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Gangbang whore Back For More

Gangbang whoreThat’s right, I want more.  Having just five cocks at a time is sometimes not enough.  I want to have my mouth fucked hard.  I want someone to spread my legs to push their ready cock into my cunt.  I want to feel a cock in my ass while another pushes it’s way into my pussy.  I want to be a drainage ditch for your ball sack.  Can you tell I’m super horny right now? I am!

I had done a party with my friend Tiff once where I had so much cum on me that even when I took a shower there was still some in my hair.  I had to take another one just to make sure I got it all.  I tried pulling the comb through and it hit a patch of dried cum.  A cum knot if you will.  When I took off my clothing my shirt and panties were stuck to my skin.  I had to literally peel them off. 

As I was doing that I could see little flakes of dried cum drift down to the floor.  I am not sure how many times I had a dick explode it’s hot creamy load on me, I had lost count.  That was a fun night for me.  Tiff was a little disgusted by it, but not me.  She was complaining that she felt gross because of all the cum.  The Uber driver kept looking at us in the rear view mirror.  As far as I know you can’t be charged extra for clean up of flaky cum in someone’s car used for Uber, so we were good.

That is what I am in the mood for again.  I want to feel that sensation of cum wads drying on me, of my pussy filled up with cream pie after cream pie, to have my ass so sore that I have to call off of work a couple of nights.  I’m pretty sure I can find enough guys to do that for me, but if I can’t you will help me out … won’t you?

Drunk Phone Sex Whore Is Wasted

Some guys love to use a drunk phone sex whore like me to their every whim. I had a client that decided he was going to whore me out to a bachelor party of BBC and watch as they all took my ass and pounded it deep with their huge black snakes. This one had about 12 BBC’s to use my ass and only my ass. This was some brutal fucking and my pussy was throbbing to feel just one of them big black dicks in me, at least. I was being denied such and used as the dumb druggy anal sex whore that I am.

The next bachelor gangbang was a all out fifty plus cocks to pound every hole including my mouth for the next couple of hours. I was being fed shots of hard liquor and fucked into a wasted whore stupor filled with cum. The end of this night I was sore as fuck yet loved every second of the abuse and needed to get high and numb the fucking pain. This again involved taking even more BBC as I needed to make a deal for my fix and that required more servicing of Big black cocks.

Drunk phone sex

Frat House Hoe

I just love being passed around from frat boy to frat boy, and feeling all of their cocks fill up whatever hole they want with their warm yummy cum! Being the gangbang star at frat parties is not new to me, and, quite frankly, I don’t ever plan on that changing. Take a few cocks in every hole and those trust fund babies will practically be throwing money at you just for another hit of that sloppy wet pussy. There is always plenty of free booze to get me drunk enough to not care that it smells like they shower in axe body spray, and there is always so kind of drug. I am into anything from pot to heroine, and I will put out for my fix. I truly enjoy get high and obliterated, and then fucking any and every guy or girl that wants to fuck. I mean trains are the absolute best because with having sex that many times you are almost guaranteed to have at least one orgasm. One man just doesn’t do the trick for me! What I really need is multiple cocks filling up my tight little teen holes. 

phone sex line

Creampie Slut Mother and Daughter

creampie slutMy creampie slut daughter got her love for a sloppy pussy from me. When she was a young school girl, she would watch me get gangbanged. I mean I would get paid to have 10 men fuck me in our living room. It is how I paid the rent that kept a roof over our heads. One day, one of the men paying for my fuck holes offered me triple to fuck her too. A star was born that day. I explained what would be happening and how much it would hurt, but she just beamed and told me she was a big girl. Her little bald slit took a pounding that day, but we raked in some serious money. As she was sitting on the couch with her legs spread, I could see her tiny cum filled cunt. It was swollen, bright pink and oozing a ton of cum. I just started licking it up. I pushed my tongue deep into my daughter’s creampie and made her feel better. She purred and wiggled, even gyrated on my face. She liked what I was doing to her pussy. For some reason, she thought she had to have a creamy cunt for me to lick her. That was the day my little girl became a whore. She couldn’t get enough cock in her cunt. Every time she got fucked, she came to me to lick her up. Flash forward a few years, and she still does. She came over last night after a gangbang, so I could lick her sloppy holes just like I did when she was a little girl. I love how much my daughter enjoys getting her pussy and ass full of cum. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  She is living proof of that.

Trashy MILF Creampie

trashy milfI am such a trashy milf. I went Black Friday shopping and all I came back with was cum in my pussy. My sons and daughters weren’t disappointed, however. They love eating mommy’s creampies. By they time we were done with some family fun, I was not the only one with a creampie. I love watching my sons fuck their sisters. We don’t have enough alone time for that anymore. I decided I must make more time for it. Girls need their brothers as much as they need their daddies. I was sitting in a chair watching the orgy I created. My oldest son was fucking his baby sister up the ass while she licked the ass of her older sister. That sister had her baby brother’s dick down her throat. I have 3 boys and 3 girls, so every boy got a sister slut to fuck. I made sure my girls had both holes taken care of too. It is important that girls get fucked in every hole. This is how they know what they like and where they like it. Daddy came home from work and joined me watching the hardcore orgy porn that I was directing. I mean it was a super hot show to watch. I blew my husband’s fat old cock while he told his boys to fuck their sisters harder. Family fucking is better than shopping any day if you ask me.

Anal Cam Whore

Cum dumpster

I was offered $100 to make a special video for a guy I know. He gave me $100 cash if I would fuck myself in the ass on video for him. Of course I said yes! The only thing I like more than making easy money is getting fucked in the ass.

I set up my laptop with the webcam pointed at my bed and quickly got to work. I did I sexy little strip tease in front of the camera first. Slowly taking off my clothes and then my bra and panties until I was wearing nothing but a sexy pair of black boots. I got on the bed and spread my legs and ran my hands over my tits down to my pussy and ass. I turned over onto my knees and began to finger my asshole. I slid two fingers in and out teasing myself and getting ready to take a large toy in my ass. I couldn’t help but moan and get into it, I just love having my ass fucked and played with. Then I shoved one of my huge black dildos into my asshole and began to really fuck myself hard. I came at least three times from the huge toy plunging in and out of my tight ass. I finished it all up with a sexy self anal fisting scene. I had my whole left hand in my asshole and made myself cum so hard. I knew my customer would be very happy with this little video!

Getting What I Want

Anal cum dumpster

I know I am hot as fuck.  There is no doubt about it.  I get a shit load of attention all of the time.  I love it!  There are times though that the person who I want doesn’t even give me a second glance and that pisses me off.  When that happens it just makes me want them that much more.  I will give you an example.

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day having Thanksgiving with my friend.  There were a bunch of people there who I didn’t know, especially this one guy who was beyond hot.  Usually not my type at all, pure pretty boy and I like my men a bit more dirty.  He has a perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect body.  The all American boy next door type.  At first I had no intention of even paying any attention to him at all, but I still like to flirt.

I flirted with him and nothing.  No return flirting at all.  What. The. Fuck.  Now most women would just move on, but not me, now it turned into a challenge!  I wanted this guy simply because he didn’t want me.  A bit psycho I must admit, but hey, it is just how I am wired.  I changed the place cards on the table so I could sit next to him.  Just so you know, he wasn’t mean or dismissive or anything like that, he just didn’t seem interested in me.  That is what got to me.

The whole time we were eating I was talking to him, touching his arm, laughing at his super lame jokes.  This guy was a white bread as you could get.  After dinner we all went into different rooms, he went off with the other guys to watch football.  That even made it worse for me!  I wanted him to stay with me so we could go upstairs, or out to the garden shed together.  I sucked it up and went into watch the game.  There was no place to sit so I asked him if I could sit on his lap.

He said sure and smiled at me.  I made sure I wiggled around a lot to try and get that cock going.  It took awhile because he was really into the games, but finally I felt a little bit of hardness under my ass.  He kept adjusting the way he was sitting, he had me stand up a few times so he could move his position, but somehow I managed to maneuver my ass back over his cock. 

After more time spent making him crazy by the way I was moving around on his lap we finally were upstairs and he was fucking away.  He asked if he could put it in my ass, I told him of course.  To be honest, he wasn’t the best fuck in the world, I think I almost yawned at one point.  I managed to stifle it though.  He came, I pulled my dress back down, my pantyhose back up and went to leave.  He put his hand on my arm and went to kiss me, but I stopped him, he looked confused.  I said, “It was a fuck, not a relationship.”, and left the room.  I got what I wanted and that is really all that mattered.

I want the biggest cocks for my ass!

anal cum dumpsterWhen I want a good ass fucking I want those cocks to be big and thick and almost too much to take… so naturally they have to be black cocks. I am never disappointed with a big fat black dick, they always stretch me out and leave me gaped wide open and that is just too fucking hot! Last night I had several cocks all at once. They filled me up so good that I was literally screaming with joy and begging for more! All those giant black cocks in me was bliss but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for my pitiful boyfriend waiting at home for me. He was going to fuck me with his tiny peepee right after I got all filled with load after load of cum. I won’t even feel his little cock but he will love it!

Anal Cum Dumpster for Blow

anal cum dumpsterI’m such an anal cum dumpster.  I woke up with an ass full of black cum this morning. That is not unusual for the weekend. I needed some nose candy last night. I went to the truck stop to see who I could fuck for blow. None of the usual suspects were there. That never prevents me from getting blow. I don’t have to know you to fuck you. There were some young guys partying in the back of a truck. I walked up and asked if I could join. I got in the back of the truck and started blowing them. I was getting ready to be a dirty gangbang whore for a bunch of white truckers when I discovered they had no blow. I like cock and cum, but these guys weren’t exactly my type. I would not just fuck them to fuck them. Before I fucked a bunch of losers for nothing in return, Big D and his posse pulled up. He stuck his head out his window and asked me what I was doing with a bunch of babies. I hopped out of the truck and got into Big D’s cab. He had a big bag of blow and a dozen friends traveling with him. We had a party in his truck all night long. I was getting big black cocks up my pussy and ass all night. I was doing lines to keep me up, so I could party with the brothers. By the time I waddled my sore ass home this morning, black spunk was running down my legs. I bent over my couch and pushed as much cum as I could out of my used fuck holes. Damn, I am such a dirty phone sex slut, I just licked that cum right off the floor.

Stepdads cum dump

cum dumpsterI am fully aware that I have become the cities cum dispensary. I have fully accepted my fate as a cum dumpster. I have been fascinated by cock and cum since I can remember. I had a stepdad with a huge p-cock. My mom would be strung out on H and I would be alone trying to fight off this big hairy man. It was sick but I enjoyed feeling his dick deep inside my young cunny. He would make me do lines from his cock and it was the best high ever. I would feel him jerk his cock on me until he couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up submitting to him and letting him lick my twat till he could no longer hold out his massive cum. He even got my tight ass stretched so young. He would use my bum and would fuck me while my mom was in the next room. It was an excitement like no other. I guess you can say that is the reason I am a nympho whore.

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