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Juicy Black Pussy

Black girl phone sexHave you ever had black pussy? You really should try it. There’s a reason for the saying “Once you go black you don’t go back”. Come get in between my thighs put your cock into this hot, wet, and tight pussy. Believe me, I won’t just lie there like a dead fish, you’ll feel me thrusting my pussy at your hard cock. Let me lock my legs around your waist I want to hold inside of me and never let you go. Pull your cock out and let me taste myself. Baby, you can fuck me in any hole that you want. I want to make you happy. Any dirty fantasy you can think of, I’ll do. The word “no” isn’t in my vocabulary. If you want to get racist and call me a dirty nigger go ahead and I’ll call you master. With me, anything goes nothing is too taboo. I promise you’ll love this black pussy. My pussy is “call-your-wife-and-tell-her-you’re-not-coming-home pussy”. I have crack between my legs and you’re about to become a crack addict.

Semen Is So Good 4 U

Cum dumpster This morning I noticed a small pimple on my chin. I guess it’s time for a cum facial. Semen is great for correcting skin blemishes. Growing up most teenagers can be called pizza faces because their faces are covered in zits. But my skin was clear and as smooth as a baby’s bottom because I let boys shoot their jizz all over my face. Seeing a zit this morning let me know that instead of swallowing loads I needed it shot all over my face. I’m a stripper so it isn’t hard to find a willing partner to give me what I need.
I went up to the DJ booth and stepped up to the mic to ask, “Anyone wanna give me a cum facial?”
Everyone’s hand went into the air and I picked two lucky winners to follow me into the Champagne Room. I dropped to my knees and immediately started sucking their dicks. I sucked like my life depended on me giving the best blowjob. These guys were packing huge cocks. It felt good being a slut and sucking on them. I would stroke one dick with my hand while the other one was in my mouth, then I would switch them. I did this over and over again until they bust nuts all over my face. And a few days later my face was baby smooth again.

Cum Slut For Life

Cum guzzling slutI’m so hungry, but not for food. I need semen like a vampire’s need for blood. My thirst for cum started in high school. I was the only one in my group of friends that swallowed. My young girlfriends thought swallowing was gross. I picked a lucky boy to take to the bathroom in our high school, where I would drop down to my knees and suck until that sweet, sticky milk filled my mouth. I’m not in high school anymore, but my appetite hasn’t changed. I’m a stripper, and I make lots of money shaking my ass for cash. Instead of a high school bathroom, I take my semen-filled dicks into the private champagne room. Every night when I get off the stage all hands shoot into the air begging to be chose. The lucky man doesn’t have to pay for my special attention in the champagne room because I always do it for free. I’ll always swallow because I’m a cum slut for life.

Creampie Cleaner

Creampie sex storiesLast night I went home with a customer from the strip club. He offered me a huge stack of cash to fuck me bareback. I needed the money so I followed him to his place. His house was huge and nicely decorated. When he had me in his bedroom he didn’t waste any time, he pushed me down onto his bed and tore my panties off. His cock was huge and it felt so good inside my wet pussy. He pounded my pussy real good, he fucked me hard like he hated me. I put my legs on his shoulders and the move pushed him in deeper. I threw my pussy up over and over again meeting his powerful thrusts. He came and shot his hot load. He pulled out leaving behind sweet creampie. What he did next shock the hell out of me… he dropped down and licked my creampie clean. He sucked up every drop like a starving man and left me completely satisfied.

Creampie slut

Moan for me

Black stripper phone sex

Out on the strip last night.   We had a few local celebrities in the club over the weekend.  No big name celeb but let’s just say his favorite number was 88.  He was tossing those dollars at all the girls.  I had to act fast before someone else picked up my hustle.   Instead of just smiling in face and acting scared of rejection like the rest these hoes I made him come to me.  I found a guy that had a few friends.  All the other strippers was really trying to work him.  Not me I’m hip most guys want what doesn’t want them.  Oh I wanted that money, but I was not going to compete for it.  I will however have him compete to spend it on me and get the next guys dollars too.  These guys was known in the streets and they didn’t mind making it rain on me.  I knew they would be loud and cause more people to pay attention to what I’m doing which gets the attention of the guy I want.  Immediately he comes over and drops big bills.  My set was over and my manager said this big spender wanted private time.  Jackpot hoes I got this one in the bag.  He took me to a nice suite downtown and we had plenty to drink.  He said he like how I move and how much it turned him on.  I was ready to fuck, but he just wanted to talk.  He talked for hours about himself.  every time I would reach to touch his dick he moved my hand.  Got it real quick he wasn’t that into women and spending money on strippers hid his truth.  He wanted to fuck but he wanted to get fucked.  We talked about pegging and he started to get comfortable.  He went in the back room for a second.  I got a little nervous thinking did I do something wrong.   He came back out with a strap on that was huge.  He asked me if I was OK with fucking him this way.  He got on his knees and began sucking down on this strap on dick.  Watching him inhale this cock was amazing.  It made me feel in control.  I bent him over and began to fuck his ass hole.  He moaned and was calling me daddy.  I started to thrust harder.   I grabbed his cock in my hand and jacked him off as I pounded him in the ass.  He began to shoot his load everywhere.  He made me sign a paper and said any time he is in the area he needs me to be ready.      

Drunk and alone

Drunk girl fucking

Just got home and I am so drunk.  I don’t seem to have it together.  I am so fucking horny but no one here to give me what I need.  Pussy juice flowing down my fingers rubbing my clit.  I think I will pull out  my toys bullet and the hard glass cock. Tonight I will slide this glass cock in this pussy.  I know how to please me.  I love how this bullet is on my clit keeping this drunk pussy wet.  Time for the main attraction.  I know how to work my tight wet cunt with this glass dick. Still got my bullet  tickling my clit.  sliding on the dick.  In and out hitting all my spots.  This took me all of twenty minutes to finally get myself to cum.  I slept like a baby after wards.

Cum Vampire

Black stripper sexI love dancing for money. Making my ass bounce for cash is so easy and so much fun. I love seeing the lust in a man’s eyes when I drop down into a split. But my favorite part about being a stripper is all of the different types of men that come into the club. I’m a cum slut. I need cum like a vampire needs blood. Every man tastes different, but I get it the same way… on my knees. I pick a lucky man and I take him to The Champagne Room. Once I have a man behind closed doors he’s mine forever. I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his hard dick and suck like my life depends on my ability to make you cum. I’ll whirl my tongue and tease the tip of your cock and alternate between sucking and licking. And before you know it, you’ll blow your load down my throat.

Stripper sex stories with Alyssa

Stripper Sex Stories

You like that I am willing to be a secret.  I can come over late at night and leave early in the morning like I was never there.  While I’m away you make sure my habit is fed.  Before long I’m back to give you everything you can’t do to your wife.  I lean you back in your chair, to give you a quick strip tease.  You love watching me bounce my plump juicy ass to the beat of the music playing.  Without you saying a word I remove your pants while still entertaining you.  I put my face between your legs.  Not just yet but that made you very excited.  I started to straddle you, you grabbed me holding on tight. I began to give you a ride of your life.  You are really feeling me now.  I slide your cock inside me grinding and clinching my cunt tight.  You start to moan with every stroke.  I turn around with you still inside of me.  I do that little thing you like the double clinch while slowly bouncing my ass up and down on your cock.   You are holding me down by my tits telling me how much you’re enjoying yourself.  In on quick move I lean over with my hands on the floor, my feet around neck giving you the perfect view of my tight cunt.  In almost a full handstand I begin to take your cock in my mouth.  The site of this have you more than excited.  You begin to erupt like  a volcano.  You tell me how amazing I make you feel and I tell you I will always give you something to remember me.


Semen Addict

Cum guzzling slutI’m a cum guzzling slut. I love how your cum tastes and how it feels on my skin. Sucking your cock gives me so much pleasure and you reward me by shooting your milky jizz down my throat. I love wrapping my full lips around your hard cock and the way your balls slap my chin. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face, I want to suck you dry. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood. I love it even more when you fuck my black pussy then let me suck my juices off of your hard dick, and I taste delicious. Look at my skin, can you see how clear it is? That’s because of the daily cum facials. Cum is good for your health it’s full of protein. And baby, I need my daily dose of protein. Your dick fits perfectly in my mouth, like a hand fits a glove. Come and give Carmel your semen.


Black stripper sexNo one shakes their ass better than a black stripper. I can shake my ass harder than a earthquake. I make so much money, it’s insane. Men love my body and they love to watch me dance. No one handles a pole better than me. I’ll make you spend all of your money. And if you’re a good boy, I’ll take you to the champagne room. It goes down in the champagne room. When I get you behind closed doors, I can do things that I can’t do in the front of the strip club. You can pull your dick out and let me bounce and grind on it’s hardness. Give me a few hundreds and I’ll put it in my mouth. Give me a few more hundreds and I might let you fuck me. Any and everything is up for sale. I’m a stripper so cash is very important to me. And I think you should know, I always swallow.

Ebony girl fucking

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