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Anal Sex Whore and Mommy

anal sex whoreI am such a dirty anal sex whore. I did a gang bang for my husband’s clients last night. He had a bunch of European fellows with MILF fever. He likes to give perks to his clients that other companies just don’t offer like access to his family of hookers.  I never mind helping my husband. He took me from the sticks of West Virginia and transformed me into a Beverly Hills housewife whore. After I let 10 fellows pound my ass for hours, you can imagine how much cum was inside my ass. I could have showered, cleaned myself up before bed, but where is the fun in that? I am a trashy milf. I summoned my army of young whores to clean me up. The girls especially are such cum guzzlers.  I was on the couch with my legs in the air and a smirk on my face. They knew what they had to do. They lined up to lick the cum out of their mommy’s asshole.  I trained them well. They were all bottle fed daddy’s cum from an early age. Cum does a body good. Look at me. I was raised on daily cum shots. My girls are creampie sluts. They scooped out all the wet spunk in my ass. They didn’t just swallow it. I raised them better than that. They snowballed each other with cum out of mommy’s ass. We never let cum go to waste in this family; no matter where the cum may be located!

Hardcore Anal Sex with My Sex Machine

hardcore anal sex

Hardcore anal sex is something I enjoy. I have been pregnant many times in my life, so I discovered that I enjoyed anal sex when I was pregnant with brat number one. My belly got too big to find my pussy. At that time, I was a young teen girl in a trailer park whoring myself for my parents. The John took my ass. Back then, I didn’t enjoy sex much. I was a sex slave; however, I did like it up the ass. I am a far cry from daddy’s sex slave now, but I still enjoy anal sex. I had a rare few hours alone yesterday. My husband took our brood to see Deadpool 2 while I worked.  It was a slow phone day, so I broke out the sex machine we use on the little ones to prep them for gang bangs and deflowering.  I backed my trashy milf ass on the largest anal dildo I have. This fuck machine lets me put on any size dildo, so I went huge. I was on the bed with the family fuck machine penetrating my ass at warp speed. I was cumming over and over. By the wet spot I made, I was sure my husband would think I had a gang bang while he was at the movies with the brats. My ass can cum more than pussy.

Teen Sluts Fucking for a Price

teen sluts fuckingMen pay good money to watch teen sluts fucking. One of my husband’s top clients had a special request. He knows we have a family of hookers for the right price. We are all about the benjamins in this family. A typical arrangement is usually me and a client’s son, or a client and one of my teen sluts, even me with a client giving him the mommy experience. This high roller paid a few grand to watch my three daughters play with each other. He just wanted to watch sister love and jack his cock. He grew up as the only boy in a family of girls, so I assumed this was a fantasy that started as a young boy. My girls play with each other daily. To get paid to do what they love was icing on the cake. I served as the chaperone. Not because I didn’t trust this client, but because I wanted to watch my sexy prostitutes in action. I knew they would pull out the bells and whistles to make this worth his money. They didn’t disappoint. They started by body painting with a glitter paint on each other’s bodies. It was very seductive. Our client loved it because his cock was rock hard. When they started eating each other out in a daisy train, that was when things got interesting. The girls are squirters. They started squirting on each other and it got messy and sticky. Stickier when our client started spraying his seed all over their faces. Clearly, he enjoyed the show. They licked his cum up and their girl goo. They kept playing even after he left. He was very satisfied. He tipped them each $1,000 just for doing what they always do. I was so proud of them. They made a client extremely happy and they made their momma a proud madman.

Jizz Journey

anal cum dumpsterIt was a weekend long binge on cock and coke. Two of my favorite things in the whole world. I was still stuck in Tijuana and was on an adventure trying to get back to San Diego. It was a complete field trip, but I was able to persuade some guys in the cartel to let me go by giving them the best striptease show ever. They were impressed that I could speak Spanish they assumed I was a white girl from Oceanside. They were wrong I had a way with words so much, so they wanted this whitewash latina to take each of their cocks deep in my mouth. After basically guzzling a hundred different cum loads I got to the next part of my journey. This time I was the anal cum dumpster to one of the guys giving me a ride to the city from a country area that conjoined to Baja. I had no choice but to pull my undies down and let him plow my asshole so I could make it home.

Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

Whatever my pimp daddy tells me to do that’s what I’m going to do . He takes real good care of me out her in these streets and I get out here and get his money. I’m his bottom bitch and everybody knows that I always get the the most johns because I’m definitely the best. All the other girls are jealous because I get to get high off the best supply because I’m pimp daddies bottom bitch. I also love sucking dick when I get high so once pimp daddy gets me high I can suck and fuck him all night long and I won’t stop until  I come down thats whats wrong with the rent of these hoes they don’t know what to do for the right price I’m fucking all night so come on baby you got some cash because I Definitely got the ass.

Cum Dumpster Family

cum dumpster

I am a cum dumpster.  So are my daughters. I have raised my girls to be cum whores like their momma. I was guzzling jizz when I was in diapers. I don’t even remember the first cum I had because I was that young. Guys ask me all the time how to get their daughters accustomed to cum. It is easy. Jack off into their bottles first. When they super young, they will guzzle it in their milk. The added protein will help the girls grow big and strong too. You can even jack off on mommy’s boobs so that the young girl just suckles the jizz off mommy’s breasts while feeding. When your daughter gets a little older, like walking age, you put your cock right in her mouth. She will hold your dick like it is a bottle and suck it until it is empty. My husband did this with our girls when they were little. They have grown up to be cum guzzlers like me. I love sharing cum with my sweet cum whores too. Last night, I was entertaining some special friends of daddy. They wanted the slut wife experience. That means I just take on all their cocks at once. There were 6 men and just me. That meant there was a lot of cum to swallow. I am a cum guzzling slut, but I didn’t want to be selfish with all that jizz. I spit the cum into a pitcher to save it for later. Once my special friends were gone, I chugged some cum and summoned my daughters in for some snowball fun with mommy. My husband and my boys watched as I spit jizz into the girls’ mouths. Thick ropes of cum dripped into each girl’s mouth. I felt like a momma bird feeding her babies the worm. Daddy and my boys were so hard that they contributed their cum too.

Blacker the Berry

druggy porn

I don’t wanna brag or too my own horn but Nothing is better than this blackberry over here. When they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice They aren’t lying. No white snowflake got anything on this tight juicy pussy. Black girls also suck the best dick and we know how to swallow it whole just like a good slut and You haven’t lived until a sexy Carmel skin hottie has her big Fat juicy lips wrapped around your dick And I don’t know about any other girls but I do everything am willing to try it all you will see just come spend some time with be and you will get what you are looking for in a sexy slave like me.

White Trash Phone Sex Whore

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is the only kind I have. If you are looking for a sophisticated woman, you are at the wrong place. I can clean up. I can look the part of a respectful, classy housewife, but I can’t act the part. No matter how hard I try, my inner whore cannot be suppressed. I was at a school play last night. My youngest daughter was in the lead of her school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. It is important that my brood have normal school lives because their home lives are full of sex, drugs and prostitution. They don’t mind. In fact, my offspring enjoy being dirty whores because it brings them money. I was trying very hard to be the PTA mom who supports her daughter’s school endeavours, but I was surrounded by hot daddies and sexy teen boys. I’m a trashy milf. That is too much temptation. I was getting dirty looks from the good PTA mom types. They know my reputation as a husband stealer. That is nothing in comparison to the truth! I’d rather have their sons. I married into money. Everyone in our small California community knows I am a trophy wife from the wrong side of the tracks. I don’t care what folks think of me. However, if they talk smack about me to my offspring or try to derail their lives, I sharpen my knives. One stuck up bitch tried to get my sweet young girl out of the play. She was there last night with ice in her eyes. Her husband and son were there too. Her devil spawn was in the play, just not the lead. It was like taking candy from a baby to lure daddy and son away. I fucked them in the schoolboys’ bathroom. Together. Daddy and son tag team. I took some pictures, sent them to Cruella and enjoyed the shock on her face when she realized I fucked the two men in her life that matter most. She cares more about appearances than I do, so I made sure she understood that If she ever looked crossways at my daughter again, the entire community would know that her son and respected husband prefer a trailer trash whore over a stuck up bitchy housewife any day. Come on, who doesn’t?

Trashy MILF Blackmail

trashy milfThis trashy milf had to go to school yesterday to get her daughter out of trouble. She got caught with drugs in her locker. It was just a joint. A joint I gave her. She had an exam. She gets anxiety with tests. A drug sniffing dog went to her locker and the joint was found. In comparison to what was found in other lockers, her little joint was nothing. Schools have these silly zero tolerance policies for drugs and violence. I didn’t want her expelled or forced into home schooling. I know the principal of the school personally. He has a certain fetish for young boys that would ruin his career in public schools if it got out. I don’t think he knew I had a daughter in his school when he paid for my son’s young hairless cock. He looked like he saw a ghost when he saw me coming towards his office. I think he thought I was there to expose him as a P principal. I would have if he didn’t figure a way out of my daughter’s troubles. When you could lose your job, family and spend many years in prison, you get creative. He got my daughter out of trouble with the school police. As a reward, and assurance that if she was to get in trouble again in the future, he would get her out of trouble quickly, I had him over to play with my boys. A free play date. He has a weakness for young cock. He likes them before they grow hair. I filmed him blowing my youngest boy’s cock while my middle boy’s dick was up his ass. My daughter is going to get into trouble again. I have no doubt about that. She is a party whore like her mother. I know a lot of peoples’ dirty little secrets. Knowledge comes in handy when you need a favour.

Cum Dumpster For Hire

Cum Dumpster

I will be your cum dumpster delight tonight. All the best whores cum out at night to play. You have me on my knees begging for one more line of that coke you keep snorting. You line your massive cock with a line and have me snort it up my nose.  I am flying high again sucking your man meat deep in my throat until I choke and throw up a little bit in my mouth. You say swallow it bitch. That you have three clients that have thicker meaner meat poles that will make yours look like a lollipop. Soon after the door opens and I am thrown on the ground and my naked body is inspected and I see these massive sausages dangling in my face. I am so high as I am being yelled at to suck and stroke these men to rock hardness. My whore instincts kick in as A baggy of snow is dangled in front of my face. I am gulping and stroking as they find the way to my fuckhole and ass hole and begin the game of tearing my body to pieces with man meat that needs this gangbang whore to serve. Soon I am filled and covered with so much cum that It’s in my eyes in every hole and I take pride in knowing they paid for my time and got me fucked up.


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