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Truck stop

Hooker phone sex

I was headed out of town with my pimp and he wanted to get a quick few extra dollars. We stopped at this truck stop and I worked my magic.  This one trucker asked if I needed help I said yes so I met him at his eighteen wheeler.  He didn’t know I was I pro and that my pimp would fuck him up.  We went to the back cabin of the truck and he slammed me down.  He didn’t waste any time fucking me in the ass.  He started to tie me up with a rope and said he love taking it from whores like me.  He kept fucking my ass until he burst inside of me.  He tried not to pay for my services when my Pimp came in and we took it from him they way he took it from me.

Party Favor

Gangbang whore

It was the party of the summer my pimp young one was turning into a man today. He was giving him a private party and he wanted his best hoes there.  I knew this little brat since his little ass was still sucking bottles.  We had everything drinks and all most importantly we had PUSSY and lots of it.  I picked the girls for this event we had to have top notch bitches and yes this was a party to break a new hoe in too.  She was pretty they type my pimp liked young and dumb as hell.  This pill popping whore was perfect to take the Birthday youngster virginity.  This was a proud moment for our Pimp he son was about to fuck his first hoe.  Instead of a traditional cake he had a fuck cake.  It was our pussy out so he could have his way with who ever.  He said he never ate pussy before so I taught him.  I placed my pussy right in  this fuckers face he started to lick the icing off my pussy like a lollipop.  It was time to break this hoe after that.  I held her legs open as he slid his half hard cock inside her sloppy wet pussy.  This little fucker started to cum after three strokes.  I had to put the strap on to show him how to fuck these hoes.  I pounded into this bitch pussy until she started to beg me to fuck her.  She had cum hard and that was trouble for her.  If you cum hard for a trick then  they can convince you not to take their money.  Our pimp had to show the young one how to handle hoes like this and keep them under control.  He was excited to see Daddy work this bitch over as we gangbang her to act right.

Mom taught me

Hooker phone sex

I am a known hooker I can’t help it. Ever since I was a young one I was into fucking and getting money.  Now I’m grown and my pimp sees my worth and how I can almost talk my way to getting away with any and everything.  My mom was my first pimp.  I didn’t recognize it at first but now looking back.  She most definitely was my pimp.  She would have parties at the house to help pay the bills.  So if I guy started looking at me she would offer me up.  She would always tell me if you want something you have to lay down and get it.  The first time I turned trick I wasn’t even in High school.  I made like two hundred dollars but my mom said bills first and whatever is left was mine.  I thought I was making money because I was banging out at least a thousand a week and that was a slow week.  These old ass men loved my tight little body.  The things my mom taught me kept them coming back for more.   She said all men love young tight pussy so always keep it clean and tight.  Making a man feel like he the only one fucking your money box will keep them paying for it.  I could squeeze my pussy so tight them old men would start shaking like they was having a seizure.  One man even cried at how good my pussy was.  My mom was a great teacher of what I could do with my pussy.  Even taught me if you can’t squirt piss on them they don’t know the difference.  Everything I learned about the game came from her.

Pastor’s Secret

Sexy Prostitutes

I was just entering the church. I haven’t been here in years. Surprised I didn’t catch on fire.  I sat near the back of the church.  Now I know why I didn’t catch on fire the devil himself was the pastor.  This trick told me he hated his wife.  He would spend between two and three thousand a night on me easy.  I didn’t mind either.  I wonder if I could make the devil sweat.  So I moved to the front of the church and sat down right beside his wife.  He paused as soon as he saw me.  It turned me on how cool he kept it.  I wasn’t done yet.  It was time to make things a little hotter.  I started a conversation with his wife and she even began hugging me.  He was a little bothered but it was my driving force I got wet right in the moment knowing he was getting upset.  Straight after service he pulled me in his office and fucked me right there.  No questions asked just said he needed to lay hands on me.  As he was stoking me deep from behind he told me to never come back to his church again.  Which was a complete lie.  This was one of the best angry fucks i had in a while.  Oh he was really mad but also turned on.  Who would have thought the prostitute wanted to come to church to find out the trick she tricks with is a pastor surprise.  This was all worth it.

More than enough

Cum Dumpster

I had been with them for a few hours and the sex was great.  The three of them had me any way they wanted all at the same time.  To have all my holes filled and pounded at the same time made my juices flow from everywhere. They had me for a whole night.  I was being paid to be full of cum.  Before all of the cum started there was so much fucking going on.  They was fucking me they even started to fuck each other.  They all took turns filling me up with their cocks in each hole.  together I drank their cum as they shot their loads in my mouth.  There was so much of this sweet thick cum juice.  It was dripping everywhere.  I made sure not a drop was wasted.  Round two I was ready they each filled my cunt with more creamy goodness.  It was so much that it was pouring out of me.  They was not done with me yet nor I with them.  Our juices and the mixture of sweat had the room very slippery.  I made sure they got their money’s worth out of me.  I left the three of them passed out in our cum filled mess.  I think everyone of us left satisfied.

Sex Drugs and FootBall

Sexy Prostitutes

I was so fucked up last night.  I was able to make triple of what my pimp wants.  I hit the jackpot of all tricks.  Rookie mistake for this NFL player.  He was just throwing money at me like a broken ATM.  The best part of it all he like to party.  He had every drug you could think of from weed to dope even some other shit too.  I was in fucking heaven.  I knew we was going to have a good time.  He pushed my face down in a pile of coke until my whole body became numb.  I was so high I felt like I was just floating and watching myself at this point.  I had popped a few Mollies and was all ready to go.  I couldn’t feel my face and was all smiles.  I had put his huge cock in my mouth and was fucking my face like it was just open season.  I swear I felt him hitting my throat.  Thank goodness I’m not afraid to take dick to the face.  He flipped me over without a word and very little effort.  I arched my back so my ass and pussy could be fully exposed to him.  He snorted a few lines of coke off my ass and was feeling himself.  He began to pound my asshole as if he was trying to break through for a tackle.  We fucked for hours on end.  Oh there was no breaks or anything.  He had me pissing all over him and he did the same to me.  At this point he was just an animal.  On the menu for the hunt was me.  he shoved a bottle of Champagne in my pussy as he want to see me pop the cork using just my tight cunt.  The party had just got started but I had to end it.  The last time I spent the night out with a trick my pimp beat my ass so I know better than to have Daddy mad.  Slip this beast a few sleeping pills and out the door I went with a few souvenirs of course.

The Heat is On

cum guzzling slut

It’s so fucking hot outside and it’s only 6am.  I need to get a hit before it really gets hot.  I have my money for Daddy but I really need to get this fix.  Dope boys outside I have to see what I can do.  Spotted my mark.  this guy is new to the block so he don’t know me.  I’m the trick with no treats.  He saw me looking so he approached me.  I told him he was fine.  I started stroking his ego along with his little dick.  Telling him how big it his.  He asked if I wanted to get out this heat.  Hell yeah let’s go.  We checked in to this little cheap motel where all the dope guys hung  out.  We get to the the room I start sucking his dick and licking his asshole just to get started.  As soon as I heard him moan I knew this would be fast and I could put this motherfucker to sleep.  Not even five strokes in this little pea dick was out.  Oh well time to collect.  I took everything His weed, coke, pills and his money.  He had about 3k in cash and still had product left.  Oh what can I say.  I can spot a mark in the devil’s heat.

Breaking Whores

live phone sex

I made it. I’m top bitch with my Pimp Daddy.  You can now call me a Lady Pimp.  Yes I’m running shit.  I know all the tricks you bitches think you can run game on us you can’t.  You think you can steal from us you can’t.  You fucking for free you better not.  we had this one dumb ass hoe, who thought she could run game on us thought she can out smart slick.  Nope not ever out smart me and Daddy. This Bitch got broke down.  We caught not turning in her funds and fucking for free.  Now when I wasn’t top Bitch Daddy broke me.  That Big Nigger fucked me all the way up.  beat the holy shit out of me. So we had something new for this dumb bitch.  Fucking for free is not what we do here.  Daddy had her first for two hours he put his Nine mm Glock up her pussy and told this bitch if I bust you dead hoe.  I like that shit. he shot one shot near her head to show this bitch he means it. Fully loaded shoved that hot glock right back up in her cunt. with his hand on the trigger.  Safety was on because this bitch was about to learn bring us the money or die.  When your life is just a click away you try to learn fast.  After he finished with the glock  He got the Louisville Slugger and rammed it up her ass.  I held her down down run bitch you like fucking for free.  Get this bat up that ass. this went on for hours. Once we got tired we handcuffed the hoe and made her watch us fuck freely in her face.  Daddy wanted me to show how money is to be made in our house.  These hoes will learn one way or the other.  Bet she will kill herself before she fuck for free again.

I know what you like

cum dumpster

It was time for me to hit the streets and bring Daddy home some money.  It was getting late and if I don’t want to get fucked up I better have his money.  I saw this one trick I had before.  So since it’s the first of the month I know he has money.  Ain’t nothing like sucking old dick they cum real fast that’s easy money.  I love when they think they can take me from my pimp by giving what I need to stop him from beating on me.  Got to love my hustle.  After I took the Viagra lover’s money I like to get a little blow from one of the neighborhood gang banger.  He has really good shit.  I don’t even have to pay for it all I have to do is let him fuck me real good.  These little niggers don’t know anything except they just fucked real quick and they think they got over on me but I am the one who really got them not only do I get a quick cum but I also get to feed my habit.  While they bragging I also slip and take money and apart of their stash to go.  My Pimp loves when I service the young gangsters it’s a win win.

Nasty Whore for You

nasty phonesex

So many days and nights I’m out whoring and doing my thing.  My pimp says there’s money to be made everywhere, all the time.  As a matter of fact, that has become my motto.  Sometimes he gets calls for me to meet my john at a certain hotel.  Other times I’m fucking in a car in a back alley.  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m not some two-dollar skank.  I take pride in my work.  You want a blow job I’m going to give you the best fucking head you have ever had.
I’ll meet you in the bathroom in your office building.  If you call and want me in a bathroom stall at three o’clock on the dot, then I’m there on time.  Do you want me under your desk during a budget meeting?  Jerking you off then cleaning up your cum with my tongue while your colleagues go over the numbers. In my world saying no is not an option.  If you and your co-workers want to have a good time on your lunch break, then I’m your slut.  I’ll suck and fuck until my throat is sore and pussy is dripping with cum.
I’m a nasty whore.  I’ll do anything you say if you’re paying.  In my world, there are no limits.  Boundaries don’t exist.  There’s only you and I…. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the almighty dollar.

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