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I was in V.I.P in the strip club with one of the top ballers. Now it is a known fact a man with a lot of money does not always have a big dick. He uses his money to substitute what he lacks in his pants. But, this particular customer proved me to be wrong. Like I said I was in V.I.P sippin Moet and shaking my ass for Mr. Money Man. As I started bouncing my ass to the music with my ass in his lap I couldn’t help but to feel this huge dick print. It startled me at first because I thought it was a gun. I asked him and he said No baby that’s my dick. I call him Big Dick Willy! He said “Do you want to ride him? I promise it will be worth your while”. As he pulls out a whole stack of cash. Of course I wasn’t going to say no. I get some good big dick and money. I was in heaven. What Mr. Money man didn’t know was I was going to take that big black dick and ride him until I can’t fill my legs. I did just that and he filled my sore pussy up until I had a puddle of his cum on the floor as if my water broke. It was dripping all out of my pussy and it was soooo much Cum. I couldn’t walk for days.  This is just one of my many BBC sex stories. I have plenty more. This black pussy right here gets around.

The Company Whore

Cum filled cunt

I am a secretary for this multi-billion dollar law firm. On this particular day I was unaware that I was about to get fired. I walked into the office with my usual sexy attire. I had on a cute white blouse that exposed my breast. A very short skirt, stockings and stilettos. My boss had a look on his face as if he was not a happy camper. I was deeply confused because I caught him looking at my ass as I walked past him and into the office. Not to mention his hard rick dick print through his pants. Oh how I wanted to take that vanilla cock and shove it into my mouth. But I had to keep my composure. My pussy was dripping wet by now. My boss sat me down and explained to me that I was not up to his expectations with the company and that he would have to let me go. That motherfucker! Here I am pussy dripping wet and I am ready to fuck him on this table and he is firing me? 

I quickly leaned forward to where my tittties were practically hanging out of my shirt and begged for my job. I licked my lips and gave him a look and said” I will do anything please let me keep my job”. My boss gave me a proposition. He wanted me to be the Company whore. I asked what were my duties. I was expecting him to say only fuck him but he wanted me to fuck his clients too. I had to do whatever he said as well as his clients. I was to be the slut of the company where damn near every man in and outside the firm got to fucked every hole on my body. I was so excited I decided to get to work right away! I put this chocolate pussy and bomb ass head so good on my boss I am pretty sure the whole office heard how loud he grunted when he bust his nut all over my face. I wiped my face with my hand and licked all of his cum off of my fingers. I was starting to like my new position already. I will be the best cum filled cunt this firm has ever had!

Druggy Whore

Druggy phone sex

I like to get high and fuck. There is nothing more or nothing less. That is just the bottom line. As a matter of fact either I am fucking while I’m high or fucking to get my next fix. I smoke, drink and pop pills. My drug of choice is crack. Once I get a good hit of that shit my juicy fat pussy automatically cums. It just drips right down my leg. That is when you know the crack is good.  You see I have been a druggy whore almost all my life. It runs in the family. I have to sell my pussy just to support my habit. My favorite type of guy to party with is an middle age CEO of a million dollar company. They always know how to party for days or even weeks. I get whatever drug I want and how ever much dope I want. All I have to do is suck a room full of dicks. Usually let them gangbang my pussy. Lick a few balls here and there and keep smoking dope until I can’t handle it anymore. As you can see I am your typical party girl who gets high and likes to fuck. Everyday is a party and I will  do whatever to get my next fix. I want to party right now and suck the skin off your dick. Are you ready?

Golden Showers Sex Fantasy

Golden Showers Sex

Golden showers phone sex is the reason why I became a prostitute. I remember walking down the street after getting into a huge fight with my mom. I was only 16 at the time.An older age white man stopped his car. He asked if I needed a ride. I was hesitant at first but then, I figured what the hell! I hoped on in. I was tired of walking anyway. The blazing sun had began to make me sweat all between my breast. I am sure they were glistening because the guy kept staring at them. The guy’s name was Jim. I could never forget him. He became a loyal customer to me for many many years.

While sitting in Jim’s car he pulled over and cut straight to the chase. He said “Darling I am going to be upfront with you. I will pay you $400 if you could piss in my mouth”. My eyes got big as hell. First, because he offered me $400 and secondly, because he asked me to piss in his mouth. I couldn’t refuse that offer. We went to the nearest hotel and booked a room. Needless to say it was just that simple. I squatted as he laid under me and opened his mouth wide. I drinked my golden juice all down his chin. He was in heaven. From that day forward I realized I wanted to get this fast money for the rest of my life! Golden showers, Brown showers, anal sex, mouth sex. anything goes with me. Always remember to have my money first!

Cum eating phone sex 24/7

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex will be me on the line with you. While I am sucking a nice hard white cock. I will be sucking that cock and choking on his hard masterpiece until he explodes in my mouth. I am the type of slut who can swallow a load of cum just about everyday. It is a good source of protein. Most of my guys I am sucking off are usually my johns from the local strip club that I work at. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shake my ass every night and collect my dollars. I also enjoy bringing a  man home every night as well. That always make my pockets even fatter. I am the best dick sucking whore in my town. I am not bragging by no means. This is what I have been told. All the local men come to Athea for some good sloppy toppy. Would you like to hear me suck one of them off?

Dirty Live Phone Sex with a Black Whore

live phone sexI crashed a party last night. I was out hooking to get some more party money. My last John dumped me in a white neighborhood I didn’t know. I was going to hoof it home or call an Uber when I heard loud music. I saw all the cars near the house and figured I would crash the party. I was thinking I could make some more money, party and maybe meet some new men. This was a swinger’s party! When I walked in, there was no passing off that I knew someone there. All eyes were on me the only black girl in the place. It was an orgy. I guess the music was cranked so neighbors couldn’t hear the sexy moaning noises. Cum was dripping down my legs. I looked like a lot lizard skank. This was a nice house. Not the kind of home I thought would be throwing a wild sex party. I just acted like I was lost, and I tossed in some compliments. I wanted in on the fun. They were using poppers and weed, but they had blow too. A big ass bowl of it. I walked over, put my face in it and inhaled. Then, I threw myself into the kinky mix. Strangers were fucking my ass. Women were eating my cream pie. I was sucking balls that were attached to a cock buried deep into a pussy. Guys circle jerked on me too. I was the star of the sex party. I need to get lost in the burbs more often.White folks love me.

Druggy Porn Star Wannabe

druggy pornI was a druggy porn star last night. Who am I kidding? I act like a porn star every night. Fucking earns me money to buy crack or it gets me crack in trade. I was partying last night with this white dude. He was broke, but he told me he knew some men who would pay to gang bang a black girl. I guess they like to fuck on the dark side. I was down to be the star of their jungle fever movie. He set it all up and I was impressed. I think he probably set me up for it in hindsight because with one call, 25 white guys showed up with a $100 a piece to fuck me. Easy money as far as I was concerned. Well, it was, and it wasn’t. Some of the men were brutal on my black ass. They stuck 2-3 dicks in my ass at once. They called me a nigger whore and a nigger bitch. They joked about breeding me for sport. I just took their verbal abuse because it was their thing. I took their cum and their money because it was my thing. Sure, they ravaged my asshole and pussy, but I was able to get a week’s work of crack and still have money left for rent. Not bad in my book.

Black Girl Phone Sex Whore

When it comes to black girl phone sex there is nothing filthier than a dirty little nigga bitch like me here to be your ball drainer. My life was fucked up and I thought I’d get a better shot on the streets. I tried hooking and got picked up by a very aggressive pimp. This imp branded me and made me his bitch. With no education or good up bringing I was meant to be the dirty crack whore I became. I can’t get out of the stigma that my reality was and so I done spend all my time in crack houses turning tricks for the next speedball or crack hit. The day I was picked up by a white john and treated with a tiny bit of dignity was the day I started working the corners where them white men like to pick up filthy crack nigger whores for their slumming good times. Every white man wants to try some hot ebony snatch and ass and I got what you need sugar. My main nigga and pimp will well fuck me up good when he finds I like hooking for that white dick but I done hope whitey will take me away and give me that sweet suburban life.

Black girl phone sex

I love being a cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutI love being a dirty crack ho and a cum guzzling slut. Every white man in town knows that they can get their dick polished by me. They know they can get whatever they want with me. I ain’t got no limits. I have a reputation in my town. I am the ebony ho. The something strange for the white rich men. White men love fucking a trailer trash black whore. They don’t tell their wives about me of course but they brag to their friends about the little chocolate cum dump they skull fucked before work. That brings me more rich white guys to suck and Fuck. They have no problem paying my prices. It’s a bargain. Black girls are cheap lays. White girls be all princess like charging upscale prices for pussy and ass just because it looks like Wonder bread. I just want $25 a blowjob and $50 a fuck. Those rich white businessmen never haggle. A few guys every morning and I have my crack money. I let them do what their wives won’t. Cum on my face Fuck my black ass share me with some friends… I am not some pristine princessI am a black crack whore.

Live Phone Sex

live phone sex

It’s hard out here and if you aint making money you aint nothing. Flipping burgers not gonna support my habit I want to get hi all day Everyday so my guy beeny sent me to this ho house down the street that for only 50$ a night you can turn trick all night long for the right price. I want get a john one right after the other making sure the money cum dicks after dicks until  I can get my fix I will suck all the dicks so I can all the money two at a time even three if the price is right I will come all night just like on automatic I won’t stop just to keep up with my high I will suck dick all night and won’t stop just a long as you keep paying me to fuck

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