Open For Business and Taking Deposits

Live phone sexI know that I am just a trailer trash whore that grew up to be a slutty stripper just like most of the whores in this town.

I was lucky enough to be blessed with a extremely hot fuckable pussy and some killer tits but I know that when men pay to fuck me, I am just another cum guzzling slut.

They don’t care that I have a nice tight ass, perfect for stroking their hard cocks or that I keep my pussy so tight that even the smallest dick feels huge when he is balls deep in my cum filled cunt!

All they care about is having a whole to drop that creamy load, and I happen to provide three very nice ones (six if you count my slutty little pre-whore)!

It is never personal!

I am like a little cum bank that is open for business and taking deposits all day long!

You don’t have to worry about me getting all googly eyed and thinking it is more than a business transaction.

I know what I am! And my name¬† and number aren’t written on this towns water tower for nothing!

I am one hot white trash phone sex whore ready for you to fill my pockets with cash and my sweet ass with cum!

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