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Freak to the core

Fisting whoreI’m a freak to the core, get a dose once you gonna want some more… you know how that shit goes! My nasty pussy is sloppy fuckin wet and i’m in the mood to get super damn naughty. I’m such a fisting whore, there’s nothing better than having an entire forearm of a pervert shoved deep up inside my used up cunt. I wanna be stretched the fuck out… i’m craving it sooo bad! Most bitches aren’t physically able to be fisted but my slutty skanky slit is more than able and willing to get fuckin wrecked! Let me watch in the mirror as my legs are spread open wide, your big ass hand and arm wiggling between my bald pussy lips to fit all the way. Do you think we can make it fit all the way?! Ahhhh I love when it fits like a glove! Make me fuckin moan, baby. Treat me like your filthy slut that deserves every inch of that fist! I love watching that cock get harder by the second… throb for me!! You drive me crazy, shove that big dick inside my asshole while your arm is fucking my cunt. Bust that delicious load of cum all inside of my booty.. lick me up as I overflow with fresh jizz!

Use Me Up And Throw Me Out

Trailer Trash WhoreIt’s so much fun to be a Trailer Trash Whore. Think about it. I can fuck any of the guys in the trailer park any time I want, and there’s a lot of them. Some of them are kind of scummy, but they’re the ones that usually get me off the hardest. I love the way they use my up cunt and treat me like the total slut that I am. Sure, I could go to the local bar and use my fake ID to get in and pick up strange guys. Which I actually do a couple times a week and it is a lot of fun. But, when I’m with the guys in the trailer park, they know what I like and what I need. Like Andrew is strictly oral. So, when I go to him, I suck his cock and he licks my clit until we both cum at least twice. Or Jacob is all about the anal. He fucks me good and then he loves to get the strap-on treatment from me and he can take a really good pounding before he blows his load. Then there’s Willie. He’s older and can’t get a stiffy anymore, so all I have to do is finger myself and squirt for him so he can lick it up. Those guys are just sex though. I like the guys that can get me a little extra something for my time. Mark knows I like to smoke dope, and he gets to good stuff. So, if I let him cum on my tits and lick it off, I get six nice size Indica buds. Not a bad deal. And Patrick is something else. He sets me up with some of the best black tar ever as long as I let him shoot it up my arm while I suck his dick while he wears my panties and heels. I get fucked by multiple guys many times a day. And without fail, right after they get off, they tell me to get out. I’m used up and thrown out, just like garbage. And I fucking love it.

Rex and his owner

i love getting fucked doggie style. I cannot help but get all creamy and wet when a guy takes me and bends me over the couch or bed and starts fucking me like a furry friend. I love it even more when he actually has a furry friend and they tag team me. If you have ever had a Rex licking your asshole while his owner is fucking your pussy hole you know exactly what I mean. Rex can sometimes have a dick the size of his owner too! I enjoy all dick.

Furry friends phone sex

I love sucking it, fucking it and everything about it regardless of the species. Rex and his owner can tag team me and double penetrate my ass, mouth or pussy any time they want to. It would be even better to maybe do it in the park just to get a reaction and invite other wet noses to explore my holes. The more the merrier in my opinion.

foot fetish massage for achy feet

I just worked another double shift and my feet are killing e. I need a massage so bad. I bet if I could find some random dud with a foot fetish I could get a nice foot fuck. And if he is up for several rounds his jizz would even moisturize my feet. I could lay on the bed naked and hold my feet together as he fucks the arches of my feet that create a hole when held together. I could play with myself and rub my clit while I am being fucked and massaged with jizz on my pretty little feet. The massage motion of the in and out of the velvetty shaft along the bottom and arch of my foot would be better than going to get a pedicure and the cum from his cock would be so soft, smooth and moisturizing on the bottom and top of my feet. Oh, I can feel it now. Where are Cheap phone sexyou my foot fetish romeo?

Ass apples

Dirty phone sexYou know how your mamma told you not to swallow the seeds in fruit? Yeah this is why!

Just kidding, I didn’t grow an apple and shit it out. My dirty phone sex loving caller had a very specific request. I got my ass all nice and gaped by a big, fat cock, a nice load dumped deep inside me, and then he decided to surprise me and shove an apple in my ass, just to see if I was slut enough to handle it!

And guess what, I did! I sucked that fucking apple into me, squeezed it into the jizz pool sitting in my ass, and popped that fucker back out! What can I say, I’m an anal sex whore to the fucking core. Cocks of all shapes, sizes, and breeds are welcome in my lovely little fuckholes! There’s no taboo phone sex here, and that means that nothing, NOTHING in your wildest, most twisted heart’s desire is off limits, or too dirty for me. This fucking slut likes to get high on a fat fucking rail and see how weird we could fuck!

No bitch is more of a cum guzzling slut than me. I’ll do everything the prude cunt at home won’t. Would she let you fist fuck her kitty just because you were bored? Would she hold your cock in her throat while you take a hit, and spring to your full hardness inside her before skull fucking the shit out of the dumb bitch? Fuck no, she won’t.

But, that’s why you got me. Your own, personal cum slut.

So, what the fuck are you waiting for?

Stripper Warrior Princess

I chose to cater to the fantastic side of all my clients tonight. My costume was a warrior princess outfit, and when I walked out toting that sword, and I did my pole dance with that sword in hand, it got men up out of their seats. With each little twist, turn, strut, flip, and tuck, the guys’ mouths gaped wide. Before I knew it, I saw the manager’s head nod in approval, and I was dragged off the stage by 4 sets of hands. The fellas took my sword from me and laid it gently on the stage. It seems each man there tonight had a pent-up dream of conquering a warrior maiden, and I allowed them that opportunity.

What fragments of garments I had left were quickly disposed of, and I found myself naked, laid and held across the top of 2 pushed-together tables by 4 sets of hands. They all took turns filling my pussy, mouth and sphincter with their lovely cum, and when they were done, they held me down for the crew to fulfill their own dominant fantasies.Stripper sex porn

All-in-all it was an amazing night, and I look forward to many more nights like that at the club. I may just make the warrior princess my costume of choice and do it once a week.

Trailer Park Exhibitionism

I was outside today, power washing my trailer, wearing some booty shorts and a bikini top. I had my hair pulled up, and my muscles were all flexing and stretching as I moved. After I finished about half the trailer, I realized that someone was watching me, and I glanced behind me. Sure enough, there was a tall, thin man watching every move I made. I kept working, staying aware of his proximity to my position with every movement I made.

When I was almost finished with the trailer, I felt him start walking toward me. I waited to see what he would say or do, and I was not disappointed. He walked directly up behind me, and he asked me quietly if I wanted a little help getting finished. I said I wouldn’t mind a hand, and I felt his hands encompass my own around the hose and sprayer. His body pressed up against mine from behind, and I felt his raging hard-on. My own cock stirred to life as his muscles flexed and moved in time with my own, and his cock throbbed steadily against my tight ass.

Just about the time I finished with the trailer and started to turn the sprayer and hose off, his hands firmed up on mine as he requested that I keep working. As I did, his hands released my own and moved to cup my ass. He pushed my shorts to the side, baring my sphincter for the world to see if he hadn’t been behind me. I felt a couple of fingers slip into my ass, and they were moist, so I assumed he’d licked them. He flexed them a few times, then removed them. The next thing I felt was his cock sliding into me. The size of him had me gasping. He wasn’t the longest I’ve had, but he was THICK. It felt like a beer can sliding into my ass. He fucked me long and hard as we moved along the trailer still spraying the already clean span of it. We both came hard, and then carried it inside, where he continued to fuck me on my couch.Trailer trash whore

Roleplay Shemale Phone Sex

I had a very interesting phone call tonight. I got to play a kung fu master with this super hot guy.

He and I started as enemies, destined to fight to the death. But, my luscious curves and amazing skills quickly conquered that kung fu genius. He grabbed me by the leg as I rounded a kick at his head. In the process, my kimono rode up over my hips. By the time the entire maneuver was completed, I was sprawled on the ground with the wind knocked out of me and his body pressing into mine. He ripped the panties off of me and ground his hips into mine, thrusting deep inside my ass in one stroke. My cock hardened instantly and all thoughts of fighting out our differences quickly flew to thoughts of burying myself in his sphincter next.Shemale Phone Sex

He pounded into me repeatedly, and I got close to cumming, but he exploded into my ass just before I could have peaked. He pulled out and started to fix his clothes, but I swiped a foot under him and knocked him to the ground. Then, I stripped us both down, and I buried my cock in his ass. I fucked him for over an hour, hard, deep, and slowly.

Gangbanged in the Parking Lot

Last night, as baby girl and I were walking to our car from the club, we were caught off guard by a group of guys. There were about 10, in total, and they surrounded us in the parking lot. Since she and I were the last ones out that night, we had already locked the building, and everyone else had gone home. Crime wasn’t really prevalent in our little area, especially at our little club, so this was something we hadn’t had to deal with before.Gangbang whore

They crowded around us and started groping us, hard. The next thing I knew, both of us were naked and pressed onto the hood of our car having these guys all take turn fucking all of our holes. While we were scared at first, the fact that they didn’t kill us and the most harm they were doing was to our orifices led us quickly to enjoy ourselves. Baby girl and I had several orgasms each, and the guys unloaded some massive jizz-shots into our pussies, asses and mouths. And the coupe de grace? They promised to do it again soon. Now, we can’t wait for another gangbang session with the guys outside the club. That element of exhibitionism really did something for the overall atmosphere of lust and savagery.

No Taboo Phone Sex with Ella

Men tell me all the time how much they appreciate being able to call me, and discuss anything they want with me without fear of judgment or repercussions like you could expect in everyday life.No taboo phone sex

I guess there aren’t many phone sex operators these days willing to do anything, no boundaries, no taboos, and just be yourself. I’ve had men asking for everything from giving it to them up their ass while their wife is at work to hooking them up with some sweet young thing to involving some furry friends in the mix. Nothing surprises me, and nothing is off limits, and the men seem to really love it. I have to say, I rather enjoy myself with these wild requests, too. Some of them excite me just as much as they do the men I’m talking to, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I mean, some of those things are just so kinky: like bondage, domination, submission, furry friends. Honestly, I think everyone is secretly turned on by them, but so many are afraid of being judged for it that they just start judging others. Who am I to blame them? I have my own downfalls. So, I just talk to my guys, and we enjoy ourselves.

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