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Black Phone Sex: Carmel

Black phone sexMr. Eric Lawson comes to the strip club every single day and he doesn’t come to watch me dance. Eric has huge balls full of tasty semen. I always grab him by the hand and head towards the Champagne Room. Every strip club has a “Champagne Room”, a place where clients pay for private time with the dancers. Eric knows that I’m a cum slut. He understands that I have a serious semen fetish. He doesn’t have a woman in his life and he doesn’t masturbate. He saves all of his semen for me. Behind the closed door of the Champagne Room, I try to suck the skin off his penis. Black women drive him crazy and I have him wrapped around my finger. He loves the way I look up at him while his dick is in my mouth. When I deepthroat and gag he can’t hold back and shoots a huge salty load down my throat. I feel like I need cum for my survival. The protein really does my body good.

Bukkake Party

Cum dumpsterA loyal client paid me a shit load of cash to attend a party. He said that I would be a very special guest, the star of the party. I dressed so slutty that people blushed when I caught them staring. I wore a tube top that barely covered my tits and a tiny, tiny skirt. I like all eyes on me. I drove to his house so excited, I would be the target at the bukkake party.
When I finally arrived I was surprised at the number of people crowded in the huge house. And I couldn’t help noticing that the crowd was mostly male and it made my pussy wet. Peter walked over to me and gave me a deep kiss. He announced that I had arrived and all eyes turned towards me. I knew what they wanted and I slowly undressed. I sat on the floor with my legs spread and I played with my pussy. A bunch of guys stepped forward and started jerking off right above me. I got sloppy wet and my moans got louder. The men jerked their dicks faster and faster until they covered me in semen. The warm semen touched my flesh and I came harder than I had ever cummed before. But it wasn’t over, group after group of men stepped up to shoot their load all over me. At the end of the party I was covered in so much cum I looked like I had been slimed.

Black Stripper

Black stripper sexI love dancing on the stage. It’s so much fun, making my booty bounce. I like having all eyes on me, nothing makes me wetter. I like ballers that make it rain cash all over my body. I’m a beautiful black stripper with a nasty fetish. I love semen. Seeing it squirt from a big hard dick excites me. Sometimes I take men into the Champagne Room for free because I need their cum. I want it on my face, inside me, and down my throat. I’m a cum guzzling black slut. I want to hold your dick in my hand and run it all over my face. When I take you to the Champagne Room anything can happen. I’m a very flexible girl, bend me into any sexual position. You’ll love this tight caramel pussy. It’s a fair trade, you get my holes and I get your semen. I bet you taste delicious. Bring your friends, the more the merrier. Watch me amaze them with my slut skills.

World’s Best Cum Guzzler

Cum eating phone sexI’m a cum guzzling stripper. I bounce my ass for cash but I’m a stripper for the jizz. I dance in one of the most popular clubs in the city. It’s packed every night with men with deep pockets. Men love it when I make my ass shake. My pussy gets so wet dancing for strange men. But the best part about dancing in a strip club is all the men with balls full of cum. Every hour I choose a lucky man to take to the Champagne Room. Behind closed doors, I turn into a super freak. I drop to my knees and take you into my mouth. My goal is to suck your cock dry. I’m a dick sucking pro, I’ll make you weak in the knees. I want your eyes to roll back and your jaw to drop when I suck your cock. Give me that warm and salty semen, fill my belly with that good stuff. I’m the world’s best cum guzzler.

Dick Sucking Whore

Black stripper sexI love poppin my pussy in the strip club. The money falls on me every single night. But that’s not why I dance, I’m a stripper because of ‘ semen. I love the way cum feels filling my mouth with salty goodness. Most of the regulars know what I crave and they come to the club with balls full of semen. I take them to the Champagne Room two at a time until my belly is full. I’m a naughty black cum guzzler. I know you want to see me on my knees with my lips wrapped around your hard cock. Make eye contact with me as I swallow you whole. I can make your dick disappear into my throat. Please let me suck you dry. I want to be your dick sucking whore. No one sucks a dick like a black chick with big lips. I want to be your freak on a leash. The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.


Black girl phone sexSitting on her heels and knees, I was poppin’ my pussy on the stage. The men were throwing money over my head and on the stage. I searched through the crowd looking for his face. I wanted Dean, he had huge balls full of thick white cum. He tasted so delicious. I want to take him to the Champagne Room. I spotted him in the back of the room, and when my song was over I went to him. I always spend private time with him for no charge. When I drop to my knees I’m paying him for his time. Sucking his cock was against the rules and if the cops raided I would be going to jail. His cock is huge and I have to stretch my mouth wide to suck on it. He loves the way I twirl my tongue around the tip. I like to edge him, stopping and starting my oral assault. I drive him crazy and his in the club every other night. I suck and I suck until he fills my mouth. But then I keep sucking until he begs me to stop. I’m a cum guzzling slut and I’ll always be one.

Cum Facials

Cum dumpsterI’ve always been fascinated with men ejaculating. When I was younger I would sneak on the family computer at watch porn. I would get so turned on when the men ejaculated on the girls’ faces. I loved the way cum squirted out like a small water fountain. At a very young age, I became obsessed with making a boy bust a load. I wanted to feel it on my face and find out how it tasted. There was a teenage boy that lived next door to us and I wanted his cum all over me. I was a few years younger than him, but what teenage boy can pass up a blowjob? I finally got him alone in his garage and sucked him off behind his mom’s Toyota Camry. Watching a ton of porn paid off because I gave a mindblowing blowjob, he nutted in seconds. I felt it shot against the back of my throat. It had a salty taste and slightly thick consistency. I was hooked. He didn’t cum on my face that first time, but we spent a lot of time in that garage. Eventually, he gave me cum facials every other day. When my friends started getting pimples my face remained clear, cum is really great for your skin.

Thirsty Cum Whore

Cum dumpsterYou have something that I need, and I’ll do anything to get it. I’m a cum guzzling slut. I love being on my knees and sucking you dry. I want every drop of your salty nectar. Black girls have big lips and it makes us the best dick suckers. Come here and let me wrap my big lips around your hard cock. I like to suck your cock as if I’m trying to pull the skin off, my suction is so strong. I want your dick to explode and fill my mouth with warm semen, my pussy gets so wet just thinking about it. I want to be your cock sucking whore, pass me around to all of your friends. The more men, the more cum for me to swallow. You can call me a slut or a hoe, but I prefer being called, The Cum Dumpster. I need cum like dry summer grass needs rain. Come feed me.

Jizz Lover

Cum dumpsterI love cum!! I love how it feels, smells, and tastes. I like men with really big balls because they usually have lots and lots of cum. I get on my knees and suck cock like a mad woman because I want you to explode on my face. Semen is great for my complexion, my skin is flawless because of daily cum facials. I’m a stripper because it gives me easy access to men. I take a lucky man into the Champagne Room and suck him off like a porn star. I try to suck the skin off because I want the cum so bad. Men at the club call me, The Cum Dumpster because I crave cum like an addict. Call me and together we’ll get so nasty you’ll cum all over the place. I’m a very freaky girl with a very dirty mind. Cover me in jizz and I’ll be your best friend.

Cum Whore

Cum guzzling slutI love fucking men that have really huge balls. Because 9 times out of 10, a man with really big balls has lots of cum. I love semen. I love how it tastes, and I love how it feels on my skin. People compliment my clear and smooth complexion and they want to know my secret. Well, my secret is letting men cum on my face. I’m a cum dumpster and I need cum like a vampire needs blood. I crave cum like a fat person craves cake. I dance at the strip club because it gives me a limitless supply of semen. Men fight over the pleasure of nutting all over my face. But sometimes I can’t stop sucking and I swallow the whole load. I want your cum. I want to suck your cock until you’re ready to explode all over my beautiful face. Are you ready to give me what I need?

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