I’m his cum dumpster

cum dumpsterMy guy friend just showed up. When he walked in the door he immediately grabbed me and  started kissing me. My pussy was instantly wet. Now we are taking off our clothes. I bend over next to the couch. I spread my round ass cheeks to give him access to my begging tight cunt. He slides his rock hard cock deep inside of my wet cupcake. I grow more wet with every thrust. He pounds my soaking wet cunt hard. I moan loudly. My sloppy wet pussy clenches and I squirt out my young juices. It runs down my legs. He spanks my ass hard. I love getting spanked. My cunt hole begs to be filled with his cream. “Cum inside me baby.” I say in between moans. He groans and I feel his massive cock throbbing inside of me. “Harder!!” I scream. He rams his cock deep into my dripping wet cunt. His big round balls smack hard against my hard pulsating clit. He moans and shoves his huge dick into me one more time. I feel his cock throb as he releases his sticky cream into me. He fills my pleasured cunt up with his semen. I love being filled with cum. I take my fingers and scoop out his delicious white cream, tasting it. I love how he tastes!

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