Cocksucking Saved My Life

Cum eating phone sex

“Put the money in the fucking bag you nigger!!” “Please don’t hurt me. I don’t have any money.” “You have 5 seconds you slut or I going to cut your fucking throat.” I couldn’t believe this shit. I was walking home from a fun night out with friends when this guy attempted to rob me. I was scared to death. “Please, I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t hurt me.” “Anything huh?” He started unbuckling his pants. “You want to live bitch? Suck this cock for your life.” I knew I was going to survive because my cock sucking skills were impeccable but with a knife pointed in my face i was terrified. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his smelly cock like my life depended on it. He started moaning and groaning. He clearly hasn’t felt the affection of a woman in God knows how long. He came instantly in my mouth. I could almost throw up from the taste. “You’ve earned another day of life fucking cunt. You can go.” I stood up and started running home. I was relieved but also happy that my cocksucking mouth could save me.

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