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Big Dick Sucker Faggot Son

My son was raised to be such a fucking cock whore that he is now a big dick sucker Sissy faggot that loves getting used. His favorite kind of used is just like mommy’s,. He loves to be used by massive black cocks. To get banged by a bunch is her ultimate sissy whore goal, and mommy is sure to make that happen for the little fucking slut. I invite my most extreme clients over to take her sweet little ass and gape the fuck out of it. We work out deals all the time, I get my cut in the whoring of that little whore son/ daughter of mine. I bet you would love to be the little whore and be served up into a jailhouse gangbang of thug nigger cocks.

Big dick sucker

Dirty Dick Loving Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

Sometimes all a big black cock needs is a tight ass to fill. I gladly will be his anal cum dumpster. Kenny was smoking a joint hanging out on the block with “his boys” I was tired from slinging my ass on the stripper pole all night. I was out of blow and feigning. I just needed a line before I brought my slutty ass home. I hear “white bitch!” How much money did you make tonight?”

“Oh, that’s right your money went all up your nose.” “Come here and suck this dick and Ill give you a baggy.” “Better yet come here and take this black cock in this shed back here you dirty white whore!”

I did and he didn’t waste time, teasing me with a baggy of sweet blow he said he wanted to bottom my ass out. And by ass, he wanted my ass hole. Deep and painful. I had to play with my pussy to take it all in. I was screaming and begging him to stop. He knew his cock could fuck my ass up as I am just a coked-out trailer trash whore!

That big black dick came in me and I was made to clean my ass juice off of it as he slapped me across the face and threw the coke at my feet. I have an ass full of black cock cum and I am high now My life is fucking perfect, don’t you think so?

bartender bang

fisting whoreI loved working as a bartender it was one of the best times ever. I enjoyed getting drunk with the customers and even hanging out afterward. My favorite time was the day I was asked if I could be a fisting whore for the right price. I said heck yes. I wasn’t going to mind a fist in my holes for cash and blow. I wanted coke and wanted a good time I was in like sin. I couldn’t help myself I wanted to be a naughty whore and was high enough and drunk enough to do it all. It was a fun time but I also couldn’t stand still for days. It was a real beating and my holes were stretched out so much.

The Taking Of My Taboo PHonesex Womb By BBC

taboo phonesex

It was a taboo phonesex whores’ nightmare.  I never wanted to be a brat mom. My sister and I had been fucked and coked-up since we were just cute slutkins in training.  Now, this big black mother fucker wanted more than I wanted. I just wanted a cream pie fuck. I was held prisoner until I could pee on a stick and he was satisfied I was pregnant. And he said this was just the fucking start. I enjoyed his cum loads and being his whore galore. I was abused and almost died as I tried to leave. I was instructed that I would be his breeding whore and still be able to use cock and dance on the pole for the money. I would be able to get back to may gang bangs with the second pregnancy. I would only be allowed his big black nigger cock until I was impregnated each time. My only Solace is that now I have a cunny to play with and a boy brat who will grow to fuck me just as good as his sadistic sperm donor. My Trailer is full of little feet and I am not above using them for my own gain!

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI have a lot of BBC sex stories to share. I am a whore. Black cock, white cock. It doesn’t matter if I get fucked. I will admit that I have a certain fondness for big black cocks, however. They are beautiful. Black is beautiful especially in my white holes. Big D was in town passing through on a haul. He wanted to spend the night with his favorite old white whore. I see him less and less, so we make use of the time we can, and fuck our brains out. There was no sleeping last night. Big D has the best coke and the best cock. I wanted to stay up and party. We did lines of coke off the coffee table and pounded back some beer. Then he pulled out his massive stallion cock and I made it disappear between my tits. Well, I tried to make it disappear. Big D has a foot-long King Kong cock. Even my DD trailer trash whore titties can’t make a cock that big disappear. The higher I got, the greedier I became for Big D’s cum. I started milking his cock between my tits until I got his first load. Cum covered titties are something I love. It is like a snack for later. Big D spent the night getting me high and fucking the shit out of me. He promised to stop again on his way back home on Monday. I will still be partying with his cum and the coke he left me.

BBC phone sex

BBC phone sexFuck there is literally nothing like BBC phone sex! I love me some big fucking nigger cock! Nothing gets me more turned on, no cock is bigger or better than a black man’s cock. Black guys love me, I am a white girl so that’s a start! I also am trash, never say no to a man that wants this pussy. Who am I to deny them the pleasure of wrecking this fucking hole, I personally love a big black cock gangbang as many nigger dicks as possible destroying me, degrading me. It’s really hard to take so many big black cocks at once, they have one in each hand, and all three holes too but I manage! If I ever am fucking a cock that isn’t dark brown I am comparing it to the previous cocks I’ve had. Black men are the only men with real cocks. Monster cocks, the biggest and best you can get. And nothing makes me feel dirtier.

Flo the hoe’s BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesTonight I have some BBC sex stories on my mind. I think I should call one of these massively hung cocks over to destroy my ass and cunt. I’ve never seen a cock bigger than a big black cock. They are clearly superior in every way. I love BBC because they always leave me absolutely gaping wide open after a proper fucking. I feel so used up afterward, and during I can literally feel my cunt stretching and doing it’s best to take such a big fucking cock. He will make me beg for it. And when he is about to cum he will make me beg for his nigger cum. Sometimes he blows a load all over my face Other times I get a huge creampie in my cunt and shithole. I always beg for more and more of that real man cum and dick, and sometimes I get what I want and end up leaving with my holes destroyed. They are fucked wide open, gapping and dripping warm thick cum. I am useless after some BBC and I will always be a whore for the best cock there is for a trashy bitch like me.

Cum Guzzling Slut and Trailer Park Barbie

cum guzzling slutI love being a cum guzzling slut. Black men love me because of that too. They know who will swallow their huge loads. I hooked up with two black men I met at the Piggly Wiggly last night. I was walking around in heels, short shorts and a tube top. I have long legs, a small butt and big tits. I am trailer trash old Barbie. Men love it, especially black men. They were ogling my goods. One guy asked me if I liked Stallion cock. “Black stallions only baby,” was my retort. Thirty minutes later, I was at their crib sucking down two black stallion cocks. Huge dicks, more like anacondas! I was in heaven. Those two big black cocks leaked more pre-cum than an army of white men could even cum. I was guzzling it down like a trailer trash whore does. Cum does a body good. I would have been happy to just be a cum guzzler last night, but the brothers wanted to spit roast me. I am skinny like a stick. With one big black cock in my mouth and the other in my cunt, they held me up in the air with their cocks and fucked the shit out of me. I was walking funny and dripping cum out of my holes afterwards, but that is the life of trailer park Barbie!

My Daughter Loves My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy daughter came over last night when I told her I had a sloppy wet pussy. She wanted to eat mommy’s creampie. I raised her to be a cum loving whore like me. When I would breast feed her, I always had a glob of cum on my tits. Once I started bottle feeding her, I always added some cum to the mix. Now, I have a full grown cum whore. A bunch of black men gang banged me, filling me up with cum. I pissed some of it out to eat myself, but there was plenty inside of me to share, so I called my daughter. She came right over. She is such a creampie slut. When she arrived, she kissed me then went to her knees between my legs. She loves eating the very pussy she came from, especially when it is full of man seed. I never told her who I fucked. I didn’t have to tell her. She started slurping up the mess in my cunt and she knew immediately that it was black spunk. She had her tongue so far deep in mommy’s fuck hole that she even knew what I ate for breakfast lol. We snowballed the cum too. Eventually, she got every last drop. That was disappointing. Easy fix though. We just went to the truck stop and got fucked until we came home with two cum filled pussies to eat.

Hardcore Orgy Porn

Hardcore orgy porn

I had the best weekend! I got gang banged by a group of eight horny men, including a few big black cocks! All day Saturday I was used and abused over and over by eight ravenous men. My mouth, pussy and even my tight little ass, no part of me was off limits! At one point I was riding a cock while one was in my ass and another was fucking my mouth. My hips being held while two cocks thrust in and out of my holes, fast and hard and deep. My head being forcefully moved up and down, my hair being pulled while I choked on that big fat dick. They even tried to fit two dicks in my pussy at the same time, stretching me to the point I was screaming and so they stuffed my panties in my mouth to keep me quiet. I took load after load in each of my holes and multiple loads across my face, tits and ass. I was nothing but a greedy little cum dumpster the whole day and I loved it!



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