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Cum slut

cum dumpster

I dumped my boyfriend because he was such an idiot. I moved along to his cousin. I hated that he never gave me the cum I desired. I’m a little cum dumpster who wants to be drenched in creamy why cum. I love having my tits out on display. I like to have a lot of loads right on them, and if you are lucky, I will let you enjoy my cum covered tits. The more loads, the better. My ex-didn’t like to cum on my tits or my face. He wanted to cum in a condom or my pussy no other method. I couldn’t stand it. Also, his cum shots were super weak. You can’t blame me for being cum slut who immediately left him for his cousin who knew what I liked exactly. His cock wasn’t the biggest, but his cock would serve up massive amounts of creamy white cum. I was hooked. I wanted that he would invite all his buddies and make me a bukkake slut. I love having guys get in a circle around me and dispense me with their yummy loads. Fill my face and tits, please.

BBC Phone Sex, I Love Black Cock!!!

bbc phone sex

I love BBC Phone Sex.   Big black men and their big black cocks.  I have a whole little posse I go and do everything with.  They are big whores, but hell, so am I.  We all go to the bar and flirt our asses off.  Some of my boys even will go out to the parking lot to fuck some skank but our outings always end up the same, usually.  We end up all drunk and shit at my house gang banging away.  I can’t get enough big black cock in my holes.  Especially when I’m all drunk and high and feeling real good.  They don’t look at me as the BBC whore I really am.  They see me as their homey, who the fuck the shit out of ALL the time lol!  There’s nothing like having a bunch of big black cocks at your beckoning whenever you want.  They never tell me no.  Hell, who would?  There’s not that many straight up whores who will take on 4 or 5 big black cocks all the time like I do.  Hey, I’m a rare jewel. 

Dirty Phone Sex Coked Up Fucking

If it’s dirty phone sex you are seeking out, then you are in the right fucking place. I am all over cock like flies on a fucking picnic. I have been the center of bukkake parties with a Lot of BBC and seriously when they were done with me I wanted more of that big throbbing black dick.

We had a little shindig the other night and I had my dealer and about five other guys from the pub over. It took maybe a couple rounds of lines and shots of Jagermeister and I was all over those cocks. I was taking those cocks in my ass and guzzling down so many fucking cum loads I’m wet right now writing about it. Looks like I need to invite a few over for a small party.

Dirty Phone Sex

Party Whore

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster for you tonight. I am snorting line after line of coke fucking myself silly. My pussy gets so wet and I need a nice cock in my ass. Tempted to go find my brother or even my daddy to get fucked like crazy. I always can hit the biker bar or my dealers place for some gangbang fun first. I love to collect all the jizz from a gang bang then go find a nice John and have him fuck my ass, unsuspecting of the many loads I took before him.  For some reason that turns me on so fucking much. I really need to tell someone my nasty druggy whore thoughts tonight. My pussy is just so fucking wet, and I came on my big fat dildo like five times and I am working on a nice 8 ball. Lets party.

Work break

Anal sex whoreI love my new job because I have the best private break room to myself. I get a couple breaks a day,  and I spend a lot of time In my private break room. I have even made it part of my style with all the cute accents I have brought. I have some electronics them and some cool gadgets to entertain myself. I brought my favorite dildo so I can fuck my ass hole like the anal sex where I am. I love riling myself up at work and looking at porn while I get a couple of minutes to myself. I like to have a lot of people around when I go on my break; Something is exciting about the riskiness of the whole thing. I love going in sometimes I even leave the door to unlock and start rubbing my pussy with a big dildo, and  I fuck my cunt hard. I like playing with my clit as I get soaking wet and start to hit my g spot all on my own. I have gotten pretty good at cumming over and over again while on break.

Suck my ass!

Anal cum dumpsterMy name is Rhiana, and I’m an Anal cum dumpster. I love going out to the corner and selling my little body. I go out to the corner around my house and hook a client. I always bring my client back home and into my pink room with a big mirror. What he doesn’t know is that daddy is watching me through that mirror. Daddy is a perve. He loves watching me get fucked by big fat veiny dick. The longer, the better. I get to do a line of coke all the time right of-of their dick. I fucking love it. Then I do what daddy loves best. I take that dick in my ass bareback and make him cum inside my tight little-puckered asshole. I save all that cum in my tight ass for the next client. I’ll exchange that warm shot of cum for a line of coke! He could suck it right out of my ass!

2 Druggy Girls For You.

anal cum dumpster


It is always fun when I find another druggy whore to play with for you. Audrey and I were doing line after lines of sweet blow and I convinced her to come meet you. You were very happy that she was sexy as hell and loved blow as much as us. You laid out a thick rail for each of us to get our pussy juices flowing.

I turned to Audrey and slipped off her shirt and skirt and began kissing her and playing with her pussy. We were giving you a nice show. You bent me over and started playing with my ass and told me to lick her sweet pussy while you fingered my ass. I was moaning into her pussy when you shoved your fingers in my face and told me to clean them. I was so high and being the trashy druggy slut, I am I did as I was told.

You got real dominate and commanded we take more blow off your cock. We were slurping and sucking making you ready to lose your load. You pushed me back and told Audrey to start finger fucking me as you spread sweet white snow blow on her rosebud asshole. As you entered her you wanted more fingers inside me. Audrey and I were moaning so good for you. I knew you were going to shoot your jizz in her ass soon, you yelled for her to fist my pussy. I came all over her hand and could tell Audrey was cumming with your cock in her ass.  We had so much fun with you that night. We miss your sweet voice commanding us to please you while getting high for you.

fisting phone sex

Ass fuck and creampie

Anal cum dumpsterBeing an anal cum dumpster has me constantly stretched out and dripping out with cock juice. I’m such a slutty fuckin whore and I ride dick so good, it’s no wonder that I have loads upon loads of fresh jizz constantly piled up inside of my slutty fuck holes. Twerking my big ass while straddling a throbbing boner is the best, my tight asshole gaping open as I get fucked deep. My butthole is always ready to get plowed hard by a filthy, horny pervert. Whether I like it or not, I take those huge creampie loads inside of me like a champion, and you can bet that I definitely always like it! My cunt squirts out cum during a good anal fucking, it’s a super wet and slippery mess! A naughty cum slut always deserves to be ripped open by a pulsating cock. A big butt girl like me loves being banged like a ragdoll, force fucked without any say whatsoever. Bend me over and spread my legs wide so you can fuck me doggystyle in my filthy ass! I love being an anal sex whore that gets used and abused.

tinder slut

cum guzzling slut

I downloaded this tinder app and started to fuck around with it. I had a lot of guys reach out to me and were trying to have fun and have a good time. The curiosity got the best of me, I saw this guy who was pretty cute, and I was attracted to, we exchange a couple of messages and finally decided it was time to hang out. It happened so fast we decided to meet at my job at the library I work at, I was closing up he came up to me he was not as cute as he was on his profile and he was very obnoxious I immeditely let him know I wasn’t up to hangout, he wasnt having that, he pushed me into my office and tried to lock the door, I told him someone was going to hear us and that there was a lot of people upstairs, he told me I was a stupid bitch and that he wasnt Dumb he knew no one was around and that he wasnt going to fall for my game. He shoved his cock into my mouth and started to make me choke on it, and he was making me a cum guzzling slut right in my office. He pulled his cock out directly on my face and filled my face with all his jizz. He immediately left, and I felt so used, but at the same time, I was so fucking wet and excited like a dirty slut.

I’m Your Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreMy new neighbor stopped by the house earlier turning me into his new anal sex whore.  We have been eyeballing each other ever since he moved into the neighborhood.  I stare at him as me and my lame ass husband ride by him jogging.  God, you can see his nice package bounce around in those basketball shorts he wears.  I rub my pussy knowing that my husband is watching.  What’s he gonna do?  He knows I’m a fucking slut and that his pathetic excuse for a cock could NEVER satisfy me.  So, I’m home alone, not that it would matter, and my doorbell rings.  I answer it to my hot new neighbor all sweaty.  He had just finished his run and he was dripping in sweat and his pheromones were so strong I got a little weak in the knees.

He scooped me up and carried me into the living room dumping me on the floor.  “Get on all fours”, he told me.  I felt him get behind me and lift my short silky robe up over my hips.  Rubbing his large mushroom head up and down from my clit to my asshole.  As soon as I felt it graze my now creamy slit, I pushed back on it.  God, it was huge and felt so good.  He pulled out telling me that wasn’t the hole he wanted right now.  Slowly he pushed the head of his big black cock into my asshole.  In and out slowly until he worked his way all the way in.  Stretching my asshole wide.  It felt amazing.  I could feel him throbbing in my ass.  He had to go slow so as not to immediately fill my asshole with his warm cream.  I rubbed my clit and came.  Feeling my pussy spasm made him explode all in my asshole.  I can’t wait for our next rendezvous.

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