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Phone Sex Line for Perverts

phone sex lineI have a phone sex line for perverts. My favorite calls involve P men and mommy lovers. Incest is a way of life for me and my family. Seriously, I don’t get vanilla families. I have a new addition to our family. A Nubian princess my husband brought home from an Africa trip. We have legally adopted her, and she has already earned the cost of her adoption. Our daughters are whores, but they are spoiled whores. They don’t live a life in shackles or in fear like sex slaves. They are spoiled and pampered and living in a home they can come and go from as they please. Even our newest addition knows she has it made here. She was excited to be a gangbang whore last night for daddy and some of his friends who wanted to help break in a sweet tender age black princess. Her skin coloring is perfect. She has blue eyes, which is very rare in black girls, so she has a very exotic look that commands money. She may be a whore, but I am going to raise this sweet young thing to understand her worth. She took numerous loads of cum in her chocolate little cunnie. I know because her creampie loving new sisters licked her clean. I think my girls have jungle fever. They said her pussy was the best thing they have ever eaten. I didn’t get jealous, I just helped clean up our little cum dump. They were right, her pink cum filled pussy tasted wonderful. I guess that saying the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice is true. Even after hours of being fucked, our new addition, still found time to fuck her brothers who wanted some sloppy seconds, and their chance to try out their new sister. She is a natural whore and a wonderful addition to our clan of sexy prostitutes.

I want more more more

hookers for hire

I hate having slow days when the cum isn’t flowing freely everywhere around me. I was wishing that I could just put a hookers for hire sign in my yard when my phone rang. My heart started racing and it was one of my favorite party guys. He said he had an eight ball and was ready to get nasty. I flew through the shower making sure I was soft and smelling sweet when he arrived. It didn’t take any time for shit to get wild once he was inside. I was so fucking horny I was pulling his cock out before he could get the coke out of his pocket. He gave me a line off the shaft of his cock before I let it slide to the back of my throat. Pounding my face wasn’t all he wanted he was craving that tight wet cunt. I was so horny that it slid in so deep. I know there wasn’t any cum left in his balls when he left this morning.

Dirty Phone Sex MILF


dirty phone sexI have a hot dirty phone sex story for you. A guy my husband knows, hired me to dominate his teen daughter. I would have done that for free but if he wanted to pay, I would take the money. There was no reason for me to take charge of his daughter. She was not unruly. She was not being disobedient or insolent either. He just wanted to watch. The idea of a mother type breaking a young girl was his fetish fantasy.  I understood why it was erotic and I was happy to make it cum true for him. I dressed in my bad ass latex cat suit, assembled a bunch of sex toys and headed to his place to meet his baby girl. The first thing I did was make her get on her knees and worship my pussy. A good cunt licker is taught how to be a good cunt licker. She had some natural ability, but I had to smother her. She fought me at first. She didn’t want any part of daddy’s fantasy. I felt for her, but girls need to be broken in and honestly, I think it is easier on their holes when a woman is in charge. I gave her soft kisses in between spankings and fucking her fuck holes with my strap-on. She was a feisty one, but I whispered in her ear to act like she loved it. Daddy would be satisfied, and she could go back to her life. She didn’t seem like a natural submissive. Not all girls are and then you can be submissive as a young girl like I was and grow up to be an in charge trashy milf. She ended up relaxing and just enjoying the sexual pleasure. Daddy got off, I got paid and afterwards, I found the girl on social media. I think we will be having more time together without daddy. She had a sweet little pussy.

Lot lizard sex at the truck stop

Lot lizard sexYet another successful day of lot lizard sex at the truck stop. I’ve been making bank lately with all the cocks that I get to suck and fuck. I love whoring myself out and being used like the filthy fuck slut that I am. So many truckers have been coming through the stop lately, a lot more than normal! I guess word has been getting around town that I am the best cocksucker that you’ve ever had the pleasure of having your dick inside of. All these perverts are boosting my ego and fueling my perversions, they all want a taste! These truckers have been traveling far and wide to make their way to me and experience my legendary pussy. I am in high demand and have been sucking and fucking non-stop lately. My cunt is so sore and tender but I love keeping my legs spread open wide for that dick, baby. Every day is an adventure, I love giving my body up to these nasty men so they they can do whatever they please with me! This pussy of mine is making my Mama proud, haha. I’m so horny for you baby, I wanna give your hard dick a tongue bath!

Mistaken Identity Escort

phone sex line

I can clean up nicely, if it’s going to end in me get fucked on a hella expensive car, and have crack money. I was on my way to score some crack when this nice ass car pulled up next to me. A man in a suit got out and told me I was late, and I couldn’t go dressed like that. I had no fucking clue what was going on, but I needed an adventure. So, I went along with it and got in the car, and the inside was just as nice. He took me to this expensive ass name brand store, and picked a dress and shoes for me. I changed in the car, and tried to be observant as possible. Apparently, he thinks I am his escort he is hiring to go to a vintage car charity event. So, at least I will get paid for this adventure, and he isn’t too bad looking. I wouldn’t mind fucking him for free honestly. It was a boring ass event, but I guess dude was someone important because we got to sit in everyone of the cars. We even test drove quite a few of them. I tried to remember manners until we were in the cars alone. When the event was over I was curious as to why we weren’t leaving yet. When everyone left but us, I asked why, and he told me it was his event and his cars. I stared in shock, and he laughed. He asked how else he would afford a night with me, and now was my chance to ask what I had been wondering all night. So, I asked how much exactly he was paying for a night with me, and he said $500,000. My jaw hit the floor, and he laughed. He then told me it was time to get his moneys worth, and bent me over a car more expensive than anything I had ever even touched. I can’t believe someone could make so much for something that easy. I need to reconsider this whole escort thing, but I feel bad for the girl he confused me for.

Pissing Sex Domination

pissing sexI have a pissing sex story for you. I was at the mall with my adopted daughter. She is black as night. A true Nubian princess. These punk ass teen boys were giving us shit. Calling her a jungle bunny and me a nigger loving whore. That shit doesn’t fly with me. I lured them into the family bathroom. I knew they would be down to fuck. It was just that I had zero intentions of fucking them. I wasn’t going to let them fuck my princess either. No one fucks her for free. These high school punks should have been in school. They were about to get schooled in humiliation. I showed my Nubian doll how to piss on racist assholes. I joined her. I tied them up with my designer leather belt. I told them if they screamed or fought, I would film this and plaster it on social media. My precious new angel couldn’t believe I was encouraging her to dominate white men.  I wanted to empower her. The only time men can dominate me or any of my brood is if they have paid top dollar for the privilege. No punk ass teen boy unless his last name is Trump can afford us. I thought the asshats would be humiliated being pissed on by a trashy milf and her black daughter. They were begging for more. They apparently love golden showers and in control women. I let my angel jack their dicks, but I made her stop as soon as I could see they were about to cum. They could lay there on the bathroom floor with blue balls covered in girl pee for all I cared. They didn’t deserve mercy. They were little pricks and my daughter, and I take no shit from anyone unless money is involved.

Gangbang Whore In The Fall

gangbang whore

This Gangbang whore is super wet thinking about the cooler temps of fall. I mean it gets hot when you have five or more dicks in your hot slut holes. I have enjoyed the sweating summer of cock but fucking in the park like I did last fall is amazing. My dealer E and My brother set up a hole live sex show near the river last fall. I was given rails of coke and admission was paid to be able to fuck over twenty men that day and night. I started by sitting nude in the grass and being offered each of those lovely cocks one at a time to suck for three minutes. My mouth was already sore but after that hour I was feed more Coke and my brother than bent me over and offered 3 minutes of stroke time for my sloppy wet pussy. That was an hour of being fucked deep and hard over and over. I began cumming down my legs and still I had no cum in my holes. I began to beg for at least one cum shot after my next line. My brother gave me his dick in my ass and allowed me to start sucking each of those dicks as he pumped my tight ass hole in the cool crisp air. I felt his hot load deep in me as he released my ass and pussy to be fought over. For the next hour, I became a dumpster of cum and had loads being shot all over my body.  I felt like the skankiest whore and the breeze and leaves falling down made me the happiest gangbang slut ever. I know my brother and E is planning another gangbang sex show by the river again, this time my baby sister will be taking cock with me and forty men and those rock hard cocks are going to be fucking us silly. I love the life of my orgy phone sex slut self!orgy phone sex

3 fisting whore lovers

fisting whorephone chat linesanal cum dumpster

Our boss pays us big whenever he is high as a kite. He picked Deanna, Carrie and I to deliver a weekend full of fun. We had to get sick and super freaky. The three of us make a crazy fun trio. At work, the stages are set up for the main stripper whores to make the most cash. The main stage is positioned right on the VIP section. To get those spots we have to earn them with the head honcho. This weekend try out was for the three of us to prove we could handle center stage. All we had to do was give him the time of his life.

We showed up and showed out we were ready for his demented demands. We heard horror stories on how he loves making the strippers take muts dicks in their cunts and mouth. With enough blow, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind having his muts cum. His request was simple he wanted to have us clothed. He could see us naked at work if he wanted. He made us piss on ourselves that was his first instruction. We had to be drenched he loved us to listen to him. Once we were pissy sluts, we had to blow him and take his load and cum swap nonstop. It was such a mess, but he wasn’t done with us till he made us each a fisting whore. We were going to have big black holes. After sometime with his four legged friend we earned center stage. It was such a great feeling to be a cum dump and a whore for the weekend. Being a high whore was what I wanted to be and I got to do that with two filthy sluts. It was a fun mess to have all the loads of cum and piss all over us rubbed in. The messiest weekend thus far.

Sexy hooker on the side of the road

Hookers for hireHookers for hire off of the side of the road are the filthiest and nastiest sluts that you will ever have the pleasure of playing with. There’s no limits to the fun that we love to have, the nastier and dirtier the better baby. I just parade around butt ass naked all day long while flashing my goodies to the passerbys. Some just honk and yell but others will stop and inquire about pricing, etc. I’ve made so much fuckin money just bouncing around these streets, it’s amazing how many horny ass men are out there just dying to get their dicks wet. I lost count how many times i’ve been fucked so far today, there have been dozens upon dozens of cocks in and out of my slutty holes and I love it!

I Submit to You

Hookers for HireOh yes, I am a cum guzzling slut who can handle being treated like a lot lizard. I love thick long hard cock, and yes I want you to drive your cock deep inside of my pussy. I love it when you fuck me hard and stiff. I want to turn around while I’m on my hands and knees and I want you to start fucking my face. Make me swallow your cock until you see your massive cock-rod print in my throat. Then I want you to rip your juicy cock from my mouth and go behind me and bang my wet cunt from the back doggy style. I love it it’s so good to feel your massive fuck stick penetrating my dripping cum dumpster snatch. Yes, I love it I want your cock to sink into my cunt I want your hard cock to engulf my wanting cunt. Bang me like a fucking demon and spank me because I need it. Grab my milkers, play with these big beautiful titties, put them in your mouth and suck them as they jiggle all around I love it so much. I love the way you fuck me I love the way you put your cock inside of me and fuck me so good. Take over my pussy you control me I need you. I love it it’s full of lust and passion. Yes, you own me. You like to fuck me; I love you to fuck me; I need your big fat hard cock deep. Put your meat inside of me and fuck me so hard grinding my pussy pounding my pussy make me feel it make me feel your fucking hard cock beating my pussy.

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