When asked what I am known for it is always easy for me to answer – I’m the nasty girl. And by that I mean, I truly have no limits or taboos to the nastiest fantasies out there. I am obsessed with toilet sex play. Something about it makes me want to squirt all over the place and make an even BIGGER mess. I love when a guy calls me and asks me to shit for him – I always make sure I have one waiting for him. I’ll even make sure to let him hear it, describing it to him as I go, letting him know that I wish it was his chest and throbbing cock that I was truly shitting on. If you like golden showers I’m the girl for you too, open wide and I’ll do the same if that’s what you’re into…I might even have some cum of mine come out while we’re at it. I have tons of golden shower sex stories I can share, trust me! This shit makes me so horny I literally crave the moment a guy calls me and asks me if I’m a real dirty girl…mmm yes I am. This is not just some sexline job to me I love the nasty topics! If all of this is making you nauseous I can make sure to give myself a little gag if barf is what you want added to our special little mix. Look at all those nasty juices covering both of us; aren’t we a sight? Now I’m ready to feel your shit covered dick in my ass and then we can see what else I can cover you with this time. I told you I loved this, did you think I was just saying that to get your attention? I’m sure my vast experience in this subject will help you explode with YOUR juices in no time at all…


    • Dave on October 25, 2016 at 11:27 am
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    I loved talking to you. sick,hottttt.

    • Matt on June 8, 2018 at 11:36 am
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    Great! Truly nasty

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