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Super Young Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy little hookers for hire had a huge night last night. They got fucked so hard, I had to keep them out of school today. They could barely walk, and I wanted them to rest up for family time this week. Our two adopted daughters are super young and, on their way, to being sex stars. These precious angels love being part of our family and want to please us. My husband had this international client looking for some young pussy. He was willing to pay handsomely too. He likes to fuck rough. Many years ago, he took my oldest daughter’s virginity. She could barely walk for days, but he paid us enough money that the money he paid, when invested wisely, will pay for her college education. Of course, that was a decade ago and prices have gone up. And, he was getting two young sexy prostitutes at once. These young rescues are set for life, and they can even send some money home to their parents who are in impoverished countries. Demetri has a huge cock and he likes to stretch and gape holes. He is the kind of man that wants a young girl to always remember the damage he did to her holes. Our youngest sweeties will never forget how hard he fucked them. They may have swollen, gaping holes now, but that is nothing my loving mommy mouth can’t soothe.

Lot Lizard Sex Stories

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex stories, I have plenty to share. I was down at the truck stop last night and I saw this young Lolita hooker. She was dressed like an 80s hooker in fishnets and a pink boa. She had on a latex mini skirt and a tube top too. I didn’t know how old she was, but she looked desperate for some money. My guess, she was a runaway and found herself with a nasty, mean pimp. I asked her how much for an hour. She told me an extremely reasonable price for her jail bait pussy. Skank or not, jail bait pussy can command more money. This young thing needed my help. We went into big D’s cab and she earned that money by blowing his big black dick.  He is not as found of jail bait as some guys are. We both felt sorry for the girl. She was clearly trafficked and not treated like a princess. I could see the bruises on her body and needle marks on her arms. Big D and I hatched a plan. He knows this fat cat in Chicago who has a harem of sexy prostitutes her age. He treats them like his daughters. Of course, they are his sex slaves, but they fair far better than the ones on the streets underselling their bald cunts. Big D said he would hand deliver her if she wanted a better life. Better to be one man’s whore and be rewarded for it than to be owned by some scuzzy trafficker and abused daily. Easy choice. I distracted her pimp with more money saying my husband wanted her for the night. Dumb ass said he would be back at 7 am. Big D had that sweet pussy halfway to Chicago before he even came back. I was a young hooker like her, but I was treated like a queen. Now this jail bait whore while live in a nice home and Big D and I will get a hefty finder’s fee. We all win.

Almost Didn’t Make It

Gangbang whoreSome son of a bitch who I thought was safe, because I have been picked up by him before really fucked me up badly.  He picked me up as he had every Tuesday night for the last four weeks.  He was happy, and we just bullshitted because he mostly just wanted someone to talk to. This night however was very different.  His happy faded rather quickly and he started to raise his voice as he was talking about an eviction notice that he found on his door after work today.  His ex-wife’s father owns the building that he lives in, and I guess he wanted him out for no other reason then spitefulness.  Red flags started to pop up left and right in my brain.  I reached into my bag for my weapon and it wasn’t there!  Someone must of snatched it at the diner earlier.

I was in a fuck load of trouble, and I knew it.  My brain was racing trying to figure out what to do when he slammed on his breaks, got out of the car, came to the passenger side, whipped open my door and dragged me out by my hair.  I was screaming and fighting, he tossed me to the ground, I scrambled to get up, but he put his foot in the small of my back and I couldn’t move.  He out weighed me by a lot.  I was clutching at the dirt, trying to gain a hold on anything I could, I broke several of my nails.

He got on the ground, grabbed my legs and flipped me over.  He was ranting and calling me some other woman’s name.  I knew that this was going to be so very bad.  He slapped me hard across the face, I was stunned for a few seconds.  He was between my legs now, cutting at my stockings with a knife.  I thought, “This is it Luna, this is how it is all going to end, with you left dead in a dirty vacant lot.” He shoved his dick inside of me.   I started to push at him, screaming my name, he just kept on ranting, then he put his hands on my throat.

I could feel the burn in my chest, he had cut off all air.  Slowly I saw what looked like a mist take over my sight, I was losing consciousness  Then all of a sudden I could breath.  I coughed, and gasped for air.  I sat up, but then laid back down, I was dizzy.  He was sitting on the ground next to me, crying.  I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t, my throat hurt.  I got up, stood behind him, he was saying he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it.  I kicked that motherfucker hard, in the back of his head, he fell over to one side.  I kept kicking him and kicking him.  I was now out of breath. I grabbed his pants, and took the keys out of his pocket, ran to his car, and took off.

Did I go to the police? No.  Did I go to the hospital? No.  Why? Because it was actually partly my fault. I put myself into a situation where there is always a risk of this happening.  Am I traumatized by it? Fuck no.  Shit happens.  Will that asshole get what’s coming to him? Absolutely!  Before I took off from the scene I took all the money he had from his wallet, which was a couple thousand, so for about ten minutes of being abused, I made out pretty well. 

Pissing Sex With Sexy Tranny

Pissing Sex

Some hot and heavy hard and long fucking is what I love. I had a little get together with a couple of other Ladyboys and we got so high and wasted that we had some of the messiest sloppy fucking going on with our three tranny cocks and these fuck holes and mouths draining the spunk dry from those big shemale cocks. It’s super hot to have two other tranny’s with gorgeous tits palying dirty and pissing on themselves while I hose them down as well. It was beautiful and having one suck me off until I was ready then I unloaded all my tranny cum onto those beautiful shemale tits. We fucked each other so damned good all our asses were gaping by the time we were done.

His desire

anal cum dumpster

Someone call bravo we have an angry housewife on the loose. It wasn’t my plan to hijack your husband. I made him into an anal cum dumpster. I kept denying him and wasn’t too fond of the idea of him fucking me. My looks are grade A, but I don’t have the gold-digger streak in me. I am happier in the projects drinking beer and getting passed around by all the truckers. I was working as a secretary at a cover-up startup. My boss was a clean-cut man who had graduated from an ivy league university. I wondered how the hell I got mixed up in this crowd. It was quite easy. My drug dealer boyfriend was working hand in hand with Mr. Thomas. The job kind of fell in my lap. I was enjoying the money and was loving the endless supply of coke.

Eventually, I was promoted out of nowhere to work for hand and hand with the top boss. Mr. Thomas was a cock loving cum eating maniac like me. He promised me the moon and stars he was bored as hell in his everyday life that he had resorted to working with my criminal boyfriend. They were ranking in vast amounts of money. One day on a bender I discovered how exciting it was to turn my boss on and get him to escape reality. I was turned on by bringing out the freak in him. It was an example, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I liked the control and making him weak. I was full on the definition of hookers for hire, but yet I was making this privledge man shuffle over all his desires to me and also making sure I never would be without my coveted nose candy and cum. Orgy parties were held weekly, and we partied hard. Sadly his wife found out, and he lost his family but gained so much more.

A Night Off

Gangbang whoreIt was supposed to be my night off.  All I wanted to do was go out with my girls.  Have some drinks, dance, have more drinks, you know, just have a great time and wake up with a hangover the next day.  You know what they say: What ho’s around, cums around.  My friends and I were at the bar, drinking shots when I hear someone; who is clearly drunk mind you; bellowing my name.  I was ignoring it, but my friends kept telling me that someone was calling me.  I told them that I was aware but just to ignore it.

I could hear them getting closer so I told the girls that I wanted to get bottle service and we made our way over to the roped off area of the club.  We sat down and waited for the server to come over.  Now I could see who was calling my name. It was one of my johns.  He was drunk off his ass, and he was waving a twenty dollar bill in the air.  My one friend asked me who the hell that was, I told her some guy from the club I work at.  My good friends know a lot about me, but they don’t know that I sell my shit on the street sometimes.

He was standing in front of the roped off area and yelling my name. One of the bouncers came over and said something to him.  I could see the john pointing at me, then he jabbed the bouncer in the chest with his finger.  The bouncer was staying calm, shaking his head no, but the guy was becoming more and more agitated.  The whole VIP section was now watching the interaction. My john grabbed the rope, and the bouncer grabbed his arm.  Then the john took a swing at the bouncer, which the bouncer easily avoided. 

The next thing we knew two other bouncers where behind him, they all picked him up and took him away. He was yelling something about me being a cunt, and how he had money for a blowjob. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to drinking.  There were so many questions from my friends, but I pretended that I had no fucking clue what that whole thing was about. Within a few minutes, we were out dancing on the floor, and the whole matter had been forgotten.  However, I kept thinking about that twenty dollars and how easy it would be to just go outside and suck his cock and come back inside twenty dollars richer.

The Aftermath

Cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve was lit!!!!! I made so much damn money using all my fuck holes! The adrenaline kept me awake.  There was the biggest crowd at my job. I have never seen it like that.  I had some “business” cards made to pass out the customers so that if they wanted something beyond a lap dance they could contact me after I was done at the club.  My cell phone was blowing up!  

I had so many guys who wanted to fuck that I had to rent a hotel room and just give them times to show up.  I had to take yesterday off because I was so damn sore.  No lie, I spent most of the day yesterday drinking tea because I sucked so much cock that I couldn’t speak.  My jaw is still sore, it hurts to even eat.  My ass and pussy are still super tender and I was sitting on frozen veggies for hours yesterday, and even today off and on.

I am not sure how much cum I swallowed either.  It just kept coming.  One guy started to look like one another.  It was just a blur of cock.  I think word must have gotten around because when I looked back at how many guys I gave the room number to on my cell, way more than that amount showed up.  Maybe I can make this another little money making avenue.   

I will have to go tomorrow morning and deposit all this cash, there is a shit ton of it.  I am so happy!  I hope you got to fuck someone on New Years, and if not, you can always give me a call. 

New Year Resolutions

latina phone sex

I think New Year resolutions are a waste of fucking time. I suck at being good. One of the few things I am good at is trickery and Latina phone sex. I am also good at shooting a good porn scene. Other than that I am bad at love and terrible at telling the truth. I have stolen from my own grandfather to supply my high. I have gotten real close with my dealer and was invited to his New Year’s bash.

I was more than happy to attend. I knew he would supply plenty of party fun. There was going to be coke and cocks by the flocks. My resolutions this year is to be excellent at what I am already great at. I will keep being a party slut and getting high. I love the high feeling some good H gives me. I always think I have hit rock bottom but I’m proven wrong each time. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. I am going to get my sloppy wet cunt fucked by anyone with a pretty pill of a dollar bill. The party didn’t disappoint. I got so trashed I didn’t wake up till today.

Seedy motel hooker

Anal cum dumpsterI’m at the local seedy motel all night long tonight being the anal cum dumpster that my pimp wants me to be. My dealer came over too and he’s supplying so many fucking drugs for me and my other slutty hooker friends that are here with me. What could be better than a room full of crack whores who are more than willing to do anything and everything for some quick cash?! There is so much sloppy seconds cum loads oozing out of my cunt and dripping into my asshole which is already totally filled up with some fresh creampie. I love when that dealer dick is in my face, I suck that shit until it squirts cum all over my fat tits. My pimp has be blow smoke rings around his cock while my dealer anal fucks me. I’m so fucking high, I can’t feel my damn face!

Working My Way Though New Year’s Eve

Anal cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve is going to be fucking epic! It is one of the biggest money making nights of the year, not only at the club, but out on the streets too.  I guess nobody wants to be alone when that clock strikes twelve, or wants to start the new year alone, even if they have to pay for it.  I for one do not mind being alone at all.  It is the reason I get to make so much bank.  I couldn’t do the stuff I do if I had a boyfriend, they would just hold me back.

I went to our local Hustler store and bought a lot of new things to wear.  I like to change it up when I am working.  I also like to keep clean when I’m working.  I make sure my stuff is squeaky clean, it makes me more money in the end.  There are some guys though that do like a sloppy wet pussy, full of someone else’s cum, and have a used scent to it.  My regulars will drive by once and tell me they will be back in two hours or what have you so that I know not to wash up and they pay me a lot of money not to do so.

I hope you enjoy yours on New Year’s Eve, have some coke, have some booze, have some pussy/cock and just fucking party and forget about the bad shit for at least a little while.  Think of me at the club and in the alley helping make people a little less lonely and my bank account a lot fuller.

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