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Dinner Date At The Truck Stop

Hooker phone sexSome redneck, white trash trucker called me up and wanted my slutty ass to come and meet him at the truck stop for a car date because he was going to be driving through town and wanted his dose of me! Can’t say that I blame him, i’m pretty fucking irresistible! My wet pussy pulsates when i’m parading around the truck lot! Last time I went and met up with this hick ass mother fucker, he ate out my dirty cunt for hours, you would have thought that I was his last meal on Earth! He calls me his little lizard because I have a wild tongue when i’m sucking his throbbing dick! It’s super nasty and gross looking and tasting but that doesn’t matter to a nasty whore like me, i’m in it for the money honey! This time when I went and saw him, it was the same as last, he ate me out for hours! His cock and balls smelled so fucking bad from all the sweat and body odor that’s been caked on to them while he had been driving, I was gagging as I was sucking on him but his cum shot was well worth it! He always has loads and loads of fresh gooey jizz for me! I’m the most scrumptious, naughtiest dinner date that a trucker could have during their rest!

Mom taught me

Hooker phone sex

I am a known hooker I can’t help it. Ever since I was a young one I was into fucking and getting money.  Now I’m grown and my pimp sees my worth and how I can almost talk my way to getting away with any and everything.  My mom was my first pimp.  I didn’t recognize it at first but now looking back.  She most definitely was my pimp.  She would have parties at the house to help pay the bills.  So if I guy started looking at me she would offer me up.  She would always tell me if you want something you have to lay down and get it.  The first time I turned trick I wasn’t even in High school.  I made like two hundred dollars but my mom said bills first and whatever is left was mine.  I thought I was making money because I was banging out at least a thousand a week and that was a slow week.  These old ass men loved my tight little body.  The things my mom taught me kept them coming back for more.   She said all men love young tight pussy so always keep it clean and tight.  Making a man feel like he the only one fucking your money box will keep them paying for it.  I could squeeze my pussy so tight them old men would start shaking like they was having a seizure.  One man even cried at how good my pussy was.  My mom was a great teacher of what I could do with my pussy.  Even taught me if you can’t squirt piss on them they don’t know the difference.  Everything I learned about the game came from her.

Whiny crybaby hoes

I grew up as a fuck slave, daddy and mommy whored my pussy and asshole out like I was a hotel. I was used, fucked, stuck, slapped, gagged and so much more. I know the harsh realities of it. But you know what, I am not whining or being a little sissy bitch about it either. I grew to like it. I love getting my fill and being put in my place, being used as a human toilet, having my pussy and asshole pounded and used as a cum dumpster. So when I see these cry babies who cannot keep their whiny ass mouths closed about how much their asshole hurts or about how men treat them so bad, I want to tell them to shut the fuck up and use what you got. Your pussy, titties, asshole and mouth. If you make the men happy, they give you the money to keep you happy. Little whiny crybaby hoes. Grow up!


Hookers for hire

Druggy Slutty Whore Bitch

Drunk Girl Fucking

Oh my god- I got so wasted last night. I can only sorta remember what happened but basically I went to this party, right? And I was drinking like a ton, way more than I should of. And of course I was smoking pot and doing coke all night too. The blow should of kept me up but of course, it did nothing and I found myself passed out on a bed with 8 guys jerking off on to me. My ass is still so fucking sore, guys- for real. I mean, you know I loved it because I’m a dumb slut but the only thing that freaks me out about it is that they were filming the whole thing. I really want a copy of the video because I know I probably look so hot passed out on that nasty bed covered in jizz. You’d want to watch it too, right? 😉

Tickle Fetish

no taboo phone sexYou seem to have an extreme tickle fetish. You always want to take me in the back and have me take off all my clothes. Then you will bind my hands together above my head with a black silk scarf and blindfold me. You tell me to guess what you are going to pull out of your bag of tricks to use to tickle. I nervously laugh because I never know. You have used a paintbrush, a stiff white chicken feather, an electric toothbrush, pantyhose, and a feather duster. You take the feather duster and rub it against my sides. There is something incredibly sensual about a soft feather lightly touching my naked skin. It causes me to laugh and have chills both at the same time. Not to mention how hot and wet it is making my pussy. You take the stiff white chicken feather and you rub it on the edges of my feet making me giggle like a school girl. You start scribbling with the feather on my arches and the souls of my feet until I am laughing and screaming. You like to tickle my pussy with your fingers until I am screaming,cumming, and peeing myself all at the same time. You then shower me in your hot wet cum. Your cum is dripping from my tits all they way down to my toes.

Drug Slut Fest 2017

hookers for hire


Okay so I think I should just go ahead and call the summer of 2017 my Slut-A-Thon aka Drug Slut Fest 2017 aka I want to get banged out as much as possible before fall starts. I’m sure you can help!!! Hopefully you have a few friends who might want to gang bang this teeny pussy to bits as well. I am a total whore for getting fucked proper. My pussy stays wet thinking about all the different ways you and any of your pals could maybe use me to pieces. Give me a little bit of blow and let’s go, baby! I wanna get used and treated like the whore I am. No shame in it, I just know what I like!!! Got any black friends because I loooooooooove big black cock filling me up. Bounce me, pounce me- lick me up and spit me out. I am yours to whatever you’d like. Slip me a pill later?  You can buy me off of here right now, I’m your hooker for hire.

Cum Guzzling Whore

I am a nasty little slut and I need to get my cum guzzling cunt wet tonight. I did not make enough money last night and if I do not make up for it, I am not going to be able to pay rent. Is it just me or are all of these truck stop hoppers stealing the money. I just need to find one man who is ok playing with my pussy and maybe even my girls too and have him take care of us. I will give him whatever the hell he wants.

Hookers for hire

My ass hole, my pussy, my mouth I just need to make rent this month. I will worry about what to do next month and the month after that. I am just worried about right now, so who’s dick can I suck at this very moment to make sure my bills are paid NOW? Just open up them trousers, flop it out and give my mouth the cum to guzzle.

Deanna Teased Tortured and Ass Fucked

phone sex line

When you picked me up at the strip club and took me back your house I had no idea just how kinky you were. You tied me with a rope to a bench and then you started teasing my nipples. You had me screaming when you applied the nipple clamps. Then you started rubbing on my pussy. Just when I would start to feel like an orgasm was near you would stop and slap my ass or pull on the nipple clamps. You said I want you to know how it feels since you like to tease all of us men when we are at the strip club. My pussy was so hot, wet, and throbbing. I was begging for your big thick cock. You rubbed it all over my soaking wet pussy. You put just the head of your hard cock in my pussy and as I am waiting in anticipation you pulled out. You then rammed that big thick cock into my tight little ass. You fucked my ass so hard before pulling out to explode shooting that hot wet jucicy cum all over my back and ass.

Pastor’s Secret

Sexy Prostitutes

I was just entering the church. I haven’t been here in years. Surprised I didn’t catch on fire.  I sat near the back of the church.  Now I know why I didn’t catch on fire the devil himself was the pastor.  This trick told me he hated his wife.  He would spend between two and three thousand a night on me easy.  I didn’t mind either.  I wonder if I could make the devil sweat.  So I moved to the front of the church and sat down right beside his wife.  He paused as soon as he saw me.  It turned me on how cool he kept it.  I wasn’t done yet.  It was time to make things a little hotter.  I started a conversation with his wife and she even began hugging me.  He was a little bothered but it was my driving force I got wet right in the moment knowing he was getting upset.  Straight after service he pulled me in his office and fucked me right there.  No questions asked just said he needed to lay hands on me.  As he was stoking me deep from behind he told me to never come back to his church again.  Which was a complete lie.  This was one of the best angry fucks i had in a while.  Oh he was really mad but also turned on.  Who would have thought the prostitute wanted to come to church to find out the trick she tricks with is a pastor surprise.  This was all worth it.

Deanna All Tied UP

phone sex lineI work at a strip club right next to a truck stop. We normally just get your average blue collar worker here. Lately, there has been this very preppy man coming in here and he has been pulling out the hundred dollar bills. I have even blown him a couple of times when he paid for a VIP room. I had thought of him as a pushover. So when he told me he would give me $500.00 if I would come back to his house after my shift. I was like hell yeah. So I finished up my shift and off to his house we went. He lives in one of those really nice neighborhoods. So I felt really relaxed about everything. Once we were in his house he had me take off my clothes while he fixed me a drink. He must have slipped me something because within seconds I felt sleepy. He said you look tired let’s go downstairs. Once we were downstairs he pushed me on a dirty mattress. Then he started tying me up with some rope. He tied my tits so tight that I thought they were going to explode. That was when things changed and I started to wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into.

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