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Landlords whore

cum filled cuntI was avoiding my landlord like the plague. I knew I shouldn’t have taken that girls trip to Vegas and that shopping spree put a massive hole in my bank account. I was doomed! I knew I wasn’t going to get away with just showing cleavage this time. My landlord was fuming; I’m surprised he didn’t knock down the door with a bulldozer. ” Hazel you are three weeks late I’m going to have to ask you to exit the premises” I begged my landlord to have mercy on me. I even offered my mouth to him. I should have known a blowjob would suffice this issue. My old pervy nasty landlord had something else in mind. It’s time for you to give me that rosebud. I did not want to have sex with his micropenis. I knew it was a waste. I had no option but to fuck him like a slut. There I was fucking this saggy old motherfucker because I didn’t balance my checkbook correctly. I felt like the cheapest whore ever. I knew he was more than satisfied! My landlord didn’t stop fucking me till he left me with a cum filled cunt.

In the mood for BBC

BBC phone sexYou really wanna know what the fuck i’m craving? My horny ass is eager as fuckkkkk to have a big black cock shoved deep down my throat and deep up inside of my slutty cunt. My jungle fever is off the charts and I need to feed my addiction. It’s been a few days since I had BBC phone sex and I am fiending like a fuckin whore! Sometimes white boy dick just doesn’t do it for me, I need something thicker, longer and darker lol. It’s like gobbling down a big ass chocolate bar except a lot more tasty! The color contrast of my pink pussy wrapped around the black cock is so fuckin sexy! Why do dark men fuck so good?! I need to know!! I seriously can’t contain myself any longer, I need my fuck holes pounded and my guts turned inside out. I wanna feel that shit so fuckin deep that it feels like it’s gonna explode out though my throat or some shit. Goddamn my mouth is watering and my cunt is dripping, come and stretch me the fuck out now please!!

Anal Whore

dirty phone sex

I’m young, fun, and full of cum! I just love when a guy bend’s me over and slide’s his Huge, Dripping, Shaft right into my ass hole. The first time I experienced it, I knew from then on out I would be an Anal Whore! I can’t get enough, the minute your throbbing, fat head penetrate’s my ass, it’s so tight at first it hurt’s, but then my cunt start’s pounding and my nipple’s harden up, and my juices flow so much that it makes you slip and slide in so deep that the sheer thought makes me cream my pussy. Thrust it hard and deep into my Tush hole until I scream, but don’t stop!! I desire every inch of you All the way in, lusting for harder and faster until I feel as I can barely take it. I skirt, gushing out all over. Do you feel the warmth trickling down your Fuck Stick??

Fisting fun

big dick suckerI like hooking up and fucking whoever I want. I barely ever get a guy who is nastier than me. I am the dirtiest slut ever. It takes a lot to impress me. You can say I was impressed by this guy I started fucking. Everything started out usual hooking up and talking about our kinks. He enjoyed that I was an excellent big dick sucker, but he was even more impressed at the fact that I loved jizzed so much. He told me he wanted to see me suck his cock after I could stretch my pussy out with my fist. This guy wanted me to fist in front of him. I was self- conscious because I never tried it and assumed it would hurt. I was right it did hurt, but it also teased my pussy so much and made me have the most intense orgasm ever. I spread my legs and made eye contact with him. I Loved that he was so turned on by me being his good little slut. I then began to fist my self, and it took a couple of minutes, but eventually, I started to stream. My pussy began to squirt, and he was proud of the excellent fisting slutty bitch I was. 

Why am I such an anal sex whore

Anal sex whoreI seriously can’t believe what a filthy anal sex whore I am, people ask me every day why the fuck am I like this?! I can’t help it though, I love being a dirty slut and I love taking long throbbing cocks up my tight asshole. Nothing feels better than getting stretched out but by a nasty and depraved mothafucker that wants to completely destroy my insides. Lol it makes me laugh how sick in the head I really am. You know you’re a total freak when your callers are astonished at the disgusting shit that you say to them! They are all so obsessed with me and I really don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t wanna fuck and get sucked up by a sexually wild skank?! I don’t know what it means to be innocent, I have never felt that emotion! I’m a dirty girl for life baby, come and fuck me now and turn me into your nasty anal cum dump!

Anal cum dumpster Randi

Anal cum dumpster

The best feeling is having two guys use my holes like a fucking dirty whore that I am. Everyone around my neighborhood knows me as a fucking gangbang whore, all you have to give is a couple of lines of tina and I will let the whole fucking block fuck me. I just lay back fucking high as hell and let guys use my little cunt and my fucking asshole one by one all day long. I am so full with cum every night its dripping out of my fucking cunt and down my legs. I literally am a walking cum slut, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like feeling my fucking holes stretch out where I can fit multiple cocks in my holes at once. I just liked to get fucking drugged up and fucked! I wanna do line after line and ley there like a fuck doll as you just fucking pound me. I want you to bring your friends and every guy that likes using trailer trash fucking whores. All you have to do is fucking bring my some drugs and I will fuck your brains out and make those balls fucking empty for you. 

Tramp state

Gangbang sex stories Hey guys! What’s up I’m Sybil, but I’m not so civil.  Last week, I was out in the city during lunch rush so horny… I mean hungry lol. I stopped by some sports bar on the side street, and I had the best food. HAHA <3 But, what I really enjoyed was my holes being filled and pounded in a gang bang way back in the kitchen. Oh yeah I let all the employees male and female fuck my warm juicy body. My favorite pleasure was given to me once again being the willing tramp I am. They pulled on each arm and leg holding me in the air while the others gang banged me and sucked on my pussy. No better feeling of being suspended and drilled from throat to ass while getting licked all over my pussy with a dick pounding me is just pure pleasure, and the climax, oh the orgasmic beauty. I keep a hard dick in my mouth, each hand gets a cock and the rest gape my juicy pink slit and fresh wet ass hole open to fill with cum. of course, I fart it all the cum out once I get alone in my shower, doggy styled in my tub first fucking my self to finish my quivers. So call me, Sybil because I need more pleasures.

Run a train

anal cum dumpsterI was fucking the guys in the office again. I like my bosses office a lot more than my tiny one. My boss Todd was not happy at all. I was told not to fulfill my cocksucking binges there. I just liked how private it was. I also was taking much longer lunch breaks, and I was fucking way more than working. I had a punishment inflicted on me that was more like a fun session of cock sucking. Todd invited all his buddies to his party and had me come over. I was the only girl there with about seven different guys ready to pound my pussy raw. I loved the fu.

 How could he mad at me when I was such a perfect anal cum dumpster. After the fun we had, he told me it was cool, and I could use his office anytime as long as I clean up the mess. I replied I always clean the mess up 😉

Cum Dumpster for Big Black Cocks

cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster for black cocks. They always have the most cum for a dirty old whore like me. I can’t get enough cum. So, when big D came over last night, I was happy to cram about 20 hung black men in my little trailer. The trailer was a rocking if you know what I mean. I was on a binge. I had been snorting coke all weekend and getting laid by my son and his friends. As much as I love fucking my son and his friends, they have white cocks. They are nice cocks, but they ain’t big black dicks. My cougar cunt has seen a lot of dick over the decades. Nothing is tight on me anymore, so those monster black cocks feel awesome in my old pussy; even my old ass. One blonde fucking whore and 20 big black cocks? Hell yes. Game on. I did a few lines of coke and got naked. Blow bang first. I got skull fucked for hours before my pussy and ass saw any action. I swallowed so much jizz my belly felt bloated. I think I will likely shit out black cum for days because I swallowed so much sperm. One of the great things about big black cocks is that they never go soft. Even though each one blew a load of cum in my belly, I still had 20 hard cocks ready to fuck my pussy and ass. I took two at a time. Black guys are secure in their sexuality. They don’t care if their balls smack balls. They treated me like a gangbang whore. I swear I was fucked so hard that my old girl parts might fall out of my well used pussy. I got enough cum that it will be seeping from my pores for days. I’m still recuperating, but no pain no gain, right?

Cum guzzling slut

Cum guzzling slutThis tiny sexy body full of cum is all for you daddy! I just got fucked by about 20 different old fucks and they all shot their old sour cream cum into my tiny pussy! The first fuck that penetrated me with his 18-inch cock seemed like he unloaded 1 lb of old cum in my asshole! He really fucking gaped my tiny little fucking asshole wide open inside out! After he came in my asshole he shoved a huge butt plug in my asshole so that I could hold his old nasty sour cream looking cum! Then the next dude hit me up and fucked my pussy with his 4-inch fucking cock I didn’t feel shit! But he unloaded his little bit of smelly cum inside me. That’s how it went on all night long different cock sizes cumming inside me. I’m so ready for you to get your dick full of cum!

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