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Big dick sucker

big dick suckerMy mouth is a gaping hole for a couple of fat cocks to slide up inside. I am running around the track up at the school today. I spot a bunch of hot football players that I can tell are in need of going to the locker room. I go ahead and find my way in there first and get completely naked. I act like I am going to hop in the showers.

They all see me and get throbbing hard. I drop to my knees and ask “who is first?” Three dicks pop out of their pants and find their way to my mouth. Boy, these boys are big! I open wide and take turns sucking all three eleven inch cocks into my throat. I am making them sloppy wet while my cunt makes a puddle under my knees. Guess I will need another hole filled while I am here.

Stripper sex porn

stripper sex pornI was partying with some friends at the strip club tonight. I got so horny back in the VIP room watching a horny girl grind on one of the guys. I decided to be part of the fun. Some of the guys whipped out their phone cameras to watch us get filthy. I got on my hands and knees and pulled out a fat cock and started jerking it in my face.

I bent over with my skirt all the way up showing my holes from behind. I invited some others to come get balls deep in me. I was having such a good time showing off for the camera and jerking those fat cocks in all of my holes. I was slurping on that cock in my mouth so hard that I started feeling it about to rupture. I took it out of my mouth and choked that cock in my hand.

I need a pretty facial all over. Give me that hot cum boys.

Cum filled cunt

cum filled cunt

I like to be ridden like a dirty little fuck slut. I am on my hands and knees taking a fat pounding from his massive engorged cock. His balls are beating up against clit. His cock and balls are getting so sticky from my pussy cum. He has my hair pulled back with his hands while he bucks himself hard into my holes. I keep begging for more. I love how he fucks me till I am gapped open. He texted a bunch of his friends to come over so that they could take turns gapping my holes wide. I am like a cock puppet for his cock. I can not wait to ingest so much cum that I become a walking talking cum puppet. Bring on the friends!

Pissing sex

pissing sexI am so thirsty but more then what a taste of water can do for my taste buds. I am sitting in front of a massive cock that is full of hot sperm. I get on my hands and knees with my shirt off and start jerking his dick down my throat. I can taste that pre cum, it is making me drool all down my tits. I ask for him to get really nasty and to piss in my mouth.

I put his cock hole up against my nostrils and he starts pushing his piss out of his cock and shooting it into my brain. I love snorting his piss! I put his cock in my tear ducts and have him make a tsunami of piss rush into my eyes. I open my mouth and let the piss run down my face and into my mouth. I love drinking his piss.

Now I need to make that cock cum and snort it, have it gush into my eyes, and drink that hot jizz down my throat.

Hookers for hire

hookers for hire

 I was looking for a new gig! I saw a sign on Craigslist asking for girls to clean houses and offer other services. Other services that I am a master at- being a dirty little cum whore. They hired me right away and I had my first client. I showed up ready to service his house, and well, his balls also. As soon as I got to his house, he was standing bare ass naked with his ten inch cock staring at me.

I got on my hands and knees and sucked his dick into my throat. I took my clothes off as I skillfully fucked his rock hard dick down my throat. His cock was pulsating in my throat. I was ready to be a good little fuck slut! I got on my hands and knees and offered up my other pink holes. He slid his cock right into my cunt and out, only to push it into my ass hole.

I am leaving him with a dirty house, a dirty cock, but at least his balls are drained!

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slut

 My mouth always needs to be full of cum. I am at a party and I am going from guy to guy robbing them of their cum loads! I open my mouth and take a dick down my throat while I act like I am rowing a boat with a cock in each hand, jerking them off towards my face. I finally milk the first one into my mouth! Instead of swallowing right away like a greedy little cum whore- I am going to see how many loads I can get stuffed into my cheeks.

I am holding that cum in my mouth and I start jerking those two other cocks right into my mouth. One of the guys has such a fat cock and his cum load is so strong, it could fire across the room. I love getting my dirty little whore mouth full of jizz.

Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

I love to have a good time hopping from one dick on to another. I have these brothers that have their friends and they invited me over to service their little get together. I love being a party thrower. I had everyone’s pants off within the first twenty minutes. I was on my hands knees licking four dicks at a time.

There cocks where spitting out so much pre cum! I spread my holes because I felt like I needed some deeper penetration. Two cocks slammed into my pussy while another one squeezed into my ass hole. I slid up and down those cocks making them jerk off inside of me. Do not worry, my mouth was completely full of cocks also.

I got so much hot cum! I am such a dirty little fucking cum slut.

Cum dumpster Thanksgiving!!

cum dumpsterI love being a dirty cum whore! I decided to give back this Thanksgiving. I am going around from hobo to hobo to drunk man stumbling out of a bar. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and one of those things are bucket loads of cum. Most people will be getting stuffed on food to keep them warm and happy and I only have dick on the brain.

I want and need to be stuffed with big fat cocks and loads of hot sperm. I see my first lucky thanksgiving fuck of the night on the side of the rode. I get on my hands and knees and offer up my hot warm mouth. I shove his dick right down my throat and start beating him off until I feel a fat wad of cum about to explode straight into my tummy.

I guess I attracted more lucky lonely men on the corner. It is a group of four dudes. They all tell me how their families are out of town and too far away and how they will have to spend thanksgiving by themselves. I strip down to nothing right behind a dumpster and encourage each of them to get me a never ending supply of their cum.

They fuck their dicks into each of my holes. I can feel those cocks swelling up and pouring their hot cum inside of me. I go on my way to find even more men. I am excited to see how much cum I can get to explode inside of me. I want to be so stuffed that it is hard to walk around because cum gushes down my legs. I want the hot cum swishing around in my tummy.

I am going to go wake the hobos up by the tree in the park to offer up some love to them. I know those cocks have to be full and need a good release. Thank you for all that sappy cum this thanksgiving. I am one very lucky whore cum dump. I promise to not make that sperm go to waist.

Stripper sex porn

stripper sex porn

 I got a new job at a club and instead at the end of the night paying for a cover after I get down taking off all my clothes and being a whore. I get the privilege to be an even more bigger whore! The two bouncers that collect the fees from the girls and give it to the big boss upstairs like to have a little fun of their own.

I get to get on my hands and knees and pay my way by fucking their cocks in all my holes. I love it especially since when the end of the night comes- I am so horny. I put my cash in my panties and open my jaw as wide as it will go and invite them to fuck my throat as hard and deep as they want. I love having my spit gush all down my neck and chest.

I will make sure I pay my dues in full when I get all of their clumpy cum in my tummy.


Cum filled cunt

cum filled cunt

I am trying to set a world record so I have gathered around fifty guys to help assist me. The entrance fee is fifty bucks. They all have to put their cocks inside of me and cum right inside of me cunt. I need to get as many loads inside my cunt without it squishing out of my pussy hole. I am on my back with my legs spread open for them to enter inside of me.

I take cock after cock, forcing their way inside of me. They ram themselves in and out making my pussy spasm around their dick. I get so wet knowing that I am going to get over fifty wads of hot cum buried inside my cunt. It is going to be such a big cum mess. I am going to be drowning in puddles of cum juice.

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