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Drunk girl fucking

“Fuck Althea! This black pussy is so tight.” “Come on baby, cum deep in this black pussy.” After a long night of tequila shots, dirty martinis and buttery nipples I had built up the courage to make a move on my boss and to my surprise I was successful. Here he was balls deep in my tight nigger pussy after a long day at the office. We both were so drunk off our asses. I had been working as his secretary for about 5 months now ad this was the first time, we had a chance to be alone. A man like him never has an ounce of free time. A white boss man like him needed a great reason to stop everything he was doing. Thanks to all this liquor our system and my sexy lingerie ensemble under my dress, I was the perfect reason for him to drop everything.

“Oh yes! Fuck me harder.” Before flipping me over on my stomach he sniffed a line of coke, took 2 back-to-back shots of tequila and shoved his dick deep inside my asshole.  Pounding and spanking my ass so hard. “Call me daddy!” he demanded. “Call me daddy you black fucking whore!” “Oh daddy! Daddy!” “Hmm, Althea I’m going to cum in this tight fucking asshole.” “Cum for me daddy please. I want it.” His white cock felt so good inside of me. He grabbed me around the waist and thrusted his dick deeper inside of me “Hmmm! Fuck! Shit! Fuck!!” He busted his huge load in my ass. I was officially little cum filled cunt. “Ahhh!” I screamed in pure pleasure, having the best orgasm ever. This was a night I was never going to forget.


    • Mark on March 30, 2022 at 10:07 am
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    Im love tequila and black pussy, you hot bitch.

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