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Coke heist

I was jonesing for some coke and I knew this gig in Miami would bring me closer to all the big dealers ever. I was working at a strip joint and that’s where I met some friends who were down to do anything for angel dust. We wanted to get high and stack our paper. Carlos was this Cuban guy who managed everything along with Ricky another tall fucker from Puerto Rico. They kept us in line and honestly were pretty great to us. It was Antonio the king pin and the owner who we had to trick. He was one of the top dealers he was the owner of a couple cover up business all over south beach. He would try to hide the fact that he transported a bunch of kilos from Cartagena Colombia and the Caribbean.

I got pretty close to Ricky and Carlos. Often got the task of organizing parties at the Coral Gables location. These parties were outrageous and had a roster of guest that were pure entertainers and stars. Even people pf power would come to these soiree.

I hated to betray the guys but I  wanted what I needed and I knew taking the stash would be easy peasy. no one would notice. Well I was wrong, one of the guards noticed three whores smuggling out some of the product and we were manipulated to be little whores. I was an anal sex whore for all the guys first while each guard took their time with me. Then the rest of the girls would have their turn of a dominant ass fuck too, we were lucky none of the head men knew and even luckier antonio didn’t get word on the situation. We had to work to be set free and we had to take some much meat in our asses we could barely work the stage the next night. At least we got to keep the stash and some of the cash  🙂

anal cum dumpster

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Phone Sex Line with a Cowgirl

phone sex line

Revenge is a dish best served with a hard cock in my soft little mouth. I have always gone for the cowboys, but honestly how could a girl resist? They have those strong rough hands that a girl loves to feel roaming all over her soft body. This cowboy was no different, he was absolutely irresistible to me. I never really do relationships, but he was different. He was such a good time! We would get high together, and when we needed the money for more drugs he would even find a guy for me to fuck for the money. If I had to fuck men for the money, he would stay and watch to make sure that I was alright. He was my dream man, or so I thought. One day he came home late and there was lipstick on his collar that was not my shade of red, and there was a red wine stain on his shirt. The 2 of us only drink beer and whiskey. I knew then he was seeing another girl behind my back, so I devised a plan. When he was asleep I stole his precious truck and me up with his best friend. I put a camera on the dash board and his best friend climbed into the truck. In no time I had his pants off, and his hard cock in my mouth I made sure to keep eye contact with the camera the whole time. Then when he was good and wet, I climbed into his lap facing the camera. My eyes never left the camera while I slipped his best friends cock into my tight little ass hole. I let his friend cum in my ass, and invited all of his other friends. You can pretty much piece together what happened the rest of the night. I went home and let him eat my ass, and then I showed him the video of his best friend shooting his load into it. I can’t count how many times he brushed his teeth.

Blowing for Blow

Cum Filled cuntI can’t help it if I keep the attention from the boss. All the girls at the office have a fair chance in making their way to the top. I just happen to know my bosses weak spots. I know what to say and do to get what I want and please from him. It’s not my fault that I can manipulate a weak man. I have learned the tricks early on to be honest. I was raised by a slut and have slut tendencies, *Giggle* Well maybe I am being to modest, I am a slut but I know that being one will supply me with everything I want. I get my boss high and I get extra blow and I do it all to get what I want power and angel dust. Anything I want I get.

Power Sucking And Fucking

hot stripper sex

You came looking for some hot stripper sex. You had a need and you were on the prowl for a trashy bitch like me. You caught my eye and headed to the V.I.P. lounge. You threw up five fingers and they pointed to your dick. Two Big Black men stood at the doorway and you whispered something and disappeared.  I finished my set and hurried to the back where you were waiting with a towel over your lap completely buck naked. That towel was tented and I thought shit he’s ready. Little did I know you weren’t You instructed me between your legs. I removed the towel and was surprised by the fact that you were not hard all the way and you had the biggest dick I ever have seen! You told me to suck and suck hard as you coated the tip with pure cocaine. I began my famous golf ball through a garden house dick sucking and you smacked my face and said harder. “”What do you think a dick this big wants?“” HArder faster and deeper I went until he stood up pulled that massive dick out of my mouth and told me to go ass up face down. He promised he would put some coke on my ass to numb me and that he knew I was just a trashy whore who needed to be fucked hard and deep.  You did not hesitate you reamed my ass with coke and shoved your dick half way in. Soon I was taking that huge dick deep in my ass and coming all over myself. You then began riding my pretty pink ass hole deeper and harder. You were power fucking my tiny ass! When you pulled out you said that I would need to take care of my prolapsed ass because you would be back for more. You dressed and left me with cum dripping out of my bloody sore ass.  Your guards three cash and a baggie at me. I love having big dick sucker skills it gets me into some crazy fucking positions. 

Community Pussy is Good


Cum eating phone sex

I have a secret lover Named Sam, we go out together and have such a great time, last weekend we went to Cancun. My secret lover is the buck of my dreams he really knows how to fuck me surprisingly good. I let him stuff his cock in every hole in my body, I don’t worry I love it. The reason why he’s my secret lover is that he has a wife and she is super fucking jealous. I love the way he makes me feel, and I don’t give a fuck about his wife. I’m a whore, a cum guzzling slut. All of the wives call me a predicament in the community, they say that I am an uncontrollable skank who cannot keep my legs closed. Guess what, they’re right I can’t keep these fucking hot legs shut for 10 minutes I always want cock stuffed inside of my hot wet fat pussy. If you ever know a whore who loves to dress sexy and go to all of the picnics and outings without a boyfriend, you have better worry about her. The girl at the picnic without a boyfriend is definitely going to fuck your boyfriend, your husband, your cock machine. I know cuz that’s me a top-class score and I play the game to win all the time. I like the money, I love the gifts and my sugar daddies they always supply me with everything I need. I get all the fancy Shoes I get all the fancy clothes, and I get all the elegant perfumes I want. My sugar daddies like for me to smell good they wish for me to look good and they love for me to taste good. If you can top that, then you can join in with me, but if you can’t beat that, sister stand aside, your man is about to be taken away from you.

Anal Cum dumpster

anal cum dumpsterI love being an anal cum dumpster. Nothing hotter than shitting out a long strain of cum from your freshly fucked asshole into your daughter’s mouth. We were drunk and high the other night. We are nasty freaks as it is, but under the influence, our freak flag flies even higher. We were down at the truck stop getting blow for the week when we ran into some new truckers. They knew my reputation as a whore. They asked if we were down to fuck for some cash. I told them to keep their money, we fuck for free if the guys are cute and they were cute. They wanted an anal sex whore and they got two. They pounded our assholes for a solid hour. They had staying power and cum filled balls. They had been on the road too long and no attractive lot lizard skanks until us. My daughter and I were happy to take their jizz up our pretty puckered pink assholes. Just when they thought they had seen everything, they got their minds blown watching me shit their seed out of my ass into my daughter’s mouth. She is a cum guzzler too. She sucked on her mama’s asshole like there was fine wine up there. Cum is our fine wine.

Dirty Phone Sex at a High Society Event

dirty phone sexI have a dirty phone sex story for you. I got drunk last night at some fancy wine tasting event. I didn’t fit in with the crowd, but I won a couple for tickets, so I took my daughter. Personally, if I had an extra $300 lying around I would have bought coke not tickets to taste overpriced sugar water. My daughter and I looked like trailer park whores compared to the other folks there. The men were gawking at us and the women were giving us those disapproving looks. We just ignored the bitches, drank free wine and flirted with the men who gave us attention. What man doesn’t prefer a trashy milf over a stuck-up cunt? Everyone knows a woman like me gives better head and takes it up the ass. I drank a lot of overpriced sugar water which made me horny as fuck.  This one married dude was all over us both like a cheap suit. I assumed if his wife was there he wouldn’t be hitting on us. Usually the high-class folks have a better system of cheating than blatantly flirting in front of their wives. I thought he was there with buddies or something, so when he said he wanted to fuck my ass, I didn’t think we would get busted by his wife. He tried to blame the wine when he was caught in the middle of hardcore anal sex with a stranger. She was pissed. She was calling me a skank and a whore, and slapping him against the head, but he kept fucking my ass. This wasn’t the typical place for a dirty whore to fuck. Only my daughter and the guy who was fucking me were amused at the free sex show. Someone called the police. His cum was oozing out my ass by the time they showed up. I will never go to a high society event like that again even if it is free. But, I will fuck that stuck up bitch’s husband again. He made the entire thing fun.

Extreme Gangbang Voyeur

extreme phone sex

This Nasty Druggy Stripper has an extreme phone sex tale for you! My Regular John Mr. “Johnson” invited me to his tiki party and made sure that I was to dress classy and sophisticated. The pay was good and he said party favors would be on the house but to be discreet and just be his arm candy. I figured I could do that. I arrived in my sexy black dress heels and perfect. They were so many nice looking rich men and women out by the pool, but I was more comfortable as I shiny tray of my nose candy was being passed around. I swear a couple rails later I was shimmering out of my little black dress and everyone was staring. I couldn’t help myself my pussy was aching and I saw a few boners pop up in those Bermuda shorts. I began grinding on a sexy tall dark man and was on my knees sucking his massive boner before I knew it. I was offered another line of coke and then my hand was up a sexy redheads skirt fingering her ass as I sucked three cocks in a row.  I figured I would try to slip away and end this crazy orgy fest I had started but I was grabbed and bend over a chair as I looked up I saw Johnson nodding approvingly as men started fucking random women and each other too. His cock was out in his hand on the balcony and he was jerking so hard I could see his cum shoot down into the crowd of onlookers. Seems as if I was just hired to be my slutty druggy self to start Johnson’s annual orgy party. All I know is my ass gaped and my mouth and pussy hurt from being fucked by over 50 dicks. That’s just one of my many gangbang sex stories that I will never forget.

Cum Guzzling Slut Plus One

cum guzzling slut

My daughter is a cum whore because her momma is a cum guzzling slut. My mom was one too. Cum does a body good. I love guzzling jizz. My daughter and I have cum parties all the time. That is when we invite a bunch of guys over to blow them. We snowball the cum. We even save some to freeze for snacks when no cock is around. I swear we are both addicted to cum. When we don’t get it for a day, we have withdrawal symptoms like a smack addict. Last night we needed a blow bang party. We had some severe weather that prevented our skanky asses from getting out over the weekend. Now that the sun was shining, we texted about 30 guys to come over. We were thinking if we got 15, it would be successful. We got 40 guys. Some invited their friends because we are sort of legendary cum whores. Everyone knows I am a cum dumpster and if I am, my daughter is too. These guys barely fit in my double wide. They had no trouble squeezing their dicks down my throat, even up my ass and in my cunt. It was a gangbang. If a guy shot his load up my cunt, I squatted over my daughter and pissed it out into her mouth. She did the same to me. There was no cum that went wasted. If it was shot up an ass or a cunt, we pushed it out, so we could snowball it. Let me tell you something. Guys love giving a woman a creampie then watching her push it out into her daughter’s greedy mouth. It got our studs hard again. My daughter is a creampie slut. She will guzzle semen out of any of my fuck holes. We got our cum fix, but damn my holes are worn out today. Not complaining though, just bragging.

Nigger Gangbang Me

Gangbang sex stories


I got together with a few of my homeboys last night, and we got nasty as fuck. I love those gangbanging niggers who substantial big dicks and love to fuck all night long. They ran a train on my pussy. I’m the nasty, sleazy little fucking slut that your grandpa told you about. I gave every one of them the best fucking head too. I sucked dicks, big fucking black dicks all night long, cum was guzzling into my mother fucking face. I kept begging for dick, I kept pleading with those motherfuckers to fuck me harder bang me with those bone-hard cocks. I even had two cocks in my ass at one time, that is the kind of bitch that I am. They fucked me over the railings of their apartment balcony. They held my ankles, and I caught the rail, and my ass got banged in hard. Those motherfucking niggers were insane with me last night, and I fucking loved it too. I can’t wait to do it again. I especially enjoyed the way they stuffed my head in the pillows and pulled my hair while treating me like a piece of lot lizard trash. Are you a watcher, or do you want to join in? Whatever you want let’s do it.

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