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Blonde Fucking Slut and Shop Manager

Blonde fuckingBaby girl and I were out for one of our walks, and as we were passing the mechanic shop, we heard raised voices, and clattering metal. I thought I’d better see if anyone needed help, so I pulled her with me to the open bay doors. It seemed one of the mechanics was arguing with the shop manager, and the manager was sending them home. After the mechanic finally left, the manager was still fuming, so baby girl and I decided that we needed to help. She called him over, and she took my skirt off while she did. By the time he got out to us, I was there, naked from the waist down, and baby girl was back away from the building a bit more, doing a strip tease. I’m telling you, she’s taken to stripping like a fish to water! He was hard as a rock, and I was all too happy to walk up on him and start rubbing his dick and balls through his pants and kiss on his neck as she showed off her tiny, tight little body. When she was completely nude, showing every inch of her little body off, she came over to help me, and pulled his fly down. We pulled his dick out together, and she started to stroke and suck on it while I reached back and started fingering her bent-over little puss. He watched every move my hand made on her body, and her little mouth going back and forth on his dick. Before we knew it, he was blowing a load down her throat. He brought us into the office after that, and we had a good time fucking each other for a good hour. I’m sure the rest of his mechanics enjoyed the show, and he was definitely in a better mood by the time we left!

Trailer Trash Whore Bathtime

Trailer trash whoreHer friends spent the night last night, but being a school night, we did not get to play. So, once they had all left for school, mommy had some fun by herself in the bathtub. I ran the tub just a tad hotter than I could stand and eased my naked body down into it. I wasted no time pretending with soap, but started the jets, and twisted myself around so that one was consistently shooting over my pussy. Then, I eased my biggest dildo into myself, and proceeded to fuck myself senseless while that jet shot over my clit incessantly. It did not take long for me to cum, but the thoughts of those young, sweet bodies had me feverish for more, and I could not stop. I worked myself to 2 more amazing orgasms before I bothered to wash up. I can not wait until this weekend, because we are having a girls’ campout in the backyard. 😉

Trashy Milf and the Parent-Teacher Conference

Trashy milfAlready had a parent-teacher conference this year, and baby girl loved it! I brought her with me, of course, and the teacher could hardly sit still in his desk. Baby girl and I had been talking to him, and he had been telling me how she had trouble paying attention in class. Well, at that point, she got down and crawled under the back side of his desk so that she could undo his pants. He never moved, he just looked down at her slack-jawed as she undid his pants and pulled him out. I started working at my own cunt from my place across from them, explaining that she has a high sex drive, and the best way to keep her attention is to play on that. About that time, the janitor walked by, and stopped dead in his tracks at what he was seeing. So, I called him in and got down on my own knees. He was out of his mind watching me undo his pants and pull his dick out as my angel sucked and stroked away on her teacher’s dick and balls. We had those 2 eating out of the palms of our hands before we left there.

Hot Stripper Sex and a Car Wash

Hot stripper sexNow, you know that I love being naked whenever possible, almost as much as I love pretty lingerie. So, when a good friend of mine asked me to wash his car the other day while he took his other car to the shop for a tune-up and oil change, you KNOW I was doing that naked as fuck! The minute his car was gone, I was stripping and carrying all the supplies out, plus a blanket for me to sunbathe on when I finished. I tucked the blanket in the car, then got down to the washing. I didn’t hear him drive back up a few minutes later, so when his hands were suddenly on my naked body, it startled me. But, when he moved them around to grab a tit and a handful of pussy, I was done for. I leaned back into him, not even caring that I was getting his shirt wet. Eventually, I pulled the blanket back out of the car, and we used it. He fucked me bent over, doggy style, missionary, and everything in between, right there on his lawn! He fucked my pussy raw, and still kept going, til I was begging him to stop. And when he finally did, I had a pussy full of cum, and wasn’t sure how I was going to finish his car!

BBC Phone Sex and Stretching

He shot me a view of a whole wad of bills under his table after he’d spent almost my entire set tossing me $5s, 10s, and 20s. So, you know I was not about to disappoint this man. I went back in the same outfit I’d left the stage in after a quick touch-up of my makeup and a spritz for freshness. When I got into the VIP room they’d put him in, I found him completely naked already, and his massive fucking schlong was saluting the ceiling. I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I’d had such a big, beautiful black dick. He stripped me out of my outfit in no time, and started kissing and massaging my body. BBC phone sexThen, he lay down on the floor and told me that he was going to let me fit onto him so that he wouldn’t hurt me. Well, I straddled him and started to lower myself onto him, and boy was he right. He started stretching me out so much, I felt him all the way at my cervix, and he still wasn’t deep enough. So, I started forcing myself further and further down his dick, and I felt my body trying to adjust, even felt the popping of my organs and insides all being rearranged. Finally, he was as deep in me as I could get him. His hands wrapped around me, and he started driving that big dick home. He drove me over the edge, and kept right on going. He took his time with me, kept me fucking until the club closed, and even wanted to take me home. I made bank that night!!

Trashy Milf & Tiny Teen Edgeplay

Trashy milfHe wanted her. He was staying close enough to keep an eye on us, and I could see that his eye was on her sweet little ass in that short skirt. Well, I caught him as he was leaving the store right behind us, and told him to follow us to the house. He looked torn between taking me up on my offer and flat out refusing to admit to any interest. He was smart, and he took my offer, and I watched him in the rear-view the entire way home. He helped us unload, still watching her sweet, tight little body. Then, we led him back to my room, and I got him all naked while baby girl watched. He looked like he wanted to question, but he kept his mouth shut, letting me have my way with his body. He lay on my bed when I told him to, and I started stroking him, getting him so close as he watched baby girl strip down, too. She stripped slowly, and his cock was so hard and throbbing by the time she finished. The sight of her nakedness was almost enough to send him over the edge, but I wouldn’t let him. I pinched that shit off, and he looked really offended, but baby girl walked over to him then, and she gave him a kiss. She straddled his face and started grinding out on him. That, alone, had him almost cumming again, and I had to pinch it off. When he was far enough from orgasm, I leaned down and started sucking his dick, bringing him close again. This went on for well over an hour, us driving him closer and closer. He made some strange faces every time I pinched off his orgasm, and he was so happy when I finally had baby girl straddle him and settle her cunt on his dick. He came so deep in her that she came hard all around him, too.

Trashy Milf & Tiny Teens

Trashy milfI took baby girl and her friend to one of the burger joints here. It’s almost school time again, and we wanted a last hoorah, so I took them to one that had a play zone. I thought I’d taught them both well enough to know not to start stuff in public, but a couple of the other brats that were there came out of the tunnel slide asking their mommy what those 2 girls were doing. I looked everywhere I could see, and finally spotted them in the ball pit. Baby girl had her hand up her friend’s shirt, while her friend’s hand was down the back of her skirt. You could clearly see that fingers were probing her butt hole, and I tried getting them to come out. I so didn’t want to have to go in there after the girls, but they just kept giggling about my seething at them to come out. So, I started in just as 2 employees came into the room to see what was going on. I was fussed at for climbing into the play equipment, and all I could do was holler back that if they wanted to see us leave, I needed to get my girls. By that point, baby girl’s skirt was pulled up over her cheeks, and her bare ass was being fingered for all the world to see. The employees started talking about calling the authorities before I even managed to get into the ball pit, and all I could do was grab them each by the arm and drag them bodily out. We made it to our car and I sped out of there, both the girls lying on the back seat still going at it hard and heavy. I could hear their breathing getting heavier and heavier, and I was so hot and bothered by their bold exhibitionism and the sounds of them getting close to cumming. I started fingering myself with my free hand, and I got off just as I stopped at the stop sign around the corner from the house. Here’s hoping no one got my license plate to send the police after us.

Trashy Milf and Spawn Get Fucked

These days, it’s too damned hot to not enjoy the bliss of a swim. Baby girl and I had a date with my friend, and we went prepared. We showed up at his house with our picnic basket, beach bags, and suits. He was ready and waiting for us, laid out on his favorite lounger, cock saluting the sky. We wasted no time in stripping out of our suits and starting to worship his body. We kissed and licked all over him from either side of his chair, sharing his cock and balls. Soon, though, he told us we should go swim. I guess he was too hot and bothered and wasn’t ready to cum yet, so we went out to swim as he watched, slowly stroking his dick. I couldn’t be put off for long, though, because I was a hungry bitch. Trashy milfI made my way back up the steps and stood by the edge of the pool, staring him down as I rubbed my cunt and tit. It didn’t take him long to join us, dragging me back into the water to shove himself into me. I rode his big dick until I came, then got away so baby girl could have her turn. I knew he was enjoying being ridden by me, but the minute her tight little hole started to close around him, he got that look in his eye – the one that told you he was about to fly into orbit. He shoved her down on his dick so hard and fast that she gasped. His arms wrapped around her, and I watched as he drove himself and her to a fast climax. He came so deep inside of her, and she was screaming out the pleasure of that orgasm loudly enough that I actually worried the neighbors may hear. Our friend is so good to us!

Anal Cum Dumpster Teen Punished!

Anal cum dumpsterI had her cunt stretched around the biggest, blackest dildo I could find. She’d gone off without permission with some strange guy I’d never met, and let him fuck her in the ass. By the time we found her, I was frantic, and the guy has been banned from the club. But, the damage was done. Her little ass hole was stretched to fuck. Young teen phone sexSo, I forced the only punishment I could really think of on her. I forced her to stretch that tiny, tight little cunt down over the biggest fucking dildo I could find, and made her slowly work it as deep as she could manage. Then, I made her fuck it. I sat back and fingered myself watching that tight little cunt stretch to hell and back under that gaping little ass hole. Watching the skin suction itself to the dildo every time she would pull up off it was so fucking hot, and I found myself enjoying her punishment more and more. Unfortunately, she was starting to enjoy it, too, which meant time for a change. I pulled the dildo off her, laid her down, and covered her face with my cunt. I forced her lungs to the brink again and again, smothering her over and over, until she made me cum. THEN, and only then, I let her back up. I bet that ass won’t disappear anymore!

Hot Stripper Sex and Tiny Teen

Hot stripper sexI love watching baby girl work her magic on the guys at the club. Watching her walk around and chat them up, encouraging them to spend more money on the girls on stage by distracting and charming them with her perfect little body. She’s such a good girl, she even tries to make sure that they request another of the girls with her when they ask for a VIP room with her. Most of the time, she manages to sell it, but when she doesn’t, Mommy is always there with her in the VIP room. She moves that newly curvaceous little body around like a pro already, teasing the guys until they’re begging for her to let them touch. And she does. She slides onto their lap, straddling them in nothing but her pretty little undies, her perfect little nipples poking out at them. She’s perfection when she slides her hands inside their pants and pulls them out, rubbing her panty-covered pussy all over it. It turns me on, too, when she pulls the panties to the side like I taught her to, and then slides that beautiful, bald, wet pussy up the underside of that shaft. I love the faces they make when she does that, like they’ve just lost their minds or died and gone straight to heaven. By the time she finally slides her little tight cunt down onto the head of their shaft, they’re fighting not to cum. Her sweet, tight little hole slowly swallowing them, stretching around them, does so many of them in that I fight not to laugh. And then, baby girl will make them clean her up for having been given the privilege of cumming in that tight little hole. Oh, she’s such a little pro!

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