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Cum eating phone sexPimp daddy tells me I am the best cock sucking slut he has in his stable. He says I give these men sloppy toppy like no other whore in the city. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but daddy is right. My head  game is damn good and I make daddy lots of money. One time daddy wanted this car right off the lot. It was an expensive foreign car too. I wanted to make daddy real proud and become his bottom bitch. So I told daddy I could get him that car. He said” Bitch let me see what you can do”. I walked my sexy slim chocolate ass into that car lot and went up to the salesman. I said sir let me talk to you in private in your office. While licking my lips. Before he could even close the door good I unzipped his pants and pulled out his swollen hard white cock. I entered all of his shaft and the base into my warm wet mouth and sucked with ease. At a nice pace until his jeez was all in my mouth. I swallowed and looked him in his eyes with a smile. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. He said baby what ever you want you can damn sure have. Daddy and I drove off the lot with that brand new foreign.I told you my head is the best. How about you find out for yourself?


Gangbang my cunt




Gangbang sex stories

My brother and his crew of boys decided to come over and fuck my black nigger pussy raw dog style. Filling my cunt up with all of there warm nut. I gladly opened every hole for them to fill. After all, I am the famous slut of my town. Everyone knows I like a nice hard cock with cum dripping out. I swallow that shit like it was my last meal. My favorite slut moment is being gangbanged by my brother and his friends. There is something about my brother’s big black cock inside of me that makes me feel as if I can not get enough of it. Mix that in with 5 other dicks and I am in slut heaven. As I kneel in the middle of the circle of hard dicks. Every one of them jacking off waiting to explode all over my face and body. I wait with anticipation like a kid in the candy store.When they finally explode all over my face and body I can’t wait to rub it in like lotion. I lick my hands after scooping up their cum, like a cat giving herself a bath. Only I am enjoying the mixture of cum. All different flavors of this cum batter.

The Best Ebony Phone sex

Black phone sexThis black nubian girl gives the best phone sex to her callers. My callers always say I am the best. They love the way my voice sounds and love it when I play with my vibrator while being on the phone with them. I run my vibrator all around my clit non stop until I climax so fucking hard. My pussy squirts across the room. The same way you see it done on porn sites. My cum shoots out like a water gun. I wish you were here to sit across the room. Your dick in your hand with your mouth wide open. As I penetrate my cunt and squirt across the room right into your mouth. Or would you rather me squirt all over your chest while your hard dick is fucking my pussy so violently? You do not hold back when ramming your meat all inside of me. My pussy muscles gripping so tightly around your cock. I need to show you just why black pussy is the best. Come find out for yourself.

My Black Wet Teen Cunt

iIIBlack teen phone sex

I’ve been a sex craved whore since I was just learning how to write my name.My daddy along side my uncles taught me well how to use my mouth and what this little black cunt was used for. Especially while it was wet. They told me the wetter the harder the dick. I know I still have so much to learn from them. Maybe you can teach me some tricks of the trades. You know the ins and outs of twirling my tongue around your mushroom head shaft. Even lightly licking your pee hole. Or how about holding my breath as your dick goes all the way to the back of my throat and I try not to choke. I gag anyway because at this point you are fucking my face. Would it be okay if I stare into your eyes while sucking your cock? Picture me swallowing every last drop of your sweet and salty cum? Teach me what daddy and my Uncles has not taught me yet Help me know I am just a cum slut whore and thats all I am in life is to be filled up with your nut.

Gangbang my cunt

Gangbang whore

I am the biggest Gangbang whore you will ever encounter. I don’t what it is about my pussy but she can never just cum with one dick. My pussy gets the wettest and juiciest when there is more than one dick around to fuck and suck. The more the merrier. Last week I meet up with a bunch of college jocks at a sorority party. I got so drunk from the spiked punch and beer. I was ready to fuck and suck the whole fucking room. I did just that. I took turns sucking their hard rock dicks. They were all in a circle. I went from one meat to the next. Each guy jerking their dick as they await my juicy fulls lips to slurp on those popsicles with the cream in the middle. That is what I was after. The creamy buttery mixture that squirts out of those dicks at the end. I wanted it all over my face and ttittys and all in my mouth. There were plenty guys there to spread that white sweetness all over. I rubbed it all into my skin like lotion. Can I rub your cream into my skin daddy? Bring your friends I want their cum too.

Let the cream drip out

Creampie Slut

Nothing turns me on more than getting my tight brown caramel flavored cunt filled up with cum. I am the definition of a Creampie Slut. I remember letting the whole football team get a taste of this sweet black ass. I was all kind of nigger bitches and nigger whores that day. I didn’t care all my horny pussy wanted was some dick. I got to have more than one dick at a time and all kind of flavors. The whole team took turns ramming thier hard athletic cocks into my pussy. I let each one of them fill my pussy up with thier sweaty, salty, thick cream. I had it running all down my legs. I love getting creamed filled inside of me. That what I am put here for. To be a slutty black whore. That is what my mom taught me and I have been living this dream every since. Pussy is made for cum so come fill me up!

Teacher’s Pet

Hot Teen phone sex

I have always been the smartest tool in the shed. Especially in my class. My teacher always took a liking to me. I figured I could get some extra credit by showing him I liked him to. I pretended to fail a test so he would keep me after school to take the test again. I was pleased to know it was only me and him in the class room that day after school. He said Althea you are a very smart young lady. I know you failed this test on purpose. My question to you is why? I look down at the floor and then back to him. Well I looked at his dick print and reached for it. At first he was hesitant and pushed my hand away. He said Althea I am going to ask you to leave I can not accept this type of behavior, At least that’s what came out of his mouth bu his dick was hard as a rock. So I quickly pulled it out before he could say another word and entered his warm hard cock into my mouth. I began to suck. I sucked very slowly. He must have felt so good because he grabbed the back of my head and began to guide my throat. You can hear the grunts and moans. My black pussy was so wet knowing I was pleasing him. Next thing I knew he bust a nice load in my mouth that filled my cheeks up. I looked like a chipmunk. He assumed I was going to spit it out. I swallowed that sweet cum like the black whore bitch that I am. Every since then I have been hooked on the taste of cum. I want you to bust in my mouth just like my teacher. I promise to swallow every last drop!

Bloody Cunt Althea

Period Phone SexI love getting my pussy fucked while I am on the rag. It is nothing more pleasing than period phone sex. I am already a dirty black whore. So fucking this dirty black bloody cunt makes the sex even more intense. Working at the strip club the Dj’s brother is a doctor. He has a thing for black bloody pussy. Needless to say he invited me over and when I told him I was on the rag he said that is even better. He would make it worth my while he said. I got over to his house that night and he has beautiful condo in downtown where all the rich folks are. I was speechless. Fast forward to our night I ended up on the bed with my legs spread wide open. Blood every where. He did not care one bit. He even made sure his sheets were white so that he could see every last drop of blood coming out of my pussy. It felt so good and warm when he had his dick inside of me fucking me and blood kept gushing out. When he went down to eat my pussy with blood covering his lips I just had to grab his face and kiss him. I was completely turned on. A man that likes blood and is willing to fuck a pussy while on her period shows that he has a lot of compassion. Either that or  he just a nasty mothafucker. Either way I am Game! I have to fuck and get my pussy ate every time I am on my period and that is final! 




Nasty Phonesex

Nasty phonesex

I was late on my rent and like the slick bitch that I am. I knew I could call up my landlord and just get away with not paying rent this month. I don’t even know why I have been paying rent up until this point. As a matter of fact I’m not going to pay rent anymore. You see my landlord is a middle aged married man.He is short and stubby so I already knew he had a thick fat cock. My sexy chocolate lips couldn’t wait to put my mouth around his meat. I sucked the soul right out of his body. Once he came over I didn’t even say a word. I just bent down unzipped his pants and pulled it out and got to giving him the best head game I have ever gave a man. Hell my life depended on it. It was either suck the life out of his dick or get kicked out. I was not going down like that. I must have spit and slopped his nuts and took his dick whole into my mouth. I even let him cum in the back of my throat. I could taste his salty liquid running down my throat like buttered cream. It was delicious. Once we were done he nodded his head and we had a understanding that needed no other explanation.  I can’t wait until next month to slopped up his dick some more and swallow all of his seeds. I think I will let him fuck my pretty brown pussy as well.  I might can upgrade my unit. You see I like to tell Nasty phonesex stories about my fuck sessions. I would love to share a couple with you while we both make ourselves cum.

No Taboo

No taboo phone sex

No taboo phone sex is my speciality. I have so many sex stories I almost loose count. I do have one adventure that I keep close to my heart. I have a thing for young little cunnys. One night I had to babysit my little cousin. She is so sweet and innocent. She has the prettiest brown eyes. Smoothest little soft skin. Prettiest tight caramel colored cunny you have ever saw. She tasted just like a caramel apple. I went into her room while she was asleep. I stuck one finger into her extra extra tight little hole and I was instantly turned on. She looked as if she tasted good and so I licked her little pussy. At first she resisted and did not quite understand what was going on. After a while her body started to react just the way I needed it to. She started grinding her little juice box onto my tongue. The next thing I knew she squirted all over my face. I was more than happy to take my hand and lick up all of her sweetness. Mmmmhmmmm did it taste good. My new nickname for her is caramel apple. She knows why.  It’s our little secret. I will always me more than happy to eat my caramel apple.

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