Berretta’s Bistro

Cum filled cuntI am opening up Berretta’s Bistro. It will not be like any bistro you have ever experienced before. Berretta’s Bistro will have all kinds of kinky nasty dirty fun items to order off of the menu. You will have to schedule a reservation a day ahead of time so that we can make sure we have all the ingredients to make your special treat. We will serve things such as a Belgium Brunch were a girls cunt will be buttered up and have the jam of your choosing smeared all over it for you to enjoy. Somethings will be made table side for you such as a Belgium Breakfast where I will have raw eggs cracked and funneled up my ass. You will then fuck my tight puckered ass to scramble them. I will release the eggs into a bowl and we will cook it over a flame table side for your delight. And of course we will be serving more standard things such as a cum filled cunt or warm creampie straight from whichever member of staffs tight puckered assholes you choose.

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