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live phone sex

It’s hard out here and if you aint making money you aint nothing. Flipping burgers not gonna support my habit I want to get hi all day Everyday so my guy beeny sent me to this ho house down the street that for only 50$ a night you can turn trick all night long for the right price. I want get a john one right after the other making sure the money cum dicks after dicks until  I can get my fix I will suck all the dicks so I can all the money two at a time even three if the price is right I will come all night just like on automatic I won’t stop just to keep up with my high I will suck dick all night and won’t stop just a long as you keep paying me to fuck

Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

Whatever my pimp daddy tells me to do that’s what I’m going to do . He takes real good care of me out her in these streets and I get out here and get his money. I’m his bottom bitch and everybody knows that I always get the the most johns because I’m definitely the best. All the other girls are jealous because I get to get high off the best supply because I’m pimp daddies bottom bitch. I also love sucking dick when I get high so once pimp daddy gets me high I can suck and fuck him all night long and I won’t stop until  I come down thats whats wrong with the rent of these hoes they don’t know what to do for the right price I’m fucking all night so come on baby you got some cash because I Definitely got the ass.

Cum Eating Phone Sex

cum eating phone sex

I ain’t come from no loving home with to parents . where I’m from I you lucky if you know what your daddy look like. But if it’s one thing I do know is you gotta use what you got to get what you want . I know what I got and that’s good pussy. I been fucking since a youngin and I know this this pussy good enough and I’m worth every penny. I love cocaine so for the right price this pussy is all yours getting fucked.  Is what I live for My life styles makes me so happy I love dick in my mouth and doing the fatest line off my Johns dick. I’m ready wet and waiting on whoever is next.

Ebony Girl Fucking White Men

ebony girl fucking

I live in the hood so it’s not much of my preference is a white Man Nothing get me off more Than a sexy ass white man. I crave is whit Cock in and around my mouth. While my fat nigger lips suck nicely around that fat white dick. I know my place as your nigga Bitch and I will show how good Nigga pussy Can be . Nobody cums harder than a nigga slut like me . no one comes harder that me Making sure my White master is happy. I want and will do all things to make my Master know That I’m the best Nigga whore there is . Do you want to me my white Master. I love white men the most.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum guzzling slut

Not to long ago when my mom was working a overnight and left me home alone. It was raining really hard thundering and lighting and Im sitting on the couch watching Scary Movies when I heard and funny noise out back. I cut the tv down and the lights go out I’m so scared my pussy starts to drip . Then I here a window break and I run to me room and as I hide under the bed I try to breathe as quiet as possible. I here 4 men come up the stairs and open my room door and tell me to come for under the bed Scared for my Life I say please dont hurt me I will do whatever you want please. And one Man rips my Shirt of and expose my hard nipples and and one by one they had they way with me like the slut I’m and I sucked them all dry and they all left happy and I finally got the real pleasure I was looking for.

Truck stop

Hooker phone sex

I was headed out of town with my pimp and he wanted to get a quick few extra dollars. We stopped at this truck stop and I worked my magic.  This one trucker asked if I needed help I said yes so I met him at his eighteen wheeler.  He didn’t know I was I pro and that my pimp would fuck him up.  We went to the back cabin of the truck and he slammed me down.  He didn’t waste any time fucking me in the ass.  He started to tie me up with a rope and said he love taking it from whores like me.  He kept fucking my ass until he burst inside of me.  He tried not to pay for my services when my Pimp came in and we took it from him they way he took it from me.

Party Favor

Gangbang whore

It was the party of the summer my pimp young one was turning into a man today. He was giving him a private party and he wanted his best hoes there.  I knew this little brat since his little ass was still sucking bottles.  We had everything drinks and all most importantly we had PUSSY and lots of it.  I picked the girls for this event we had to have top notch bitches and yes this was a party to break a new hoe in too.  She was pretty they type my pimp liked young and dumb as hell.  This pill popping whore was perfect to take the Birthday youngster virginity.  This was a proud moment for our Pimp he son was about to fuck his first hoe.  Instead of a traditional cake he had a fuck cake.  It was our pussy out so he could have his way with who ever.  He said he never ate pussy before so I taught him.  I placed my pussy right in  this fuckers face he started to lick the icing off my pussy like a lollipop.  It was time to break this hoe after that.  I held her legs open as he slid his half hard cock inside her sloppy wet pussy.  This little fucker started to cum after three strokes.  I had to put the strap on to show him how to fuck these hoes.  I pounded into this bitch pussy until she started to beg me to fuck her.  She had cum hard and that was trouble for her.  If you cum hard for a trick then  they can convince you not to take their money.  Our pimp had to show the young one how to handle hoes like this and keep them under control.  He was excited to see Daddy work this bitch over as we gangbang her to act right.

Mom taught me

Hooker phone sex

I am a known hooker I can’t help it. Ever since I was a young one I was into fucking and getting money.  Now I’m grown and my pimp sees my worth and how I can almost talk my way to getting away with any and everything.  My mom was my first pimp.  I didn’t recognize it at first but now looking back.  She most definitely was my pimp.  She would have parties at the house to help pay the bills.  So if I guy started looking at me she would offer me up.  She would always tell me if you want something you have to lay down and get it.  The first time I turned trick I wasn’t even in High school.  I made like two hundred dollars but my mom said bills first and whatever is left was mine.  I thought I was making money because I was banging out at least a thousand a week and that was a slow week.  These old ass men loved my tight little body.  The things my mom taught me kept them coming back for more.   She said all men love young tight pussy so always keep it clean and tight.  Making a man feel like he the only one fucking your money box will keep them paying for it.  I could squeeze my pussy so tight them old men would start shaking like they was having a seizure.  One man even cried at how good my pussy was.  My mom was a great teacher of what I could do with my pussy.  Even taught me if you can’t squirt piss on them they don’t know the difference.  Everything I learned about the game came from her.

Pastor’s Secret

Sexy Prostitutes

I was just entering the church. I haven’t been here in years. Surprised I didn’t catch on fire.  I sat near the back of the church.  Now I know why I didn’t catch on fire the devil himself was the pastor.  This trick told me he hated his wife.  He would spend between two and three thousand a night on me easy.  I didn’t mind either.  I wonder if I could make the devil sweat.  So I moved to the front of the church and sat down right beside his wife.  He paused as soon as he saw me.  It turned me on how cool he kept it.  I wasn’t done yet.  It was time to make things a little hotter.  I started a conversation with his wife and she even began hugging me.  He was a little bothered but it was my driving force I got wet right in the moment knowing he was getting upset.  Straight after service he pulled me in his office and fucked me right there.  No questions asked just said he needed to lay hands on me.  As he was stoking me deep from behind he told me to never come back to his church again.  Which was a complete lie.  This was one of the best angry fucks i had in a while.  Oh he was really mad but also turned on.  Who would have thought the prostitute wanted to come to church to find out the trick she tricks with is a pastor surprise.  This was all worth it.

More than enough

Cum Dumpster

I had been with them for a few hours and the sex was great.  The three of them had me any way they wanted all at the same time.  To have all my holes filled and pounded at the same time made my juices flow from everywhere. They had me for a whole night.  I was being paid to be full of cum.  Before all of the cum started there was so much fucking going on.  They was fucking me they even started to fuck each other.  They all took turns filling me up with their cocks in each hole.  together I drank their cum as they shot their loads in my mouth.  There was so much of this sweet thick cum juice.  It was dripping everywhere.  I made sure not a drop was wasted.  Round two I was ready they each filled my cunt with more creamy goodness.  It was so much that it was pouring out of me.  They was not done with me yet nor I with them.  Our juices and the mixture of sweat had the room very slippery.  I made sure they got their money’s worth out of me.  I left the three of them passed out in our cum filled mess.  I think everyone of us left satisfied.

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