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Dirty Little Whore

anal sex whoreWanna get high? I’m jonesing so fucking badly right now and I will do anything you want for a fix. I know one of your favorite things is pounding into a tight little asshole and pissing in there after shooting your load. So how about that? Please? I will bend over right here and you can spit on that little hole before shoving your cock inside. You should pull my hair and tell me what a bad slut I’ve been, how you are going to punish this tiny brown fuckhole. If you want I will pretend I don’t like it but you know I do. My pussy will be leaking and flowing down my thighs because it feels so fucking good. And after you shoot your load in my ass, piss in it. Oh fuck, imagine how good it’s going to feel. I want it so bad, so come on lets play!

GHB and Tina

no taboo phone sex



My best friend and I were cruising Tinder for some guys to party with and that’s how we met you. You told me that we could come party with you and you’d even give us some cash for hanging out. We got the address to your hotel and were super pleased when you, a sharply dressed middle-aged and handsome business man answered the door. We were both wearing super short black cocktail dresses with strapped and stacked high heels, open toed per your instruction. You had plates out of a fine white powder but they looked a little different than party drugs I had seen before. You explained that it was ghb and tina, and that pretty young girls like us get horny for lesbian love once the high hit. We helped each other hold our hair back and did line after line. Slowly undressing each other for you and making out the entire time. I kissed my way down her pretty chest and tits, down to her belly and slipped her panties off. She did the same to me. You handed me a giant double headed dildo and we knew exactly what to do. We laid back on the sofa in your suite, scissoring and fucking the dildo at the same time while you kept feeding us key bumps. You then pulled out your large and thick member, having us take turns sucking it while we both kept climaxing over and over again on the large toy you had provided us with. After you blew your load all over our pretty little faces you gave us each $500 and told us to stay in touch. We really can’t wait for the next time you’re in town. Should we go ahead and bring a 3rd girl along this time?

Prostitution Porn – Glory Holes

Prostitution Porn

Prostitution Porn is a great way to make a living now that JC, my manager, got me a new job.  I am going to work in an adult bookstore that has a glory hole room.  The men go into a room where there is a solid wall with a cut out and semi-circle hole in the wall.  There is a table behind the wall where I am laying down and just my pussy, ass and legs stick through the hole in the wall.  My legs will be bound and held up and apart.  Imagine a gynecologist’s exam table where you only see the good stuff.  There about 4 girls in each room.  We make a lot of money and all I must do is lie there and get fucked over and over, filling me up with lots of cum.  There must be 100 guys come thru my room every night.  What could be more fun?  The management does not mind if your wasted while you get fucked, they even give you some weed.  It is so much fun!  I have the best job in the world.

Cum Whore

Cum guzzling slutI love fucking men that have really huge balls. Because 9 times out of 10, a man with really big balls has lots of cum. I love semen. I love how it tastes, and I love how it feels on my skin. People compliment my clear and smooth complexion and they want to know my secret. Well, my secret is letting men cum on my face. I’m a cum dumpster and I need cum like a vampire needs blood. I crave cum like a fat person craves cake. I dance at the strip club because it gives me a limitless supply of semen. Men fight over the pleasure of nutting all over my face. But sometimes I can’t stop sucking and I swallow the whole load. I want your cum. I want to suck your cock until you’re ready to explode all over my beautiful face. Are you ready to give me what I need?

Meat In The Middle

Live phone sexI love being the meat in the middle of a pecker sandwich. DP my holes. You know what a trailer park whore I am. Hell everybody I am not quiet about it. You can tell I am enjoying. See how I pose for the camera? I fucking love this shit and I want the world to know! I love being blasted all over the internet. My naked whore body for all to see and jerk off too. I like that women know I will fuck their man no matter what. I have no problem with married cock. I like getting 2 peckers at once. I like being thrown between the both of them. Tossed about and filled up with all that jizz.

Furry Friends Luv Peanut Butter




Anal Sex Whore

When I get really high on tina, I get these crazy urges to just get totally pounded out by cock.
Tonight no one interesting was on Tinder and my regular booty calls weren’t hitting me up but then my
roommate’s fuzzy K9 caught my eye. I’ve noticed his huge red rocket always sticking out when he was around me
and I was so geeked up on the crystal meth I figured you know what, what better time than now to try out some
yummy beastly dick. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the jar of peanut butter. Sitting back on the sofa with my
legs spread, I smeared the peanut butter across my inner thighs and pussy. I didn’t even have to call the K9 over,
the big boy just walked over with his tongue hanging out, similar to the way the men look at me at the club.
Lapping and licking it all up, I was soaking went- I couldn’t help myself and pushed it’s head into my cunt further
whispering not to use it’s teeth. I turned around with my knees on the seat of the sofa and ass in the air,
opening my cheeks up so it could lick the little bit of peanut butter out of my asshole too. That’s when it mounted me
and started humping. I was screaming, I had no idea it’s dick was going to be that big or hurt that much. It began biting my back
while I was massaging my clit. Finally it let out a huge load of it’s own nut butter inside my filthy pussy just as I
was reaching my own climax on it’s yummy red rocket. Now that I know old fuzzy is obviously trained in the ways of
please, I may not even need you guys anymore. lol 😉

Hard Fucking Hooker

Hooker Phone SexI have been a whore my whole life.  My Daddy used me when I was a kid and would sell me to the neighbors for a pack of smokes so I learned pretty early that sex is money.  I still sell my body, but I do it on my terms.  I work as a stripper and call girl in Hollywood, so I run into my share of let’s say interesting clients.  I love them all.  They make my life exciting and I get to fuck lots of guys and make lots of money. We usually party before they get what they paid for.  Those Hollywood types love their drugs.  I have partied with more than my share of actors but I’m not one to name names.  One of the kinkiest things that ever happened to me was a John, who is a pretty famous guy wanted me to fuck his Furry Friend in front of a room of his buddies.  He offered me a lot of money to do it.  I think they thought I would be chicken shit, but I took a couple of bumps and pulled down my pants and let that fucking 4 legged beast have my ass. It was awesome!  I have been thinking about getting a furry companion of my own.  (Wink Wink)

Cum Guzzling Slut & New Neighbor

Cum guzzling slutHe’s new to the neighborhood, and I wanted to welcome him properly. So, I went over and invited him back to my place for dinner. I had made a lasagna and a hot apple pie, just in case he said yes. He was a hot, sexy man, and my little sphincter was just aching for his big, fat cock that kept teasing me under his tight-fitting jeans. He came over, and we ate, and I used every bit of ammo in my arsenal to let him know that this hot little minx was his for the taking, even running my foot up his leg and into his lap. He started off looking uncomfortable about my being so aggressive with my sexuality, but by the time we had pie with ice cream, his ass was mine. I took him back to my bedroom, and the first thing he did once he laid me down was unzip his fly and stick his dick into my mouth. He face-fucked me while he worked his way into my panties. He didn’t seem the least surprised by my thick, engorged shaft, either, and started stroking me right away. He stroked me to an orgasm as he came into my mouth and down my throat. We have a date for later this week, and I’m already getting hard again just thinking about it!

I Love Being an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. Guess what? So, do men. Wives don’t give up the ass. Their loss, my gain. I had an anal gang bang last night. I wanted coke,but I was cash poor. I was ass rich, however. Big D told me he would hook me up with enough blow to last me the month if I was willing to give up my ass for a few of his friends. I knew my ass would be in trouble because Big D has an 11 inch black cock. I figured his pals would be equally endowed. But free coke for the month would save me hundreds of dollars. I did a line off Big D’s monster cock and bent over spreading my ass. One at a time they butt fucked me. They were kind enough to squirt lube up my ass before ramming their cocks balls deep in my ass. I don’t exactly have tight holes at my age and experience; however, with about a dozen big black cocks, my ass felt like a virgin hole again. I was high and had my eye on the prize, so it could have been two dozen black dicks and I still would have given up my booty. Free coke is free coke. Man, this morning, my ass was swollen and filled with cum. Again, I would be an anal cum dumpster to a platoon of black guys for free coke.

Creampie slut for the mistress

Creampie slutCreampie slut for the mistress is what I became. She tortured me and then brought guys to fill me up. My master told his mistress how much I was failing at the weekly challenges and of course, his sadistic bitch wife had to punish me. It started out with the weekly challenge being one I had no desire to be apart of, For one I was deathly afraid of being whipped and fisted in for hours. I refused, and of course, my master was going to teach me a lesson or two. For one he detests disobedience and just because I didn’t like didn’t mean I should have denied him of the pleasure it gives him to see me be tortured. since I did the invites his wife over to punish me for her amusement and he knows just how brutal she can be. He sat back and enjoyed the show the whole night. It was such a turn on for him to watch me get beat and fucked by her.

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