Ass Punished with Frozen Snicker Bars

Anal sex whore When my mistress returned she shoved five frozen miniature Snicker bars up my tight puckered ass and told me to hold them there. I clenched my ass cheeks down to keep them in but they were so cold that I wanted to cry. She smacked my ass a few more times and then she left again.

When she returned this time you were with her. She wanted to make sure that you knew I had been properly punished for my misdeeds and she wanted to make it up to you. So she put you in front of me and pulled out your limp cock. She told me to use my mouth and make it nice and hard.

Once your big thick cock was nice and hard she told you to eat my ass. She told you to be sure and stick that tongue deep inside my tight little puckered ass. She had put a creamy delightful treat inside of my ass just for you. You went to town eating those now melted gooey little Snicker bars out of my ass before shoving your big hard cock into it and fucking it hard. Then you pulled out and had me suck off all of that melted Snicker goo from your big hard cock before you washed it all down my throat with your warm creamy cum.

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