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White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex never has any limits. Guys ask me all the time what my limits are. I have none. We have a vanilla site, but this isn’t it. I couldn’t do vanilla phone sex. I wouldn’t know what to talk about. Would you? I want my sex dirty, even nasty. My life would make a porn star blush. Seriously, I have done more in a week than most women have in a lifetime. I clean up nicely, but I am whore at my core. My eldest daughter and I were at this swank political fundraiser last week for a man running for local congress. We have been to a few of his fundraisers. If people knew the things this man is into, they would be shocked. He is a client of my husband, but we keep his dirty little secrets because he pays us well. He doesn’t pay us to keep quiet. We aren’t black mailers. He pays us for golden showers sex. This fine upstanding congressional hopeful from an Ivy League school and old school money, likes young girls to pee on him. He even likes me to pee on him too. He wants my daughter on the campaign trail with him. He got her an internship. Folks think she is a future lobbyist or campaign manager, but she is just a young hooker for hire. Before he gives any public speech, my jailbait daughter pisses in his mouth and on his dick. If it is a local event, I join in on the fun. He loves the idea of a mother and daughter pissing on him together. I don’t judge. I collect the money and pass go. What dirty little taboo secret do you harbor? My daughters and I are good at keeping secrets and pushing your limits. We don’t judge your kinks. We all have them.

Cum Dumpster Party Whore BJ

Filthy cum dumpster whore BJ is always waiting for the next big fat cock to pump her cunt full of creamy thick jism. Let’s party hard and fuck even harder. I want my boy to watch as I take on as many BBC cocks as I manage to get over here to fuck me. I want to have my boy fuck my cum filled and stretched out cunt. I love having my boy getting down and cleaning my fuckholes really good with that dirty boy mouth of his.

You know I’m a druggy stripper bitch that is always on the look out for my next fix of a party and a good fuck. I really hope you need a filthy cum whore like me to unload with.

Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster Training

anal cum dumpster

I love being an anal cum dumpster. When I was a young little hooker for my parents, guys loved fucking my bottom. I hated it. It hurt. You would think hating anal sex as a young girl, I would grow up to hate it still. Not the case. I can have my ass fucked all day. Here is the thing about ass sex. I can be on my period or knocked up and still take cock up my ass. You can have 12 inches of rock hard cock and get it all up my ass. You don’t hit internal organs up my ass. The sky’s the limit in my asshole, so to speak.  I have been teaching my youngest daughter how to be an anal sex whore like me and her sisters. I have been using toys on her baby butt hole in preparation for daddy’s dick. She is the only ass virgin left in the house. She has been telling me she wants a cock up her butt like me and her big sisters. She was literally asking for it. She was sucking her brother’s cock as I fingered her asshole today. She paused for a moment and turned to me. She said, “Mommy, I want something bigger.” She always gets what she wants. She is the princess of this house. I put my favorite glass dildo up her young rosebud and she was purring in delight. Clearly, I waited too long to train her on how to be an ass whore.

All my fuck holes are open for use

Hookers for hire

Do hookers for hire have to do anal? Fuck yes we do! I love getting fucked hard in the ass. It gets my pussy purring and wet. Just yesterday I had a john who asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I was a little confused by his question, why wouldn’t I want him to? I told him I love anal sex and double penetration is even more fun, so he could do what he wanted. All my fuck holes are open for use. My favorite is when you first push your cock into my ass, that first time my asshole spreads for you is so hot. When you really start to pound my ass is when the big fun begins, fuck me nice and hard and you will have my pussy gushing on you just for your ass fucking skills!

Hooker phone sex

My Filthy Shit Eating Secret

freaky phone sex

I don’t usually tell guys about this but fuck it, you are some super dirty boys so I think it’s fine that you know. I love sucking shit out of assholes. I even sometimes collect my on waste and just masturbate with it for fun. I have tons of it saved up, all mixed in with my period blood and piss- festering away and waiting for you to come over and play with me. Dump it all over my head and make me hold my mouth open- I love drinking down all that yummy chunky shit smoothy and then having you fuck me senseless while we’re surrounded in all that beautiful scat! Shove my face down in it and make me lick it up and ingest my own tasty shit stew right up off the floor while you shove your cock deeper and deeper into my asshole. Let’s get as nasty as we want tonight.

Hookers for hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire I walked all over campus with a shirt that read that. I got so many advances from all types of classmates. Two guys from class even followed me home. I thought they were just playing around when they told me they were going to make use of what my t-shirt read.Well, I found out quickly they were serious about wanting me to be their personal hooker. I shrugged them off and soon after I got home I realize they were outside. I didn’t think much it is a college city and they could very well live in the neighborhood but, I had a gut instinct they didn’t and very quickly I realized they weren’t strolling by to say hi either, they liked my shirt and wanted to make me their hooker for the day. I was not having it and was asking them to leave and stop playing around. They were getting angry that I wouldn’t just shut up and let them use me.  So they started to tie me up and tag team me. I was being fucked from both sides at the very same time. When they were done using me they left me on the ground, they even threw crisp 20 dollar bill at me.

Fisting whore

fisting whoreFisting whore is what I have been for all the guys at the trailer park. They have loved using me and making me their useless pet. I was running out of my coke stash the other day and was completely desperate to get my hands on some blow. I was so desperate I was willing to do anything for just a couple lines to take the edge off from such a terrible day, I knew who to call. My master supplies me with the drugs I need to function as long as I serve him and start to take on new little challenges. Well, he tied me up and started to get a group of guys from the neighborhood to come over and start fisting me and fucking my holes.  I degraded my self completely for a couple lines. I have no shame in being the worthless slut that I am. I plan on doing everything I can to get my hands on cock and coke.

Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts are the most fun to talk to because we are perverts like you. A woman doesn’t one day wake up and say, “I’m going to talk dirty for a living.” She gets into this profession because her life is too dirty to share with just anyone. Pretty much the reason why you call girls like us, right? You have experiences or desires your wife would frown upon. In this business, women don’t judge. I have a very colorful life. My young life was spent as a cash cow to my meth head parents. I was just a body they could pimp out. The men that paid for my young holes treated me better than the folks who gave me life. I never attended public school. In fact, my guess is I was a home birth and there was no record of me being born in West Virginia. I escaped my squalor existence thanks to a dirty john who bought me from my parents. He made an honest woman out of me, but he made me his baby making dirty mommy. He bred me 6 times so he could have young ones to play with daddy. My husband spoils me. I am his queen, albeit a dirty one. I am educated thanks to him. I had to go to school to polish me up for his wealthy business associates. I am a hooker for hire still, just my husband is my pimp and I am the madam to our brood. Behind the gated community and a 10 bedroom home, you will find a family of whores and lots of incest fun. If you have very taboo thoughts about young ones, think of your mother in naughty ways or like to get fucked up and have freaky sex, my sexline is for you.

Teaching my teen niece the high class hooker business

Teen sluts fucking

My niece is getting a crash course in being a high class hooker from me no less. Maybe it’s the blind leading the blind but I do pretty well and she’s got a hot young teen body. I think she could make a bunch of men pretty happy. First, however I’m testing her out to see if she is ready to do anything and everything a john might tell her to do.
Today she arrived and I decided today is the day to start her training. I hear her knock and I shout for her to come in. I am in the living room, waiting, naked, legs spread wide and playing with my pussy. As soon as she sees me she starts taking her clothes off. What a good girl! “Come on over here my sweetie pie and show me how you lick Aunt’s pussy. Not even a moment of hesitation and she was licking my clit like a pro. I was impressed so I asked how she might feel about going on a 2 girl call sometime. She emphatically told me how fun that would be. So I say another hot high class hooker has been born. I push her head down into my wet shiny pussy lips and make her lick me from clit to asshole and back. She finger bangs me hard just like she’s been doing it for years. Well hey maybe she has! Suddenly she is giving me the shocker and I start cumming all over her fingers. Oh yes, she’ll be making money easily.

Dirty Phone Sex Family Fun

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the best. I am the woman you call for your more perverted desires. I am a female pervert. I like little ones too. I talk to guys daily about their love for for pretty young things. I like fantasizing about you fucking one of young daughters. I have no virgins anymore, but they are very tight still. I make good money from those holes. Trust me. Men like to pay just for a sweet young thing. They pay good too. When a girl is tight, they don’t know if she is a virgin or not. They never had anything that tight on their dick before, so the assumption is always that she is a virgin, especially when that young. Jealous?  Money buys you anything, including young hookers for hire. Last night, a black business man bought the ass of my youngest girl. We have sold her anal cherry a few times. It is easy to do because the ass is a very elastic muscle and it often bleeds when the cock is big regardless if a virgin or not. Unless a porn star, who is getting big black dick 10 times a day, an ass will stay tight. Reggie had a 10 inch cock. Do you know how much a young asshole gapes from a ten inch, very thick black cock? It gapes enough that I can spit into it from across the room. I was masturbating as I watched Reggie gape my baby’s butt hole. I also sucked the cum out of her ass. I love an anal cream pie. Do you?

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