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druggy porn

If there is two things I love most in the world is getting high and getting fucked. That’s why I love the guy’s in my neighborhood the really know how to treat a girl down at Motel Nine. The fellas down there know how to show a girl a good time and please her real good and make her feel so sexy. They always have my crack pipe ready and a eighth of coke ready for me to snort and the best cognac they can get the hands on because soon as the drugs hit my body I know it’s gonna get so freaky and wet. I take my clothes off so there is nothing in the way of what is about to go down because I don’t believe in safe words or stop I believe in going to take so slap me spank me pull my hair throw me to the drown pound my but and my pussy till its throbbing out happily I just want to be pleased and feel real good while everybody nuts all over me.

Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I don’t think my neighbors like me because I’m black I heard him and a couple of his drinking buddies talking about it to behind the back of my house on summer night calling me nigger sluts and how they would show me my place one day. When I was taking the garbage out I asked if they wouldn’t mine keeping the noise down. One man turn around and said what did this nigger whore just say to me and in shock I turned around and the other screamed lets teach this whore a lesson and the third white man said get her Bill. I turned to run to my back door and close the door but Bill’s arm got caught I tired to fight them off but I was no match. Please don’t! Please stop I screamed as they held me down on said this will fix her up real good and he pulled out a needle and shot me up with the biggest dose of heroin he could give me with me O.D. slowly losing the will to fight back the back off of me and started ripped the clothes off me.  By the time they got me naked I was so high I floated out side of my body while they had there way with me flipping me back and forth up and down one right after the other one in my pussy the my ass the back to my pussy till they finally all circled around me and came all over me while laid limp and high and when they was done they all walked away and told me that right there is where I belong. Now every Tuesday we replay this sexual fantasy with bill and his friends just to keep me high during the week but what bill doesn’t know is i enjoy every minute of.


I’m a Big Dick Sucker

big dick sucker

I love dick so much I try and pretend to know what everyone’s dick looks like while walking down the street his might be fat his is short his is long and think just thinking about it makes me so happy sometimes I try and see how many dicks I can suck in one day. I start off sucking the first man I meet to get my morning coffee and finish him off in the bathroom stall. On my way to work when I commute on the train I see if it’s and nice looking men to suck dry before I get to my stop. Sometimes I take the long way just to get in a extra dick thinking about sucking up Patrick after lunch gets me through the day. When I get home I make myself come thinking about how many men I made cum today remembering how much they enjoyed me.

Crack Head Phone Sex

live phone sex

I been getting High almost as long as I been fucking. Sometimes I just don’t know what I love more getting high or getting fucked. At the end they both go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. I got use what I got to get what I want and if selling this pussy gets me that sweet crack rock then that’s what I’m going to do. For the right price I will fuck you your friends and your dad. Sometimes I don’t know what I love more sucking on a crack pipe or sucking dick. Sometimes I get high for day’s and fuck till I can’t fuck no more and if you so happen to have my rock I will suck your dick so good you wouldn’t even know I’m a lil crack slut.

Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

My name is Alyssa but all guys in my hood Call me D-Nice. They call me D-nice because this little honey pot do dick nice. I been hanging in the block and in the trap for years and if you don’t know D-Nice you ain’t nobody. When it’s the 1st of the month when the block is booming and all the hustlers is getting paid we have a big party in the trap and the theme be D-Nice and all the dope boys get a piece of me I like to suck them all off first before I get fucked . Sometimes 3 or 4 dicks at a time . It makes me feel so sexual and alive all these men rock hard and ready for me . And when I’m ready I let them all have there way with me .Do you think you can handle some of D-Nice.

Black Girl Phone Sex for White Men

black girl phone sex

One day I was out and about going to get something to eat at this new restaurant when I looked up and say the sexiest white man I have ever seen. To my surprise he was looking at me to and just the thought of him touching me made my panties moist. He gets up and walks right over to me and asks me what I was drinking I responded you if you let me . He looks me dead in my eyes and licks his lips and says oh really meet me in the Bathroom in 5. I get and head to the restroom and take my clothes off so I’m only in a bra and panties set when he walks in . The bathroom door opens and its him and Another guy but I didn’t Care be cuz I wanted him so bad I couldn’t stand it and he says do while locking the door do you mind if my friend joins and I take them both down cock in one hand the other in my and I start to suck and jab off at the same time and when they Came One released on my face the other on my tits and I loved every minute of it . let’s just say I will never look at sea food the same

Blacker the Berry

druggy porn

I don’t wanna brag or too my own horn but Nothing is better than this blackberry over here. When they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice They aren’t lying. No white snowflake got anything on this tight juicy pussy. Black girls also suck the best dick and we know how to swallow it whole just like a good slut and You haven’t lived until a sexy Carmel skin hottie has her big Fat juicy lips wrapped around your dick And I don’t know about any other girls but I do everything am willing to try it all you will see just come spend some time with be and you will get what you are looking for in a sexy slave like me.

Brother Sister

dirty phone sex

Growing up I always admired my big brother.  He is handsome, Smart and always helped me . He has taught me everything I know and I know mommy told me I shouldn’t sleep in his bed but what Mom doesn’t know won’t hurt. I feel safe lying next to him. When mommy’s not home we play games on brothers and sisters can play and I show him what a good little sister I am. He gets under the cover and shows me how much he loves me . Nobody makes this pussy wetter than my brother. I slowly grib his thick long cock in my mouth and slide up and down and when I’m done I kiss the top of it ao so sweetly . If I’m a really good girl he lets his Basketball team mate’s play with us too. They get me high and they all have there way with and I love every delicious minute of it . While they all drill me real good one by one. Then I taste and eat them all up because I’m so hungry for more And when they all line up and finish on me I feel there Man juices shower me I know I’ve done good . To this day Everytime I watch basketball I get so excited and moist. That our thing me and my Bros teaching me how to be the Sister ever.

Funhouse Fun

Crack whore anal

A few of the bitches from the club was talking about how they made some extra money from fucking some of the guys from the carnival. Of course extra money is always good.  I was on the hunt to score some good rocks.  While there I wanted to have some fun.  I started flirting with one of the carnies and he was a clown.  Yes a real clown but not the fun kiddo loving kind more creepy like IT.  He kept following me throughout the carnival until I met up with him at the funhouse.  He would flash me and I would flash him back.  We reached the mirror room and I could not tell which was him and which was the mirror.  He showed me something else this time.  It was what I was looking for too.  I nice size rock a eight ball.  He pointed to a sign that said take your clothes off.  As soon as my clothes was off he showed up right behind me.  Dick out and hard as a fucking rock.  In a devilish voice he said suck it. I was on my knees as he held what I was looking for in his hand.  He started to moan and grunt as he fucked my face.  he turned me over and pushed my head to the ground.  I started to scream in pain he was fucking me in the ass so hard he began to split me.  As I begged for him to stop the more forceful he became.  I became so weak from him fucking my ass hole raw and the pain caused me to pass out.  He woke me up by inserting a piece of that sweet crack rock in my pussy.  Once he seen me in motion We was at it heavy again.  He started pounding my pussy really hard even causing it to swell up and bleed a too.  I have never been fucked like this before.  I had cum so fucking hard.  This whole time he would never take that clown mask off and I am wondering who he is.

Games Played

Big dick sucker

When you know the game better than the guys who play it.  I have been handling these young dope boys for years even before I started using.  The power of the pussy is real and I know how to use mine.  These little young bangers think they doing something because I let them fuck me for free.  Nothing is free where I’m from.  While I’m sucking your dick with your pants down by your ankles.  You exposed all of your money and if you have what I need that night that too.  I can suck you until you start to cry I’m good at what I do.  The whole time stuffing my pussy with your loot.  By the time you realize what happened sweetie I’m already gone.  Then you don’t know if it was me or your home boy, but you won’t say a crack whore worked you for your stash and cash by sucking your dick.  Like I said I’ve been playing the game you won’t catch me but I got you. 

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