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Trashy Milf Gives It to Him

Trashy milfHe invited us to swim in his pool, and as hot as it’s getting, we did not refuse. We put on our suits and he drove us to his house. He led us through a gorgeous home and to a beautiful large pool with some sparkling clear water. I wanted to dive in nude, but I wasn’t going to do that just yet. Baby girl and I swam a few laps each as he sat to the side watching. I realized, after a few minutes, what was odd about his appearance. He was sitting there, looking all relaxed and disinterested, but his hand was in his swim-trunk pocket, and his swim trunks were bouncing a little. Well, that was all I needed. I swam to baby girl and told her to take her pretty little suit off and swim naked. I unstrung mine, and tossed it out. He came to attention at that, and his hand came out of his pants as he sat up. I walked up the steps that were near him, and I showed him that I was completely naked, and told him that we were ready for whatever he had to offer. He walked right over to me, glanced down at baby girl’s naked body in his pool, and he dropped those trunks to show me a beautiful thick cock. Baby girl came up and started sucking him as we both coaxed him into the water. As soon as we were in the water, baby girl climbed up him and slid her little tight cunt down around his big dick. He was startled, and he gasped at the sensation, but he quickly wrapped his big, strong arms around her and started fucking the ever-loving shit out of my daughter. He was thrusting so hard and deep, her head was rocking about, and her little tits were actually jiggling, tiny as they are. She came hard and her little body shuddered all around him. I watched as he came deep inside her then, feeling that tiny pussy convulse all around him as she shuddered in his arms. Oh yeah, we were going to have fun with him this summer!

Blonde Fucking on Washing Machine

Blonde fucking

Laundry day is always fun. I typically get my laundry sorted, toss the load I want into the wash, set it up, and then I sit on top of it and slide my hand down my panties. I play with my clit and slide fingers into my pussy, slowly and gently playing, waiting for that spin cycle to roll around. I lose myself in it, because it’s usually while baby girl is at school or outside playing. So, when he walked in and cleared his throat, I was surprised right out of my sweet spot. I had forgotten he was coming to drop off some stuff his wife had borrowed today. He caught me with my fingers deep inside of myself, and my pants pulled down low where he could see them pressing into me. I couldn’t even apologize, because I had had a thing for this guy for as long as I’d known him. Well, it was my lucky day, because he walked right over to me, took my hand out of myself, and pulled my pants straight off of me. He picked my legs up, draped them over his shoulders, and I laid back against the wall behind the machine. He started thrusting into me deep and hard, and his cock was so fucking perfect. He stretched me out just right, and had my pussy so full I could feel it up in my belly every time he thrust. Just about the time I started to feel really good, the spin cycle kicked in, and we went to town. I got off at least 3 times before the spin cycle ended, and he left me with the biggest fucking load of cum in my pussy. I hope he stops by again soon!

Trailer Trash Whore Does a Drifter

Trailer trash whoreThe weather has been beautiful out lately! Of course, this means I’ve been spending more time out on my porch. I have the best neighbors, because I can sit out there naked as a jay-bird, and not a one of them minds. Then again, I guess they probably know that I’m on a first-name basis with all our officers. 😉 A drifter was walking by, and he looked really out of sorts, like he was just hot and about to collapse. I invited him to my porch and went in to grab him some water and fruit. He ate and sat and visited with me for a while. I let him go in with his bag and use my shower to clean up, and he came out looking like a whole new man. After we visited for a bit longer, and he had lunch with baby girl and me, he asked if there was a way he could repay me for my kindness. I told him that I’d love a facial. He didn’t catch my meaning, at first, and I had to clarify by grabbing his crotch and rubbing it. I got down on my knees as I undid him, and I recognized the moment he realized what I was asking for. He pulled his huge cock out and slapped me across the cheek with it a couple of times before holding it out for me to take into my mouth. I sucked and licked all over it, pulling it deep into my throat with some vacuum-quality suction. His moans told me all I needed. I grabbed his sack, and started massaging his nuts while I sucked, and baby girl walked out and started playing with her little pussy in front of him. That really got him. Before I knew it, he was pulling out of me so he could spray me down with that beautiful, delicious jizz. Baby girl came up and licked some off of my face as he zipped up. Before much longer, he was thanking us again, and heading out on his way. I hope we made his trek through our little part of the country memorable!

Hardcore Orgy Porn Can’t Compare!

Hardcore orgy pornBaby girl passed!! She gets to move on, and I could not be prouder!! So, I took her out for a celebration. Little did she know it would be a very gratifying celebration! The girls had set up a surprise party for her, but she thought we were going camping. We pulled up to the big, rustic looking cabin in the middle of nowhere, and unpacked. No sooner had we gotten inside than the girls sprung out of all their hiding places, bare as the day they were born except for party hats. She turned about in surprise, only to have a cake smashed into her face when she made it all the way back around. We all took turns smearing the cake all over her, and each other, before we started eating it off of each other, licking and sucking bits of icing and spongy deliciousness. Her nipples got hard, her cunt got wet, and we all got hornier and hornier. By the end of the cake, there were fingers in cunts with backs arched, girls on all fours, and asses being eaten as if there was cake in them. I had my own tongue in baby girl’s ass while the club owner had his cock inside of her cunt, and my pussy had a big strap-on pounding into it. We fucked for a while, then moved our orgy out to the lake, and kept right on fucking. Baby girl really enjoyed her party!

Trashy Milf Enjoys the View

Trashy milfJust another week or so til school is out for summer, and baby girl is getting antsy. She begged me to take her swimsuit shopping, even though I just bought her a new bikini. Well, when baby girl turns on the charm, mommy has a hard time saying no. So, we took a shopping trip today, and I let her try on several new swimsuits, as well as a few wraps and throws to go over it. There was another girl there around her age, and she joined in the fun. Well, baby girl being who she is, she wound up really liking the girl, and tried to kiss her. Well, the girl pulled away at first, asking what baby girl was doing. When baby girl explained that she liked her and wanted to kiss her, the girl shrugged her shoulders and let baby girl kiss her. Baby girl pulled her in and showed her how to really kiss, and you could see the moment the girl started to really enjoy herself. Baby girl started touching her, and the girl started to pull away. When baby girl whispered something in her ear, the little girl relaxed, and baby girl continued to explore. She slowly undressed the girl, and dropped to her knees. The girl was biting her lip, as if she wasn’t sure, and wanted to bolt. Baby girl, whispered up to her, and the girl nodded, and baby girl went ahead and dipped her head in, lightly flicking her tongue out at the girl’s clit. The girl was already vibrant red, and her body jerked with the gasp she let off. Baby girl started to work that clit and pussy, and that girl slowly spread her legs further and further, until she was wrapping one leg around baby girl’s shoulders and her hands were in baby girl’s hair. When she finally came, I swore the whole store would come running, but no one seemed to care about the girl shouting in the changing room.

BBC Phone Sex with Freida

School’s almost out, and that means I’ll have less time to get my ass plowed while baby girl’s still in school. So, mama’s been on the prowl. Yesterday, I found this amazing, tall, built black man mowing his lawn. Shirt off, sweaty, skin glistening in the sun, he was such a sight, and I couldn’t help but stop and watch. He noticed me watching, and when he finally finished, he walked over and introduced himself. I saw a big bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face, and I just reached out, wiped it up with a finger, and slid it into my mouth. BBC phone sexHe growled low in his throat and picked me up and carried me into his house. He settled me down on his sofa long enough to grab a towel to dry off with. He laid the towel on the sofa and settled onto it, pulling me into his lap to kiss and fondle. He got my clothes peeled off of me, and had me sitting on his dick before I could take another breath. He was so big, and he filled my little wet cunt right up. He plowed me, right there on his couch, for the rest of the afternoon, leaving me oozing cum with every step on my way home.

Trashy Milf & Girl Auctioned Off

The club was having a private auction to support a local cause. Baby girl and I were one of the “items” up for auction, and I was excited as fuck at the thought of being auctioned off with her to the highest bidder for a day. Trashy milfWhen our time came to show off and earn bids, I walked her up with me. All eyes were on her little, supple body with the perky, tiny titties and sweet little ass barely covered by that mini skirt and tube top. Her hair was pulled back in a tail to show her body off to full advantage, and I immediately sat down and pulled her into my lap. I took my shirt off, letting them all see my tits, before I pulled hers off, and started tweaking her nipples, showing how tiny and taut they could get. I reached down and spread her legs apart to dangle on either side of my own, and she leaned back against my chest. The bids were rolling in by that point, but I knew we could get more. I ran both hands up the insides of her thighs, pushing the mini skirt completely up and away from her tiny cunt. Her sweet little lace-ruffled panties immediately caught attention, and the bids jumped a couple of times. I ran my hands over her abdomen, slowly stroking downward. When I got to her little cunt, I moved them down the insides of her thighs to slowly push the fabric of her panties until it all slipped up into her gash. Her pussy lips were on full display, and she turned her face to kiss my cheek. I turned to kiss her, and our french kiss definitely sealed the deal. We were the highest-paid item of the night.

Trailer Trash Whore Goes Wild!

Trailer trash whoreI’d always heard that traumatic experiences and brushes with death can make you horny enough to fuck anyone and everyone near you. I don’t think I ever really believed it before, though. Yesterday was one for the books. I was at the bank, and a guy walked in wearing a mask and carrying a gun. He screamed for everyone to get down, and I did, quickly. He took his time, pointing the gun at any and everyone who breathed too loudly. He walked so close to me, with that gun just over my head, that I nearly peed myself. When he finally left, I was so scared that I was shaking. The guy next to me asked if I was ok, and it took a minute for me to register that we were ok, that we had survived it. I couldn’t have helped my next moves if I had wanted to. I grabbed the guy and started kissing him, hard. I fumbled with his pants until I got them undone, and immediately climbed on top of him. Right there, in the bank, with all those people watching, I fucked his brains out. I bounced on him, kissed him, and made sure that my body knew that it was still alive and ok. He resisted at first, but quickly got into the feel of things, and I guess that our brazen display was a cue for others. When I finally finished fucking him, and my body was sated and satisfied that I was ok, I looked around from my perch on his dick to see at least 3 other fucking couples, and a bank manager jacking off at his desk. We were all pretty happy to be alive!

Cum Guzzling Slut Gets a Surprise

I love being a trashy milf with no limits. As a stripper, I see the “seedier” side of life every day, and it really can turn me on at times. Girls selling themselves in random places for drugs, money, booze, and more. Guys so addicted they can’t see straight, but they can get a hard-on that lasts for days. Guys who feed those addictions, and are able to pay for the privilege of anyone’s company for however long they want.

Cum guzzling slutHe wanted to take me out for lunch, but I knew that there was a catch. He treated me to lunch at a little bistro, and made small talk the entire time. I knew he was up to something, and my pussy was just gushing with how excited I was. When we walked out, I knew something was coming. Sure enough, not even 3 blocks from the bistro, he pulled me off the sidewalk and into the park. There were a few other men milling about, none I recognized. Before we walked another 10 steps, he was pushing me to the ground, treating me like a real slut. He stripped my top off, ripped my bra, and cut my panties and skirt off with one swipe of his pocketknife. I was naked, kneeling on the ground of the park. He felt my cunt and laughed at how wet I was. He called a couple of the guys over, and they took turns shoving their cocks down my throat while he rubbed my cunt and plugged my ass hole with his fingers. He finally pulled my ass in the air and shoved his dick into me. That was the time when the rest of the guys moved on over and joined the party. They fucked every one of my holes over and over, right there in the middle of the park, and by the time he took me home, I was weak and trembling from the number of orgasms I had!

Blonde Fucking Slut Masturbates

Blonde fuckingMy cunt was so hungry, and there was no one else around. My neighbors were all at work or gone, my usual lovers were all busy, baby girl was at her friend’s house – I had NO ONE to come help me relieve myself. Well, I did the only thing I could do. I ran myself a nice bath and decided to soak. I ran my hands up and down my body in the water, playing with my nipples, touching all the places that really get my motor revved. I slid the soap into my hand and got both of them really soapy, then rubbed my fingers over my clit and cunt. I pressed 2 fingers into my pussy, dipping them as deeply as I could. My thumb slid back over my clit and I started to massage both inside and outside of my pussy together. I slid my pinky back and worked it as deep as I could get it into my shitter.

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