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Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

I love to have a good time hopping from one dick on to another. I have these brothers that have their friends and they invited me over to service their little get together. I love being a party thrower. I had everyone’s pants off within the first twenty minutes. I was on my hands knees licking four dicks at a time.

There cocks where spitting out so much pre cum! I spread my holes because I felt like I needed some deeper penetration. Two cocks slammed into my pussy while another one squeezed into my ass hole. I slid up and down those cocks making them jerk off inside of me. Do not worry, my mouth was completely full of cocks also.

I got so much hot cum! I am such a dirty little fucking cum slut.

Cum dumpster Thanksgiving!!

cum dumpsterI love being a dirty cum whore! I decided to give back this Thanksgiving. I am going around from hobo to hobo to drunk man stumbling out of a bar. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and one of those things are bucket loads of cum. Most people will be getting stuffed on food to keep them warm and happy and I only have dick on the brain.

I want and need to be stuffed with big fat cocks and loads of hot sperm. I see my first lucky thanksgiving fuck of the night on the side of the rode. I get on my hands and knees and offer up my hot warm mouth. I shove his dick right down my throat and start beating him off until I feel a fat wad of cum about to explode straight into my tummy.

I guess I attracted more lucky lonely men on the corner. It is a group of four dudes. They all tell me how their families are out of town and too far away and how they will have to spend thanksgiving by themselves. I strip down to nothing right behind a dumpster and encourage each of them to get me a never ending supply of their cum.

They fuck their dicks into each of my holes. I can feel those cocks swelling up and pouring their hot cum inside of me. I go on my way to find even more men. I am excited to see how much cum I can get to explode inside of me. I want to be so stuffed that it is hard to walk around because cum gushes down my legs. I want the hot cum swishing around in my tummy.

I am going to go wake the hobos up by the tree in the park to offer up some love to them. I know those cocks have to be full and need a good release. Thank you for all that sappy cum this thanksgiving. I am one very lucky whore cum dump. I promise to not make that sperm go to waist.

Stripper sex porn

stripper sex porn

 I got a new job at a club and instead at the end of the night paying for a cover after I get down taking off all my clothes and being a whore. I get the privilege to be an even more bigger whore! The two bouncers that collect the fees from the girls and give it to the big boss upstairs like to have a little fun of their own.

I get to get on my hands and knees and pay my way by fucking their cocks in all my holes. I love it especially since when the end of the night comes- I am so horny. I put my cash in my panties and open my jaw as wide as it will go and invite them to fuck my throat as hard and deep as they want. I love having my spit gush all down my neck and chest.

I will make sure I pay my dues in full when I get all of their clumpy cum in my tummy.


Cum filled cunt

cum filled cunt

I am trying to set a world record so I have gathered around fifty guys to help assist me. The entrance fee is fifty bucks. They all have to put their cocks inside of me and cum right inside of me cunt. I need to get as many loads inside my cunt without it squishing out of my pussy hole. I am on my back with my legs spread open for them to enter inside of me.

I take cock after cock, forcing their way inside of me. They ram themselves in and out making my pussy spasm around their dick. I get so wet knowing that I am going to get over fifty wads of hot cum buried inside my cunt. It is going to be such a big cum mess. I am going to be drowning in puddles of cum juice.

Lot lizard sex

lot lizard sexI love being a stupid trailer trash whore that is down for a good dick sucking and fucking any place, day, or time. I was at the truck stop tonight trying to rack in some more green and I came across a bunch of tiered drunk truckers that looked like they needs a good time. I offered up my services to all fifteen of them. They all through money at me for me to get down on my knees and suck their cocks till my jaw could not move and my throat was sore.

Some of the guys were getting really impatient and decided to help themselves to my whore holes. They made me bend over and shoved their cocks in my holes and gave me a nice creampie right in my ass and in my dirty cunt. I was practically pouring cum out of me. My tummy is getting full sucking these loads of cum into my tum. More please?

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutI was at work tonight at the strip club and a fight broke out. They cut the lights but why should that stop me from being a dirty whore that does not make any money?! So I imediatly starting offering my services. I went from guy to guy getting on my stupid whore knees and sucking their dicks till my jaw was sore, my lips were raw, and until I made each of them shoot their wads in my mouth.

I got a good ten guys off before the lights came down. My tummy was so full of cum. I twirled my tongue around each of those cocks and all of their throbbing hard veins. I played with that pre cum leaking out of their gaping open cock holes. You can not stop a money hungry, cock sucking stupid fuck whore like myself! I even regurgitated the cum juice from my tummy to my mouth and gurgled all that cum juice again and swallowed it back down to my tummy.

Freaky phone sex

freaky phone sexI was sitting on a friends bed while she was having a little get together with lots of hard fat cocks in the room. I decided to get naked and freaky. I sat back on her bed and started fingering my pussy. I was so wet, my pussy was aching to be filled and stretched open. Each one of those cocks were wanting to fill me up.

I spread my legs open wide to have each of those bare dicks fuck my cunt. They were spraying their cum loads deep into my pussy. My pussy was so overfilled with hot jizz that it was leaking all over her bed and down my thighs. Now to get my tummy and ass filled. I got on my hands and knees and sucked hot cum right out of their balls. I begged to have my shitter hole gaped open and stuffed.

I love getting all my holes saturated in fat loads. Fuck me please.

No taboo phone sex

 no taboo phone sex

I took that big cock and pushed it into my pussy hole. He stuffed my cunt so wide. He started do short strokes with him in my pussy, He then let out a surprise that I was not expecting to get. He started pissing inside of my pussy hole, filling it up like a water balloon. He fucked his cock into the piss that he stuffed me full of.

When he was about to cum he pulled his cock out and made me lay on my back with my knees pressed to my chest. He blew his cum load all over my face and made me squeeze the piss out of my cunt and all over my face. I was completely saturated in piss and cum like a dirty fuck whore that I am.

Toilet sex

toilet sex

 I am such a horny girl that I am up for any and all dirtiness. I am with a guy and his brother and I decided to find my naked body to one of their beds. I started rubbing myself and calling out to them so they would walk in on me. They came in and immediately their cocks were swollen hard.

They told me to get in their bathroom and they took their dicks out. They unloaded all of their piss all over my head. It ran down my eyes and tits. I was saturated in their hot urine. They had me suck their cocks in my mouth. They face banged my mouth hard and deep.

They turned around and told me to take turns tonguing their ass holes. They farted all in my face. I am a dumb little toilet whore. I am now eager to have them pound my little fuck holes till I get their sloppy wet jizz out.

Cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sexAll day I had guys coming in and out of the house. I offered up my mouth as a fuck hole to suck every single one of them off. I have been so eager and thirsty for some sloppy thick cum. I am going to lay off the side of my bed and open my filthy whore mouth. My jaw is so sore from sucking off multiple cocks and making them shower my face in their jizz.

I love getting mouthfuls of that sticky sugar juice that bust out of that cock hole. I want to drain as many balls as I can by letting them tonsil fuck me as hard and deep as they want. Please come over and give me that cum load so that my tummy can fill up on hot cum!

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