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Double stuffed slut

big dick suckerI like the maintenance guys that work around the campus whenever I am feeling horny and craving a double stuffing they both seem to know what to do to make me feel satiated. I love it rough and want my hair to be pulled. I have the perfect fuck spot at work. I created my own getaway in my own break office. I have furniture in there and everything I need to bust some loads from different cocks. Ron and James are two guys who are easily double my age, but they are fun. They are strong and like to take advantage of my fuck holes. Whenever I am feeling the urge to have double cock and loads I shoot them a text. I don’t have to wait too long for them; They come to me in almost mere seconds. I like how they rip my clothes off and begin to penetrate my mouth. They know I am a real big dick sucker who can make both cocks cum simultaneously.

Cum cunt

Big dick sucker   Let me say this. If you have a huge cock and you want to pound my pretty sweet pussy with it, you better know what your doing I dont want my pussy to be wasted on a guy that can’t do what hes supposed to do. I had some guy come in paying for a one on one and his dick was so fucking tiny I couldn’t even fill it when I was grinding my ass on his pathetic little schmuck. I laughed so hard I just want some big dick. He payed well but damn its pretty sad when your a grown man and you have little boy parts. I died laughing. So what did I do I pulled my bartender home last night and sucked his fucking cock and made sure he knew that I loved how bit it is and how I love it so much filling my throat up.

Anal Sex Whore and Mommy

anal sex whoreI am such a dirty anal sex whore. I did a gang bang for my husband’s clients last night. He had a bunch of European fellows with MILF fever. He likes to give perks to his clients that other companies just don’t offer like access to his family of hookers.  I never mind helping my husband. He took me from the sticks of West Virginia and transformed me into a Beverly Hills housewife whore. After I let 10 fellows pound my ass for hours, you can imagine how much cum was inside my ass. I could have showered, cleaned myself up before bed, but where is the fun in that? I am a trashy milf. I summoned my army of young whores to clean me up. The girls especially are such cum guzzlers.  I was on the couch with my legs in the air and a smirk on my face. They knew what they had to do. They lined up to lick the cum out of their mommy’s asshole.  I trained them well. They were all bottle fed daddy’s cum from an early age. Cum does a body good. Look at me. I was raised on daily cum shots. My girls are creampie sluts. They scooped out all the wet spunk in my ass. They didn’t just swallow it. I raised them better than that. They snowballed each other with cum out of mommy’s ass. We never let cum go to waste in this family; no matter where the cum may be located!

Hot Chick With a Dick For Perverts

So you think you are a real fucking pervert do you, big boy? Hmmm? You extreme and shit? You think you can take and dish out some of that crazy stuff when it cums to getting off and getting kinky? Well the fuck are you bad asses? I’m here, with this hot fucking rack and a sweet ass… and I got a nice fucking cock even.

I love things filthy and fucking depraved. I got your outlet for that kink and filthy fucking shit that you feel you can’t let anyone in on, cum on big guy I want to be your perverted partner and outlet… brown showers, enemas and hardcore anal fucking? I got you there baby I am all over that shit.

Shemale phone sex

Cum swapping sluts

big dick suckerOne thing that drives guys wild is two hot sluts who know how to party. I was on a binge fest with my best friend, and we were the life of the party at the pool bar. It was nice doing some cock and X. I was overworked and just needed to relax and enjoy my day. I’ sure glad I got some alcohol in my system. I was acting slutty just the way I like it. Within in minutes of having the rush from the coke and x and having some booze in my sister I was going to show the whole bar my skills. I warned them I’m a big dick sucker and I like to play with the cum after I get it. My best friend and I were up to no proper flashing everyone and sucking everyone off in the club. It was free to blow jobs, and it was all on us. We were sharing all the sticky cum we got. I liked cum swapping in front of a room full of strange men.

Lot Lizard Sex for Coke

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is something a dirty ho like me understands. Most men have never visited a truck stop for sex. Now, I am not a paid ho. Not cash as least. I trade my old snatch for cocaine and pot. Growing up there was an old saying, “Ass or grass, no one rides for free.”  It meant if hitchhiking, you gave up the goods or you shared your weed for a ride. Almost no one hitchhikes anymore thanks to serial killers like Ted Bundy. But the sentiment is the same if you want some drugs. Women don’t have to pay for a fix if they spread their fuck holes. Some lot lizards are total strung out skanks. I may fuck a lot and have a high mileage puss, but I still look good. That gets me special treatment at the truck stop. Horny truckers want first dibs on my sweet holes. There was a new trucker, black as night too, who invited me into his cab. He knew my reputation as a trailer trash whore down to fuck for coke. Truckers always have white powder. It is the new No Doz! We got high and fucked. Big D has the biggest cock, but this new guy was thick as fuck. I’m walking a little funny today. But, I will take a little discomfort for the chance to fuck a perfect BBC. Plus, I have coke now. That will take any hurt away.

Sleezy Lot Lizard

Drunk girl fuckingSo this trick of mine Charles is always trying to make me into a good girl, I get frustrated with him but he pays me really well so I put up with his pure fuckery bullshit. I always wonder if he wants a good girl so fucking bad why does he spend all his cash getting my trashy lot lizard whore ass everything I want and more. Charles lies in bed with me trying to get me to be his pet project I think he just wants a professional whore all for himself and I don’t blame him either. I like to teabag suck Charles cock and balls I really love how he grinds his ass in my face too, his ass is so tasty. I rack up his cash giving him all he can take and more and I love doing new different shit with him. Since Charles pays me so well I do more for him like when I fuck other guys and fulfill their fantasies I use their nasty desires as inspiration for Charles and I. I can give any guy top dollar treatment when he pays top dollar, whatever.. you need.

Fucking for a promotion

anal cum dumpsterI was offered a promotion but I had to show my skills and interview for the promotion. Both my supervisor and manager asked me how determined was I for the opportunity? It was simple I was going to be their anal cum dumpster. First I had to deepthroat them and then I had to show them my holes they both wanted to fill me up. I was determined I wanted that promotion and I was going to get it. Hours of sucking them off and letting them drenched me had me tired. I could of gone all day and night. I knew this wasn’t going to be the last session. I knew I hooked them. I think I made a great choice not only did I get rock hard rods I also got the position I wanted and I got a ton of yum jizz all over me. It was certainly a win in my end. I think they are loving having such a nymph working side by side too.

Scatt Smear Fun With Berretta

scat phone sex

If you are looking for a truly nasty experience, then I am your girl. Nothing is taboo or off limits with me! One of my favorite things for us to do is a scat smear. After all nothing is more fun than me taking a giant shit all over you and then getting to play with that warm gooey chocolatey shit. My cunt gets sloppy wet as I smear all of that extra gooey chocolatey shit all over your body. My favorite part is smearing my warm gooey shit all over your lips and then rubbing it all over my perky tits. Then shoving them into your mouth and having you suck all that scrumptious chocolatey shit off of my tits. Massaging all that warm gooey shit all over your great big cock and watching it get super hard. Seeing the excitement growing on your face know that I am about to deep throat that big hard shit covered cock of yours.

Cheating cum slut

Cum dumpster Cum dumpster Whoops I did it again. I can’t say I didn’t mean too. I really wanted it and I got it. I was with my boyfriend and his brother. I got some blow in my system and angel dust is something that can get me so horny I do a line and my legs open wide. It’s always been that way with me. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and his younger brother. I kept making my boyfriend go on all types of runs just so I could have his brother to myself. I was in the mood for some high school cock. I wanted someone who would be willing to be submissive but willing to learn to be dominant. When i got him alone for a few I was able to get him on his knees and practically begging me to let him fuck me. All it takes is wearing something revealing and letting your hands run free. While the movie was playing I was rubbing his cock under the cover. My boyfriend would step out and I would whisper in his brother’s ear to make me his cum dumpster. Within no time I got this shy fucker out of his shell and ready to pound me. Luckily we didn’t get caught this time. I should stay away from the nose candy but I just can’t help myself.

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