big dick sucker for drugs

big dick sucker

I need some dope. I walk over to my dealer’s trailer. I’m lucky his is home alone. I walk in and tell him I need a fix. He asks me where the money is at. I am broke as fuck. I tell him that I can’t pay him for it with money. He laughs. “I guess you better get on your knees then.”  I bend down. He lets me hit his glass pipe a few times before he takes out his thick shaft. My mouth waters when I see it. I take that massive dick into my hand. I begin to stroke it. I take my tongue and twirl it around that big mushroom head. My cunt hole gets more juicy wet just thinking about choking on that huge dick. I shove that veiny jumping cock deep into the back of my drug whore throat. I pull it in and out gagging every time it hits my tonsils. He wraps his hand into my hair and shoves my head down hard on his long rock hard cock. I can barely breath as he shoves my head down over and over, never letting my catch my breath. Tears run down my face as he rams his huge shaft deep into my throat and releases his white cream from his massive pulsating cock. I choke on his cum but, manage to swallow it all like a good little skank. He lets go of my hair and hands me the glass dick again for another hit. I feel so much better. I love being treated like a nasty drug whore. I am a drug whore. Lol. I will do anything for my next fix!

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