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Anal Sex Whore Rhiana

anal sex whoreI have a confession. I am an anal sex whore. I love cock in my ass. Last night, I got super drunk and high and ended up selling my ass for party money. A friend of mine is a GFE escort. She said guys pay extra for anal sex. I love shoving things in my ass like beer bottles and cocks, so why not make some money off it, right? I am not as sophisticated as my friend, but guys will still pay for a skanky whore’s ass. I mean you would, right? I am cute still. Partying hasn’t turned me into Lindsay Lohan yet. I went this dive bar near me. I walked right into the back room, got on top of the pool table and told the old drunks in the bar that my ass was up for grabs for $50 a Fuck. They swarmed to form a line. I was drunk and high, so it numbed me from the fact that I was being gang banged by dirty old men in a scuzzy bar. My friend was likely banging one handsome man in a high-end hotel making 10 times what I would. But, she is a high class girl born on the right side of the tracks and I am just a trailer trash whore with a drug problem.

Druggy Porn Star

druggy pornI think I was born to be a druggy porn star. I was strung out last night. In desperate need of a fix, I went to the street corner to pimp out my own ass. I was among fellow skanks, so I knew I might do well since I was fresh meat. I don’t always hook, but sex sells and it’s a quick way to get money for crack. I wasn’t hustling my ass much longer than an hour when this dude pulled up and asked me how much for anal. I just need $150, so I said $200 thinking for the downtown area it might me too much and he would settle for what I needed. It wasn’t too much. He pulled out a stack of $50s and told me he would double it if I let his young son fuck my ass too. A daddy and a son up my ass? Fuck, even sober that sounded hot. I got in his SUV and we drove around to the truck stop. I hopped in the back seat and him and junior pounded my ass for a solid thirty minutes. I was his son’s first anal experience. I guess school girls don’t give up the booty. I give up anything that gets me the means to get high. With a couple loads of sperm up my ass, I called my dealer and told him I had his money. That is when he told me, he had some friends who would pay to fuck my skanky ass too. Hmm, I didn’t need to be an anal sex whore again, but with a habit like mine, you can never have enough money.

I love being a druggy whore

druggy pornI love being a druggy whore. I will do anything for a fix. Anything. I was at the strip club last night when some rowdy townies came in. They aren’t the big spender GFE type. They were vulgar, which as a trailer trash slut, I don’t mind. I was surprised they paid for the VIP room, but I was glad they did because they had some great blow. They had a lot more to give me but there was a catch. They wanted to hook up after my shift. I agreed because good blow is good blow. They lived in the trailer park I grew up in. Their trailer doubled as a meth lab. I was in trouble. Not sure what I was going to do. I needed free coke because the rent was due soon. I should have known they were nasty freaks. They wanted me to fuck their furry friend. I am a junkie druggie slut. I did not say no to their best friend. I did a line of coke and got on all fours. Their hairy friend mounted me from behind and shoved his red rocket inside my pussy. The dudes were laughing and stroking their dicks. They jacked off on my face and their four legged beast nutted his gooey cream inside me. Funny, not the worst thing I have ever done for blow.

Coked Up Cheerleader Gram

phone sex line

Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to get business! My cheer squad and I decided to bring in a little extra coke cash by selling our tight holes. We all were coked up and ready to fuck for some cold hard cash. Setting up a hot Backpage Ad was easy as fuck and soon we had tons of customers calling in to request our services. The girls and I were called to a huge corporate office in our sluttiest uniforms. We were escorted into a giant conference room with a lot of horny business men eagerly waiting for our teen coked up pussy. The whole conference table had lines of coke and booze waiting for us and we got to business! We snorted coke off of all their cocks and rode them like the teen sluts we are. It was a hot coke fueled orgy! I was so fucked up, I ate my friend’s pussy while two of the clients double penetrated my used holes. We left with a sizeable coke stash and holes pumped full of cum!

Teaching My Young Girls to Love Being an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI have been an anal sex whore for decades. It started when I was a young girl. I was a hooker for my parents. They rented me out to men passing through town. Some of the men only wanted my ass. Now, my ass was taken many times before, but I was either too young or too doped up to remember it. This time, I remembered it. It was not gentle, but then none of the men were gentle, except for my now husband and maybe a couple others. The men were paying for sex with a jailbait trailer park whore. Gentle, vanilla sex was not on their minds. This one time, the smack wore off and I felt it. I liked it. It was the first orgasm I had. Ever since then, I have enjoyed hardcore anal sex. I am teaching my youngest girls how to enjoy their pretty little pink holes too.  Today we had a masturbation lesson. One of my newest angels is from Africa and a sexy Nubian princess. Her little butthole looks bright pink in comparison to her little blonde and white sister. They are both super young, but never too young to learn the joys of anal sex. Seriously, ass sex is so much fun, and I love instilling that fun into my girls. Daddy came home and found his youngest daughters with little dildos in their asses and smiles on their faces. I bet you know what happened next, don’t you?

Strip Club Chub

Hot stripper sex

It never fails. We have a guy who shows up at the strip club every fucking day.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he bought lap dances, or a bottle every now and then, but he doesn’t.  He gets super drunk then wants you to grind on his lap for free.  We do talk to him, because we are made too, but if it wasn’t for the management making us, nobody would.  He spends tons of money on drinks, but not on ass. 

I was doing my set when I saw him come in.  Have you ever had someone in your life that the minute they walk into a room all the fun gets sucked right out?  That good feeling is then placed with dread and despair? Yeah, that’s Charlie.  You could almost hear us all groan over the music.  It was my turn to be grabbed over and over again by him.  He sat in my section.  I was not pleased.  I plastered on a smile and made my rounds.  I was pleasant, but I didn’t linger. 

Another thing about Charlie? He will get a hard on, then try to put your hand on it.  There have been more than one time that one of the bouncers have had to go over and speak to him.  We all wish he would be banned.  Then something amazing happened.  He told one of the bouncers that he wanted a lap dance.  With two of us girls.  Me and Sharon.  To say we were both shocked is an understatement.

We made our way up to the Private room he is was in, and he was smiling like crazy.  We both started our dance for him.  We aren’t allowed to make out with the clients, but we can touch each other.  Sharon started to kiss on my tits and Charlie instantly got hard.  He kept begging us to jack him off, but we both told him no.  It was against the club rules.  Her and I kept it up, then I guess he couldn’t take it anymore, he whipped out his dick and Sharon and I died laughing.

He had something other than his dick stuffed into his briefs, it was like some sort of rolled up material to make him look bigger.  His dick was so tiny!  In the low lighting I thought I was just not seeing it, but turns out there really isn’t anything to see.  Her and I laughed so hard she peed.  Charlie was so embarrassed, he stuffed his bean back inside his briefs and stormed out.  He actually left the club!  Our manager asked us what happened and we told him, he laughed too.  It has been days since Charlie has been in.  We are really hoping that he stays away, if we had known all it took was us laughing at his itty bitty dicklett, we would of done it a long time ago.

Live Phone Sex Whores at a Superbowl Party

live phone sexLive phone sex is always fun with me. I have so many hot dirty stories to share like about last night. Did you know the Superbowl is the most sex trafficked day of the year? My guess my offspring and I are part of that number. Every year, we go to a Superbowl party, but not one like the one you go to. The one my brood and I attend, we are more the entertainment than the football game. This party wanted my sons too. Something for every guest. Not every man loves a jailbait girl. Some like a jailbait boy too. My sons are professionals. They are each like a mini John Holmes. They will do gay stuff for money, but they still love pussy more than dick. When it comes to big money, face it, we are all gay. This party was in Hollywood Hills. A bunch of A listers. My sons and daughters were not the only sexy prostitutes there, but mine looked far better than many of the other party whores. I think because my brood aren’t trafficked in the same way. Sure, they are whores, but they aren’t forced to perform with medication nor were they stolen from another country. They love being whores. It is in the genes of this family. My sons and daughters spent the entire game on their knees or their backs because they were very popular. I collected a lot of business cards from men wanting future dates. The one thing I kept hearing was how enthusiastic my little whores are. They do love fucking. No one needs to drug them to be an anal sex whore. They think about the money, but they do enjoy the fucking. Their daddy and I have groomed them for fucking since before they could walk. I think it is important to get little ones accustomed to sex early on for nights just like he Superbowl.

All girl bukkake

Freaky phone sex

It’s not just guys who get to ejaculate on someone’s face and drench them with cum, girls can do it too. I’m a squirter and so are my friends. If I rub my pussy in the right way, I can gush cum like a fountain. That’s why Donnie paid me and my friends to spend a night with him. He didn’t even want us to fuck him, he just wanted to throw some tarps on on the floor and let us cum all over him. He laid on the floor while me and 4 of my best slut friends stroked our pussies until we were cumming and squirting all over him. We covered his whole body in our sweet sticky girl cum until he was so soaked it looked like he had been swimming!

Street Walker

hookes for hire

I know I am a strung-out hooker for hire tonight. Most of the girls I dance with might take some money in the back room for a blowjob or a quick fuck but I love to walk the street selling my pussy. I love for a stranger to fuck me bareback. I don’t need to know names. This whore for sale loves selling her pussy for money or cash and coke. A nice big Cock and some blow And I are sucking dick and fucking right away. I fucking don’t care if we pull over to an alley so you can fuck me in the ass while I’m doing a line on the back of my hand. Deep and raw as long as I’m selling my ass I really love it! I’ll be a cum dump for cash or coke anytime.

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingEveryone likes teen sluts fucking, right?  I have a big brood of boys and girls who love to fuck. They fuck each other. They fuck me and daddy. They fuck daddy’s high paying clients. I am so proud of them all because they don’t just fuck because daddy and I want them too. They enjoy using their bodies to make money. Sex sells at my age, but it sells faster and for bigger amounts when you are their age. Last night, everyone had a date. That rarely happens. I had one, and all my daughters did too, even my boys had dates. My oldest son had a hot cougar date. She wanted to have a son experience. He told me it was wicked hot. I didn’t get jealous. My other two boys were rented out to a man who wanted the daddy experience. They are good boys. They take it up the ass just like their sisters. I have a family of sexy prostitutes. Everyone came back home last night with cum filled holes and a little sore, including me. Today is about family. I have been soothing sore cunnies and asses with my tongue. I love my big family of whores.

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