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Lie to me Pinocchio

I named my favorite dildo Pinocchio after a joke that my friends and I had going one day. We met this guy with a huge nose, other than that he was pretty hot. He just had a huge honker. Well my friends hooked me up with him and this man could fuck. I mean he knew all the right moves, his cock was huge and he made me cum over and over. I sat on his face while he ate my pussy and I was just playing but I kept telling him his nose was like Pinocchio and to fuck me harder with it. He rammed his snozer right into my cunt and made me cream so fucking hard. Anytime I see him nowadays I tell him whats up Pinocchio and he says yo want me to lie to you, then fuck you. It was a fun experience and my friends tease me, but they weren’t there that night and they do not know what they are missing. So yes, Pinocchio…lie to me please.I wonder if there are any other good stories that could be a catalyst for real life fuck sessions of not so good looking guys with amazing abilities to satisfy my pussy hole.


No taboo phone sex

One of the sexy prostitutes that Loves cum!

Sexy prostitutes

I don’t know what all the fuss is about with sex. Everyone needs it, everyone wants it and everything on this planet does it. And I love being one of the sexy prostitutes out there. Such a stigma over giving a man what he needs daily? I don’t quite get it, and that is why I love to do what I do. I want you to come to me with balls full of cum and I want that cum shot all over my ass, my pussy or any other body part of mine you would like to cover in your warm hot jizz. I love it, I’ll lick it up and beg for more. I’m almost insatiable with it, like an obsession almost. Jizz obsession? Seems odd but everyone has their own little thing right? Well mine happens to be the load you shoot onto me and my body. I can’t wait to try you out.

Win Win for Me

The best part about being a mom is getting to tell the wee ones what to do and knowing they will listen or get proper punishment. Either way for me I get enjoyment. If I say I want my pussy licked and they do it I get to come, but if I say lick my cunt and they refuse, they will get the punishment of licking my cunt and my ass hole. Either way it is a win win for me.

White trash phone sex

I am doing my best to raise an army of whores to pay the bills. That is why I do not mind if the girls do not use any protection. If they get pregnant its more cunts to help pay the bills. If they end up with whatever its disability, again it is a win win for me. My slaves pay the bills and I reap the rewards. A win win all the way around for me and my hungry cunt.

Live Phone Sex Show

live phone sex

Live phone sex means you talk to dirty women like myself when ever you want. I work from home; if you can call this work. It’s hardly work considering I’m getting paid to talk dirty and masturbate. You wish you had my job. Last night, I was partying and playing. I had a long call. He was partying too. He wanted to hear all my dirty mommy stories. Dirty mommy tales are something I am in abundance of these days. I have sons and daughters. I play equally with both. My sons are my fuck machines. My daughters are my cunt lickers. Both are my money makers. I am a madam to my own brood. Nicer than a typical madam because my brats keep their money. Less money my husband and I must spend on them. Today’s boys and girls cost a pretty penny. But guess what? Guys pay a pretty penny for sexy prostitutes who are jail bait. My caller enjoyed my many stories of dirty old men popping cherries and paying to get freaky with an extremely young girl or boy. As I was telling him some of our family tales, I got a text from a client requesting a mother daughter show. I multitasked. Best job ever. I talked dirty about my littles one while arranging a sex show for money with my youngest daughter and myself. And, I was doing coke and masturbating. Life is good.

Fucking My Best Friend’s Dad For Pain Pills

Druggy Porn


My bestie clued me in that her pops has a hella big stash of pain pills because he doesn’t even take them anymore and obviously I saw the window of opportunity open up. She insisted that her sweet daddy was always horny and had made a few comments about how pretty I was which made her a little uncomfortable and even jealous. (You know how we girls are, we love to keep our daddies all to ourselves.) But she had this great idea that maybe I could come by casually and we could all play together after presenting the idea to him that I would obviously need to get a little high first. And oh my god, we had a blast! Her daddy had this crazy sex toy that had so much power you had to plug it directly into the wall! I took a fist full of those pills and went into a state of bliss while they pulled my legs open and put that vibrator up to my little bald cunt. Vibrating my clit almost off completely. I walked away with what was left of his stash for the month and now he wants our playtime together to be a regular thing in exchange for the pills! Perfect arrangement for a druggy slut like me, right?

Party Favor

Gangbang whore

It was the party of the summer my pimp young one was turning into a man today. He was giving him a private party and he wanted his best hoes there.  I knew this little brat since his little ass was still sucking bottles.  We had everything drinks and all most importantly we had PUSSY and lots of it.  I picked the girls for this event we had to have top notch bitches and yes this was a party to break a new hoe in too.  She was pretty they type my pimp liked young and dumb as hell.  This pill popping whore was perfect to take the Birthday youngster virginity.  This was a proud moment for our Pimp he son was about to fuck his first hoe.  Instead of a traditional cake he had a fuck cake.  It was our pussy out so he could have his way with who ever.  He said he never ate pussy before so I taught him.  I placed my pussy right in  this fuckers face he started to lick the icing off my pussy like a lollipop.  It was time to break this hoe after that.  I held her legs open as he slid his half hard cock inside her sloppy wet pussy.  This little fucker started to cum after three strokes.  I had to put the strap on to show him how to fuck these hoes.  I pounded into this bitch pussy until she started to beg me to fuck her.  She had cum hard and that was trouble for her.  If you cum hard for a trick then  they can convince you not to take their money.  Our pimp had to show the young one how to handle hoes like this and keep them under control.  He was excited to see Daddy work this bitch over as we gangbang her to act right.

White Trash Phone Sex Charity

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is all I know. I look classy; I live classy, but I am not classy at all. I just married well. My husband likes trailer park trash women. Who doesn’t if they are being honest. Why? We are far more likely to molest our offspring, let daddy molest them too and party like a kinky freak than some Park Avenue bitch. I am the way I am because I was born in the sticks of rural West Virginia in a trailer park to meth head parents who pimped me out for years. You can’t polish up a turd is the old saying. I can clean up my appearance, but never my mind. I have a very dirty mind. I was at a fundraiser recently for The American Red Cross. The benefit was raising money for recent wild fire victims in California. I know how to raise money. I can raise funds like I can raise cocks. I brought my hot teen slut daughter with me. I love helping charity. Do you know how much money men will donate to fuck a mother and daughter or even just to have a teen whore blow them in the bathroom? I went around the room making offers to the men eyeballing my hot daughter. I shaved a few years off her real age, to make her even more taboo. The more taboo the fucking, the more men are willing to pay. My daughter and I worked the room. We spent most of the fundraiser in the bathroom being cum dumpsters, but we raised more money than the event, making us the biggest single donors of the night. We got a lot of individual sperm donations too. It wasn’t our money. It was the money of horny P men. We were sexy prostitutes for the Red Cross. Anything for charity, right?

Pastor’s Secret

Sexy Prostitutes

I was just entering the church. I haven’t been here in years. Surprised I didn’t catch on fire.  I sat near the back of the church.  Now I know why I didn’t catch on fire the devil himself was the pastor.  This trick told me he hated his wife.  He would spend between two and three thousand a night on me easy.  I didn’t mind either.  I wonder if I could make the devil sweat.  So I moved to the front of the church and sat down right beside his wife.  He paused as soon as he saw me.  It turned me on how cool he kept it.  I wasn’t done yet.  It was time to make things a little hotter.  I started a conversation with his wife and she even began hugging me.  He was a little bothered but it was my driving force I got wet right in the moment knowing he was getting upset.  Straight after service he pulled me in his office and fucked me right there.  No questions asked just said he needed to lay hands on me.  As he was stoking me deep from behind he told me to never come back to his church again.  Which was a complete lie.  This was one of the best angry fucks i had in a while.  Oh he was really mad but also turned on.  Who would have thought the prostitute wanted to come to church to find out the trick she tricks with is a pastor surprise.  This was all worth it.

Fat cock and Scat in my Pie Hole

So last night after getting off work and being asked by this big fat greasy trucker who smelled of KFC and ass to come over to his tractor for some fun. I of course did, because I always need the extra money. He did not waste anytime. He got all sweaty on top of his greasy demeanor as he anticipated undressing my used pussy and I saw his shrubby but girthy cock through his pants as he started to unzip them.

Scat phone sex

Then all of the sudden I heard him let out a fart and he said I shit myself. I REALLY needed the money and I told him we could still fuck. He pulled down his pants let his shrubby fat dong hang in front of me and shoved it in my face with a sheepish grin. I started to suck, I could smell shit, ball sweat,  piss and many other smells. As the shit smell got stronger he had already scratched his ass a few times, but then he pulled out of my mouth and shoved his shitty fingers in my throat. I LIKED IT! I begged for more and he kept it coming out of his ass and his dick.

High Class Hookers for Hire

Hookers for hire

Standing in the hallway of the hotel, I’ve got a treat for you. I love to treat my regulars to something special once in a while, just to show appreciation. I’m naked with just my coat on and I am standing in a public hallway. I text you that I am here and you ought to check outside your door.
You open your door and step out to see me, my coat wide open and my hand slowly moving toward my pussy with a big grin on my face. You grab my hand and pull me close to the door, spin me around and pin me to the corner of the wall and the door. I can hear you unbuckling your pants and suddenly your cock is thrusting hard and fast into me. Fucking me hard, you’re grunting with each forceful slam into me. You are making me scream out, your cock invading my wet pussy and making me cum. You feel me clenching around your cock, your thrusting gets even faster. “Cum in my fucking pussy baby.” I tell you. And you pump your hot load of cum inside my pussy. Your cock retreats from my cum filled pussy and you slide my coat off, bend over and unstrap my heels and lead me to a shower and more fucking.

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