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Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy all Morning

sloppy wet pussyI have a sloppy wet pussy this morning. Why? Because I have been masturbating all morning. Seriously, I can’t stop fucking my cunt. My oldest daughter got me a present last night. It is this big black suction cup dildo. She has one just like it. We gave the boys in the house quite the show this morning. While other people were in church, my family was having an orgy. The boys get extremely hard and aroused seeing me play with my daughter. She is the oldest and the only one, not their father’s. I was pregnant with her when my husband stole me away from the dingy trailer in rural West Virginia where I was held captive by my parents. She is in her 20s and my only legal age offspring. She is also about to make me a grandma. Daddy and I are so excited too. That means another slutkin in the house to play with and pimp out! My daughter is super horny now. It happens to pregnant women, but since she is such a slut already, she is fucking 24/7 now. None of the boys in the family can keep up. I’m in my sexual prime as a trashy MILF, so no one can keep up with me either. That is why she got us those big black dildos. We spent all morning cumming. Now that the boys and daddy are awake and hard, we are going to enjoy the real thing! Have you ever fucked pregnant pussy? You don’t know what you are missing!

Hot Stripper Sex Any Way You Want

hot stripper sex

Every guy has a fantasy about getting some hot stripper sex when they go out to the strip club. Finding that slutty stripper that’s going to let them do anything they want to them is what gets their cock rock hard and ready to fuck. When they whisper my ear and ask if they can take me home with them I giggle and tell them that my pussy isn’t free but it can definitely be theirs for the right price. It gets me so fucking wet to know that I can get paid for my pussy. When I’m getting fucked and knowing that I’m getting paid to cum all over a nice hard cock my pussy fucking gushes. Guys love it too, getting an easy fuck from a sexy teen stripper. They love watching my tits while I bounce up and down on their cock, riding them until they explode their cum inside my pussy.

Hard Fucking Hooker

Hooker Phone SexI have been a whore my whole life.  My Daddy used me when I was a kid and would sell me to the neighbors for a pack of smokes so I learned pretty early that sex is money.  I still sell my body, but I do it on my terms.  I work as a stripper and call girl in Hollywood, so I run into my share of let’s say interesting clients.  I love them all.  They make my life exciting and I get to fuck lots of guys and make lots of money. We usually party before they get what they paid for.  Those Hollywood types love their drugs.  I have partied with more than my share of actors but I’m not one to name names.  One of the kinkiest things that ever happened to me was a John, who is a pretty famous guy wanted me to fuck his Furry Friend in front of a room of his buddies.  He offered me a lot of money to do it.  I think they thought I would be chicken shit, but I took a couple of bumps and pulled down my pants and let that fucking 4 legged beast have my ass. It was awesome!  I have been thinking about getting a furry companion of my own.  (Wink Wink)

Flo Hookers For Hire

Live phone sexI am a 3 hole no limit whore for hire. My payment some great fucking crack please! I promise to be a good cum guzzling slut for your. If you are willing to give me the chance, and a that rock that I am so desperately looking for. You will not be a disappointed. I will come dressed any
way you wish or not dressed at all. Smirks. The bigger and better quality of that crack. The more wetter I get. The more horner I get. The more I just wanna fuck in the most strangest postition and get kinker and kinkeir. I can only imagine the things you would do to me. As I crawl over to you with my tongue hanging out panting. Watching me as I get closer and closer. Kneeling before you bending down kissing your feet. High on that crack I am cumming just by licking and kissing on your tasty feet. My cunt humps the air. As I crave cock in my holes. You can see the desperation in my eyes. I beg I feel like I am screaming for your cock. But the crack has me so fucked up I know I am slurring. But you can still understand what I am trying to say. That I am still trying to plead for your cock. So how high would you get me. What crazy demented things would you do to me. Would you piss in me? Fuck me ass to mouth? Beat me until I was raw? Fuck every hole with your cock and fist? I wanna fuck you all night long. I wanna wake up the next day with your cum leaking of my cunt and ass. And my stomach is filled full of your seed. Is there anything I have not mentioned that you would love to do to me? I am up for anything!

Cum Guzzling Slut Drinks You Up

Cum Guzzling Slut

I’m a cum guzzling slut and everyone knows it. I’m a stripper, and all the girls I work with fuck the guys that come in. But they all know how much I love cum. Most of them will hook up with the men that come into our club because they just want their money. But I want their cum. Getting paid for my pussy does turn me on and make me feel like such naughty whore. But what really makes my little bald cunt gush, is sucking down cock after cock and drinking up every last drop of their warm creamy load. I love having the taste of cum lingering on my tongue. When I go out to find the next guy that I can suck down my throat I feel so kinky and dirty knowing that I just drank up another guys load in the back. I just can’t get enough cum! Don’t you want to watch me suck you off and drink up your cum too?

Got Cock For This Cunt?

Trailer trash whoreDo you know how much cock this cunt has seen? A fucking lot! And all kinds of cock. Small cock, old cock, young cock, furry friend cock, black cock, white cock. There is no cock I will not do. I love the way it taste in my mouth and the way it feels in my cunt and ass. I would bark for your cock. Take a golden shower for your cock. Lick at your boots like a bitch dog in heat to get at that cock of yours. What would you make me do just to have your cock in my mouth? Would you give in easy or make me beg for it? Would I be able to get your cock in all 3 of my holes? Or only 1 or 2?

Pissing Phone Sex

pissing phone sexDo you like pissing phone sex? I am not too proud to admit that I like golden showers. I like giving and receiving. Lately, I have been in a giving mode. Giving to my daughters and sons. A young one that can take a good douse of urine brings in good money. Guys pay to piss on and be pissed on all the time. I am grooming my young ones to be piss whores because it will bring us all money. I invited some of my male friends to come over last night for a pissing match. A literal pissing match. I lined my young ones up in the basement. I tied their hands behind their backs, so they couldn’t fight off the piss.  I love golden showers sex more than they do. I told my friends to piss on them. Piss in their faces, down their throats, up their ass, in their pussies and all over their jail bait bodies. One of my sons surprised us all, by begging to drink all the piss. I must admit, I thought if anyone would be a piss whore, it would be my eldest daughter. She likes to wet her panties in public and sleep in a piss soaked bed. But my son wanted to drink piss and get fucked up his ass while men pissed on him. I don’t judge. I just market my little whores to their fetishes. Now, I know I have a golden boy. A gold showers boy.

Hot Stripper Sex With A Dirty Girl

hot stripper sex

I love giving guys some kinky hot stripper sex. They want to fuck a naughty little teen stripper like me and I love it. I can see it in their eyes the moment they walk in. They want to fuck me and know what it’s like to get into the back room. They want their chance at fulfilling that dirty fantasy of having some hot, sweet and kinky sex with a stripper. I never say no. Guys ask me all the time when I’m giving them lap dances if they can slide their cock inside my tight wet cunt and as long as they want to pay up, then I let them. The best part is that I fuck one guy and let him fill me up and then I come right back out to the floor and start rubbing my cum filled little cunt on some other guy. Then he comes in the back and stuffs his cock inside me too. It makes me feel so naughty and cum so hard knowing that they are fucking me with someone else’s cum inside me.

Russian Bathhouse Whores


Big Dick Sucker



I was hanging out with my best friend Kayla and she had this crazy idea that I couldn’t help
but totally agree would be a blast. We should go to the Russian bath house and find some old
men who want to party. And boy she couldn’t of been more correct in terms of spots to pick up
dick. We stripped down completely naked and started making out in the hot room. The cocks started
getting hard immediately. The guys started surrounding us and jacking off at us, even pissing
right into our pretty little faces and down our throats. Who would of thought we’d end up taking
a lovely golden shower in the sauna!? Next up was the guy who wanted to shove molly pills up our
asses and cum the drugs into us. Once that shit hit me, I was ready to bounce on all the dicks
in that joint immediately. I was out of fucking control but it felt so, so good! Now that we know
exactly where to go, I imagine we’ll be there more often to get high and take slong!
Wanna meet me there tonight?

Extreme phone sex slut

Extreme phone sexExtreme phone sex isn’t for everyone it takes a wicked mind to enjoy it. I love participating in it because of my experiences with my master’s mistress and wife. He has trained both his girls to make sure they can train little slave pets like me. The things they do to my body have me in so much pain but at the same time gets me off. I love being their playground and making sure they are satisfied with me. I get to indulge in some fun too. I sometimes get my pussy rubbed and even licked and sucked. I always get plenty of cocks, that’s something I never have to worry about, I get greeted by guys that like me to be their human toilet and I walk around with a million laundry pins on my nipples and pussy too. I sometimes even have to use a gag ball all day just so they don’t get distracted by my pathetic whimpers and cries.

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