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teen sluts fuckingIt was really fun hooking up with a party crowed. All the college goers came into the strip club tonight and had intentions of getting down right nasty. Some of the dudes offered to buy me for a night of fun. How could I resist? I know there is so much I can teach those little whores. My first lesson to them is how to take two dicks in your mouth at one time.

I told all the girls to get on their hands and knees and grab each cock in either hand and get to stuffing them down your throat. Those little cock suckers where doing so good taking it that they told me their throats were even starting to hurt. I told them to fuck everyone of their holes until it was raw!

Next lesson is anal! Hope those bitches are ready to get their asses pounded.

Prostitution porn

prostitution porn

This dude offered me some dough if I agreed to fuck him and make our own porno. I invited one of my stripper hoe friends to participate. We go ahead and get the camera set up and get immediately on our hands and knees offering up our stupid little whore mouths.

We took his cock and started sharing it spitting it from mouth to mouth, slobbering all over it. We are not camera shy at all. We got in between his ass and started licking his smelly sweaty ass, going chin deep up in his ass hole. When he was nice and ready we angled ourselves perfect to the camera.

I spread my ass, letting him push his cock into my ass hole. He was pumping himself in and out of me hard and deep while my friend kept tongue fucking his ass. We take lights, camera, action to a whole new level.

Creampie slut

creampie slut

So I was down to get some blow this afternoon but I was short on cash. I let him spread me open so he could fill me with his gigantic cock. His cock head was so swollen and dripping wet way before he ever put it inside of me. He slid inside my pussy, stretching it open.

He was pounding away at my cunt hole. I could feel his cock finally about to rupture his white sticky load inside of me. When it was time to get up and walk out of the room, I was struggling trying to keep all that gloppy sticky cum inside of me. It was coming down my legs.

To my surprise my casual fuck buddy was there also hoping to score some. He took me to the bathroom before I could tell him how full I was, he slid his cock right into the sappy trap of cum that my dealer blew in me. Yes please, fuck my creampied pussy hole!

Furry friends phone sex

furry friends phone sex

I found a lost furry friend and decided to take him in. We got back to my place where I got him bathed and fed him. He was very hungry but not in the way that one would normally think. He had huge hairy balls that where so round and plump. I felt bad for him, he like needed to drain those cum filled balls.

He followed me everywhere I would go humping at my legs. I finally got the chance to lay in my bed where he jumped up and noticed my naked body. I spread my legs so that he could nestle his wet cold nose right in between my pussy lips. He was lapping away at my saturated wet pussy. He was making me squirt all over his face while he humped the air going to town eagerly at my cunt.

I got on all fours and guided him up my body so that he would find my pussy hole with his long rod hard iron cock. He started pumping himself inside of me over and over again, going as deep as he could. I could feel his balls slapping up against my pussy. I was clenching his cock inside of me about to cum for the third time.

I felt his cock twitching inside of me about to blow a big fat load. I think this is why they call them a man’s best friend. Better yet, a woman’s best friend.

Furry friends phone sex

furry friends phone sex

Everyone needs a good fucking from time to time, even furry little four legged friends. I was at my friends house waiting for her to get home. She told me to let myself in and take care of her furry friend. I agreed and when I saw him, he had a huge dripping red cock that was begging to be fucked. He came up to me and started humping me. Feeling his warm hot seven inch cock slide up and down against me made my pussy so soaking wet.

I got on the floor next to him and spread my thighs wide open, taking my panties off. He started sniffing and licking at my wet hot cunt. He was getting more turned on by the minute humping the air. I tapped on my chest inviting him to lick my erected nipples. Once he was wedged up in between my legs him red dick slipped right inside my pussy hole. I could feel it wiggling all around in my pussy hole.

I took that cock thrusting deep and hard into me. He was ready to cum since I felt that cock twitching inside of me. He squirted all his juice inside of me. He kept humping making sure every last bit of his sticky jizz was buried in me.

Cum dumpster cum lover!

cum dumpster

I am on my hands and knees with three dicks in my face. They are so sloppy and drooling with pre cum. I am going to take turns with them, sucking them and getting them so sloppy wet. My spit is covering those cocks and I know they are wanting my holes even more!

The spread out, one in my juicy ass hole and the other in my tight pink pussy hole. They start pumping themselves hard and deep inside of me. I try to swallow the one in my mouth. They are having their way with me, fucking me and stretching my holes open wide.

I can feel those cocks throbbing and needing to bust. They squeeze out their cum loads creampieing my holes while the one in my mouth shoots its load all over my face. I love being covered and saturated in cum. I am ready for another round so I can bathe in their warm jizz.

No taboo phone sex

no taboo phone sex

I have not always been the good little whore that I am today. I use to be a good girl. Once I got one cock, I needed to be filled and pumped with more. No matter where I go, I am always on the prowl for a juicy man stick to shove in my holes.

Today I went for a walk around my neighborhood and came across a guy watering his plants. I asked him about his flowers and complimented him with the intentions of getting to know him a little better. He obviously knew that I was hitting on him.

He let me know that his wife was not home and I of course suggested we do some fun things while she is not around. He offered to show me his plants in his backyard that were secluded. Once we got to the back yard I immediately bent over and pulled my shorts down.

I begged him to fill me up with his cock! He thrusted in me, taking me from behind. He slammed himself in and out of me and I was getting sore with how hard he rammed his big cock inside of me. I tightened my pussy hole around his cock and felt him start to twitch.

I need him to give me his sticky cum!

Trailer trash whore fucking a hobo

trailer trash whore

I saw a hobo today and he looked so lonely. Some people give hobos money or food but not me. I go right into dessert. Hobos need love and pussy too. I went over behind the dumpster where he was at and sat right next to him. I pulled his cock out and started sucking it, trying not to mind the bitter sweaty taste of his swet and cum. He was getting so into it I could not refuse him when he wanted to enter into my cunt. I spread my legs and straddled his lap and stuck his cock right inside of me. I bounced up and down taking him deeper inside my cunt about to milk that sour cum into my pussy. When I felt his cock twitching against the walls of my cunt, it was almost impulsive to jump off and put my mouth around his cock and suck all the cum into my mouth. I guess that is my charity work for the day. I gave him a warm hole for him to stick his dick into!

Pissing phone sex

pissing phone sex

I was whoring around tonight offering up my services. I was running a special tonight. Whatever anyone wants to do for just fifty dollars. I ran across a couple of men that where horny and wanting to all chip in and have some fun with me!

There was four guys and man they were a kinky batch. I got on my hands and knees offering up all my holes. They each took out their cocks and started to piss all over me! I was getting saturated in their stinky hot piss. They told me to open wide.

I wasn’t sure what they wanted me to open wide so I kept my eyes open, my mouth, and I even spread my pussy lips and ass cheeks. They each shoved their cocks into my pussy hole and my ass and filled me up with their piss while the others pissed in my eyes and mouth.

Once they were finished they went ahead and blew their loads all over my face. It was like a spa treatment. Fuck a mud mask, I am perfectly fine with a piss and cum mask that I can not see out of!

Fisting whore

fisting whore

I started out with my well hung big black cock friend. He is packing a huge meat stick that is eleven inches long and as thick as a phone pole. We were just hanging out for the evening until we got bored of that and decided to heat thing up.

I got on my hands and knees and began to polish off his fat black dick in my mouth. I was drowning him in my saliva. He was getting so turned on that he flipped me on my tummy and took my pussy from behind! He was blowing his cock deep and hard into my cunt.

He was gapping my pussy wide around his dick. I was excited to get his jizz inside of me, but I was even more excited when he used it as lube for his fist. He started out with three fingers, fucking my pussy. Then four, and before you knew it he was ramming his big black fist in and out of my pussy.

He was gapping me so far and wide! My pussy cums so hard while getting fisted. There is no telling where my pussy juice will squirt.

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