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My cock slave

cum dumpster



“Suck my cock slave!” I demanded as I shoved it in his mouth. He began to suck on my pearl bead head within as I pumped his face. I could tell with each thrust he was getting more uncomfortable on the stool. I must admit that as he sucked my cock ; my nipples got rock hard and my dick began to drip.
I loved getting slaves to suck my big black pearl-headed cock.

“Turn me over!” He pleaded. I took the royal black-beaded cock out of his ass and turned him
over. As soon as I turned him over his cock stood straight up like a flagpole and began shooting this thick
white creamy load straight into the air and falling onto my breast. His creamy cum was spewing out of
his pulsating cock. It was something to look at. I enjoyed this immensely.

Become my Cum guzzling slut, you know you want it

Cum guzzling slutPlacing my huge cock right up against his chin, I knew it was only a matter of time until he got sucking on my hard rod and trying to milk it dry like the cum guzzling slut he is. Men like this always fail to resist me despite their claims. I’ve found the loudest detractors against people like me are also the ones that squeal the loudest when I’m fucking them in the ass. I pump my hips like it’s a game and they bounce up, down, around, and give into me without even putting up a fight. In this case, he was trying to drain me before I could get to revealing his insecurities while pumping deep and unloading a huge helping in his rectum. He was sucking so hard on my dick with that hot mouth of his that I had to praise him. Men like this love praise, they can’t get enough, it’s a surefire way to make them go a little harder and try their hardest. Like a motivational speech but for draining the pool that is my cum reservoir. “Oh, yes, just like that, let me reward you!” I like to frame unloading as a reward, they feel like they got something when it’s me that got what I wanted. Maybe they’re just kinky sluts themselves and can’t admit it, but bending a man to my will is so much fun and never a hassle at all!

My own Cum dumpster under the table

Cum dumpsterI’m a big fan of bending stereotypical situations to my advantage in fun, cum dumpster ways. That’s why I had a guy under the tablecloth while I was on a date with another guy. My – gonna call him tablecloth guy – had my big dick out, slobbering all over it like the horny slut he was. A real sissy trained over at the sissy slut hut. He knew how to work a shaft, I’d give him that, my dick was really hard and ready for him and he went right to work. It was really hard to pay attention to the dude I’d be railing later that night while the dude I was actively toying with was sucking my fat cock into his mouth and bobbing. My hand found its way down to his head, forcing him down a little more, and taking in just how much he wanted me in his mouth, in his throat, getting ready to spray a big helping of jizz right down his phone sex line gullet. I’m not coy, or ashamed, or anything but ready to spring up and fuck at a moment’s notice. I love my girlcock, I love driving this fancy prick right up a man’s asshole and giving him a limp the next week. I also love filling a throat with a deep load of my cum. I pat his cheeks, lift my leg and smack his ass with my foot, and fake myself a giggle at the way he jumps in surprise and my dick finds itself lodged deep in his throat. “So how are you liking the food.” I remind him there’s an actual guy here that shouldn’t find out about him. The conversation quickly lulled me into a deep state of enjoyment, both carnal and romantic.

I’d probably be fucking them both in the ass by the end of the night, not lightly fucking either, hardcore anal sex.

Big dick suckers always fall beneath my titan

Big dick suckerSticking my cock deep in his my big dick sucker’s ass, I knew he’d soon be begging for my attention in an entirely new way. His own dick weak and frail compared to my monster dong. Empowering doesn’t begin to cover the feelings that transpire when I hear him groan beneath me. I grip his hips, holding him close, and pumping against his will so deep his eyes roll. There’s a grunt here, a buck there, and soon enough he’s pushing himself up onto my girlcock. I don’t hold back, I never do with ass slaves like this. I show them their place and I do it good, leaving a massive gaping hole wherever I finish. My dick throbs deep within him, alerting him to what’s cumming soon – mainly me – and I can feel him lose control and start begging for it. “You’re my bitch now.” I groan, pumping hard enough to grind him against the bed. “Say it!”

Hearing him say it made me cum, deep, filling his asshole with powerful girljizz and spattering his insides with my dominance. “That’s right, you’re mine now.” I’ve always been very hard about getting myself another slut to pin beneath me, and today was just another chance I got to make that happen. I left him sweaty and cum covered and couldn’t be happier about it.