I Fucked My Boss

Cum guzzling slut

My boss big fat white cock is so good. I needed a promotion at work and the only way I was going to get it was by dropping to my knees and sucking his cock. “Oh, fuck! You really want that promotion huh?” He put his hand on the back on my head shoving his cock in my throat. I responded “Uh huh” while still deep throating his cock. A black whore like me was making him go crazy! I decided to reach around and put my finger in his asshole. To my surprise he enjoyed it. I finger fucked his butt and sucked his cock at the same time. “Fuck yeah! Just like that you black nigger.” He faced fucked my mouth. Pushing his cock deeper and deeper in my throat. I opened my mouth wider preparing to swallow his load. As good as I was sucking his cock, I was sure that I was going to get that promotion. He came so much in my mouth. It was as if he hadn’t cum in months. I swallowed every drop of it. “God damn. The black mouth of yours is fucking spectacular. Come to my office tomorrow for your new office assignment.” I got up from off my knees. “Thank you so much sir.” “No, thank you.” He responded pulling up his pants.

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