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It was time for me to hit the streets and bring Daddy home some money.  It was getting late and if I don’t want to get fucked up I better have his money.  I saw this one trick I had before.  So since it’s the first of the month I know he has money.  Ain’t nothing like sucking old dick they cum real fast that’s easy money.  I love when they think they can take me from my pimp by giving what I need to stop him from beating on me.  Got to love my hustle.  After I took the Viagra lover’s money I like to get a little blow from one of the neighborhood gang banger.  He has really good shit.  I don’t even have to pay for it all I have to do is let him fuck me real good.  These little niggers don’t know anything except they just fucked real quick and they think they got over on me but I am the one who really got them not only do I get a quick cum but I also get to feed my habit.  While they bragging I also slip and take money and apart of their stash to go.  My Pimp loves when I service the young gangsters it’s a win win.

Nasty Whore for You

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So many days and nights I’m out whoring and doing my thing.  My pimp says there’s money to be made everywhere, all the time.  As a matter of fact, that has become my motto.  Sometimes he gets calls for me to meet my john at a certain hotel.  Other times I’m fucking in a car in a back alley.  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m not some two-dollar skank.  I take pride in my work.  You want a blow job I’m going to give you the best fucking head you have ever had.
I’ll meet you in the bathroom in your office building.  If you call and want me in a bathroom stall at three o’clock on the dot, then I’m there on time.  Do you want me under your desk during a budget meeting?  Jerking you off then cleaning up your cum with my tongue while your colleagues go over the numbers. In my world saying no is not an option.  If you and your co-workers want to have a good time on your lunch break, then I’m your slut.  I’ll suck and fuck until my throat is sore and pussy is dripping with cum.
I’m a nasty whore.  I’ll do anything you say if you’re paying.  In my world, there are no limits.  Boundaries don’t exist.  There’s only you and I…. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the almighty dollar.


phone sex line I was with my pimp at a dice game. Everyone was drinking and smoking. There were only a few women in the alley where this game was taking place. My pimp was losing a lot of money. I didn’t really think anything of it because he does this all the time. I’m socializing and smoking herb when all of a sudden I hear “I don’t have any more money, you can have my ho Althea for the night”. Of course he loses again, then the fun starts. Carlos is the guy that won me, he took me to his house where we did lots of drugs. The next day I woke up in the alley where the dice game had taken place. I walked home and my pimp was playing a video. The video was of me fucking and sucking a room full of guys. I couldn’t tell you how many dicks I saw. They were pounding my pussy like I was a fuck doll. I had one dick in my mouth, one in my pussy, and one in my ass. When one guy finished another took his place. I could barely remember the night but this video shows how much fun I had. I’m a good ho, I make the most money for a reason.

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phone sex line altheaI have always been this little geeky girl who didn’t do nothing but go to school and back home. I tried to stay to myself. I stayed so close to school that i always walked from and to school ! Well one day i didn’t make it to school a van that had pasted me two times was about to pass me the third time, I got really scared, I didn’t know what was about to happen, Well he got closer and all of a sudden the van pulls in front of me, And said “get in the fucking van!” I said “no,” Tried running but he caught me, He tossed me in the back and said “When i say get in you get the fuck in!” I was crying, I was scared for my life i didn’t know if i was going to die or get forced into something bad, I didn’t know what was going to happen, Well we finally stopped and i heard the back door unlock and i got picked up and taken inside of a house. I didn’t know where i was, The dude finally looked in my eyes and said “baby you’ll be fine,” Ill take you back to school,” “I just want to get some of your good tight virgin pussy,” “Daddy wants you little girl”. I screamed and said “no let me go,” He covered my mouth and said “be quiet little girl,” I then thought “fuck it i’m not going to get away just listen and do what he says and hopefully he will let me go when all done,” Well he came to me and told me to strip, in tears i did, Then he said “lay down and open your legs i want to see how pretty it is,” So i did what i was told, He made me suck is cock and shoved my head made me throw up all over his fucking cock, Plenty of times fucking my throat. He then forced me down and made me take his cock in my virgin little pink nigger pussy. It hurt at first but then it began feeling good and i was not mad at him kidnapping me any more. That’s when the slut came out of me, I wanted to be his submissive little girl forever. He even fucked my ass so hard he came all over me on my face, my tits, all down my little body ! I never new a white boy could explode like that, I told him ” I wanted to be his little cum slut forever.”

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