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Phone sex sluts

phone sex sluts

I was walking to the gas station to buy some cigs when I noticed a couple fighting in the car. It was a guy in his mid twenty’s and a girl about his age. I minded my own business as I walked past them to go inside the store. When I came out of the store I noticed the girl getting out of the car and walking away while the guy shouted at her to come back.

I just stood there watching the show as I smoked a cig in bliss since my nicotine craving was diminishing. I smiled at the guy when he glanced at me since I thought he was kind of cute. He smiled back and that’s when I figured since the girl is out of the picture I might as well have a little fun with him.

I got into the car and told him to follow the girl, he just looked at me puzzled since he hoped a lot more would come from me being in the car. I pulled down his pants and began sucking his cock. At first it really wasn’t that big or hard until I started working my tongue around his cock.

As he approached the girl closer in the car I hopped on to his lap and slid his cock inside of me. He slowed down a little as I began bouncing my ass on his cock. I grabbed a hold of his steering wheel as he grabbed a hold of my ass. I rode him hard and fast making him precum all inside of me as I drove his car taking his nice fat cock like the whore that I am.

Once we got close enough to the girl I slammed my foot on the brakes and watched in excitement as the girl opened the door only to see me fucking her boy friend. His cock was deep inside my pussy and his hands were grabbing tightly on to my breasts. She looked so mortified since she would of never imagined that this would of happened to her.

I slammed on the gas pedal with the passenger door still open almost running over this bitch, And we just kept driving. We drove all over the city that night fucking from red light to red light until we ended up at my place. I gave this guy a night to remember. May that be a lesson to stupid bitches be dramatic and the guy just might get lucky.

Tranny phone sex

 tranny phone sexI have this sexy ass friend and we were having a sleep over. We were doing some blow and shots, partying after a long day being good whores. We offered some dudes to come over and have a good time with us and in the mean time we are pre gaming!

I start to make out with her and grab her tits. Her nipples are so hard and begging for my mouth to suck on them. I notice that the cock in her panties is getting really long and hard. I can not believe she is so perfect.

I lean down and unleash her delicious cock. I start sucking on it rocking it past my tonsils. Her cock is so heavy and has so much cum. I am going to drain her balls before the boys get here.

Pissing sex

pissing sex

I am on my hands and knees looking at that dick dangling in my face. That piss hole is swollen full of warm urine. I am a dirty slut that needs to have a good time making that cock happy. After his cock head stares me down he tells me to spread my pussy for him.

He grabbed his dick and started pushing piss out of his cock hole and coated my pussy lips in his wet urine. He called me dirty whore toilet names and shoved his cock inside of me and he never stopped his piss flow. My pussy was engorged with his stinky piss.

It was wanting to over flow so badly. He told me to curl my hips in away and lean on my back with my legs over my head and push his piss out of me so that it goes all over my face and all in my mouth. He still wasn’t done using me as his piss whore urinal.

He slapped my cheeks with his cock and made me gurgle his piss and drink it down.

Anal sex whore

anal sex whore

I am a dirty whore that needs all my holes worked open obviously. My pussy, ass, and mouth ache to be penetrated and fucked open. I am at a guys house that scores me blow from time to time and he invited some of his guy friends over.

Everyone is fucking horny from our high. I bend over and offer up my ass hole to them, letting them know they can penetrate it and give me their cum loads. They take turns only pumping my ass hole open and filling it up with their sticky warm jizz.

They promised me more blow if I was a good little anal whore and I would have done this without the blow. I love having a bunch of strangers cum loads buried inside of me!

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slut

So me and a girlfriend of mine went on a little adventure to see how many cum loads we could get in a day. We went all over town getting our pussy’s and asses pounded out. I would get a guy in the back of a restaurant and she would get  guy behind a dumpster.

After every load we would either spit it into a bottle or squeeze our holes to make the cum come out and to fill our bottle. At the end of the day we got with some guys that we wanted to keep fucking through the night. I finished at 40 guys and she finished at 39. I won.

While we were fucking these two guys we liked, going reverse cowgirl anal style we took out our bottles and challenge one another to chug the cum. Whoever can eat it down quicker wins! We are such little fucking whores.

Crack whore anal

crack whore anal

I love being a dirty crack whore. I literally will give my own crack for some crack. I have this friend and he is literally up to his eyeballs in coke. I always offer him my ass hole so he can get his horny cum filled cock off for some crack. He usually puts a pipe up to my mouth and has me bend over.

He calls me dirty names as he spreads my ass and slams his big fat juicy dick into me. I take his cock pounding my ass hole open as I fill my lungs with that smoke. Usually right when it hits my head I feel his cock blowing all of his nut inside my ass.

It is a pretty fair trade since he likes my crack, almost as much as I like his.

Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

I love being a cock loving whore. I am at a dinner party. Real classy shit. Actually it’s an AA dinner party after having one of our meetings. I think of it like church. You confess your sins and then you leave to go and have some fucking with married men.

So we wet to our meeting and now we are getting high and drinking up. It is more like a drinking party. Anyways, I am on the ground in front of Bob and Andy their cocks are just waiting to be sucked into my throat. They each give me forty bucks and tell me to get sucking!

I open my whore mouth and they each have eleven inch cocks. I am in heaven. I start curling my tongue around those big huge cock heads and teasing that muscle under their cocks with my tongue. I make sure to make it super sloppy with my spit leaking all over their cocks. I even try and wedge their cocks both in my mouth at the same time.

I fuck them both harder and faster letting the tears and snot coat their cocks. I feel their loads cumming. Andy forces my throat all the way down on his cock and nutts, and then bob does the same thing. I just got like a pint of cum.

Scat phone sex

scat phone sex

I really have no limits and I crave to go past the point of return. I love getting my holes stuffed and pumped just like any other whore. One thing, well one out of many things that I really enjoy doing is getting kinky with some scat!

So I have this friend that I fuck. He always invites his friends along to join in on our fun. Well, he is at my place with three of his friends and they decided to get really nasty. I offered up my holes like a good little skank. I was on all fours.

They stuck their dicks inside of me and took advantage of my whore holes until the cum in their cocks were completely full and needing something a bit more nasty to make them bust! My friend shoved my head into his ass in front of everyone.

They watched me lap at his ass taking his fart up my nose! I was a little surprised when I start sucking on his ass and tonguing it. He let out a big fat squishy turd right into my mouth. I started to suck it letting it melt in my mouth.

All of the guys watching could not contain their cum loads any longer. I ate that shit and covered my face with it just in time for all of them to blow their loads all over me! I was drenched and drowned in cum and shit!

I think I make a rather good piece of shit toilet paper and toilet whore!

Fisting phone sex

fisting phone sex

I was getting pounded by two huge cocks in my ass and cunt hole. I was loving getting stretched open and my cunt swollen from taking a beating from a cock thrusting in and out of me. Both of them were working deep inside of me in and out beating my ass and pussy so wide that it seemed possible for me to get double stuffed.

They both worked my holes open even more by shoving their cocks against on another in each of my holes. They were play light savers inside of my hot wet gapped open holes slide up and down each others veins and throbbing hard shafts.

They took their cocks out and shoved their fists inside each of my holes and began to fuck me with their whole fists. They were going all the way deep in me with their forearms. My holes where stretched so wide that I could fit anything inside of them.

I spread my ass hole wide and showed them their masterpiece. They both jerked their cocks off until they blew both of their cum loads right inside my ass, creampieing me!

Anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

I spread my ass hole wide open while each guy took a turn gapping me open. After the sixth guy came in my ass, my ass hole was the biggest cum dumpster hole ever. My ass was all red and sore from being forced open by all those big cock.

The entrance to my ass hole was as wide as an orange. When I pulled it open so the guys could see what they did to me, they saw right into my ass. It was full of sloppy sticky wet cum. They guys got turned on seeing my ass hole stretched and filled so wide.

They were not done pumping their dicks in and out of me making more of a mess with their dicks overflowing my ass full of cum juice. I am a dirty little anal cum whore for their big fat cum filled nut sacks! Here is my ass hole, please use me and unload your balls inside of me.

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