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Trailer Trash Whore Trick and Treat

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore trick or treat? That is when I answer the door in sexy inappropriate outfit and seduce a father and son. They got a trick and a treat. The treat being my wet mommy pussy. The boy was young enough to be trick or treating but old enough to get a boner at my naughty nurse outfit. The father was blatantly hitting on me with a ring on his finger in front of his son. I guess he knew I was the type who didn’t care. I invited them both in for more candy. I mean they were cute, and I was horny from all the cute little trick or treaters coming to my door. It wasn’t the real Trick or Treat, just a special safe night in our neighborhood, so the young ones could get some safe candy. I will hopefully see some more of these slutty youngsters in another week when they come back for the official Halloween Trick or Treat. Anyway, daddy and son came inside the house supposedly because I ran out of candy. I just wanted to see if the hot father son duo was down to fuck a trashy milf. That was a no brainer. When I turned a round with a new bag of candy, they both had their cocks and out and were ready to play. My little ones were out with their dad trick or treating while I was being a dirty trick for a father and son. Junior took my ass and daddy pumped his seed up my cunt. They said it was the best treat they could ever have. It was a hot creamy treat for me too. I served candy to the rest of the youngsters who came to my door with cum in my pussy. I’m such a bad MILF.

My Phone Sex Line is Dirty, Filthy Taboo Dirty

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for men who like dirty things. More like filthy taboo things. My life is a far cry from vanilla. I live in a nice house with pretty things and travel in elite circles like a housewife from Beverly Hills; however, what goes on behind gated homes in rich neighborhoods would shock you. I was at a gathering of rich socialites recently. It was a planning party to decide how we were going to raise funds for our youngsters’ school. Although it is a private elite school, there is a budget and the students want to put on a play. Traditional donations aren’t allowed to go to certain things, so we had to hold a fundraiser for the play. Sure, we could have done a bake sale or a carwash, but neither are our style. One of the mother’s suggested a sexy party. Now, I was thinking prostitution porn, but she meant one of those Pure Romance house parties where women buy sex toys. Her sister sells the stuff and said she would donate the sales to the school. It was a fundraiser of sorts. We held the party at my place, invited a lot more people and it got wild. The representative brought a goody bag of toys for us to try out. We were all drinking wine and doing lines of coke, so playing with sex toys in front of each other was not difficult because we were smashed. I tried out this sex machine. I was naked on my living room floor with fellow socialite women standing around me cheering me on as I got fucked until my cunt juices were spraying my fellow soccer moms faces. After that, every woman there wanted to try it. We had a Sapphic orgy with sex toys as a school fundraiser. The sales were high because so many of my socialite friends have sexually repressed lives. Not all of them are the trashy milf I am, but after that sex toy party as a school fundraiser, I think many of those mothers will enjoy life more now.

Bukkake Bitch

cum filled cunt It’s a regular Saturday morning and the one thing I want more than anything is to get some cum. I wake up with cum filled cunt. There must of been an orgy last night. To be honest I forget about the night before most times. All the drugs and hours of fucking knock me out cold and make me forget. I like to have an encore and recap so I can keep it instilled in my brain. It never works though. I like it that way. I like to have an excuse to fuck and go wild. Most my Saturdays consist of going to the glory hole and going out back to the Bukkake area. I love being a bukkake bitch! Cum belongs all over my whore face and body. I am truly a cum addict!

Mother and Daughter Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy daughter and I were hookers for hire last night. We needed some fast cash to get her car out of the pound. She got the big yellow parking boot. The thing is it isn’t her car. It belongs to one of her sugar daddies. She is using it while he is out of town. If he knew she got tickets and didn’t pay them, and the car got towed, he would be livid. It might be a situation even her golden pussy couldn’t solve. She asked for my help, but I didn’t have an extra $600 laying around. I told her I knew how we could earn the money quickly. She is a sugar baby. She trades her pussy for nice things. She is a hooker even if she isn’t in skanky clothes on the corner of a street. I got us dolled up in hot pants and tube tops. We took our asses to the red light district and made some money. When guys discovered we were mother and daughter, they paid to have us together. That is when we started making more money than we needed. Guys want to fuck a slutty mom and her even sluttier daughter. We got high and tag teamed by men who paid for the mother daughter whore experience. We made more money than expected, so we bought some more coke and went shopping after we got the car out of jail. We decided that being sexy prostitutes is our calling.

We tried something new

live phone sexI love erotic role-playing. I had a freaky Friday event at the cat house tonight.  I had three of my best whores dress in Armani Suits and Three of my best Customers wear skirts and heels. We were going on a field trip to the Mall. The twist was my sexy sluts were packing a thick strap-on and they were in charge of my men.  They were paying good money so after being humiliated in the mall my three sexy sluts took them to the park and it was dark. My Hoes raised those skirts to find hard cocks without any panties or underwear. My Boys were turned into sissy faggots with those asses being fucked hard and slobbering all over those huge strap cocks. I know because I have footage of the whole event. A slutty whore knows how to turn the tables, what I didn’t count on was that they would spread those pussy lips so easy for mouths and cocks.  Ass fucking and pussy drilling were so rampant that all my girls came home covered in dirt and cum. Well, I guess I cannot blame them when you send a big cocked man to do a sissy job it just doesn’t work. Next time I will send a couple millimeter peters into the world to be humiliated. I think you would be perfect Fagboy, let’s play.

Sloppy wet prostitute pussy

Sloppy wet pussyI don’t even deserve to be taken to a trashy motel room for you to fuck me in. Just toss my slutty prostitution pussy out of the car and drag me out to the bushes where I fuckin belong. Rip that skanky g-string off of my body and fuck me hard & deep. Don’t stop until i’m all bloddy & cut up from the bushes and filled up with cum! You’re most likely gonna get me pregnant but that’s okay. I’ve fucked so many different men, i’ve truly lost track of who the fuck i’ve even slept with. There’s a reason why my sloppy wet pussy is a motherfuckin dumpster for endless amounts of cock cream. I love fresh jizz oozing out of me. Look how wet and nasty I look. I really am a filthy fuckin skanky cunt.

Sexy Prostitutes Give a Beach Sex Show

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes sometimes like to give shows to dirty old perverts. My oldest daughter is my step daughter. I adopted her when she was young. Honestly, she is not that much younger than me. She feels more like a sister than a daughter. She is a top earning whore for her daddy just like me. We often do lesbian shows for fat cat clients who like to watch girl on girl action. Last night, however, we did a free show. We went to this new beach bar that just opened. We were doing shots. Guys were buying us drinks. They didn’t know who we were. To them we were just two hot chicks. No one needs to get us drunk to see us get freaky. But, we never turn down drinks. These men were enjoying watching us play with each other. When I broke out the double-sided dildo from my purse, that is when men started tossing money at us. We were giving a hot stripper sex show on the fly. We got into the reactions of the men who were watching and jacking off in front of us.  We were the only women in the bar. We turned that beach bar in to a porn studio. We fucked each other, squirted and licked each other clean. Now, we weren’t for hire that time, but we still walked away with some serious pocket money.

A Family Affair

Gangbang sex stories


The thing about giving your pussy away to guy after guy is that you never know who the hell is going to be at the party.  Which is awesome because frankly I don’t want to know.  I want them to fuck me, I don’t want to get to know them.  From time to time, if I am craving a hard piece of meat and nothing is happening anywhere, I’ll go to the local park and get dates.  I can’t get arrested because I’m not doing it for money, I’m giving this shit for free as long as the guy can find at least two other guys to join in.

Some of the meth mouth whores get pissed when they see me, because they know guys will always go for the girl with all her teeth, unless dude has some sort of toothless fetish working.  Plus most of them look like shit, take a bath for christ sake! So there I was, trying to find what I wanted.  More than one guy was interested but I told them the deal, at least three of you or you get nothing.  This tends to piss some of them off but I’m not scared of them, I can take care of myself pretty fucking well.

It took a little time but I found what I wanted.  He made a couple of calls and got some guys to come down to a local motel.  I walked there, I never get in the car, fuck that.  I use the same motel for all these parties, the managers who work there know me pretty well by now and they look out for me so it is safer.  I get the room, text the main guy my room number then wait.

Three of them showed up almost at the same time so we started.  I had all three of them around me, touching me all over, I was grabbing cocks, stroking, my clothes were taken off and I was pushed to my knees.  I was working cock after cock, my pretty lips wrapped around one after another.  I was really getting into it when there was a knock at the door.  One of the guys reached over and opened it to let the fourth guy in.  I was getting up on the bed on all fours, the first dick was in me.  Pumping hard as one of the guys was getting in front of me so I could suck him off.  His cock was semi hard so I knew it was the new guy.  He didn’t take long at all before his cum was coating my throat as I was getting the second cock shoved into my already used cunt.  I licked my lips then looked up, it was my Brother-In-Law.  I was like, “What the fuck Anthony?!?!?”  It wasn’t like he didn’t know who I was, you could clearly tell that it was me.  He got down off of the bed, grabbed his shit and left.

That didn’t stop the party though, I just had fun with the three remaining guys.  As I was walking back home, make-up smeared, pussy throbbing as cum ran down my thighs to soak the top of my stockings, I was trying to decide if I should tell my sister or not.  I’m not sure what I will do but I plan on making my Brother-In-Law nervous about me telling for a long time.

Dirty phone sex with pimped out slut

Dirty phone sexBesides having dirty phone sex all day long, I also pimp myself out to make a living and pay my bills. With these fat and juicy tits and my nice round ass, who the fuck wouldn’t wanna have a taste?! I have a bad habit of being a very nasty prostitute and I have quite the reputation to go along with that, haha! Everyone knows that i’m the best dick sucker in town, it’s not hard to see! Nasty skanky whores for hire are always down to get filthy as fuck. Doesn’t matter what it is, i’m always down baby! You bring the cash and I will bring the drugs, it will be perfect and oh so erotic! Let’s meet anywhere, come and scoop me up and let me suck the soul out of your rock hard shaft for some quick change.

Got Kinky Tendencies?

Tranny phone sex

You hide your secret identity of being a cocksucker when really you just want to be understood. Your secret crossdressing and wanting to be a sissy and your main kink is to have a tranny phone sex hooker to make you her little bitch. Well I am here and have no idea what you are waiting for. I’ll let you fuck my ass if you suck my dick. I’ll fuck your sissy man pussy really good also.

I had so much fun the other night when I picked up a new client and we smoked that crack dick all night long and fucked. I love getting these married men that are away on Business and have the weekends free and already have a hotel room. We had such a fine time swapping cum loads into asses and sucking cock. You really should get in on this fun.


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