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Cum Whore

Cum guzzling slutI love fucking men that have really huge balls. Because 9 times out of 10, a man with really big balls has lots of cum. I love semen. I love how it tastes, and I love how it feels on my skin. People compliment my clear and smooth complexion and they want to know my secret. Well, my secret is letting men cum on my face. I’m a cum dumpster and I need cum like a vampire needs blood. I crave cum like a fat person craves cake. I dance at the strip club because it gives me a limitless supply of semen. Men fight over the pleasure of nutting all over my face. But sometimes I can’t stop sucking and I swallow the whole load. I want your cum. I want to suck your cock until you’re ready to explode all over my beautiful face. Are you ready to give me what I need?

He’s A Stripper Groupie

Stripper sex pornI make a whole lot of money bouncing my ass in a strip club. I feel so powerful and sexy dancing for a room full of men. If you buy a lap dance from me, I’ll let you break the rules and allow you to touch me anywhere. I like when you finger my pussy while I grind your dick. If you want more we can go to the Champagne Room and really get nasty. Behind the closed door, I’ll drop to my knees and give you the best blowjob that you’ve ever had. When we’re all alone in the Champagne Room anything goes, I’ll let you fuck me. Sex with me is so amazing that you will turn into a stripper groupie. You’ll spend all of your time and money at my strip club like a crack addict on crack. I promise I’ll do stuff that your wife or girlfriend refuses to do because I aim to please.

Cum Dumpster 4 Life

Cum dumpsterLast night there was a jack off party in my honor. The party guests were all men with ball sacks full of semen. When I walked into the party I was given a standing ovation. All that male attention had my pussy so wet. I laid down on the floor, spread my legs, and started playing with my pussy. The men stood around my body and started jacking off over me. There were big cocks, little cocks, thick cocks, thin cocks, curved cocks, circumcised and uncircumcised cocks above me all ready to explode. The anticipation was maddening waiting for those cocks to pop. Then it happened, someone started a countdown from 10 and then they all came. They covered my body with warm thick jizz. It was everywhere and I loved it. That warm salty taste in my mouth was so delicious. You could go to the most expensive spa and they won’t get your skin as soft as semen. I’m a cum dumpster and proud of it.

Cum Whore

Cum dumpsterI love being a stripper. Making my ass bounce for cash is my dream job. The money is great but that’s not the best part about being a stripper. I’m a cum dumpster that means I like cum dumped all over my body, in my mouth, on my face, even on the small of my back. Dancing at a strip club makes it so easy to find men full of cum. Men fight over who’s going to go to the champagne room with me. When I choose the lucky guy and I have him behind the closed doors of the champagne room, I don’t waste any time. I drop to my knees and suck that cock like a woman possessed. I try to suck that dick like I’m trying to suck the skin off. It doesn’t take long for that sweet explosion to fill my mouth. I swallow every drop, no semen goes to waste.

Filthy Cum SLUT!!!

Cum guzzling slutHe paid for private lap dances from me all night. I enjoyed grinding my ass against his hard-on. I didn’t complain when his fingers would slip inside my wet pussy because I thought he was sexy. I pulled him up from his chair and jerked him towards the champagne room. Once I had him all to myself, I dropped to my knees on the semen-stained carpet and tried to suck the skin off his hard cock. I wanted to taste his salty cum. I wanted to feel it sliding down my throat. I’m a cum slut. I like how it tastes and how it feels. I wanted him to cum on my face and then get him hard again so that he could cum in my mouth. I’m a naughty girl. The type of girl that you momma warned you about. A true slut with a capital S-L-U-T. Let’s fuck and you can tell all of your friends, because I want to fuck them, too.

Big Booty Dancer

Black stripper sexI’m a stripper and I love shaking my ass for cash. I love getting on that stage and having all eyes on me. When I make my ass bounce all jaws drop. I make so much money every night I have to have a bouncer walk me to my car. But the best part about being a stripper is the private dances in the Champagne Room. In the Champagne Room, I really get to be my true freaky self. I love dropping to my knees on the cum sticky floors and swallowing hard cock. In the Champagne Room, we can do things that we can’t do out in the main room. Outside of the closed doors of the Champagne Room, you’ll hear moans and grunts of sexual pleasure. Sometimes I take two guys in because I love double penetration. Because two hard cocks are better than one. I’m a real freaky and anything your dirty mind can think of I’ll do. Because I never say “no”.

Cum Vampire

Cum dumpsterI make my ass bounce for cash at the strip club. I make a lot of money and I love being a stripper. Men worship at my feet and pay a lot of money for private alone time with me. But there’s another reason why I dance at a strip club. I’m a cum dumpster, I like for men to dump their cum down my throat and all over my body. I had my first taste of semen when I was a young teenager and I’ve been hooked every since. The club gives me a variety of men like a buffet at a restaurant. I take them to The Champagne Room, drop to my knees, suck their dicks and get every drop. I crave semen like a vampire craves blood. People always compliment my skin but they don’t know that cum facials keep my skin so clear. I love how warm cum feels sliding down my throat and on my skin. Will you come with me to The Champagne Room?

Juicy Black Pussy

Black girl phone sexHave you ever had black pussy? You really should try it. There’s a reason for the saying “Once you go black you don’t go back”. Come get in between my thighs put your cock into this hot, wet, and tight pussy. Believe me, I won’t just lie there like a dead fish, you’ll feel me thrusting my pussy at your hard cock. Let me lock my legs around your waist I want to hold inside of me and never let you go. Pull your cock out and let me taste myself. Baby, you can fuck me in any hole that you want. I want to make you happy. Any dirty fantasy you can think of, I’ll do. The word “no” isn’t in my vocabulary. If you want to get racist and call me a dirty nigger go ahead and I’ll call you master. With me, anything goes nothing is too taboo. I promise you’ll love this black pussy. My pussy is “call-your-wife-and-tell-her-you’re-not-coming-home pussy”. I have crack between my legs and you’re about to become a crack addict.

Semen Is So Good 4 U

Cum dumpster This morning I noticed a small pimple on my chin. I guess it’s time for a cum facial. Semen is great for correcting skin blemishes. Growing up most teenagers can be called pizza faces because their faces are covered in zits. But my skin was clear and as smooth as a baby’s bottom because I let boys shoot their jizz all over my face. Seeing a zit this morning let me know that instead of swallowing loads I needed it shot all over my face. I’m a stripper so it isn’t hard to find a willing partner to give me what I need.
I went up to the DJ booth and stepped up to the mic to ask, “Anyone wanna give me a cum facial?”
Everyone’s hand went into the air and I picked two lucky winners to follow me into the Champagne Room. I dropped to my knees and immediately started sucking their dicks. I sucked like my life depended on me giving the best blowjob. These guys were packing huge cocks. It felt good being a slut and sucking on them. I would stroke one dick with my hand while the other one was in my mouth, then I would switch them. I did this over and over again until they bust nuts all over my face. And a few days later my face was baby smooth again.

Cum Slut For Life

Cum guzzling slutI’m so hungry, but not for food. I need semen like a vampire’s need for blood. My thirst for cum started in high school. I was the only one in my group of friends that swallowed. My young girlfriends thought swallowing was gross. I picked a lucky boy to take to the bathroom in our high school, where I would drop down to my knees and suck until that sweet, sticky milk filled my mouth. I’m not in high school anymore, but my appetite hasn’t changed. I’m a stripper, and I make lots of money shaking my ass for cash. Instead of a high school bathroom, I take my semen-filled dicks into the private champagne room. Every night when I get off the stage all hands shoot into the air begging to be chose. The lucky man doesn’t have to pay for my special attention in the champagne room because I always do it for free. I’ll always swallow because I’m a cum slut for life.

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