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Sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I am such a slippery wet mess! My pussy is aching to be pounded. I have a hot guy that was at my neighbors house fixing her internet and I thought he could be fixing something else. He came into my room and spread my thighs so wide so that his cock could go balls deep inside of me. I took every inch of him ramming himself into me.

His big fat balls were banging on my ass. I was making him a soaking wet mess. My pussy was leaking all down his cock and balls. I made him so wet that his cock was slipping from inside my pussy to inside my ass. I am going to milk that fat cock inside of my pussy while i squirt all over that dick.

He really is a handyman, well a handsy man if nothing else.

Orgy phone sex

orgy phone sexI am at the motel down the street from my house. I am going from door to door offering more then just room service. I am wanting to gather all of those horny men into one room and get passed around like the little dirty cum whore that I am!

I was able to round up about twenty men and we are going back to a random room to paint it completely snowy cum white! I get on all fours ready to get my holes filled. I love that moment when those pulsating cocks are staring me down and getting rammed the first time into my holes.

My mouth is the first, then my pussy, and then my ass. I watch other cocks jerking off right in front of me while I get ready to milk these fat cum loads right into my dirty little holes. I want to be like a cum snowman and saturated in hot jizz!

Golden showers sex

golden showers sex

 I am super thirsty right now. I have been getting fucked all day long and I am so parched. My holes have been pounded open and stretched wide open by ten nine inch dicks. After they get done fucking me hard and rough I get on my hands and knees and open my mouth wide open begging for their sloppy wet cocks to coat me with hot sticky urine.

I open my eyes and my mouth and start gulping down all of their piss. I love getting soaked and drenched in their stinky piss. It is like a fucking waterfall that is soaking me from my hair down to my toes. I ring my hair out into my mouth, licking up all of that piss. Once their bladders are empty it is going to be time to get fucked again.

I hope to get some of those bladders emptied into my fuck holes. I love bathing in this piss from all of these fat dicks.

Pissing phone sex

pissing phone sex I love getting  gaped open by big fat cocks. I have two cocks that I am taking in my ass and pussy. Their cum is not the only thing that I want. They put their cock heads deep inside of me and start emptying their bladders inside of me. I could feel their hot piss filling up my stupid whore holes. Once they filled my holes it was time for them to saturate my face in hot piss.

I opened my mouth and got a mouth full of hot warm piss. I love being a dirty little piss whore. My hole face was drenched in hot piss. They got it in my eyes and up my mouth and I even swallowed a good amount. Now it is time to get that hot cum out of their dicks. They are going to put their cocks back in my piss filled fuck holes and blow their hot loads!

Stripper sex porn

stripper sex pornI was offering up my whore skills. I just got off of my stage time and I started offering vip dances. I came across a horny guy that offered me a bit more money to get really handsy with him. I would have probably done it with out the extra money, but hey- win win. I took him to the back and pulled out his cock. He was packing a ten inch delicious cock. I was about to shove him right in my mouth, but then he just stopped me.

He took out his phone and asked if he could video tape it. He shoved some more cash right into my hand so I got to jerking his cock as he taped me. I showed off for his camera and stuffed him all the way down my throat. His cum taste so good. I am going to get every drop and then show the camera how much I got!

Drunk girl fucking

 drunk girl fucking

I love being that drunk girl at a party that is belligerent and trashy. So this last weekend I got so fucked up that I couldn’t see straight and when I could see straight it was enough to put a cock in my mouth and slurp it down my throat in front of everyone. I tugged the cum out of his dick and got a pretty facial.

Next where my holes where stretched to the max by a bunch of big fat cocks. They pounded my pussy till I got a bunch of cream warm cum loads pumped into me. I love being a drunk girl that fucks the cum out of every cock in the room. I love hot cum dripping from my holes.

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutI have a new recently found talent upon my many other little talents that I have. My mouth is really big since I have been taking dick since I was a little pea pod! I have a fascination with fucking dicks and making them squirt hot loads of cum out of their dicks. I love to see it shoot out and rush down their cock or have my mouth fill up with all that juice.

So lately I have been getting around a large group of dudes and fucking their dicks into my throat, getting their cum. I keep their cum either in my cheeks or in a bowl. When My mouth is aching and sore from blowing twenty something dudes. I go ahead and play with that cum. I put it all in my mouth and gurgle it. I even blow cum bubbles. I am absolutely cum ma-tized. I crave big fat cocks with nice big loads.

Anal sex whore

 anal sex whoreI need to see how wide my ass hole can go. I am on my knees with my ass pointed to the ceiling. I want to be a good little fuck whore. I beg for them to double stuff my ass right from the beginning. They put their cock heads together and start to force themselves deep inside me. I feel my ass pulling apart as those two cocks fill me up.

They both start fucking me once they are balls deep. They slam their cocks nice and hard into my little anal whole walls. I feel them pump their cum loads inside of me, lubing my ass up. I get into a position where I can wedge my whole fist right into my ass hole. This is how a good stupid anal whore does it.

I start fucking my ass hole beating it open wider. It is time for another set of dicks in my ass. I want to be full on cum.

Teen anal whore in training

teen anal whoreThere are some new girls aspiring to be whores at the club tonight. They are just little things! I offered to help brake them in tonight in the VIP room with some special clients.

Once we get into the room, I model the girls showing the guys what they are working with. I spread their ass cheeks and make them bend over so the guys can see how tight they are.

The guys are so eager, I let the girls finally get broken in to being the most perfect fuck whore like the rest of us. I take a cock and shove it into my mouth, lubing it up in my spit.

I make the first little whore bend over to get mounted. Our client pushed his thick cock right inside of her ass and begins to ruin it. She was a little ass virgin! Not any longer!

I make each girl get a cock up her ass and I sit back and watch the little whores get fucked rough and deep. Their asses are getting super gaped and stretched.

I think they for sure have a future in hanging out with me!




Fisting whore

fisting whore

I got into a little spat with one of my girlfriends. It started out with who took more dick. She insisted that she has had more dick then I have, but that is just not possible. I have had as much dick as I breathe. I told her the only way to find out who is the bigger whore is to compare holes.

We got naked and she said she could fit three fingers in her pussy. I asked how about her ass? We can not neglect any of the holes now. She could fit about four fingers in there. Then I told her to come and give mine a go. She started fucking my pussy with three fingers and she soon realized that she could fit her whole fist in my cunt.

I told her to try my ass, and the same outcome. When she started fucking my ass she got a huge handful of some juicy jizz embedded in my ass hole walls. Surprise lol. Now she gets to fuck my pussy and make me squirt! Get to work bitch..

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