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Hardcore Anal Sex Punishes Berretta

Hardcore anal sex

I have a client that always wants to role play the movie Secretary, but with a hardcore anal sex twist. You have me come to your office after hours when you knows we will be alone. You dictates letters for me to type up. You talk so fast that I can’t keep up. When I tell you I am not able to write as fast as you are talking.

You tell me that it is because I am not paying enough attention, but that you know how to get my attention. You tell me to bend over your desk and raise my skirt. You tell me to keep my hands flat on the desk. Your grab my panties and pull them down. You tell me to start reading to you what I have written down. For every word that I miss you slap my ass with the palm of your hand. Before long my ass is bright red and throbbing. I start to cry.


Cum guzzling slut

You tell me crying will do me no good. You tell me to pull my ass cheeks apart and then you shove a butt plug up my tight puckered ass. You tell me to pull up my panties and turn around. You hand me a paper and tell me to go type it up. My ass is throbbing from both the butt plug and the spanking.

I am unable to type up the letter in the time that you allocated. You have me bend back over your desk and you remove the butt plug. You then ask me what happens to whores that disappoint you. I told you that we get our asses fucked raw without any lube. You slammed your big thick cock into my tight puckered ass causing me to cry out. You pounded my ass until it was raw and bleeding. You pulled out when you came and sprayed your jizz all over me.

Snicker Bars Up My Ass

No taboo phone sex

You called and ask me to have a Berretta special surprise waiting for you. So I put three frozen snack size Snicker bars up my ass. The cold sensation of them being in my tight puckered ass made my pussy hot and wet. They should be slightly melted and mixed with my all natural Berretta juices by the time you get here. Your big thick cock was already hard when you arrived. You told me that you had gotten so turned on the drive over just thinking about eating my ass out. You reached down and grabbed my pussy. You said, damn girl, your pussy is soaking wet. You through me over your shoulder and carried me into the bedroom. You lightly threw me down on the bed. You spread my legs and started licking on my pussy before making your way down to my ass. You stuck your tongue deep into my ass tasting all of my juices and the thawed gooey sneakers bar. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight ass. You fucked me hard and fast. You shot your load deep inside my ass. You pulled out your cock and it was covered in a creamy mixture of man chowder, snickers bar, and ass juices. You had me suck all of that creamy goodness off.

Cum is My Crack

Live phone sex

Some of my neighbors think I am white trash because I am addicted to man chowder. Cum is my crack. Nothing is more satisfying than sucking on your great big hard cock and tasting all of your wet warm pre-cum. I can never get enough of it. I don’t care about size or the color of your cock. I just want to suck on your big hard cock until you give me that salty warm creamy cum that I am craving. I have a client that will jack off into popsicle trays so that on warm days I have creamy cum-sicles to suck on and satisfy my dirty desires. The only thing that I like almost as much as your cock pudding is a golden shower to wash it all down with. The smell and taste of your golden frizzly sparkly juice makes my pussy hot and wet. Plus when you pee directly on my clit you give me a squirting orgasm. There is just something so good about being such a dirty nasty freak!

Anal Sex Whore


Anal sex whoreMy pussy became hot and wet as soon as I saw your text telling me to meet you at your house. In your text you told me that the door would be unlocked and to just come on in. I went waltzing into your house like I have done a thousand times before.

I went into the living room expecting to see you but instead I felt someone shove me from behind. I fell onto the ottoman. Before I could get up someone was on top of me and they had tied my hands behind my back. She started talking once I was bound and by her tone she was extremely angry.

She told me that she knew all about me being her husband’s sex whore. She slapped my ass as she told me that she was pretty sure that I was one of those dirty nasty girls that would do things that she wouldn’t. She pulled my ass cheeks apart and said from the looks of my asshole I was an anal sex whore.

She put a strap-on over her skirt and then she grabbed me by my hair. She told me I had better suck her dick and get it soaking wet. She said that she was going to fuck my tight puckered ass with her strap-on and the only lubricate I would have is my own slobber. I slobbered on her strap-on like a Saint Bernard.

She came behind me and shoved that strap-on straight into my ass. I screamed out in pain as she fucked my tight puckered ass hard and rough. When she finally stopped my ass was sore and swollen. It even bleed a little and I could barely walk. She told me that this is what happens to white trash bleach blonde whores who fuck her husband.

Cum Guzzling Slut

Cum guzzling slut You took me out on a date last night to the adult bookstore. Your cock always gets so hard watching me suck other men’s cocks. You like when they are roughly face fucking me and bust their nut deep inside my throat causing me to gage. You tell me to make sure that I swallow every last drop of their cum. You start looking for a big black cock to make me suck. You want to see me suck on the biggest thickest black cock you can find. You want to have other men gather around and jack off while I am sucking that 13 inch big black cock and you are fucking my tight puckered ass. You shoot your load deep into my ass leaving a juicy cream pie for someone else to clean out. Then you step back and allow all the other men to cover me in a warm gooey cum shower. You always know how to plan the perfect kinky dirty date for this cum guzzling slut.

Berretta’s Stuffed Ass Cocktails

Anal sex whoreBerretta’s Bistro is for the distinguished man who enjoys eating stuffed asses and pussies. We even mix our world famous stuffed ass cocktails right at the table. Nothing will make your big cock harder than seeing a tight puckered ass shooting out the limes for your drink. We have another girl stick her ass up in the air so that we can put a funnel in it to add the alcohol, limes. and some ice cubes. Then we remove the funnel but stick a butt plug in her ass. She will then stand up and shake that ass making sure to mix your drink just right. When everything is mixed to perfection, she squats over a glass and removes the butt plug releasing your ass cocktail for your drinking pleasure. You get to drink that perfectly made cocktail while licking and eating out her ass if you so choose.

Furry Friends Phone Sex

Furry friends phone sexI am the girl you call if you want to get freaky. Oh, I suck and fuck just like all the other whores, but I also like to get nasty. My cunt gets so hot and wet just thinking about all the nasty things I am going to do with you my special little pet. You know you are my favorite because you never tell me no. You let me take you into the adult book store on a leash with a dog tail butt plug up your ass and parade you around for show. You are always willing to please me by sucking off as many cocks as I tell you to. Making sure you keep playing the part of the dog and to lick up any of their scrumptious cum that might have fallen on the floor. You start wagging your ass in total excitement when you see a guy with a big black cock. I rub your head and tell you that I think that is the one we should let fuck your tight puckered ass. I grab your head and shove it into my hot wet cunt and tell you to start licking while he mounts your ass. My cunt is soaking wet and tingling with excitement from the crowd that has gathered to watch my little human puppy get his ass fucked by a big black cock…..

At the end of the night I don’t know which one of us had more fun!

Pissing sex with Berretta

Pissing sexWhen you called to set up your appointment it made my cunt all wet and juicy. You are my favorite customer. I always make sure to drink plenty of water and coffee before you get here. I know how much you enjoy a nice long golden shower. That warm frizzly piss streaming out of my cunt and splattering all over your face and into your mouth makes your cock rock hard. I keep peeing as I slowly walk down towards your big hard cock showering your throbbing cock with the last of my piss. I spread my ass checks nice and wide before I sit on your face. I want to feel your soft velvety tongue deep inside my tight puckered ass. I even put some special treats in my ass today just for you. But I am not going to tell you what it is. I want you to be surprised when you start eating my ass.

Berretta’s Bistro

Cum filled cuntI am opening up Berretta’s Bistro. It will not be like any bistro you have ever experienced before. Berretta’s Bistro will have all kinds of kinky nasty dirty fun items to order off of the menu. You will have to schedule a reservation a day ahead of time so that we can make sure we have all the ingredients to make your special treat. We will serve things such as a Belgium Brunch were a girls cunt will be buttered up and have the jam of your choosing smeared all over it for you to enjoy. Somethings will be made table side for you such as a Belgium Breakfast where I will have raw eggs cracked and funneled up my ass. You will then fuck my tight puckered ass to scramble them. I will release the eggs into a bowl and we will cook it over a flame table side for your delight. And of course we will be serving more standard things such as a cum filled cunt or warm creampie straight from whichever member of staffs tight puckered assholes you choose.

Ass Punished with Frozen Snicker Bars

Anal sex whore When my mistress returned she shoved five frozen miniature Snicker bars up my tight puckered ass and told me to hold them there. I clenched my ass cheeks down to keep them in but they were so cold that I wanted to cry. She smacked my ass a few more times and then she left again.

When she returned this time you were with her. She wanted to make sure that you knew I had been properly punished for my misdeeds and she wanted to make it up to you. So she put you in front of me and pulled out your limp cock. She told me to use my mouth and make it nice and hard.

Once your big thick cock was nice and hard she told you to eat my ass. She told you to be sure and stick that tongue deep inside my tight little puckered ass. She had put a creamy delightful treat inside of my ass just for you. You went to town eating those now melted gooey little Snicker bars out of my ass before shoving your big hard cock into it and fucking it hard. Then you pulled out and had me suck off all of that melted Snicker goo from your big hard cock before you washed it all down my throat with your warm creamy cum.