Mom Forced Me To Sell My Holes

I didn’t become this trashy whore overnight my mommy taught me how to sell my pussy at a young age and get anything I wanted. She sold me the first time to her drug dealer. I remember she was so high she didn’t care that his big black cock was as big as my arm. He gave her the drugs and then pulled his fat dick out. He grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock in my mouth.

Teen anal whore

As soon as I tasted something salty and gooey, he lifted me up and ripped my panties off. He told me to hold my dress up and slammed his cock into my cunny hole. I cried out but my mother just told me to take it that already had paid. He looked at her and told her he would give her double if he could fuck my asshole. She agreed quickly and he bent me over and shoved his cock in my ass ripping me open. It sent my body into shock, and I felt like I was going to pass out. He kept pounding me until I heard him grunt. He then pulled his dick out of me telling my mother he would have more customers for me. After that I was going to use my holes to get what I wanted.  


    • Mitchell on April 6, 2022 at 5:39 pm
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    I want to play this fantasy out with you. It is something that has always really turned me on.

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