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A load of cum

Cum guzzling slut

Nothing gets my cunt more wetter than swallowing loads and loads of cum. You want to know what else gets me wet? Sniffing a line off of your stiff cock. I’m not talking about some little bitty bump of coke. I am talking about a fat Scarface line of coca. I want to feel that burning sensation in my nostrils and that tingling feeling in my pussy. After that high has set in then things will be on an popping. Come stick that hard cock into my mouth and down my throat. Let me suck that cum right out of the tip of your tiny little cum hole. Splash that cum all over my pretty little nigger face baby! Let me make you feel better than any high. I want you to be addicted to this mouth. As a matter of fact you will be addicted to this mouth! We can do coke and I can suck your coke all night long.

Your favorite black whore

Anal sex whore

I know you like to fuck tiny little black whores. Your favorite place to stick that hard white cock is inside that tight black asshole. You like to inflict pain and pleasure. You also like a small petite black whore. Often called spinners. I am easy for you to bounce up and down on your cock and you can lift me up and place me right on top of that cock with ease. You like the fact you can fuck my asshole and turn me in all kind of positions as if my asshole was my pussy. You like it even more the fact that while your fucking the shit out of my asshole I am sucking the cum out of your brother’s cock. It’s no fun if your brother can’t get none right?

Black stripper sex

Black stripper sex

I had never seen this guy in the club before. I dance at the strip club every single weekend so I can spot a regular and a newbie. I usually sit in the back of the club when I am not on stage and just peep out the scene. I kept seeing girls sit on his lap and he would slip something in their hands. That’s when it dawned on me. He was a drug dealer. Fuck! I love to get high but I did not make one dollar tonight. I decided to head over and see if he wanted to feel these big juicy lips around his cock or maybe stick in hard stick inside one of my cunt holes. I can make him cum so hard if he gets me high as shit. And just as I thought he agreed. So I took him to the back room of V.I.P. and sucked the soul out of his hard cock. He came so hard all over my face and gave me a nice size 8 ball of coke. He told me I never had to pay just as long as I suck his dick that good every time. Damn I know I can suck dick but I must be damn good! You should come find out yourself….I could a line of coke off your dick and suck your dick until my jaws start to hurt.

Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

Just like a nasty fuck slut I let ten guys ram their cocks inside my tight little brown pussy. I brought in the New Year with a bucket full of cum all over my face and chin. My New Year’s resolution is to be the nasty little fuck whore on the planet. I want this pussy to be stretched out and rammed in by multiples guys every single day. I need to feel like I am the best cum whore on earth. Only way to do that is let more than one guy stick their hard meat sticks inside my pink colored cunt. How about you bring in the New Year with me and Gangbang my tight little asshole with all of your friends! Bust that load into my mouth like a nice bottle of champagne! 

Black teen phone sex

Black teen phone sex

He slid his big white hands inside my panties and started playing with my tight little black cunny. The way those thick fingers felt going in and out my wet slimy cunt hole made me want to just cum on his hands. I was at school sitting at the teacher’s desk when my teacher pretended to be sitting across the desk helping me with some book work that I did not understand. When in fact he was helping me to a nice nut. In and out his fingers where fucking my tight little hole. Each stroke his fingers got slimier and slimier until my legs began to shake and I creamed all over his hands. He looked to see if any students were watching, To his surprise they were all studying head in their books focused on schoolwork. I guess he took that opportunity and stuck his fingers in my mouth so that I can lick my cum off. It taste really good. I love the way my sweet cum taste.

Fuck and get high

Druggy phone sex

I sniffed one big line of coke. My nose instantly burned and the coke was so good and potent I instantly came on myself. I was naked so you could see the cum running down my leg. It was so creamy and white it look like some ice cream melting down. This must have turned my dealer on. I was already fucking him for this baggie of coke. His cock rocked up at the sight of my cream running down my legs. He lifted me up and started bouncing me on his hard cock until I came three more times. Then he flipped me over and stuck an ecstasy pill in my ass. He started fucking me so hard in my black hole my pussy squirted just from the impact.  I love to get high and just fuck. The high makes me cum so fucking hard. I want to get to high with you and cream all over your dick.

You can’t deny that you love black pussy

Cheap phone sexI know you stalk my profile. Every chance you get you sit and stare at my pretty black pussy while stroking your long white cock. It’s a shame that you actually got caught by your girlfriend. I know her pale skin and pink pussy is nothing compared to this ebony cunt I have. I know you love the way my full juicy lips wraps around your hard shaft and the way it feels going up and down. She can’t suck your cock like I can. Her pussy doesn’t grip your cock like mine. It’s okay I will  always be around to please your cock when ever you need me to. You can fuck all my black holes with no questions ask. I love your cum and will even breed your little offspring. No need to let your jealous bitch of a girlfriend get in the way. She can’t make your cock bust a load like I me.

Cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterMy tight fuck hole was so fucking wet at the sight of my brother’s massive rock hard dick. I wanted him so fucking bad I couldn’t contain myself. I whipped his swollen muscle out of his pants and instantly started to suck. I spit on his dick and made sure my tongue swirled around his mushroom head. I sucked so hard and for so long my jaws began to get sore. He eased his dick out of my mouth and I licked my bottom lip. His pre cum left a trace on my lips. He slammed me onto the couch face down and started to fuck my black cunt so fucking hard. He pinned my hands behind my back so I could not move an inch. He fucked me so deep and so raw my cunt was sore and swollen. He bust a massive load inside of my pussy in hopes I would have his offspring. I love cum inside my pussy especially to have some little ones so I can teach them how to be little whores like me.

My Juicy pussy

Hooker phone sexIt’s no secret that I like to feel a nice hard white cock inside all of my fuck holes. I even enjoy more than one cock inside of me at one time. I like one nice big ol dick inside of my pussy and one nice big ol dick inside of my ass. I am the hottest slut on the track. When I go out and sale this cunt all the john’s practically run me down to get this piece of ass. I let them fuck me raw and nasty with no limitations. I plan on fucking at least 20 guys in about two hours max. I keep my pussy so tight they cum in less than 5 minutes. You should come a try this black ass and cunt. I will squeeze your dick so hard with my pussy muscles you can not help but to cum.


Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

I am just the sluttiest little cum whore you can ever find on the hoe stroll. I got offered $1000 to fuck a whole band of rock stars. Of course I agreed.  Next thing I knew my ass was in the air and I had one cock in my mouth, one cock in my pussy and even one more cock in my asshole all at the same time. It felt so fucking good to have all those cocks inside of me. All I wanted was to make those cocks cum all over this smooth black young body of mine. I got gangbanged right inside of a warehouse. When those band members were about to cum I opened my mouth really wide. They shot their cum all over the place. I was covered in it. I want to be covered in your cum. Shoot it all over this body baby.

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