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Cum Whore

Cum dumpsterI love being a stripper. Making my ass bounce for cash is my dream job. The money is great but that’s not the best part about being a stripper. I’m a cum dumpster that means I like cum dumped all over my body, in my mouth, on my face, even on the small of my back. Dancing at a strip club makes it so easy to find men full of cum. Men fight over who’s going to go to the champagne room with me. When I choose the lucky guy and I have him behind the closed doors of the champagne room, I don’t waste any time. I drop to my knees and suck that cock like a woman possessed. I try to suck that dick like I’m trying to suck the skin off. It doesn’t take long for that sweet explosion to fill my mouth. I swallow every drop, no semen goes to waste.

Fucking The Bus Driver


lot lizard sex

Mr. Henry the bus driver for the cheer leading squad always seems like he’s on something. I can never
put my finger on it but after a long day of fucking big black cock and getting absolutely nowhere I said
fuck it, I’m asking the damn bus driver for whatever he’s been doing. I’m sure I can convince him to
share his goods by just flashing him my bare pussy. Maybe let him finger bang if it the dope is good?
So I walked up to him as we were all getting on the bust and shot it straight with him. He was
totally thrilled to share his meth and liquor bottle in exchange for a little finger bang in the
back seat and a little pussy on a fat old man’s cock has gotten me a long way. I even let him cum my pussy
up really full. I performed even better later that night for the football team after I was all buzzy and
high as fuck from his stash. I guess I’ll have to service the bus driver more often from now on,
don’t you think? I hear we’re hiring a new driver- you should apply. 😉

Cum filled cunt fun

My cunt is begging for a beating. I tried masturbating for hours last night and I did orgasm several time, however it is just not the same as a huge fat cock pounding away at my pussy and climaxing with a huge load in my pussy. I pulled out several of my favorite toys, I rubbed my clit, I fucked myself with numerous dildos and I just could not satiate myself. I yearned for something so huge it would rip my pussy hole wide open.

Cum filled cunt

I pulled out the biggest fake cock I had and it just did not fill that void. I even rammed it into my asshole to see if that is what my body was craving.  It did not work. I eventually decided to just go to my neighbors, as he is single. I was blunt and told him I really needed a big fat dick to ride. He glady obliged and I had a nice ride ending in my cum hole cunt being satisfied and full.

Big Dick Sucker and her Amazing Asshole

I love taking it in the ass while being face rammed by a big old shaft running his long thick cock siding in and out of my mouth. Anal sex has always gotten me hotter than when I get pussy fucked. Maybe it is because I lost my virginity in my ass before I did in my cunt. My cherry was popped later after I grew to love anal. If a guy ever asks me where I want it and gives me a choice, you will always here ” put it in my ass” first.Daddy, my unces and even the neighbors that daddy used to have fuck me would go for my ass first. I guess it just feels more natural to me to have my ass cheeks spread as I am bent over something and then have a hard push, hear a pop as a cock enters my ass hole. Yep, I love anal and my asshole is still tight.

Big dick sucker

BBC Big Dick Sucker

big dick sucker

I love being a big dick sucker. All the black guys know about the blonde whore in town who will gladly swallow their anacondas. Big D, my trucker dealer, sent me some business. He owed a few brothers a favor. I owed him a few favors. By sucking some nigger dick, all debts were settled. I wasn’t complaining. I love big black cock in my mouth. No better way to settle a debt than being a dirty cock sucker. Big D had texted me he sent me some presents, but I was still passed out from the night before. It was not until I heard banging on the door that I awoke from my cum coma. It was like Christmas. I’m standing there in a tee shirt with no panties and bed head staring at 6 black men. All they had to say was Big D sent us and I was ushering them inside my trailer. I saw Big Ds’ text after I was a cum guzzling slut. I was down on my knees fast. So fast, I got rug burn. I didn’t feel the pain surrounded by 6 big black dicks. They smacked my face, anointed me with their cum. They were impressed that I could swallow all their cocks, even a couple at a time because most women can’t handle one dick at a time. I am no ordinary woman, however. I am a trailer park whore who has been sucking dick and guzzling cum since before any of them were even born. I drained their big black balls. I was covered in cum. They were covered in sweat. We all worked up a sweat during that blow bang. I was happy to start my morning off with a gallon of black cum. Protein does a body good. It’s been doing me good for decades.

Big Dick Sucker by Day

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. I was hanging out at my pool on Friday. There were a few boys playing hooky from school. I woke up with an intense oral fixation too. Usually, I am the only one at the pool during the week. The boys were nervous when they saw me. I assured them I was not a truancy officer in a string bikini. Our pool is not supervised. It was just us. I tugged down the white boy’s trunks first. Impressive at almost 9 inches. He still was bigger than most boys his own age and much bigger than many men my age. I showed him why he shouldn’t waste his time on teen whores. I managed to get every ounce of him down my throat. His balls were spread across my face. Sadly, he didn’t last long, but I had a backup boy. This boy had the stamina I wanted. Later, he told me he was thinking of something unpleasant so he would not spray my face too quickly. I brought them back to my trailer for a little double penetration. I got my swirl on as the saying goes. I had a black and a white teen cock doing me from both ends, eventually both holes. They came buckets of jizz in and on my old cougar body. I told them the next time they skip school to just come over to my trailer.

Hot Stripper Sex From Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex is what all the guys in the club are looking for. They come into my work just hoping they can’t the chance to fuck a sexy stripper. They know we are the nastiest and kinkiest girls around, willing to do anything to make them cum. As long as they can pay the price. Any of my fuck holes are up for sale. I’ll let guys of any age, size, and color slide inside my dripping wet cunt. You can even ram that nice hard cock into my tight asshole and shot your load so fucking deep inside me. My mouth is open for you too, I’ll be on my knees like a good like a whore waiting to take your hot creamy load down my throat. If you fantasize about fucking a sexy teen stripper then come on into my club. I’ll be more than willing to give you the hot fuck session that you need. We can even let my other stripper friends join in the fun. Imagine having me and all my friends caressing you and stroking the cum out that nice cock. What could be better than lining up a gang of stripper sluts and showering them with your cum?

Gangbang Sex Stories – The Train

Gangbang sex storiesI went to a party the other night, and I knew I would get laid before the night’s end. What I wasn’t really ready for was the train that they ran on me. I was a little drunk, and I may have had a couple of x by the time they started in on me, but no one seriously expects a train when they are out enjoying themselves. I was getting rubbed up on by the 2 guys I was dancing with, and when they pulled me to the master bedroom, I was down for it. They took turns between my mouth and my ass, but I didn’t notice that there was a line growing at the foot of the bed, and before I knew it, I was having my face slowly turned for me. I saw the line, and the strange guy taking the place of the guy who had just cum in me, and I knew I was in for the ride of my life! There were dicks of all shapes and sizes, and every single one of them, one after the other, filled my hole up and made it gape just a little bit more, until I was left with a crater where my ass was at the beginning of the night. One of those twisted fucks surprised me even more by bending down and starting to clean all the jizz out of me. He licked my asshole clean, inside and out, before I was finally left alone with the 2 I had started the night with. I took their asses home with me!

Cum Eating Phone Sex with an Old Cum Whore

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is one of my favorite type of calls. I love being a cum slut for you. I don’t know why so many women won’t swallow jizz? Most guys who call me, do so because they know I am a cum whore. They tell me their wives won’t let them cum in their mouths. That just means more for me. I crave spunk like most women crave chocolate. I guess that is why I am skinnier than most women. I have salt cravings versus sweet cravings. I was getting low on my freezer stash of jizz, so I went down to the truck stop to give head. The truckers line up when I am on a cum mission. One trucker, Ted was traveling with his teen son. He got in line too. That boy had more cum in his balls than his own daddy. Ted said it was because his son had never had head before.  Virgin teen boys are my favorite. After I had a pitcher full of jizz, I headed over to Ted’s truck to fuck his son. I sucked his cock, tasted his sperm, why not fuck him and make him a man too. I have fucked his daddy countless times. Ted had no problem with his favorite trashy MILF putting hair on his son’s balls. Poor boy didn’t last long, not even with the second ball draining, so daddy fucked me. Ted can go all night long. I rode his cock and jacked off junior at the same time. Ted’s boy had a few more loads in his young cock for my pitcher of jizz. I got fucked, collected a pitcher of cum to snack on and made a boy a man. Not a bad night’s work for a cum guzzling slut. Wouldn’t you agree?

Interracial Cuckold

BBC phone sexI love to have interracial phone sex with a nasty, naughty cuckold, it’s one of my favorite roleplays to indulge in! It drives me wild that you’re on your knees as you’re vigorously stroking your cock to the sight of me getting my cunt hammered by a big black ten inch cock! My slutty legs are spread wide open, as far as they can stretch, I need my sloppy wet pussy to be dripping in order to take such a huge fucking dick balls deep! I’m moaning and squirming as my cum dumpster of a body gets drilled by that throbbing dark meat! Meanwhile, you’re over in the corner dry humping a pillow, wishing that it was my dirty cunt that you were fucking instead. I love humiliating your perverted ass, I can never get enough! Beg me to let you orgasm, I want you to wait it out as long as possible! You will obey my words and cum on my command like a good little cuckold should!

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