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the family fucker

cum filled cuntMy cousin comes over and fills me up. My cum filled cunt is always best when it’s over pouring with jizz. I am such a perverted and gross whore that I will take cum from anywhere and everywhere. Cum dump of the family is what I like to be known as; I may come from a big incest family and worthless whore. Ruin me my sloppy holes because that is all I am good for, We both know it too, I love when my cousins and my family members see me they know they are in for a treat. They are ready to use m like the slut I am. I Frequent glory holes and its no secret. Getting high and fucking every cock in sight is my motive

A Messy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI have been playing with my cum filled cunt all morning. I had a wild fucking weekend. A boy in the trailer park turned 18 and he threw one hell of a party. That was Saturday night. The party didn’t end until today when he had to go to school. His mom is a stripper; she was gone all weekend at a private gig. I was glad she was gone because that made me the only mature woman there. All those young boys wanted to fuck me. And they fucked me over and over and over. It was me and about 15 high school boys for almost 48 hours. I have not been fucked like that in a very long time. I let the boys share my coke and it turned them into sex machines. They rabbit fucked my ass and pussy. I don’t think I slept much. We would dose, wake up and start fucking again. I smell like a boy’s locker room and I am covered in cum. Some of it has dried and is matted to my hair. I have old cum and fresh cum in my pussy and ass too. I need a shower, but I am having too much fun playing with my dirty holes.

Brother In Law

cum dumpsterYes, I love to have sloppy seconds. I don’t want to be with you, I want you’re used dried up cum cock in my pussy. Fuck your wife or girlfriend, Let that pussy cum dry on your cock. Then give me a call, tell me you are on your way. Trust me I will be waiting for you. That is what my sister’s husband did. Once he knew I loved to fuck and suck the dried up cum off of a used up pussy cock he was instantly hooked. He saw my post online and asked me was I joking. I told him no, not at all. He told me he just got done fucking my sister real good and would love for me to clean him up with my slutty tight pussy and watery mouth.  I told him to get to me as fast as he could. My sister recently told me that he has been having sex with her a lot lately. Hmmm, I wonder why.

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf I love being a trashy milf. Good soccer moms are boring as fuck. My son and daughter are grown up now, but I have some dirty stories from when they were young. I remember this one time, when my son was in high school. I had been partying all night fucking and doing lines of coke. The school called me because my son got in trouble. I had to go get him and meet with the principal. I looked like a whore in a cat house. My make-up was smeared on my face. I smelled like a brewery. Cum was matted on my neck and legs. I was dressed like a street corner hooker. I had no business on school grounds, but I was fucked up and sleep deprived. I showed up anyway. All the school boys and girls were staring at me in awe as I walked the school halls. All the teachers were looking at me with disgust. I got my skanky lot lizard sex ass to the principal’s office and bailed my son out of trouble. Apparently, the principal liked the trashy whore look and let me blow him under his desk in front of my son to prevent him from being expelled. I left the principal’s office more of a cum dump than when I arrived, but according to my son, I was mother whore of the year.

Ass Whore the Anal Sex Whore Adventure

anal sex whore

Beat it up from the back this anal sex whore screamed. My back door is all yours Papi’. He was my newest client and he wanted to try out my pussy and ass before he paid me in sweet coca’ loca’. He made damn sure I knew that he would be controlling my anal pleasures from now on. Flipping me on my back he shoved that fat cock down my thot throat. I was gulping for air as my mascara ran down my face along with spittle pooling from my lips. I was sure Papi’ was going to choke me to death on his pork loin! He pulled out just as I vomited on my huge tits. Chunky vomit that he used to fuck these man-made mammaries. Back in my ass, he goes to spurt his thick creamy load inside me. Then and then only am I allowed a line of coke for being a good whore. 

Pissy pussy

water sport sexWater sports sex pays the bills. I have a guy that pays top dollar so that I can piss on him. It is so easy to get him to shell out a couple g’s for me. All those benjamins make me happy. I like filling up on my coke habit and having extra cash to hold me the whole month. I met this piss loving freak at the bayside beach. I knew he was looking at me extra hard, so I stuck up a conversation. I knew he had money and I saw an opportunity. Once I figured out he was into being pissed on and sucking and licking pissy pussy I was in like sin. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do if the price is right. My golden shower lover likes to lick my clit and play with my pissy twat till I cum all over his face. I sit on his face for hours after I have sucked the life out his cock. 

Rip me a new asshole

Hardcore anal sexAfter having hardcore anal sex all night long, I literally feel like my asshole has been ripped open to three times it’s size. My entire anal cavity feels like it is completely gaping open from having a countless amount of cocks fucking me hard and deep. This body of mine was made to sin, the more hands on me and dicks inside of me, the better. My poop chute is rather petite and it really takes a lot of force to be able to fit inside of me balls deep. I don’t wanna be able to walk once i’m done getting gang-fucked. Big, black, thick and long, that’s my favorite type of dick meat to get nasty with! I have jungle fever and I need my thirst quenched! There’s nothing better than some fresh cum straight out of a nigger’s cock for me to guzzle down! I love getting my asshole creampied then using my fingers to scoop it up and lick it all off. I’m real fuckin nasty and I want you to match it! Make me lose control of my bowels because your dick does too much damage to my insides!

Stress Relief

Dirty phone sexLet me be your medicine baby. I want you to use me for your own pleasure. Treat me like nothing more than your sex toy. Do things to me that you never thought you could do to anyone or I can do things to you in return. I got my strap on ready if you like it in the ass. I want you to save that load you have been holding in for so long just for me. Let’s say you have had a long day at work. You can call me up to tell me you’re on your way, I will stop everything I am doing just so I can see you have pleasure in using me. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head while you are cumming. Don’t be afraid to tell me your deepest desires. Nothing is too much for me. The freakier it is, the hornier I get. Seeing how good my slutty ass made you cum will satisfy my hunger baby. To see doing whatever you want to me. Damn, I love that shit.

BBC Phone Sex Stories

bbc phone sexI have plenty of bbc phone sex stories to share. I have been a BBC whore for decades. To be honest, I am just a whore. I don’t really discriminate against cock. The brothers sure do like me though. I can’t go anywhere without black men flocking to me. They see an old skinny cougar and wonder if they can split me in two with their big black cocks. They have no idea who they are about to fuck. I was downtown at a black biker bar last night. I was looking for Nigger dick. I found a posse of them too. As my lot lizard skank ass walked into the club, black women were throwing daggers at me with their eyes. One brother paved a way for me to walk, I felt like a show pony or something. In the back room was where all the single dudes were hanging out playing pool. I hopped on the pool table like the trailer trash whore I am and asked who wanted to gangbang an old whore? They pawed my clothes off and within minutes a black gang bang was going on in the back of the bar. Some of the married bikers joined in because free pussy is free pussy. I waddled home with cum running down my legs and a big smile. I love being a black cock wore.

Cock Practice

Live phone sex

Head cheerleader whores like me need to keep up with my appearance and reputation! That means I have to keep my holes soppy and gaping at all times. Guys expect for a coke whore part-time hooker cheerleader like me to have my holes offered up and stretched routinely. Like a well-practiced cheerleader, I take my stretching really seriously. 😉 Every day after cheer practice, I wait out by the alley behind the school, hands and knees on the pavement with my holes ready and willing. I invite any jock, nerd, teacher, etc to have a go at my cunt and gaped asshole. As long as they promise to fuck me so hard scraping my skin on the pavement and piss all over my hot sweaty body, I don’t give a fuck who pumps me full of cum or piss! These fuck holes need to be stretched with cock and soaking wet, no matter what! Will you meet me out back, babe?

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