Cum is My Crack

Live phone sex

Some of my neighbors think I am white trash because I am addicted to man chowder. Cum is my crack. Nothing is more satisfying than sucking on your great big hard cock and tasting all of your wet warm pre-cum. I can never get enough of it. I don’t care about size or the color of your cock. I just want to suck on your big hard cock until you give me that salty warm creamy cum that I am craving. I have a client that will jack off into popsicle trays so that on warm days I have creamy cum-sicles to suck on and satisfy my dirty desires. The only thing that I like almost as much as your cock pudding is a golden shower to wash it all down with. The smell and taste of your golden frizzly sparkly juice makes my pussy hot and wet. Plus when you pee directly on my clit you give me a squirting orgasm. There is just something so good about being such a dirty nasty freak!

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