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Cum Vampire

Black stripper sexI love dancing for money. Making my ass bounce for cash is so easy and so much fun. I love seeing the lust in a man’s eyes when I drop down into a split. But my favorite part about being a stripper is all of the different types of men that come into the club. I’m a cum slut. I need cum like a vampire needs blood. Every man tastes different, but I get it the same way… on my knees. I pick a lucky man and I take him to The Champagne Room. Once I have a man behind closed doors he’s mine forever. I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his hard dick and suck like my life depends on my ability to make you cum. I’ll whirl my tongue and tease the tip of your cock and alternate between sucking and licking. And before you know it, you’ll blow your load down my throat.

Semen Addict

Cum guzzling slutI’m a cum guzzling slut. I love how your cum tastes and how it feels on my skin. Sucking your cock gives me so much pleasure and you reward me by shooting your milky jizz down my throat. I love wrapping my full lips around your hard cock and the way your balls slap my chin. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face, I want to suck you dry. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood. I love it even more when you fuck my black pussy then let me suck my juices off of your hard dick, and I taste delicious. Look at my skin, can you see how clear it is? That’s because of the daily cum facials. Cum is good for your health it’s full of protein. And baby, I need my daily dose of protein. Your dick fits perfectly in my mouth, like a hand fits a glove. Come and give Carmel your semen.


Black stripper sexNo one shakes their ass better than a black stripper. I can shake my ass harder than a earthquake. I make so much money, it’s insane. Men love my body and they love to watch me dance. No one handles a pole better than me. I’ll make you spend all of your money. And if you’re a good boy, I’ll take you to the champagne room. It goes down in the champagne room. When I get you behind closed doors, I can do things that I can’t do in the front of the strip club. You can pull your dick out and let me bounce and grind on it’s hardness. Give me a few hundreds and I’ll put it in my mouth. Give me a few more hundreds and I might let you fuck me. Any and everything is up for sale. I’m a stripper so cash is very important to me. And I think you should know, I always swallow.

Ebony girl fucking

Cum Freak

Cum guzzling slutShaking my ass for cash is so profitable. When I shake my ass cheeks like there is an earthquake, men rain cash at my body. I leave the club with a couple of thousands every night. But money isn’t the reason why I dance. I’m a cum dumpster and I dance for semen. I love the taste of cum. Cum is full of protein, it’s good for your body. I love how cum feels on my face. Look how clear my complexion is, cum is great for my skin. When I’m dancing I look out into the crowd and my panties get so wet, because I know their dick are hard and full of cum. I wish I could lay on the floor and have the crowd surround me and cover me in semen. But I can take two or three men to the champagne room. I’ll have a hard dick in each hand, stroking them while the third dick is in my mouth. I’ll rotate my body, giving each dick quality time with my mouth. I want their dick to explode and cover me in their loads. I’m a cum freak.

I Want Every Drop

Cum guzzling slutCan I give you a private dance in the champagne room? Behind the doors of the champagne I can do things that will blow your mind. Watch me bend over and grab my ankles, giving you a full view of my beautiful pussy. Reach out and stick two fingers in my tight hole, I want you to feel what’s yours. I’ll drop to my knees and put your hard cock in my mouth. I want to twirl my tongue around your mushroom head, before putting your cock in my throat. I want to suck you dry, because I’m a cum guzzling slut. I want every drop of your semen. I want you to hold the back of my head and give me every inch of your hard cock. You’ll feel like your cock has it’s own private heaven in my mouth. I suck cock like a porn star. Let me blow you, you won’t regret it.

Semen Addict

Black stripper sexI make lots and lots money bouncing my ass in a strip club. But money isn’t the main reason I strip. I strip because I’m a cum dumpster, I love semen. I love how it taste and how it feels on my skin. Plus, it good for my health it has a ton of protein. And look at my skin, it’s flawless because of cum facials. The strip club is full of men that are full of cum. Every half hour I take a lucky man to The Champagne Room and put his cock in my mouth. I love to suck dick. Let me get on my knees and blow your mind. Fucking isn’t allowed in the club, but when we’re behind the closed door of The Champagne Room no one will know. I’m a freak and I like to do freaky things. Let’s explore each other’s dirty mind and turn fantasy into reality. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood.

Feed Me Cum

Black girl phone sexI love sticky, milky cum. I love how it taste. I love how it smells, and how it feels on my skin. I’m a stripper, I bounce my big black ass for cash. But cash isn’t the only reason that I dance. Strip clubs are full of men, and men are full of cum. Men actually fight for the chance to feed me cum, but tonight I want your cum. Have a seat in the champagne room and let me get on my knees between your thighs. I’ll wrap my full lips around your hard cock. I’ll make my tongue dance around the tip and my blowjob skills will take you to heaven. Baby you can grab the back of my head and thrust your dick into my throat. You can do anything you need to do, just give me what I crave. Do you need to put your cock in my juciy tight pussy? Or do you want my tight asshole? What ever you need, I’ll do. I’ll never say no to you. Because I’m a cum dumpster and I crave cum!

Nasty Stripper

Black girl phone sexYou love it when I make my ass bounce. because you always slap my beautiful black ass. You love how my ass shakes like an earthquake. I love dancing for you because you rain cash on me. Do you want to go to the champagne room?  We can do things behind closed door that aren’t allowed. I’ll pull you dick out and suck you dry. You’ll love how I stroke your cock into my mouth. You know that you can have any hole that you want, I belong to you when we’re in the champagne room. I’ll never tell you no. And there’s something you should know…I’m a cum dumpster. You can dump your cum all over me. I love how your cum feels on my skin, and the way it slides down my throat. I love being on my knees sucking cock until semen hits tongue. I suck cock harder than a vacuum. You won’t forget me.

Cum Slut Stripper

Cum guzzling slutYou’ll love the way I bounce my ass. My name is Carmel and I’m a stripper. I get on that stage and all eyes are on me. Men flood the stage with cash when I make my ass cheeks shake. It’s real easy money, I make thousands in a week. But the money isn’t the only reason I love being a stripper…I’m a cum guzzling slut. I love the taste of semen. Every night I chose a lucky man to take to the champagne room and suck his dick dry. I love the feeling of warm cum sliding down my throat. I see you in the crowd and I want you. Come with me to the champagne room, I’ll make all of your dirty fantasies come true. We’re not suppose to fuck around in the club, but I’m a rule breaker. I love to get down and dirty behind closed doors. I’ll bend down and touch my toes to give you a beautiful view of this pussy. Get on your knees and suck on this pussy. Let me be your cum slut, feed me semen.

Semen Queen

Cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster. I love thick, milky semen. I love the taste of cum and how it feels on my skin. A lot of females know that cum will give you a beautiful, clear complexion. My skin is flawless. And cum is full of protein it’s good for your health. My name is Carmel and I’m a stripper. I love bouncing my ass for cash. Being a stripper provides with so many opportunities to score cum. Every night I choose a lucky man to take to the champagne room. It gets down and dirty in the champagne room. And last night I chose a real winner. I got on my knees and sucked him dry. His cum felt and tasted like honey when it hit the back of my throat. He was a real gusher it streamed like a water fountain. I got a good taste then pulled his cock out of my mouth to spray my face. That warm semen felt so good on my skin. Semen…Oh my God! I can’t get enough of it.

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