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Trailer Whore MILF Is Your Cum Dumpster

The idea that a trailer whore milf is just a lazy flabby ball drainer is really not to far from the truth, except there is nothing flabby or lazy about this whore. I’m a dirty fucking cum dumpster that really works those BBC cocks good and hard for hours and I take on loads of thick creamy spunk. I let them cum in me bareback and in any whore hole they want. I am a retired stripper that is almost solely a black cock milf but really if the money is green and the price is right I am open for fucking, sucking and jacking those cocks no matter the size. But be warned I will certainly have a laugh or two on your accordance and fucking hell no one said I would actually suck that pathetic thing. I may just allow you in my back door and let you pump away while I get high and work on my next big cock.

cum dumpster

Dirty Phone Sex Anything Goes W/ BJ

I have always been a dirty phone sex whore with an anything goes mentality and I do mean Anything. Today I did a hot fucking call that was a little different for me since I am such a used up old cunt of a whore, who are we kidding, I’m a trashy fucking Cougar Milf with loose holes. I get a call wanting me for some ageplay in a daddy daughter kind of thing. I really enjoyed playing a young little whore for her daddy. Fuck, I always had been my daddy’s whore growing up in the trailer and that’s kinda how I became the trashy filth loving retired stripper for BBC that I am today. I thoroughly enjoyed draining daddy’s balls like I used to so many years ago in the smoke filled shack of a bar my papa ran. I was always draining his friends balls also.

Dirty phone sex

Big Dick Sucker Faggot Son

My son was raised to be such a fucking cock whore that he is now a big dick sucker Sissy faggot that loves getting used. His favorite kind of used is just like mommy’s,. He loves to be used by massive black cocks. To get banged by a bunch is her ultimate sissy whore goal, and mommy is sure to make that happen for the little fucking slut. I invite my most extreme clients over to take her sweet little ass and gape the fuck out of it. We work out deals all the time, I get my cut in the whoring of that little whore son/ daughter of mine. I bet you would love to be the little whore and be served up into a jailhouse gangbang of thug nigger cocks.

Big dick sucker

Pantyhose and Anal Sex Whore Fun

Anal sex whore BJ is the dirty Milf you have been desiring. I love to train my bitches on BBC and show them how a real whore likes to get penetrated, fucked and gaped until the cum is not just dripping, but it is oozing out of my holes. I love it filthy baby and love to get down on a few big black cocks at once where I being exploited in every fucking hole. I love when I am left with a gaping pussy, a prolapsed asshole and a tired/ stretched out mouth from taking all the cocks I took in 30 minutes. The idea of having my pantyhose ripped front to back to make access for fucking was the hottest thing a guy ever done to me with a pair of scissors.


Anal Sex Whore

The Aroma of a Trashy Milf

I’m a trashy milf, there is no way around that shit. It’s in my white trash dna and I raised my son to be as trashy as mamma. I was working late in the VIP lounge taking loads from BBC all night and with that there was plenty of Blow and booze going in me along with those long and thick black cocks. I was completely wasted and fucked hard when I got in that night that I reeked of cum and like I had a good ass fucking with cum dripping from my ass. I was plastered in semen and had it leaking from my ass and cunt, and both were gaping wide. My son was awake and seemed he could smell me across the room and was immediately turned on. I went over and sat my well fucked holes on his face and let him clean mommy’s fuck holes like a good cum guzzler.

Trashy Milf

Lot Lizard Sex With Stripper Whore

I was just hooking  -as I tend to do sometimes, especially when on a binge- the Truck stops like a filthy Lot lizard sex worker needing her next fix. I’m a coke whore and sometimes I go on an opiate binge and love that H. When I get really strung out I need blow and dick, That’s right I need some hot fucking and I need that powder to give me a jolt back into my system like a triple espresso for some other kind of junkie. Those truckers have a need to get met and I am very open to giving them their poison and some pussy, or ass if they so prefer but more often it ‘s just a real good hummer that they want. Let’s get high and fuck soon sexy.

Lot Lizard Sex

Hot Trashy Milf Sex

There’s that filthy desire for some trashy milf to fuck and be humiliated by that just pricks at you every time you hit that crack pipe. I’m a coke whore anal slut and I love taking on the BBC’s that get lined up for fucking this trailer trash stripper milf. I love how my VIP room johns become regulars that will reserve with me for their big shindigs, gatherings, house parties or whatever, they need their favorite trashy stripper that knows her way around their big black dicks. I know how to make those dicks explode and give these BBC’s some really hot anal fucking. Feed me some blow and present to me that big fat  and long cock to fest on til it blows for me.

Trashy Milf

Get High, Lose Your Mind w/ BJ

You’re out of your fucking mind and need a trashy milf that can understand your filthy fixation and desire to be pissed on. The speedball you took is bringing that filthy beast out, after all you have been partying for well over 12hrs and jerking that joystick like it’s going out of fucking fashion. The very thought of a stinky strong wet golden shower on that prick makes you so fucking god damned hard that you need to talk about it while watching those hot chicks pissing on cocks. I love to piss on a raging hard cock while hitting the crack pipe. Fuck it, I love getting my ass fucked when I have to take a filthy shit and piss everywhere. I have no limits and will take a messing gooey warm crap on that cock as much as I’ll piss on it. All because I am fucking myself in the bubble bath here don’t mean I wasn’t just being fucked into a shitty brown mess.

trashy milf

Druggy Porn Is Rainy Day Fun

Rainy summer days are the prime time for watching some hot fucking druggy porn videos while I work with nasty perverts. Who am I kidding I am an nasty ex stripper pervert queen and cannot help but love watching porn and getting fucked up. When I get really horny and my son is away and my dealers are all busy I love to get on a site and watch some filthy fucking taboo shit while I ride a nice big vibrating dong. I get curious every so often and hook up with some young BBC guy online and get my holes banged really good. When I get desperate or just kinkier I will play with my four legged friend and get that red rocket in my stripper cunt.

Druggy porn

Anal Sex Whore For Drugs

It’s not going to surprise you that I am a complete anal sex whore for my druggy fix, but it is what it is, and I am what I am. As a stripper for over 20 yrs now I have really been through it all and tried damned fucking near everything, when it comes to getting high and getting off. I am a thrill seeker with sex and finding new forms of pleasure and highs. I have been completely strung out on H and passed around by my nigger thug dealer with like 15 of his BBC thug gang banger friends. They love using this white trash blonde whores holes for pounding their massive black dicks in. The best fucking time ever was when I ended up in the ER with a bleeding ripped ass and bad H overdose, but I tell ya… they had me on so much morphine for the pain anyway what the fuck did it matter. I got released and sucked off a few more big black dicks. Cock is my life and don’t get me wrong I love some hot young pussy as well.

Anal Sex Whore

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