing inappropriate was showing. I didn’t get it. I told the bouncer I was a big dick sucker. I blew him around the side of the club. Quick head in the side alley and I was in the club. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Some of the women were dressed like they were at a cocktail party. I love a cocktail party if you hold the tail! The women in the club looked like they needed some cock. Stuck up bitches who were trying to shame me out of the club. The guys in the club were all up in my grill. Buying me drinks and fondling me. I love that kind of attention. Some chick called me a whore, so I told her I’d rather be a whore than a stuck up bitch. I started making out with some guys. One thing led to another and I was being a gangbang whore in the restroom. The nicest john I have ever fucked in. This place was high falutin’ but I was going to trash it up, make it more fun.  I started with a gangbang in the bathroom, then I did a striptease on the dance floor. The only people who minded were the stuck up, sexually repressed bitches. I’d rather be the whore of the party. Whores have more fun.

Creampie slut

Creampie slutI’m a little school slut craving older men’s attention. Ever since my mommy gave me away to the older couple and my step daddy used to use me and abuse me really hard I fucking love older men attention. I always like to have my pussy fuck hole full of cum. Yeah, daddy, that means my pussy is so fucking wet and creamy on the inside dripping out a lot of cum, making my pussy on the outside so crusty. Daddy I know that’s how you like eating my pussy full of cum you love to suck it all out and then swallow like a sick fuck you are. I fucking love you, daddy. That’s why I need to find more men to fill me up with cum so at the end of the week daddy could suck all the hot cum juice out of my cunt. Will you give me some cum big boy?

Cum Filled Cunt With BBC Spunk

cum filled cuntWhat would you do for money?  Any fucking thing.  It was kinda slow at the strip club this past weekend so when this group of BBC came walking in, my pussy literally got wet.  I’ve seen these guys before.  They’re football players, so money to them is never an object.  Just so happens my favorite 2 Chainz song was on and I can’t stop twerking when that song comes on. As soon as I hear “I’m different”, I go right up to them and bend over and make my fat ass clap.  Dropped it like it was hot, then turned around and grabbed handfuls of BBC.  They were like “whoa”.  Immediately we were whisked to a VIP room where we all scored touchdowns.  They gave me so much money.  I just emptied out my amazon cart.  Little did they know, I would have let them gangbang me for free.  I’m a nasty fucking cum guzzling slut for BBC. 

We are going to do it at the Movie Theater

Fisting whore

Call me what you want I love my boyfriend Jeff, he is a major fucking freak. My boyfriend Jeff he loves to do nasty things all over the place, what should we do tonight while I’m thinking very nasty bright I’m ready to get fucked hard but we’ve got to find a place that’s perfect. I heard that a new movie was coming out tonight and everyone is going well that’s the perfect place we are going to get some action in tonight. I want to fuck him like a stallion ride his dick hard that’s my fucking baby I’ll do whatever he wants I love him and the movie theater is waiting. Yep we are going to make our own little fucking porno we’re going to do it in the movies I’m going to ride as fucking cock in a packed and sold-out show.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation of being a big dick sucker, men know who to cum on! My girlfriends and I went to this new strip club that opened for girls. The dancers are male. I have never seen male strippers at an actual club before; just female ones. The mother of this young boy I fool around with is a stripper. The club she works at is Big Al’s and the newly opened Big Alice’s is upstairs for the ladies. Last night was the premiere, so I went with some of my friends. My neighbor got us free passes. I was happy to see a few black men as dancers. They would give me some great BBC sex stories for my men who enjoy a BBC whore. At Big Alice’s, anything goes if the money flows. I was stuffing bills in g strings, so I could show off my big dick sucking skills. Who ever said male strippers were gay was wrong. No way a gay man would be so hard in my mouth. I sucked two big black cocks dry. My face looked like a jizz bomb exploded. Before long, my girlfriends were testing their cock sucking skills too. I had to help some of my friends because they have never had foot long nigger dick in their mouths before.  Those black strippers loved my assistance too. They skull fucked all the women in the club. It was a jizz bomb explosion in da club. I envy the janitors getting all that cum on the floor. I think I will go back tonight.

On The Hunt 

BBC phone sex



Most girls call me a secret slut they say that I sneak around with their boyfriends. Guess what most girls are correct about me I will take your fucking man away from you I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. No one gave a fuck about my feelings when I was in love a good girl doing nothing wrong telling the truth all the fucking time where did it get me nowhere I was the loser. Now I am convinced that I am not going to be a loser any longer so you bitches better watch your men. I don’t have morals I don’t need them for what I’m going to be doing to your boyfriends. And don’t worry girls I believe in total satisfaction I also believe in total compensation so all those pretty little trinkets that you used to get from your hubby’s I’ll be getting those things now. I want those nice fucking negligees I want those beautiful red bottoms I want all of that fancy shit and you rich bitches better really watch out cuz I do want a new Mercedes Benz and that is not a joke.

The Kitty Cat Monster 

Creampie sex stories


Paul is a nasty motherfucker, he is always taking his dick out in public places like parks and beaches and public bathrooms. Paul says that he likes to make women’s pussies wet with his huge 12-inch cock, he calls it the kitty cat monster. One-night Paul and I were walking in the park when all of a sudden, a woman was coming towards us jogging Paul gave her direct eye contact I knew what he wanted to do she gave him eye contact too. Paul said to me when she passed by, she wants to see my cock she wants me to pull it out, I laughed I told him he better not. Although I did get kind of wet thinking about him doing it right there in front of me and her, it’s amazing how big his cock is too. The woman ran past us again this time as she was approaching he grabbed his crotch her eyes went instantly down she looked back up and smiled. Paul said to me that woman wants to see my cock, she really wants to see my hard cock and that’s not all I responded to him if she runs around again show it to her. The woman ran around again as she was approaching he stopped her way and he grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and slung it out. The woman stopped She licked her lips you could see her nipples getting rock hard I was getting so horny too. The lady asked Paul could she touch it he said sure So she touched his big hard cock. The lady said let’s go behind the bushes and I’ll suck your cock for you Paul agreed I walked over with him do you want to know what else happened.


Crack whore anal

Crack whore analI’m a little Crack whore anal slut that is fucking horny all the time. I’m dirty as fuck for daddy. As soon as I get in your truck you are going to think to your self or out loud oh this little fuck slut smells like pussy and dick! That’s right daddy I’m always covered up in cum from about 50 different guys a day. I work the corner every night getting slapped with dicks across my face and cum shots all over my face tits and ass. Daddy, I want you to lick me from my head to my toes licking up all that cum from all those 50 different dudes. Lick it up and swallow all that cum! Then sit on my pretty little face so I could eat out your sweaty fucking asshole. Fuck mother fucker you haven’t showered in days. Its ok I’ll still eat that asshole. As long as you swallow all the cum all over my body!

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