Private Room Secrets

Stripper Sex PornI love being a stripper. I love when men come in and ask for private shows so I can show them all of my tricks. I always get so wet when I work and seeing a hard cock through a mans pants gets my pretty little cunt soaked. Men always try to touch me when I’m working but I only touch them back in a private room, so I don’t get in trouble. I love to bounce my perky little tities in their face while I’m grinding on their hard cock. They love to slip their fingers into my tight wet pussy and hear me moan while I start to pull their pants off. I always suck their cock first because I love the feeling a hard thick cock being shoved down my throat making me choke. Then I let them bend my perky little ass over the couch and shove their dick inside me filling up my tight little pussy. I let them fuck me hard and fast while I bounce my ass on their long cock and just when they’re about to cum I get down on my knees and make them cum in my pretty little mouth. I love the taste of cum so salty and sweet it fills me up for the night.

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