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Big dick sucker


I love the feeling of my ass or pussy being creampied. There’s nothing hotter than a man injecting you with his cum and then feeling it dribble out of you. I was at a gangbang and I wanted to see just how much cum my ass could hold. I had men lining up with the hard cocks, ready to pump me full of cum. They took turns pumping my ass over and over until I was gaping wide open like a black hole. Each time one of them fucked me, he left me a nice hot load of jizz. Close to a dozen guys had their way with my ass that night. Some of them were already close to cumming just from stroking themselves as they watched me get fucked, so they stuck their big dicks in me just so they could cum. By the end of the night, my gaping asshole had so much cum in it it was sloshing out and dripping down my thighs.

Street Walker

hookes for hire

I know I am a strung-out hooker for hire tonight. Most of the girls I dance with might take some money in the back room for a blowjob or a quick fuck but I love to walk the street selling my pussy. I love for a stranger to fuck me bareback. I don’t need to know names. This whore for sale loves selling her pussy for money or cash and coke. A nice big Cock and some blow And I are sucking dick and fucking right away. I fucking don’t care if we pull over to an alley so you can fuck me in the ass while I’m doing a line on the back of my hand. Deep and raw as long as I’m selling my ass I really love it! I’ll be a cum dump for cash or coke anytime.

Got Something For Ya Sugar

Anal sex whoreDepending upon whether or not you read my blog you will remember my one neighbor whose son I ‘flirted’ with around October of last year.  He decided to pay me a visit.  At first I didn’t answer my door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone, I hadn’t ordered anything, and I just don’t like people all that much to leave my seat to get up to see who is there.  Then  I heard him call my name.  I still didn’t know who it was by voice alone but now I was curious.  I went to the door and saw it was him but he wasn’t alone.

I opened it and he asked if he could come in, the other guy was his step-brother.  I thought his Mother had sent him down there to complain about something.  I asked them if they wanted a beer and they said yes.  I told them to have a seat.  When I got back they had their coats off.  I asked them what they wanted.  They were supposed to go into his Mother’s house to feed her cat while she was away, but the dumb bitch didn’t leave a key for them and she removed the one she had hidden outside.  This upset me because that poor animal is without food or water.  I hope it eats her when she gets back.

We chatted for a few minutes then his Step-Brother asked me what I did so I told him.  He almost spat his beer out.  He looked at me and said, “No fucking way.”  I said, “Yes way.”  I went into my bedroom and pulled out of some of my stripper clothing, then I showed them this site that I am on, then I showed them the clothing I wear when go on the street.  He then asked me how much I charge for certain things, so I told him.  He took out his wallet and asked me if we could have some fun.  I never do “dates” at my house, but since he was giving me some good money I took him into my bedroom.

I guess the sounds where getting to his step-brother because all of a sudden I had another dick to take care of.  I stopped everything and made him pay first.  They both came in my ass, not just once, but twice before they left.  Now I am here with a ass full of cum and it’s your job to clean it up.  I am waiting!

Put that cock on a cum regimen

Big dick suckerI’m Daddy’s favorite big dick sucker, his personal porn whore with fat tits that he can do whatever he wants with! His cock is so fuckin massive, it’s literally the best! Daddy loves to ejaculate multiple times a day so I put his rock hard monster dick on a cum regimen! I am his cum dump and my sexy jugs are the perfect container to hold all of his delicious jizz. The more that Daddy cums, the better. One of the greatest joys of having a throbbing boner all day every day is that there is literally endless loads of cock cream that is constantly waiting to erupt out. Over and over and over again, back to back to back, Daddy’s horny shaft continues to ooze out delicious baby batter juice. I slurp up and down his perfect dick like it’s my favorite flavor ice cream cone, hehe. I’m Daddy’s creampie slut and he makes sure to always give me every single drop that I crave out of him!

I can Teach your Sister Well

Fly me out for that party I’m ready to be a party girl I’m expensive, and you can afford me. I know that you are a big man on campus and you got that money I love it and I do anything to get it and I’m a money hungry, cum-guzzling whore and I can’t wait to get really fucking nasty. I love to be all that girl I like to be that girl who loves to get really wild. I just cannot help myself I can’t be no one else I’ve got to be my own brutally honest self, and I’m nasty. I’ll fuck girls right in your face I’ll put my strap-on and fuck them hard that’s what I like to do I love to take control. I cannot stop myself I tried before, and it really makes me angry I’m left hungry for cock and cunt. I want to go to this party I want to dance around and fuck every guy that wants to fuck me. All of the parties I go to the guys they like the crowd around me because they love the way I suck cock after cock in a line. I bring all the boys to the back of the yard so they can all get sucked off very fucking good like I know how to do it the only way it is in fact. Let me teach your little sister how to be a fucking slut like me she’ll make all the fucking money in the world. Your sister is so cute with her little fucking blonde hair and her big blue eyes and her nice puckered ass. I know your sister wants to be hot just like me because she’s always asking me these fucking questions. Your sister asked me how does it feel to have so much attention from all of the guys I say to her it feels so fucking tremendous. Your sister likes to laugh, she likes to joke around and hang with me I could tell that she wants to get really fucking out of control. Your sisters tired of you she’s cuz you’re very dull but I know how to show her how to be exciting that’s what she said. So let me take your sister to this party I’m going to teach her everything she’s going to learn just how to satisfy a man and a woman even you may be. Tell me yes that I can take her don’t tell me no.

Proud To be an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

I might be an anal sex whore but I wear my whore badge proudly. Beauty and a good ass always beat brains. Women hate me because they know I offer my ass right up to get a pounding. I don’t want to keep these men. Fuck I don’t even know most men who fuck me by a name. I don’t get a cell number and I don’t care of I ever see them again. I honestly don’t even think of it as cheating. If they are paying for my holes and/or a blow job then it’s just merchandise. I get the cum and send them back home. I love it because I get to fuck who I want where ai want and I have the best time a little waited big fake titty whore can have. I don’t ask permission and nobody ever needs permission to fuck me bareback! It is a win-win for this druggy whore. I get cum and coke and my holes are fucking aching. I am a very happy whore indeed. Looking for a good time? Call my number on the bathroom wall baby. Fill this anal cum dumpster up. 

Daddy Please Fuck Me

White trash phone sex


Bend me over and spank me right now, you’re all I’ve been thinking of, I want to be fucked ultimately by you. I know that you can make me feel like the day looks outside sunny, cool and free because yesterday it rained like hell. I want those special pills that you have that make me feel free like they did last time. I think that you call them ecstasy and it’s going to be my second time trying them, if you give it to me, I’m so very hungry to get wild. Mommy never lets me get wild she always has something to say but not you, you don’t judge me you please me. I love you, daddy,, only you can understand how much only you can get a grasp on how good it feels to love a wanting and needing daughter. Daddy, you have always been my fantasy, I’ve always wanted to run away with you and make love to you all night long. Daddy, I want you to stick your penetrating cock inside of my hot wet virgin pussy I want you to take me completely. I know I was scared last time but this time I’m not afraid to go all the way. I love you Daddy I want to do more than just slurp on your hard strong manly cock, I want to give you more I want to give you my very essence. Daddy, I know that you want me don’t you think I’m ready because I know that I’m so ready. I’m aching to feel your big fat hard dick taking over my body. My cunt wants to taste your huge beautiful cock meat right now Daddy. Every time I feel your warm breath on any part of my body it takes me over and makes me lust for you. Daddy, I know that I can do exactly what Mommy does I know that I could do it better please give me a chance my nipples are so hard right now I feel like they’re calling you. I want your lips wrapped around my Supple nipples I want you to run your tongue down to my navel gently past my navel until you get to my delicious honey pot. I want you Daddy to dig your tongue inside of my sweet tasty virgin pussy and swirled around.

Cartoon cum dumpster

cum dumpsterI had my cousin over she was staying with her boyfriend at my place. It was a Saturday night, and I had a long week of being a cum dumpster. I was trying to take it slow and not overdo a thing. I was in for a wild weekend. I could see all the drugs and booze they brought over, and I went ahead and joined. I passed out for a few hours and walked in on some noises. It was my cousin and her boyfriend fucking in oversized stuffed cartoon attire. I thought I was tripping from the drugs. I knew both of them were kinky but didn’t believe they were at this level. They both freaked out when they saw me staring. Especially the boyfriend. He tried to stuff my nose with coke and shove pills down my mouth. I wasn’t going to say no to that. I was still so high and was loving what I was seeing. It was oddly erotic. 

Watching both of them on their high binge and seeing them unleash all their desires. It didn’t take too long for me to get in the mix. I think they were trying their hardest to get me so fucked up that I would forget the whole scenario. It was clear as day they were repeat offenders when it came to this fetish. I have seen some fucked up kinky things, but this one tops all the other. I have dealt with threesomes and cuck couples. I have even had my fair share of pissing sex. None of those things gave me shock value like seeing my cousin get fucked by her boyfriend in his cartoon outfit. What made matters even more particular was these were rentals. It made sense now, and I didn’t forget about watching them go at it all night long in their strange attire. At one point I was their creampie slut and had even shown them my fetish of fucking myself with glass bottles. I thought I had extreme desires. I learned I needed to step my game up.

creampie slut hazel

anal cum dumpster for the truckers

anal sex whoreIt was trailer trash Tuesday, and all the truckers were out trying to score some booze and food. It was a pit stop, but all the sluts came right along for a good time. I had taken advantage of the new stripper poles that had been installed. I was scouting out the man that would undoubtedly make me his anal cum dumpster for the night. I was jonesing for coke and cock — two of the wonders of the world.

I got right on the pole let my body lose control to the beatbox and started to unhook my halter top. I was in for some fun. All the men were interested in the big tit brunette. My eyes were laser focused on one of the tweakers from out of town. I knew he had a large stash of every drug under the sun. I didn’t have to work too hard to garner his attention. I left with him and got my drugs and cock. I was an anal cum dumpster all night for him. It felt so good to sell my twat for a couple of bucks. I knew he was going to give me more coke.

I had my eyes on the heroine stash he had. The only way I could get a piece of that was if I brought a younger friend for the ride. I had the perfect victim. My young cousin was fresh-faced and willing to do whatever her cool older cousin asked of her. I went ahead and scooped her up. I gave her up to the trucker, and together we fucked her innocent holes. I never thought a drug binge would have me selling my precious cousin for some nose candy and cum. I am one sick slut and don’t foresee myself changing my ways. I am content being a trainwreck.

Pissing Sex With Sexy Tranny

Pissing Sex

Some hot and heavy hard and long fucking is what I love. I had a little get together with a couple of other Ladyboys and we got so high and wasted that we had some of the messiest sloppy fucking going on with our three tranny cocks and these fuck holes and mouths draining the spunk dry from those big shemale cocks. It’s super hot to have two other tranny’s with gorgeous tits palying dirty and pissing on themselves while I hose them down as well. It was beautiful and having one suck me off until I was ready then I unloaded all my tranny cum onto those beautiful shemale tits. We fucked each other so damned good all our asses were gaping by the time we were done.

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