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Lot Lizard Sex With Hot Hadley

lot lizard sex

Sometimes A gang bang slut just needs so Lot Lizard Sex! I was strung out on Coke and decided my aching wet pussy needed strong nasty big dick to spread it out. I went to the back of my local truck stop and someone knew my name and he said hey baby I want to be first, drop down and suck this cock so everyone knows your on duty! As I gobbled and choked on his sweaty dick I noticed the big rigs headlights come on and some trucks circling me in. I was grabbed from behind and my skirt ripped off as well as my panties. My ass was spat on as I received cock after cock in my ass and sweet stripper coke whore hot fuck cunt.  Someone put a piss jar and was trowing tips into the piss sometimes just quarters. I was being a creampie slut for mere change. I don’t mind cuz I know these guys have the best coke around and the big nasty cocks to make my throat sore and my ass a gaping hole. As the cum loads came I began to feel satisfied that I was being a good white trash whore for these hard working truckers! MMM, how would you use me? 

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy for You

sloppy wet pussyI have been playing with my sloppy wet pussy all night. My son and several of his horny friends came over last night and they wanted some pussy and beer. Two things always on hand at my trailer. The thing is I had already been fucked. I had been down at the truck stop earlier in the day to catch some truckers having lunch. I was looking to trade pussy and ass for some weekend blow. I had to fuck 12 truckers to get enough blow to last me for the weekend. When my son called me to bring some friends over to party Friday night, I already had a cum filled cunt. That never stopped me, and it never stopped my son and his friends. They don’t care if I have a dirty pussy or not. In fact, I think they prefer it. Good thing I got a ton of blow, because I had been up damn near 24 hours fucking by the time they left. They drank bear, nutted in my pussy and ass several times. I know his friends were just using me to bust their nuts, but I don’t care. I spread my legs easily, especially when its teen boys. They left a few hours ago. I took a quick nap, never showered because I wanted to play with my messy pussy for my callers. I am such a dirty old skank, but I think you like that about me, don’t you?


creampie slut   Today was unexpected. I had an event there were so many bands playing. This is the first time in forever that I had a day off. I danced today but not at the club. My girls and I got dressed so slutty. Our tits were hanging out, ass cheeks showing and damn were we having a great time. And, here walks over this guy that looks like he spends no time in strip clubs. He was stalky but looked educated and looked so genuine. I haven’t seen a guy like this in a while. He was hosting, I could tell he had money. But, I was so into him I wanted to get to know him more. So, I walked my sexy ass right on to him. He bought me food and beer. We hung out the whole time. He invited me back to his place. But, I wanted him to come to mine. So, he did. He spent the night and I wasn’t expecting any more than a usual quick fuck. He played with my pussy and gave me the best creampie. It’s so fucking hot.

Fucked the waiter

cum filled cuntI shouldn’t have maxed out my credit card but I did. I knew I was going to have trouble paying the tab when I went out but assumed I was going to get away with the bill giving the waiter a blowjob. That’s the first thing my mind went to when he told me my card declined. Not only was I mortified but I had a friend with me. My friend offered to pay the tab but ironically hers declined too, Thats when I thought we both could give a jerk session or a suck off sesh and call it day. Well the waiter had another plan. He footed the bill and we both had to stay their till his shift was over. He took us out back to the break room and didn’t want a simple blowjob. He wanted to leave me with a cum filled cunt and wanted to fuck my friend in the ass hard and rough. We had to pay one way or another.

Sissy bitch boy

anal cum dumpster


cum dumpster

I have the most pathetic sissy calling me lately. He wants me to use him and make him my pathetic slave. I know deep down inside he is jealous of all the sweet cum I get and wants to be a sissy bitch who gets used. I want to fucking ruin him and make him dress up and service all the big black cocks at the glory hole. I will make sure he is drugged up and shares needles with the bums. That’s not the only thing the sissy enjoys. He likes it raw dog in his bloody prolapsed ass. I want to get boyfriend and suck on his cock and his buddies cocks then I want them all to make him a bukkake bitch and make him yearn for their cocks. I wont give him sweet precious cum from them. I have something much more sinister in store. I want to give him a buffet and large array of diseased dicks. I will make him the nastiest anal cum dumpster. I will make sure he eats that cum and gets his ass injected with all the random jizz shots I know he so desperately wants.

Cum loving whore

cum eating phone sex  My face after I get double penetrated just right. I am a cum eating phone sex whore, stripper, and dick pleaser. Last night, I got two men to bring me back after I danced my ass off for them last night. I told them I was a kinky little slut that wanted cum all over my pussy and face. They drove me to their place, and they made us shots. We were all drinking getting so lit on Jose Cuervo. They had no pole but I danced teasing them stripping. My pussy was showing and so were my tits. I love pinching my nipples before they even touch me. I got down on my knees and started sucking that cock and stroking the other. I kept taking turns going back and forth. They turned me around and fucked me from behind spanking me. They made it hurt. Sting even. I was sucking the one’s cock and getting my pussy fucked at the same time. They both started to gape my ass and damn it hurt so good. They took turns in my ass hole. After, they came all in my mouth and pussy. They cleaned me off by licking each other’s cum. They admitted they were gay that they wanted a bad bitch to abuse together. I was so happy they chose me to be that girl.

Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy sloppy wet pussy was dripping into my daughters’ mouths last night. I came home from a private party and I was full of spunk. My daughters are cum whores just like me.  They like drinking it straight from mommy’s cunt. I get asked all the time, how did I raise such good cum whores? It is easy. You start them with daddy’s milk in their bottles or smeared on your tit if you breast feed. Then it’s daddy’s milk in their sippy cups. Then it’s daddy’s dick in their mouths. Then it is daddy’s milk in mommy’s pussy… Baby steps, increasing the amount of cum in the diet every step of the way. Before you know it, you have a family of cum whores. My brood loves mommy’s cum filled cunt, especially when it has multiple loads of man seed inside. I always try to bring home a treat for my girls when they aren’t along for the ride. I had some special sauce up my ass too. I fed them all dripping, hot cum from mommy’s freshly fucked holes just like a mama bird feeds her babies. I was high as fuck and filled up good. We had a daisy train for cunt licking last night. I woke up this morning, cleaned up and naked in bed with my daughters. That means, today will be all about my horny sons.

Little Party slut

The things I have done for a bag of coke I outta be ashamed of myself. I am not, to be honest with you. I love to blow more than anything. I think I may love coke more than cock. The rush I get and everything is better when I am high. It started out when I was staying at my aunt’s house for the summer a couple of years back she a sketchy new boyfriend. I didn’t even know him and told me I had to call him Uncle Tye. One day my aunt was doing errands, and uncle tye came into the guest room I was staying at and asked me if I wanted to help him with some groceries. I went to the bathroom to get ready to go. Uncle Tye followed and shoved his dick inside my bare ass. I was yelling, but he told me I was going be his drunk girl fucking slut and coke whore. He got me high and drunk and pounded me till I was addicted.


Drunk girl fucking

Cum Eating Phone Sex W/ Hot Tranny

Cum eating phone sex

   You like dick baby?

I’m in need of a dirty little cum eating phone sex fiend that loves to suck dick but will never admit to it. It’s ok, I’m a sexy shemale with a sweet ass and a nice 81/2″ of fully functioning dick for those lips to wrap around. I love guys that have a big dick for me and will let me suck them off then give them my sexy shemale surprise in their fuck holes.

I’ll be your trashy girlfriend and we can have so much fun together getting really naughty on the phone at all hours of the night early morning and I know you will be blowing many loads with me over time. I want to own that ass and you can certainly make an effort and eat some hot cum with me when we both explode together.


Teen anal sex freak

Teen anal whore

Being a teen anal whore is perfect when you have someone to makes you cum quick. I met my boyfriend that I am currently dating last year. I had to meet his parents today. How do you think I look? This was right before I put my pants on. I want to look as innocent as I can, most teens are not like me. I love my job stripping. I get to drink on my shifts and dance to music. Is that not the best life? So, before I got dressed to go, Derek, took my pants off and started taking pictures of my pussy. He started to lick my fuck holes. I spread my legs as wide as I could for him. I wanted to have my pussy filled up with cum and my ass hole. He always busts enough loads to make it in both.

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