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How I Started Hookin’



Hooker Phone Sex


I bet you’ve really wondered how a whore like me got into this business. Well it all started when my Grandpa began showing my younger brother and I “how to be grown-ups”.  He would invite men over all the time and they would pay him to get to watch our young bodies try to figure out sex, while pop-pop instructed. It was then that I realized this was a money making machine, I just had to get pop-pop out of the picture. Thankfully he lost interest in us once we grew up a bit. I had a craving for strange dick, or I guess I had an addition to money. And cocaine. And especially weed! Now days I don’t even have to do anything to pay my bills besides head down to the truck stop and let those lonely old fat truckers have their way with me. The hottest so far was getting gang banged in the shower by 7 of them all at the same time. Just a few puffs off the pipe, a few lines and a shot of Jack Daniels get me feeling perfect and ready to ride strange dick all night long. Give me a call and let me tell you about my wild sex kink or even if you’re game, I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be picking up “johns” tonight. Let’s have fun, this tight young pussy is perfectly trained and ready to make sure you get your money’s worth.

White Trash Phone Sex is What I am Good At

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is all I can provide. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My mom was a trailer park hooker. She never finished high school. The only way she knew how to support us was with her pussy. She used to tell me all the time, “sex sells.” She was right. I am a phone hooker. I only graduated high school because my mom blackmailed the principal. He was one of her regular johns. I have always been more interested in fucking and partying than studying.  We have a classy site for guys who like smart and sophisticated girls, but this isn’t it, however. I had a caller last night who wanted me to be some socialite. I had too look up that word. I told him being some high class woman was nothing I had experience with, but if he wanted a cum dumpster cougar, I was his broad. I think he decided that a dirty whore would be more fun because he did a call with me and extended. We got high together and swapped kinky stories. Those I have plenty of to share. I’m in my element when talking cum and coke.

You Get What You Pay For

Hookers For Hire

I am getting tired of getting these dumb bitch hookers. I like to switch and at times be the hooker esp when I need to get that cash. I love some of my regular clients, they make me feel wanted lol, that isn’t really the point but it makes things easier. I try to tell them to treat me like a cum dumpster and some can’t really seem to do that and of course some think they are going to save you from this. If I didn’t need the money I would do the things I do for free.

I put my ad out and within 15 minutes got a couple hits for an appointment. I didn’t recognize the individual, but, I proceeded and I know he isn’t any fuzz, so I agreed to meet him in this kind of fancy hotel. I usually get taken to sleazy dumpy motels, well that is where sluts and whores belong anyway. I met up with him and as soon as we walked into the room there were some party favors on the table, some rock music playing and about 10 guys there. Now as a whore you have to do what the jon wants but I love it.

They were naked and he commanded me to get on my knees and take my shirt off so they could see my breasts, they started coming up to me and I opened my mouth and they started jacking off and coming all over my mouth and it was going down my chin. I was instructed to keep it in my mouth, hold it there. I did and more came and then a guy picked me up and started fucking me while I was being treated like a total cum dumpster. I made like 200 that night, but, like I said I would have done it for free. I am that nasty of a ho and I loved every second.

Slave whore

cum filled cuntthe other day was walking down the street and I got pulled in by the guys next door. Again they had something up their sleeves. They told me they wanted to fist me and make my pussy their cum filled cunt. I already knew the drill with them. All they really wanted was a slave whore. A slave whore they can take out all their frustrations on. The oldest one started to bring me inside the house and begun to tear my clothes off with the help of the others. It was so so aggressive but of course, it was turning me on. They stripped me naked and started to pull out a camera they made me tease my pussy on video. They wanted to pimp me out to a ton of guys an get all the incentives. Of course, I listened, I didn’t want to get tortured and fucked even harder. I was horny at the thought of being a fucking slave slut.

Hookers For Hire

Hookers For Hire

My neighbor wants to fuck but his wife doesn’t want to share and is a prude. He comes over when she is away and I had an idea one night when the dumb bitch was away and of course he was at my door. He had a hit with me and I told him that we were going to go online and look for a hooker that we could hire and go to a sleazy motel and I want those sloppy seconds. So we found our hooker and brought her to this nasty ass motel and we both got on the bed and started sucking his cock. He pushed me away and starting fucking her pussy and bent me over and put it deep in my ass and then kept switching. When he was about to come he jizzed on both our faces and watched us lick it off each other’s faces.

Trashy MILF at the Mall

trashy milfAs a trashy MILF, I am fond of trashy clothes. My husband got me a gift card to Frederick’s of Hollywood for Christmas. This morning, I took my girls with me shopping. I got some looks taking such young girls into a trashy lingerie store, but I don’t care about looks. I had my girls help me try on several sexy outfits. I even picked out a few for them to try on too. This wasn’t like Pretty Woman on Rodeo Dr. It was more like dirty milf at the mall. My little girls are such slutkins. They love wearing dirty little numbers to entice daddy and his clients. Young sexy prostitutes need sexy clothes to wear while working. We had so much fun in the dressing room. I got turned on seeing such young girls in hooker attire. I bet your dick would have been at attention too. Babydoll nightgowns, crotchless panties, fishnet stockings, sheer bodysuits and gaudy stockings and garter belts were all tried on and modeled for me by my sweet tender girls. For most girls, dressing like whores would be like cosplay or something. Not for my little sluts. For them, it is work clothes. These sweet angels work their little asses off to help make money for this family. I am so proud of them that I bought them all several trashy outfits for the new year.  Afterwards, I took them to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. It was a girl’s day, followed by some mommy daughter pussy licking. No boys were allowed, but that was this morning. They are ready to play with you now.

Hookers for hire

hookers for hire

 I was looking for a new gig! I saw a sign on Craigslist asking for girls to clean houses and offer other services. Other services that I am a master at- being a dirty little cum whore. They hired me right away and I had my first client. I showed up ready to service his house, and well, his balls also. As soon as I got to his house, he was standing bare ass naked with his ten inch cock staring at me.

I got on my hands and knees and sucked his dick into my throat. I took my clothes off as I skillfully fucked his rock hard dick down my throat. His cock was pulsating in my throat. I was ready to be a good little fuck slut! I got on my hands and knees and offered up my other pink holes. He slid his cock right into my cunt and out, only to push it into my ass hole.

I am leaving him with a dirty house, a dirty cock, but at least his balls are drained!

Cum eating hot hooker

Cum eating phone sexMy well-fucked cunt is so hot and moist, I love having cum eating phone sex so that I can guzzle down all of the cock juice that drains out of my slutty slit! I’ve been pimped out as a little sex toy cum dumpster ever since I was just a youngster, why the fuck do you think I am so good at what I do!? Getting high only increases my level of horny, which is a very dangerous thing! I used to watch my Daddy fuck my Mommy hard and deep and then he would make me crawl over and suck all of his juices out of her wet pussy! Her sticky vagina cream tasted so good as I lapped it up out of her with my long tongue. Spreading my legs open wide so that everyone can see how filled up with jizz I am turns me on so much. I am always so beat up and tender, everyone deserves to see how swollen my insides are from back to back fucking all day and night long! Cum fresh out of moist pussy tastes the best! So gooey and yummy, I love it! Mommy would lick Daddy’s balls as he ate my pussy out, making me moan and my body convulse in his mouth! Twisting his tongue deep up inside of me while using his fingers to tickle my clit and g-spot, hehe so fucking sexy! I’m such a hot hooker fuck, everyone gets a taste and a ride!

Pay to play with my slutty cunt

Hooker phone sexBeing a hooker for hire definitely has it’s perks and I love meeting all of the horny pervert bastards that love to have a nasty fun time with me and my slutty fuck holes! Hooker phone sex introduces me to my customers that get so fucking horny by having to pay for some wild play with my sloppy wet cunt and mesmerizing body. The more hardcore the better, I love getting freaky as fuck. i can guarantee you that you will always get your moneys worth with me, and I am sure to be money well spent! What can I say though, I was born for this degrading life! I was blessed with my body to use it to my advantage and that’s exactly what I do. Eating cum, licking ass, sucking dick, having orgies, getting creampied by loads of cock jizz, I love it all! It’s so fucking hot to be such a slutty phone sex hoe, you’re not going to know what hit you once I am through with you! Open up your wallet and pay up babe, our wet and wild fun is waiting to be experienced!

Big Dick Sucker Hadley

Big Dick Sucker

You catch me showing my ass for some would be johns and see that I am fucked up on something. You flag me over and tell me my ass is mighty fine. I smirk and ask what you want. That’s when you pull out this giant dick and ask if I could ride it bareback.  My eyes light up and I jump in your car. You then say you can’t host so I take you back to my trailer.  I have crack pipes laying on the counter and you light a rock you had for me. Then demand I suck your huge cock before I get anymore. I am on your cock with my mouth in a flash. My eyes do not leave the pipe as I attempt to suck you down to your balls.  Each flick of the lighter makes me suck harder and deeper. You finally give me a hit and demand I suck more and deeper or I won’t see any more drugs. I am drooling around your cock and gagging as I suck deep throat that massive cock. I am finally rewarded as you cum down my throat and on my face. I get to get high again and keep the piece, But I must take your dick all the way up my ass bareback to keep it.  Now I have taken cocks up my ass but yours hurt a little and felt good deep inside at the same time.  “Your nothing but a dirty trashy crack whore!” You scream.  Indeed, that’s what I am but I get the best drugs and best cock around.

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