Snicker Bars Up My Ass

No taboo phone sex

You called and ask me to have a Berretta special surprise waiting for you. So I put three frozen snack size Snicker bars up my ass. The cold sensation of them being in my tight puckered ass made my pussy hot and wet. They should be slightly melted and mixed with my all natural Berretta juices by the time you get here. Your big thick cock was already hard when you arrived. You told me that you had gotten so turned on the drive over just thinking about eating my ass out. You reached down and grabbed my pussy. You said, damn girl, your pussy is soaking wet. You through me over your shoulder and carried me into the bedroom. You lightly threw me down on the bed. You spread my legs and started licking on my pussy before making your way down to my ass. You stuck your tongue deep into my ass tasting all of my juices and the thawed gooey sneakers bar. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight ass. You fucked me hard and fast. You shot your load deep inside my ass. You pulled out your cock and it was covered in a creamy mixture of man chowder, snickers bar, and ass juices. You had me suck all of that creamy goodness off.

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