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In like sin

hookers for hire

Hookers for hire that enjoy being cum slut are the best. I knew I was going to get fucked like a total slut bag. I had this guy who wanted the best escort ever. My natural big jugs and hot body drew him in. He was in like sin and prepared to use my holes for his entertainment. He paid top dollar for me and was going to use me in ever room of his house. I was the perfect escape from all his unwavering issues. His cock was hard and ready for hours. The coke we shared was top notch. I was going to make him forget about his bitch wife and everything else. The rough fucks I got from him was amazingly great. I could barely walk the next day. I was fucked in his pool his bed he shares with his wife even his offspring’s room. What a bad daddy.

Alley Way Pay Day

Hooker phone sex

On nights when I am not working the club for that bank, I take my sexy self out on the streets.  What can I say, I’m prone to addiction.  Not only am I a sex addict, a cum addict, but now I’m a money addict.  I can’t stop myself anymore from working the streets for cock and cash.  This is why I don’t do drugs anymore.  I don’t want to be some junked out tweeker fading in and out on a Trap House floor. Its not a good look for me.

I got ready and made my way downtown to work it.  I had only been out for about ten minutes when a car pulled over.  He already had his cock out and it was a nice one.  I got in the car and I pulled out my handiwipes. Don’t laugh, I need to wash that shit off, some of the guys come straight from work, or they were fucking another whore and I do not want the taste of some crack whore’s snatch in my mouth.  No thank you.  Most guys will ask what the fuck I am doing, but I just say you either let me clean that off or I’m getting out.  They usually allow me to do it.

I sucked on that motherfucker until he came in my mouth.  I happily swallowed, I always swallow.  Then the bastard wanted another blow job at a discount.  Like I’m having some sort of cock sucking sale.  I told him no, he didn’t like that I said no, but fuck him.  I got out of the car with my cash and ignored him. He was yelling at me from his car but I didn’t give a shit.  I was already talking to another guy.  Yes it is dangerous, and yes I could get hurt, but I don’t need to do this, I want to do it, and that means I don’t have to put up with the same shit the other girls out here have to put up with.

I made some really good coin that night, and I had a stomach, and cunt full of cum to take home.  It was a great night!

How I became a cum dumpster and coke fiend

cum dumpster

Cum dumpsters are sluts who have been trained to be that. I remember how my love for cum and coke started. My stepdad James introduced me to coke and his cock. Ever since then I needed both and his load in my holes. It didn’t take long for me to fall into his trap. My mom got husband number four, and he was more interested in my pink princess room than the master room. My mom would have a glass a whine along with a perc and knock out. Step Daddy James would wait for his cue. Once my mom was in deep slumber, he would make his way to my room with a baggy and no condom. He would have me do lines from his cock and make me spread my cunt so he could fill me up and get me high. There was no wonder why I became such a party slut right after. I got a taste of the wrong medicine and wanted more. 

Making Bank With My Fuck Holes

Gangbang Whore

I have decided that since I am a cum junkie that I might as well get paid for it.  I have in the past and I tried to give that part of my life up, but getting back into the game while working at the club has made me a lot of money.  No more doing cock for free, just because I love it.  The money just makes me so much hornier!  I had forgotten just how good it felt to get paid after I sucked someone off.  It’s a god-damned thrill! 

The other night at the club I just had just finished my set when I was told that I had a request for a Private Dance.  If you have ever been to a more upscale club you know that there are rules.  If you do not follow those rules you can be tossed out, and the girl can get fired.  I walked in and did what I was paid to do then when I went to leave the room he grabbed my arm, not hard, but firm enough to stop me.  He told me that if I would meet him afterward for a private party at a hotel room he would make my Christmas.  He pulled out a roll of cash that made my pussy gush!

After my shift, I walked out the club and I was super tired.  I was going to tell him that I changed my mind, I just wanted to go home and sleep.  A car pulled up and the door opened, he was holding out a glass of champagne for me.  I smiled and got in.  I didn’t notice at first but there were more men in the car, not just the private dance guy.  He and I went into the Hotel first, then one by one the others came up and joined us.  I was already giving the first guy head when the second one walked in.  

Before long I was being fucked hard in the ass.  Not once did someone take advantage of my pussy, just my mouth, and ass.  After we were all done for the night my asshole was filled to the brim with cum, and I went home with a wad of cash that helped me get back into the pussy for the cash game.  Merry fucking Christmas to me!

Fisting Whore

fisting whoreDo you like a fisting whore? I am a kinky bitch. I love to test the limits of what I can put in my fuck holes. I do my Kegel exercises, so my pussy and ass are tight. Well, tight for a mommy whore who likes to stretch out her holes with big objects. I have been training for a special client for a few weeks now. Our date is tonight. It is rare that my husband arranges a special date with a client who only wants me. Most our clients want our little ones. A whore like me is easy to find way cheaper, but some guys just enjoy a high-class trailer trash whore! I have skills like fisting. I also never say no to anything, no matter how freaky or kinky. That is thanks to mommy’s little helper cocaine. I get high and my freak flag flies. I had my sons help mommy last night in preparation. I had all three of my sons fist my pussy at the same time. That was the biggest thing to ever go in my cunt. Their three fists formed one big fist which my husband said must be like King Kong fisting me. They did a good job testing the limits of my cunt. I can take more than I thought. I am sore, but practice makes perfect and I need to be ready to get fisted like a pro later tonight.

Alley backway

anal cum dumpster

Can you believe I ended up stumbling thru the back alley and ended up at a full on orgy party? I was high out of my mind and was approached by a couple men. They could tell I was a complete party whore. My holes were inviting and they were giving the honors to invite me to an anal cum dumpster fest. I was a few short minutes away from such an euphoric experience that I’d never forget. I must of been one of five girls but the men outnumbered us by about a dozen. I could hear them excited to have a new guest in the house. I could hear moans all thru the room. I was half present half in a deep drug filled haze. My mind was so out of it but at the same time so present. I had never been so alive but at the same time in such a deep dream state. My ass was pounded so hard and twat that I woke up to no panties but I was in a puddle of mixed cum. The girls and I were stuffed whores for sure.

Anal Sex Whore Training for My Son

anal sex whoreLooking for an anal sex whore? I have a family of them, but no one is as big of an anal whore as mommy. I teach my little girls and my boys how to masturbate their tiny assholes. Guys and girls alike are too afraid to stick things up their butt. If they would just relax, I think they would realize how good it feels. My middle son was the one to get an anal sex lesson last night. I wanted him to be prepared for those big daddy dicks who pay good money to fuck his little ass. From behind, you can’t tell gender at a certain age. A tight hole is a tight hole. This weekend, he has been booked with a daddy who loves little boys. I just wanted to make sure my son was ready for hardcore anal sex. A few hours a day with mommy’s favorite dildo in his lubed up ass, and he will be able to take his surrogate daddy like a champ. Some boys think it is a bad thing to take it in the ass, but it doesn’t have to be. The male g-spot is in the ass. I want my baby boy to enjoy ass sex like the rest of us, hence the anal training. Day one it hurt like hell and he was crying. Day two of anal sex training and he was backing his little butt up on my dildo. Practice makes perfect!

Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesMy husband has a fat client investor from the UK who wants some young sexy prostitutes for Christmas this year. Despite being a very naughty man, Santa brought him an early present. I have two adopted daughters. Neither are very old. My husband and I both rescued each girl from deplorable third world countries. They are sex slaves, but very well treated ones. They have their own bedrooms fit for a princess. They are fed and loved and will go to school when they are the right age. They are living high on the hog in comparison to where they once were living.  They were going to end up sex slaves, but they aren’t trafficked girls. They have the life of a high-end escort, not a kidnapped girl sold into the sex trade. This fat cat of my husband wanted both of our newest hookers hire. This is the same man who paid a large sum of money to take my two youngest daughters’ virginity. I told my new angels what to expect. I also told them they can keep the money, or we could send it back to their families. They are perfect little angels, so eager to please. So eager to make money.

hookers for hireOur fat cat client purchased their virginity too. I dressed them up like Disney princesses and served them to their surrogate daddy. They both have daddy issues anyway. This was therapeutic for everyone. Watching a grown man eat and finger such tiny bald slits is fucking hot. He didn’t want us there, but we have hidden cameras. Mommy and Daddy want to watch the P fun! He was gentle with them, but they still cried. He has a big cock and they have tiny holes. I told them afterwards how proud we were of them and assured them it gets better every time. I licked their bald slits and pink butt holes to soothe the damage. They will be back in the game in a couple days. They are already deciding how to spend their money.

Hoe Hoe Hoe

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is a lot of work. If I didn’t have my blow I would never keep up with all my men cumming and cumming. I have a certain reputation to uphold.  I have to make sure my pussy and ass hole are in tip-top shape. I need to be able to take it deep and hard always. I love being full of spunk and the only way to get it is by being fed line upon line of coke. My pussy gets sopping wet and I can be on that dick in less than 60 seconds. I meet my John and that dick is making me puke in just two minutes. I love being gagged till I puke down my tits by a huge cock who is paying me in cash and or coke!  Come on cum all see Hadley puke down her tits and use it for lube to titty fuck or ass fuck me.! I am the whore of whores slinging my ass and pussy for any who want a piece of Hadley’s sweet pussy pie! 

In the mood for dirty shemale chat

Shemale phone sexMy well-fucked cunt has been totally craving and in the mood for some nasty shemale phone sex with a dirty tranny hooker. My Mom and I always indulged in transvestite sex together growing up, that’s what has caused my intense addiction to it! Sucking and fucking a big fat cock on a hott shemale is such a thrill. Mommy loves to masturbate while she watches me get fucked deep by chick with a huge dick. Some of these trannies have larger cocks than a normal horny man, it’s crazy! I love the way that cum tastes after it ejaculates and splatters all over my slutty tongue. My filthy cunt is soaking wet while I get even more wet as i’m doused in a bukkake of shemale cock cream. I collect so many more clients being a hooker for hire that loves playing with a girly shaft. My pussy is sloppy fuckin wet, perfect for a boner to slip & slide up into my skanky fuck hole.

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