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Trashy Milf and Her Slutkins

trashy milfI am such a trashy milf that I took my little sluts to a nudist beach yesterday. I thought it would be a great money-making opportunity for them. Boy was I right! Melissa of course, didn’t like the idea but there are women at nude beaches too. There were not many younger girls there, but my little naked slutkins got plenty of attention and it was obvious by the erections that they got from the men as they walked by.  The women were checking them out too. This was a captive audience. Many lifestyle nudists are sexual perverts too. Wanting some young bald pussy was not a wrong assumption on my part. I told my girls to go make daddy and me some money. He is still overseas, but home very soon and I wanted to show him how industrious we have been since he left. Melissa turned out to be the big money maker. She licked just about every pussy on the beach for $25 each. She ate black pussy, white pussy, old pussy, young pussy, straight pussy, gay pussy, hairy pussy and shaved pussy. She was all licked out by the end of the day, but she had a big wad of cash. Her sisters were jealous because they had to do more for less. I told them to let Melissa be the example. If you fuck men and women, sexy prostitutes can bring in much more money.

Trailer Trash Whore: Put Your Daughter to Work Day

trailer trash whoreIt is not every day that my husband goes into work. He travels a lot and is not always in the office. He heard about the annual “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day,” and since our eldest girl Melissa is still struggling to be a whore, he thought it was a perfect opportunity. Melissa is selling her tongue and pussy to women nightly on the street corner to bring daddy and I money. Melissa needs to accept the fact that she is a whore. Nothing more. She is not special, well she is a special whore, but she doesn’t get to sit at home playing with dolls all day. Daddy and I decided that it should be, “Put Your Daughter to Work Day,” instead. Daddy thought she would be a perfect Sapphic fuck toy for the women in his office. There are plenty too. Sweet Melissa the muff diver felt motivated to service the women at daddy’s office when she learned what her punishment would be if she didn’t do as she was told.

Daddy brought her to work as a special “intern” for the day. Funny, the workplace morale perked up instantly when they learned about the intern’s special duties. Melissa was stripped of her clothes and dignity as soon as she arrived. Female employees were instructed to molest her at any time. Every nook and cranny in the office from the conference room to the copy room, our young prostitute was fucked, licked and fingered. It wasn’t all about the female workers at daddy’s place. The men got to watch and who doesn’t enjoy watching teen sluts fucking women? The male employees had their phones out watching our jailbait slut forced to lick cunt and take dildos in her fuck holes for hours. There were several instances of being the secretary’s clitation bitch too.

The day was a win. Melissa pretended to hate it. She acted mad, but at the end of the long day being a whore, she curled up on daddy’s lap naked and thanked him for the money making opportunity. She even honed her cunt licking skills on her mommy’s pussy without being forced! It was progress daddy and I were happy to witness. I was so aroused at her progress that I visited her in the middle of the night with my strap-on. After all, she is still my whore and I am still her pimp.


Trashy Milf Family

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf madam. Daddy is overseas for business. He is in Europe and he hates that he can’t be with us. The girls really miss him. But just because daddy is gone temporarily, doesn’t mean the girls can slack on their whore duties. I have three very different daughters, but they are all whores. They must contribute to this family too. During the day they are out hustling their little fuck holes to be able to come home. Daddy would be so proud to know that they have made their quota every day since he has been gone. As a reward for being such great sexy prostitutes, I let them look at the Daughters on Demand site where daddy and I are planning on adopting from once he is back from his business trip. We all got so hot and horny looking at little whores up for adoption. So much variety available. These girls came with bios that include favorite sexual things to do. How long they have been in the sex trade. Their ideal parents. There were pictures of their bald cunts and pink assholes. The girls at this company are all the great taboo ages too. Different races and nationalities. Some with the girl next door look others with the porn star look. We were so horny thinking of our growing family that we had a lesbian orgy. My sexy family is about to get bigger as soon as our beloved patriarch returns home. We miss you daddy.

Little Hookers for Hire and for Killing

hookers for hireI was at the mall last night. That was my first mistake. Huge mistake. It reminded me how much I hate people. I especially hate the short people. Ankle biters were running around amuck spreading germs and annoying people like me. This one little princess wannabe was far from her mom, who was too busy flirting with a guy to notice her brat had strayed into my personal space. I know it was risky, but her mom didn’t deserve her, and I had my eye on a pair of expensive leather bad ass boots. Daddy never gives me money, so I need to be creative with how I get the cash for the things I want. The boots cost more than I make in a month. I know some guys. The kind of guys that traffic tender age flesh. Daddy is a sex trafficker, so I know some of his associates. They could make her disappear quickly. Her privileged little life was about to be nonexistent. I keep a needle full of the shit that anesthesiologists use for such situations. I caught her before she fell to the ground. As I was carrying her out through the back exits, I texted my connection. He met me with some smack at a no tell motel. All meat packages get hooked on smack. He wanted to see what I had for him. He was pleased that she was in pristine shape and super young. He forced his dick in her mouth, testing the merchandise. He wanted to pop her cherry, but he showed restraint because he planned on auctioning off her cherry to the highest bidder. That fucking cunt mother is probably still flirting, clueless about what is happening with her brat.


Anal Sex Whore Family

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. If you give up the booty, you make way more money as a whore. Girlfriends and whores take it in the ass. Wives refuse to give up the booty, however. I have trained all my little daughter hookers to take it in the ass. Daddy and I started fingering their assholes when they were younger. Then we switched them to dildos. Now they are total ass whores. My three hookers did an anal gangbang last night. This wealthy Arab wanted several young white girls for anal sex. Initially we thought it was just a small party of guys they were entertaining, but that small gathering turned into about 100 men. Talk about hardcore anal sex. These men drilled my daughters’ assholes for hours. We had plenty of lube, but with that many cocks in their assholes, the lube only eased the pain a little. I got them high first. It is the only way to take that many cocks in the ass for that long of a stint. My girls got the job done. They took more cock up their assholes in one night than they have in their entire lives combined.  They did it for the money. They need to bring daddy and I a quota daily to be allowed in the house. They made more money in a night being anal whores than they did all of last year. Anal sex is something every smart whore should do.

White Trash Phone Sex is in My DNA

white trash phone sexI love white trash phone sex calls. I may look sophisticated but that is just because I have money. I married well but I was born in a trailer park in rural West Virginia. Who am I kidding? All of West Virginia is rural. My folks were meth addicts. They used it and made it. When my mommy got knocked up, she and daddy kept me just to pimp me out. My earliest members are of being fucked by much older men, my husband included. He rescued me. I am still a dirty trailer whore, but I live life high on the hog now. Just like one of the Beverly Hillbillies. My husband and I have three daughters and three sons, plus two adopted young girls. We have a family of sexy prostitutes and we are adopting another girl. She is slightly older, but she has extensive whore experience already. She was a rescue from an illegal sex trafficking ring. Pretty little Russian angel who looks even younger than her age. Flat chest and no pussy hair yet. Plus, she has already been fucked more than Jenna Jameson. She is the perfect addition to a family of whores. Some men want a young hooker with no experience and some men want a seasoned pro. Now we can offer our pervert friends both fresh and well-used pussy.

Trashy MILF Fourth of July

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, you know how to throw a Fourth of July celebration. We had ours a bit late because on the holiday, my dirty whores were making daddy and I money. We had a backyard BBQ yesterday. We invited the community. Families that share our view on how to raise our daughters were invited. I think it is important that our girls meet other girls who are destined for whoredom too. My husband and I love our community because we share the same ideals with other parents. All the girls at our belated celebration were naked. It was nice eye candy for daddy and I. Seriously, I love looking at young girls naked. I am sure you do too. My husband and I tried out some of the local talent. That is the nice thing about this community, we share everything, even our daughters. My husband tried out some young pussy and I did too. I lick them and he sticks them lol. It’s a running joke because we both enjoy pussy. Several other mommies and daddies were interested in Kristy, Brandy and Melissa. It doesn’t matter if my girls wanted to play with other adults or not. They are our sexy prostitutes and they do what we want and who we want! Kristy is the natural slut. She was giving free dick spins lol. Brandy just did who she was told to do, and Melissa got her jaw worked out again licking pussy after pussy. By the time we lit of fireworks, our daughters looked like glazed donuts because they were coated in so much cum. Brandy, especially, was a cum dump with cum running down her legs. Melissa reeked of pussy. But we like that smell on her. It was a wonderful celebration of America’s birthday.

Trashy Milf Madam

trashy milfThis trashy milf knows prostitution is in high demand during any holiday. Daddy and I had our little whores ready for action today. They have been getting fucked all day too, but my willful girl is still being punished for getting busted by the cops. We owe the cop a favor and today she cashed in on that favor. She was having a cookout for about thirty of her friends who were all female cops too. It is like some lesbian police force. I don’t judge. Lesbians pay for sex just like men do. I went with her to supervise. Some people falsely believe that women are gentler lovers than men. That is urban legend. I knew Melissa would be buried in muff and ass all day. I wanted to watch her be humiliated more than anything. She needs an attitude adjustment and our female cop friend could give her attitude the adjustment it needed. Melissa was scared. I could see the look of fear in her eyes. My little obstinate hooker was a lesbian gangbang whore today. I watched women finger bang her, use dildos on her fuck holes, fist her and make her eat a lot of old pussy. My dirty whore still smells of cunt and ass. She was passed around like candy. Double sided dildos were used to fuck her too. She paid off her debt today. Hopefully she learned a lesson too. Daddy and I were so proud that she took on so many women today. She has not been permitted to shower yet. We like the stench of cunt on our little whore. Our cop friend told us that our dirty hooker was so good they will pay for her fuck holes the next time. Melissa was not happy to hear that, but she knows money is money.

BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc sex storiesDo you like hearing BBC sex stories? I have l lots to share. Every week, I have a few more to add to my repertoire! I grew up in a trailer park. White trash since I was in my mommy’s belly. My dad was a racist redneck trucker, but my momma knew black men paid money to fuck white women. She hooked us both when daddy was on the road. He would have been mortified knowing he was fucking a woman who fucked nigger dick. I grew up watching those big black cocks fuck my mamma good. Sometimes, we were paid extra for me to suck their big anacondas. Eventually, when I was a little older, I fucked me some black men too. Now, I am in my 50s. I am still a trailer trash whore and I still love black cock. Last night, I entertained a few black men. They brought me coke and big black cock and I gave them easy cunt and ass.  They fucked me so hard last night, I was walking like I just lost my virginity again! That is why I love black cock. They don’t fuck gently. They fuck you like an animal.

Anal Sex Whore: Me and My Brood Do all the Taboo Things

anal sex whoreBeing an anal sex whore makes you in high demand. I have taught my sexy daughters to be anal sex whores too. There is money in anal sex. It is a sex act few women do and most wives refuse. That is why guys cheat and buy whores. It is for the things wives won’t do. My little whores do all the things your wife won’t do, which is why they are in high demand. I do the same things too, but my husband and I recognize that sometimes men want a mature woman like me. You know, a mommy type. But many men want something younger. A Lolita slut or sometimes something even younger. That is why I train my young sexy prostitutes to do all the fun kinky things. They swallow, they get fisted, they take it up the ass, they do gang bangs and they cum swap.  Daddy and I are so proud of them. They may not always enjoy doing certain kinky things, but they know the importance of bringing home money. They know that sometimes whores must do things they don’t like. They don’t complain. The difference between my sluts and your wives is that my sluts don’t think they are too good for nasty and taboo things.

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