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Funhouse Fun

Crack whore anal

A few of the bitches from the club was talking about how they made some extra money from fucking some of the guys from the carnival. Of course extra money is always good.  I was on the hunt to score some good rocks.  While there I wanted to have some fun.  I started flirting with one of the carnies and he was a clown.  Yes a real clown but not the fun kid loving kind more creepy like IT.  He kept following me throughout the carnival until I met up with him at the funhouse.  He would flash me and I would flash him back.  We reached the mirror room and I could not tell which was him and which was the mirror.  He showed me something else this time.  It was what I was looking for too.  I nice size rock a eight ball.  He pointed to a sign that said take your clothes off.  As soon as my clothes was off he showed up right behind me.  Dick out and hard as a fucking rock.  In a devilish voice he said suck it. I was on my knees as he held what I was looking for in his hand.  He started to moan and grunt as he fucked my face.  he turned me over and pushed my head to the ground.  I started to scream in pain he was fucking me in the ass so hard he began to split me.  As I begged for him to stop the more forceful he became.  I became so weak from him fucking my ass hole raw and the pain caused me to pass out.  He woke me up by inserting a piece of that sweet crack rock in my pussy.  Once he seen me in motion We was at it heavy again.  He started pounding my pussy really hard even causing it to swell up and bleed a too.  I have never been fucked like this before.  I had cum so fucking hard.  This whole time he would never take that clown mask off and I am wondering who he is.

Games Played

Big dick sucker

When you know the game better than the guys who play it.  I have been handling these young dope boys for years even before I started using.  The power of the pussy is real and I know how to use mine.  These little young bangers think they doing something because I let them fuck me for free.  Nothing is free where I’m from.  While I’m sucking your dick with your pants down by your ankles.  You exposed all of your money and if you have what I need that night that too.  I can suck you until you start to cry I’m good at what I do.  The whole time stuffing my pussy with your loot.  By the time you realize what happened sweetie I’m already gone.  Then you don’t know if it was me or your home boy, but you won’t say a crack whore worked you for your stash and cash by sucking your dick.  Like I said I’ve been playing the game you won’t catch me but I got you. 

Just my luck

Gangbang whore

I didn’t make any money last night working the poles so I needed my hit real bad. I tried to work the young bangers on the corner but they was hip to me now.  So I thought I was going to be without a high.  This one guy I never saw in our hood said he would fuck with me.  So I said ok we went to his car and I took a couple of his of his blunt and one good pull from his pipe.  I was completely blasted.  He was doing all types of shit to me but I did not care.  Normally my focus was on getting his stash but I couldn’t focus for shit.  This motherfucker gave me some shit where all I could do is fuck. I had so much energy and was ready to go for hours.  I heard the door open and we was still going at it.  So I thought.  He had called the other dealers over for a gangbang. They all fucked me beat me and drop their loads in my face mouth and everywhere.  I tried to get some more he told me I could have the whole stash if I let ten more of his friends fuck me.  I said didn’t I fuck your friends he said no he didn’t know who I fucked.  He just made I bet with these dudes that he get me back for all the times I robbed them.  Just my luck I took his stash and ran.  I wanted that high again.  Unfortunately  for me I found out this was just cut up pieces of fucking soap.

Blazing up

Druggy phone sex

It’s the weekend and I have to get my fix. I’m hanging out with some people at the bar and I run into this guy.  I knew him from before but he had went away for some years.  I thought he may have been dead.  We use to get high together and sometimes boost from store so we could cop a few rocks.  He brought me a drink and I knew it was him.  He looked fine as fuck too.  He had been in jail and he was fresh out is why he was gone.  He said he had a few on him and he knew I like to party.  We left the bar and went to my house.  He lit up the pipe we both took a few hits of crack.  Man this shit was some of the best I ever I had.  I got horny and his dick was as hard as a roll of quarters.  He fucked my face for like the better part of thirty minutes.  I sat my little ass on that thick white rocket of a cock he had and rode him for an hour.  Lick suck and fuck as well as hit the pipe is what we did all night long.   I was ready for a good long fuck like this and this crack was everything to me.  He said this was the best part of coming home is blazing the pipe with me.

Moan for me

Black stripper phone sex

Out on the strip last night.   We had a few local celebrities in the club over the weekend.  No big name celeb but let’s just say his favorite number was 88.  He was tossing those dollars at all the girls.  I had to act fast before someone else picked up my hustle.   Instead of just smiling in face and acting scared of rejection like the rest these hoes I made him come to me.  I found a guy that had a few friends.  All the other strippers was really trying to work him.  Not me I’m hip most guys want what doesn’t want them.  Oh I wanted that money, but I was not going to compete for it.  I will however have him compete to spend it on me and get the next guys dollars too.  These guys was known in the streets and they didn’t mind making it rain on me.  I knew they would be loud and cause more people to pay attention to what I’m doing which gets the attention of the guy I want.  Immediately he comes over and drops big bills.  My set was over and my manager said this big spender wanted private time.  Jackpot hoes I got this one in the bag.  He took me to a nice suite downtown and we had plenty to drink.  He said he like how I move and how much it turned him on.  I was ready to fuck, but he just wanted to talk.  He talked for hours about himself.  every time I would reach to touch his dick he moved my hand.  Got it real quick he wasn’t that into women and spending money on strippers hid his truth.  He wanted to fuck but he wanted to get fucked.  We talked about pegging and he started to get comfortable.  He went in the back room for a second.  I got a little nervous thinking did I do something wrong.   He came back out with a strap on that was huge.  He asked me if I was OK with fucking him this way.  He got on his knees and began sucking down on this strap on dick.  Watching him inhale this cock was amazing.  It made me feel in control.  I bent him over and began to fuck his ass hole.  He moaned and was calling me daddy.  I started to thrust harder.   I grabbed his cock in my hand and jacked him off as I pounded him in the ass.  He began to shoot his load everywhere.  He made me sign a paper and said any time he is in the area he needs me to be ready.      

Drunk and alone

Drunk girl fucking

Just got home and I am so drunk.  I don’t seem to have it together.  I am so fucking horny but no one here to give me what I need.  Pussy juice flowing down my fingers rubbing my clit.  I think I will pull out  my toys bullet and the hard glass cock. Tonight I will slide this glass cock in this pussy.  I know how to please me.  I love how this bullet is on my clit keeping this drunk pussy wet.  Time for the main attraction.  I know how to work my tight wet cunt with this glass dick. Still got my bullet  tickling my clit.  sliding on the dick.  In and out hitting all my spots.  This took me all of twenty minutes to finally get myself to cum.  I slept like a baby after wards.

Stripper sex stories with Alyssa

Stripper Sex Stories

You like that I am willing to be a secret.  I can come over late at night and leave early in the morning like I was never there.  While I’m away you make sure my habit is fed.  Before long I’m back to give you everything you can’t do to your wife.  I lean you back in your chair, to give you a quick strip tease.  You love watching me bounce my plump juicy ass to the beat of the music playing.  Without you saying a word I remove your pants while still entertaining you.  I put my face between your legs.  Not just yet but that made you very excited.  I started to straddle you, you grabbed me holding on tight. I began to give you a ride of your life.  You are really feeling me now.  I slide your cock inside me grinding and clinching my cunt tight.  You start to moan with every stroke.  I turn around with you still inside of me.  I do that little thing you like the double clinch while slowly bouncing my ass up and down on your cock.   You are holding me down by my tits telling me how much you’re enjoying yourself.  In on quick move I lean over with my hands on the floor, my feet around neck giving you the perfect view of my tight cunt.  In almost a full handstand I begin to take your cock in my mouth.  The site of this have you more than excited.  You begin to erupt like  a volcano.  You tell me how amazing I make you feel and I tell you I will always give you something to remember me.



gangbang whore

He came from Chi-Town to cop a few rocks.  Forever the party guy always willing to have more than a good time.  he took me and a few of my girls out for a trip to what he called Wonderland.  Everything was on him.  He love when I would bring my Her-Man with me he couldn’t get of enough of my Trans friend.  He got off on knowing he was going to get fucked too.  We went back to his hotel just the three of us lit the pipe up and all the fun started.  You know I’m down to give a great blow job if the price is right.  First I started with him then I had both him and Her-Man in my mouth yes I’m the real deep throat no choking.  Once Her-Man got ready he bent Chi-Town Shorty over and was fucking the shit out of his ass I mean really fucking the shit out of him.  It was OK because while his ass was being pounded to smithereens he was licking and sucking this pretty kitty all night.  Last time we met up he fucked me to sleep and this time he wanted the dick and some pussy to eat.  I was like hell yeah and I can get high as fuck.  Love when he comes to town always a blast.

Played By a Baller

trailer trash whore

On my way out to the store and just needed a quick fix.  You know nothing to heavy maybe just some weed.  I don’t pay for because everybody has it.  I know these little young gunners always have the good weed.  I’ll just swing my hips and like always they come running.  With the A  sweet heart what you doing?  My response shocked him into stupidity.  You if you act right.  He was like are you serious.  No way I heard you only talk to ballers.  I do but, I also make ballers too.  Quickly he started walking besides me telling me what he thought was impressing me.  He has potential but I have no time I need my fix.  We get back to my place and he ask if I wanted to spark one up.  Of course I do that’s the point of you being here.  Only thing is he laced the weed with X which had me feeling all types of freaky.  I got hot real fast, and ever touch turned me on.  I was fucking this little brat like it was the last Dick on earth.   I swallowed him whole ate his cum as he exploded in my mouth didn’t waste a drop.  there was no limitations on what I was doing to him.  Oh I got my fix plus a little more than I bargain for.  when he was leaving he said so you think my shit good of to be a baller.  Never knew I was getting played to be a tester for his littler product.


cum guzzling slut


My step-dad wants me and I want him too.  Last week at dinner he fingered me under the table while my mom fixed our plates. When my mom would go to work at night he would always come in my room and play with my pussy.  Sometimes he would sit me on his lap and slide my panties over and  put his cock inside of me. Well tonight I wanted Daddy to feel good so when he came in my room I was ready to suck his cock.  I was on my knees and he was so happy to see me ready.  I opened my mouth and began sucking him in.  My mouth was extra wet so when I was going down and stroking my tongue on his cock my spit was dripping down his shaft.  His cock was so hard and I began to gag a little until he started to cum in my mouth.

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