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Creampie Slut Daughters

creampie slutI am a creampie slut. So are my daughters. We all enjoy having our pussies filled with creamy jizz. Last night, I wanted alone time with my girls. My husband took the boys to a movie and gave me a couple hours with the girls. I hired a boy toy stripper for us. He is a barely legal hunk that my middle daughter has a crush on. He is a couple years older than her, but until he graduated in May, he went to school with her. I did some research on him as my daughter never stops talking about him. I was surprised to find that he is a male escort. A barely legal hunk for hire. My daughter was so excited when his mask came off and she saw her teen dream standing before her naked. Truth. I hired my jailbait daughter a male hooker. A male hooker that went to school with her and was once the most popular boy in her school. My other daughters were so happy for her. Monday is her sweet, well you know, birthday. This was a little early birthday present for her. The boys would tease her if they knew about her boy crush, so that is why I said I needed some girl time. He fucked us all, but he fucked my middle daughter many times. He loved her Lolita pussy. Her momma and her sisters loved her cum filled cunt too. We had her licked clean before daddy and the boys came home. Don’t tell on us, okay?

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fucking

Do you enjoy teen sluts fucking? I am a nasty little fuck slut. I will do anything a guy wants to score some drugs. I like to party hard and fuck harder. Thursday night I discovered my stash was depleted. I was bummed, but I don’t have to go without for long. Look at me? I am a hot teen slut. I can shake my skanky ass and dirty old perverts will beg for the chance to fuck me. I went down to this dive bar to see who was willing to pay for some young pussy. I had on hot pants and a tube top and of course stripper shoes. I am not old enough to drink legally, but when you look like me, no one cards you. When I walked into the bar, all eyes were on me. I love attention. I announced to the patrons that I needed cash. Guys were just tossing me money. I had not even announced that I was a young hooker for hire yet. These drunk old bastards were giving me charity money. As I collected the money, I decided to see how much more I could get. I wanted to drain their wallets dry. I told the guys in the bar that for the right price, anything goes in any of my tight teen holes. Guys were lining up at the bar ATM to get me my fast cash. Some guys wanted to drill my ass bareback. Others wanted to cream inside my pretty pink cunt. But most just wanted head. They wanted an old fashioned sloppy blowjob. Damn, I guess wives aren’t keeping their men happy. If they were, these dirty old perverts wouldn’t be draining their bank accounts to get some teen action. I may have left that bar coated in cum, but I left with enough cash to party all week long.


Druggy Porn Star

druggy porn

Daddy always said I would be a druggy porn star someday. I am not a full-time hooker, but I do use my body to get drugs and my bills paid. You can barter for anything with a tight bald pussy and a pretty pink asshole. I needed a fix last night. I was low on funds but wanted to get high. A cute girl like me never has to worry about where her next fix is coming from when she has a sweet little cunt. My pussy and ass are cash cows. I went to this dive bar in town where all the old perverts hang out. It’s a bunch of drunks and druggies. My kind of crowd. As I walked in wearing hooker looking clothes and high heels, I commanded everyone’s attention. Dirty daddy types were swarming around me buying me drinks. The bartender asked to see my ID, so I had to blow him. I’m not 21! He took a sloppy blowjob in exchange for letting me stay in his bar. I had no money in my pockets, but I didn’t need any with my cute teen body. The dirty old men were buying me whatever I needed. I announced that whoever could get me coke had dibs on my asshole. This old geezer pulled a bag of pretty white powder out of his pants and tossed it to me. I did a line, then pulled off my panties. I bent over the pool table continuing to snort lines while grandpa fucked my tight ass. He grunted and sweated like he might stroke out. I guess he just had not nutted in forever.  After he got first dibs, it was open season on my fuck holes. I love being a gangbang whore. If I have my medicine, I don’t care what anyone does to me. Get me high and fill me up with cum.

Lucky 13

hookers for hire   All the freaks come out for Friday the 13th. I take full advantage of it to suck and fuck my way into some cash for my nose candy. I wish I could just put hookers for hire sign in my front yard. Big beautiful cock is my favorite craving besides my coke. I don’t have to search long before a group of guys standing on the corner start cat calling me. My cunt starts tingling with excitement. They take me to an abandoned house and I peel my clothes off so fast I can’t wait to feel their cocks smacking my face as they all try to shove them in my mouth. Come on guys I have 2 other holes prime for the taking. The loads they blew all over and inside let me know I had hit the honey hole. Now to my dealer’s house to score my bag.

Druggy Phone Sex Whore



druggy phone sex

Not your everyday druggy phone sex whore. I spend my nights dancing the pole or slinging my pussy. I needed to see my dealer tonight and I knew I could get some of that huge Black dick and a discount, wink wink. I needed some coke to get me through the morning fucking my pussy and I wanted cum to be deep in my ass and pussy as I have my legs high in the air and that white snow on my ass hole. I have so many toys but I needed a mouth full of my dealers’ huge dick. I love gagging on it and he made sure his brother watched as I gave him a deep throat blow job. My ass was spread and I was getting another black boy dick in my ass. I felt a hot wet stream down my back and run down my ass. My gang bang slut reputation for being a nasty piss girl proceeded me. MMM, I got so much piss and cum and my baggy of coke so I can have a wild whore party night. who am I kidding Every night is a nasty whore party night and morning for me.  “Air kisses” I am ready for you baby, let’s play.

Trashy MILF and Madam

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. It means I get all the young cock I want. But it also means I get to help other women too. Usually, my motives are unselfish. I want other women to be freaks like me; I want them to do the naughty taboo things that lurk in their minds. We have a new neighbor on the block. She is an ex-trophy wife whose rich husband left her for a younger model and she took his daughter and half of his millions and got her own place. She is pretty much a bitch, but she has a sweet young girl who could make us all millions. The only problem was convincing her to share her little Lolita girl. Her daughter is an angel. I can see men paying top dollar for her sweet young pussy. I just had to woo the mother. The other night, I got her high. Super high for the first time. In that altered state, you can plant the naughty seeds and taboo thoughts. She admitted that finances will be tight to keep her and her daughter living in the life of luxury like that are accustomed to living. As we did lines of coke, I suggested an old-fashioned way of making easy and big money. Prostitution porn brings top dollar especially when the hooker is of tender age. She thought I was joking until I showed her a few home movies of my sexy brood of hookers. Like most women, she had some hesitation about selling her daughter’s fuck holes, so I put it in a way that would seal her involvement. Turning her little girl into a hooker would make her enough money that she would be living better without her ex’s money.  Her sweet young girl has her first date tonight. I am of course taking ten percent as a finder’s fee. I can spot natural talent a mile away. I know which little girls will be top earning sexy prostitutes.

Family of Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesI have a family of sexy prostitutes. Something for everyone. I talk about my daughters a lot because they are in high demand. Every man fantasizes about Lolita sex, some even have extreme P desires. But it is not always men who hire one of us. Sometimes, my husband has some female clients who want to have some naughty fun. Tanya is the wife of one of my husband’s clients. She is gorgeous. A trophy wife like me, but she only has daughters. Her husband told her how I fuck my boys, often in front of clients who want to watch a mother and a son get it on. She always wanted a son but had three daughters instead. She hired my middle son to play her son. He is a great fuck too. He has a large cock for his age and he loves to eat mommy’s pussy, even her ass. I prepared him in advance. He knew to call her mommy and talk to her like he does to me. Tanya was going to get the dirty mommy experience. She spent hours with my son draining his hairless balls. I was so proud of him. I got to watch because of the nanny cams throughout the house. She fucked him in his twin bed. My own son roleplayed fucking another mommy while the rest of his family watched. I had a sloppy wet pussy by the time they were done. We recorded a video for her, so she could watch it anytime and relive the hot encounter. Her husband no longer has any swimmers thanks to radiation a few years ago and she desperately wants to have a son. I told her to come back when she is ovulating so her “baby boy” can impregnate her. I won’t even charge for that because it would mean I get to become a sexy granny and watch him be groomed for as mommy’s sex slave.

My Yummy, Messy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was so full it was running down my legs like a river. I had just finished a college boy gang bang as a favor to my husband. One of his old fraternity buddies needed a hooker to take on the graduating class of the fraternity. He knew just the woman to ask, his whore wife. This was a charity fuck. They didn’t have to pay. My pussy and ass were reward for making it through 4 years of college. Afterwards, I was covered in cum. Head to toe and all the holes in between were cum coated and cum filled. I could have showered. Most women would have showered to clean up. But, I am not most women. I am a trashy milf. I have a brood of cum lickers who enjoy cleaning up my messy holes. I had 6 brats and one horny old man, my husband, giving me a tongue bath to get all that cum off me. They licked me for hours like a cat bathes its kittens. When my brood licks the cum from my holes and off my body, it makes them horny. How can I not want to help them out? Our kinky family fun may begin as hedonistic mommy worship, but it always ends with a family orgy.

White Trash Phone Sex Mommy

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is where it as at. Why talk to a classy chick when you can have a dirty talking momma? My offspring all love that I am a dirty talker. My oldest girl is 20. She is the only legal daughter I got, but I have been teaching her how to talk dirty. She wants to get into the phone sex business. She escorts and of course is one of daddy’s favorite hookers. She is a sugar baby too on those special arrangement sites. She makes great money with all her adult endeavors, but phone sex is something she has yet to try. Being a dirty slut is one thing, being a dirty phone sex slut is another thing. I have been letting her listen in on my calls lately for training. She sits on the couch next to me rubbing my pussy as I talk with guys like you. She finds it hot when I talk about taboo things like our family fun and being a P parent. She already told me she will raise her brats in the family way when she starts a family. We started talking about starting her little one off from the get go with drinking grandpa’s cum in his or her bottle after a P call last night. Thinking of being a P grandma made me so wet. My daughter and I had a hot fuck in between calls. We ate each other out. We rubbed our juicy slits together. We even used my double-sided dildo together. She is not my first born, but she is the first one I was able to keep and raise. I am so proud of her. She is hot as fuck and as dirty as her parents. Regardless if she gets into this line of work or not, she is going to be such a dirty mommy one day. I just hope one day is very soon. I am ready to have an extremely little one in the house again.

My Dirty Sexline


My sexline was busier than usual this weekend.  Many perverts wanted to talk to a dirty mommy like me. Many wanted to fuck mommy, but just as many wanted to paly with one of my angels. I love a P man. I married one, so I understand the need for tender age cunnie and cock. My brood are no angels; however, they are greedy little whores. The boys are too. My fuck trophies will bend over and open their mouths for anyone, especially if money is involved. My girls do have some sugar daddies and school boys they fuck, but no one goes in their tight pink snatches or pretty puckered rosebuds without paying first. Some guys pay in presents, others pay in gifts and trips. Pussy is never free, right?  I am raising a family of sexy prostitutes. I have been a whore all my life. I was born to be a whore. I know about being a young hooker. The difference between me and my little slutkins is that they control their money and they have the freedom to fuck who they want. I was my parents’ captive and jailbait hooker.  When I married my husband and starting breeding future hookers, my husband and I agreed that our sluts would keep their own money and make their own decisions. They are our willing sex slaves. We had a big pool party sex orgy over the weekend. Daddy invited some big clients who paid top dollar for those little pussies. I even invited a few milf friends, so my boys could have some pussy to fuck. I have a lot of bored unsatisfied trophy wives who will pay for a young cock. I enjoy being a facilitator who helps horny adults fulfill their P desires. Maybe I can help you too. My phone sex line welcomes P perverts.

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