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Big Dick Sucker BJ Blows For Blow

I love to suck big dick and am a little of a coke whore that blows for blow and really all that needs to be said. It’s not going to be a fucking surprise to anyone to walk in on me and I’m on my knees sucking a big fat juicy schlong. I won’t be discrete about the whore that I am and I certainly won’t deny it! It’s the best thing ever to be getting pounded by big throbbing cocks in my holes and have my son come in and play clean up bitch and get under us fucking and slurp all those juices up. He gets so excited seeing my pussy and ass fucked by those big dicks and to be so close he creams his pants without even touching his penis.

Big Dick Sucker

Coke Whore Dealings On The Down Lo

Fucking piece of shit dickless slumass landlord decided he would sneak in my fucking place again and set up new nanny cams as he knew I was planning some BBC fun this weekend and making some deals in dirty phone sex. Fucktard thought he could try blackmailing Me this time. Ha! Little dick you best get ready to beg to lick this fuckhole good and clean or take a couple of big black dicks in your sloppy assed back door…. bitch!

Let’s see what dickless will do when he sees Those Video as opposed to what he thought he was screening! It’s my turn to get some sweet revenge finally, getting that fag ass of his rammed by multiple BBC’s and shot live for all to see. This bitch is sly and you fuck with me you will pay for it. Best part, you will never know when pay day will be Bitch, but I promise you, my memory is as keen as a hounds smeller.

Dirty phone sex

Fisting Whore BJ Loves It Extreme

Fisting Whore

I want you to fist my cunt and I want you to go elbow deep in this cave of man pleasure. Feed me your hot load of goo and spike me full of junk. I want to take our sex to extreme levels and i want to feel you so fucking deep inside me that I need a good fucking fisting of both holes. Pound my ass fist my cunt then fist my ass and bang pussy til I am a gaping whore filled with strong quaff. I will squat and let it all out in some hot golden showers with your cock underneath my wet stream. We can get hot and sticky as you piss all over these breasts and in my mouth. I am open to it all and want you to serve it up filthy.

Big Dick Sucker P-Mommy Whore BJ

When only the filthiest p-mommy whore that knows her way around a cock and one fine big dick sucker can quench your desire then go with the one named for it, BJ. I’m a p-mommy whore that loves to be a knob gobbling druggy whore with a love of big nigger dicks or BBC. Retired stripper and incest mommy to her teen son who gets off on watching all that bbc penetrate and violate this milf cunt.

I love to party and will do so at all hours inclusive of mid day, evening, sundays and whatever fucking time I wish to party and take on a gangbang of BBC. I’m a filthy milf and can’t quite help myself from this need to have a lot of big cocks stretch out my fuck holes I hope you’ll be next.

Big Dick Sucker

Fisting Whore BJ Takes It Deep And Dirty

BJ is the fisting whore that takes it deeper, dirtier and raunchier than most any trashy cock gagging hoe. The reality is that I’m a crack whore addicted to loads of choad and streams of golden nectar. I have a filthy addiction and always need to feed it and that is my addiction for fucking cock. I crave to feel those big heavy bbc’s stuffing my cum holes and throat fucking me into exasperation. I want all holes stuffed, pounded and filled with that thick stringing gooey spooge of bukkake goodness.

The other night at the club I was hired to do an orgy of BBC’s and that meant taking so much god damned big nigger cocks that I am still sore from that night. The best part, they fed me so much crack and tipped me with some really good blow and a few crack rocks to help numb the pain since they want me for another round soon.

 Fisting Whore

Drunk Girl Fucking

Low Down Dirty Crack Whore Anal Addict

I’m trashy as they come for being a dirty p mommy with a crack whore anal addiction. What that means is really I love my crack rock and being a complete crack hoe and I love me some hot fucking ass gaping anal fucking. I love taking on multitudes of BBC in this whore ass of mine and feel it get destroyed and prolapsed. I love getting pounded hard while I smoke that glass dick (glass crack pipe) and get banged. I’m a mother fucking numb bitch by the middle of the night after taking things so hard and insane and it fucking fuels my need for some smack and more fucking cock, and I tell ya it better be that fucking taboo shit, I want some nigger cock like nothing else has fucked this pussy and ass, and I want some mother fucking hot fun down at the stables, if you know what I mean.

Crack whore anal

Cum Guzzling Slut P Mommy Stripper

You want it dirty then maybe you want this cum guzzling slut for your fuck tonight. I can’t help that my stripping career turned to prostitution and giving filthy sex to dealers for my fix each night. What kind of fix you may wonder? Well I love being a druggy whore and will be down for just about anything you have to offer and will do most anything to get that fix.

I have been stripping for years and popped out a couple of brats and these brats tend to be of great use these days and one is a teen that loves to fuck his whore mommy and make deals with his friends to fuck me also. I have no shame nor guilt in my desire for slurping cum from heavy balls., and why should I?

cum guzzling slut

Pissing Sex Is Good as Gold

You like the idea of giving me some of that hot urine or maybe get turned on by licking my pissy cunt and receiving my golden showers. I love squatting over a dick and pissing on it watching it grow harder and bigger with my warm golden liquid shower. That sticky pissy cock is perfect for a messy blowjob as I suck that dick down and slurp all my piss up off of it. I love it when you bury your face between my legs and beg me to piss in your mouth as you go at this milf snatch.

The feeling of warm piss from a few guys standing over me is so fucking erotic and hot that I start rubbing my clit waiting to get banged while bathed in hot piss.

pissing sex

Coke Whore BJ Loves Big Dick

Druggy Phone Sex

Well isn’t that fucking hot, a retired stripper milf coke whore like me dying to have druggy phone sex with naughty pervs like you. I’m a hot fuck and I know you want this pussy and this filthy talking tramp to do you really good. I love talking about all kinds of dirty stuff especially all the BBC I love to fuck and all the drug dealers I have in my black book for hooking up some fine trades. I’m in love with the perfect blend of being high and fucked right. Sucking cock is an awesome high for me especially when I am coked up and horny. And let me tell you, this trashy milf is always horny when she’s high and I try to keep it that way on a permanent level.


Anal Sex Whore BJ Loves BBC

I’m so looking forward to the weekend and being the major anal sex whore that I thrive on being. My passion for taking a ton of Big black cocks has brought me to being super filthy and loving to take so much BBC that my anus gets prolapsed and gapes insanely. I will get so high off the crack rock and cocaine that my guys bring to me that i just really can’t see straight nor do I feel the way I am being fucked. I’m so fucking numb and that is fine for the guys and for me.

What’s your plans for the weekend? Maybe you want to get filthy with a truly trashy stripper cunt p-mommy milf that you decide to look me up.

 Anal Sex Whore

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