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Independence Day Fireworks

There is no greater treat than celebrating our country’s independence like having a good ole American BBQ. I personally love the idea of having dirty phone sex while family, friends and neighbors are all around me, but I am a known crack whore prostitute and most of the party will consist of my dealers and their bros. I love getting a good gangbang on while everyone is preoccupied with the fireworks. Last summer was a perfect example me taking about 20 bbc cocks from behind while I knelt over the couch looking out the big front window watching explosions in the sky while I took explosive cum loads in my stripper cunt and trashy whore mommy ass. I am so excited about how this years festivities are going to be!
My son will be the one tending to the grill and will be wearing a sissy collar and only an apron so his bitch hole will be exposed and available for use as a cum dumpster. This will be very exciting for him and it’s a good thing the only meat on the grill will be wieners so not much work needed from him. Let’s not forget the fun for our furry friends also and the best fun is shoving some of those hot dogs up a hole and letting them eat them out, it’s such dirty fun for all and I hope your Independence Day celebrations are kinky and exciting, and would love to hear about them.
Dirty phone sex

Gangbang and Furry Friends Phone Sex

There I was in the middle of a gangbang when they made the furry friends phone sex a reality.It was early on during the party where we I was getting geeked up, and wasted with about 16 other guys and my son. It’s like many regular gathering of the biker friends of mine, when they roll through on their guy trips they know I’m the one that gives them their outlet and can take them all on like the trashy trailer milf I am. We party into the next night and I’d not want to change a thing, usually. But when they brought in the idea of my four legged buddy joining in, well what could I say? I surely wouldn’t ruin it for them that Bruno and I have been playing for a couple of years now.

furry friends phone sex

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Gets Nasty

I’m totally down with being the filthy trailer trash whore that I am and will play with every kind of cock and kink. I had a client of mine needing me to look in on his furry buddy while he went on a business trip, and invited to house sit as well. He left a good pile of blow for me and the place was stocked with food and alcohol a girl could need or want for the week. I really enjoyed the week there and got really naughty with the one I was taking care of. This was just the hottest dirtiest fun I could have and squirting my juicy cunt juices all over that furry muff as he licked me was just awesome.

trailer trash whore

Bukkake Whore and Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick Sucker

I know you have filthy fucking wet dreams of mommy being a big dick sucker, and we both know that that is exactly what I am, and I love to make you one also. My son will always be a dirty ittle cock sucker sissy thanks to his stripper whore mommy raising him the way I did. I’d bring him to work with me from a young age and he would hang out with the other strippers in the dressing room. They had so much fun with him as he was dazzled by the stripper outfits and all the glitter, frilly pretties and feathery accents. He wanted to play dress up and they girls had lots of fun playing with him. His pretty young face would get whore make-up all over it and he just had lips that screamed to be made up with pretty colors and made for sucking dick. He really took after mommy and I know you wish to play with a mommy like me also.

cum guzzling slut

BBC Gangbang Whore

What does a Milf like me love to do more than anything? Take big black cocks and be their gangbang whore for the moment while my son plays fluffer sucking those big black fuck rods until they are throbbing veiny beast ready to pound his mommy’s whore cunt. I couldn’t think of anything better especially when I took a nice little vacation in South Florida and really gotta have a lot of fun in a partner strip club of the one I work in my town and it was a blast! I had my son along and we got a hotel suite and had about 20 BBC’s in and out all evening with lines of blow, popping pills and getting trashed and fucked. This went on for a couple of weeks while I was a guest of the strip club owners to service a big cock fuck fest of Blacks on Blondes. I cannot believe the time is up already and am ready for some more fucking and partying, I hope you’re up for it also!

Gangbang whore

Druggy Porn Makes Me Wet and Horny

It’s exciting to get high and watch some druggy porn. It’s that hot sexy gangbanging good spunk draining sort of compilations that really get me going. I don’t wish to watch some long boring dialog, I want cock, dick, pussy, tits, jizz, cum, and tons of bukkake. I want to see filthy trashy sluts like me pissing on dicks and sucking them clean. I want load after load of cum shots in faces and in hot fucked holes. I want to talk to you while I smoke a crack rock and frig my milf cunt waiting for the BBC cocks to get over here to fill my filth hole and snatch with their big chocolate meat rods. I want you to give me a call when your on that binge and hornier than a nympho in a room of big fuckably delicious cocks.

Druggy porn

Anal Cum Dumpster BJ Drains Balls

Looking for a real trashy anal cum dumpster to work yourself up with as you smoke some crack and jack? The BBC I had a few hours ago sure were! These mother fuckers love to plow my milf ass and make my son watch the whole time as they (all five of them) pumped my anus over and over making it a gaped out prolapsed cream filled and dripping whore hole. My son was forced down on his knees to clean all of the big nigger cocks off like a good little white boy faggot should and he will always be subjected to servicing those big black dicks as long as I keep my druggy ways up. I may have to go overboard and make him learn to take it in his sweet sissy ass if I don’t slow my roll.

Anal cum dumpster

Stripper Sex Stories Make You Hard

Stripper sex stories

The other night working the club this young man came in and was really quite striking with his dark hair and blue eyes and really became quite the topic for my stripper sex stories. I caught a glimpse of him coming in and before any of the other tramps could make a move on him I got my dibs. I gave him quite the special treatment and no idea why I felt the need to do such, but I did it anyway. I gave him a visit to the VIP room with me where I gave him a personal show and lapdance. I wasn’t going to leave it at that and led him back into a private room of mine and really got to work of this young excited man. He wanted to tell me something but i wasn’t having it and just planted a kiss on his mouth as I lowered my stripper cunt on his cock. As he spilled his load deep in my pussy he blurted out that he was my son that I had put up for adoption twenty one years ago. Don’t ask me why but that turned me on even more and I took him home with me just like the trashy milf I am.

Trailer Trash Whore Luvs It Furry

His big furry balls were pounding against my trailer trash whore cunt as that red rocket penetrated this crack whore mommy’s cunt. The length of this mutts schlong surprised me as I felt full penetration and a suddenly bulbus knotting ties him inside of me and he starts humping for a good 30 minutes before I feel the flow of cum explode inside my well fucked pussy now filled with special cum. Perfect time it seems as my son walked in with two of my drug dealers just as this beasts cock pops out of my sloppy creampied cunt.

They never talk about it but boy do they get hard for it. After the three caught a glimpse of just how much of a whore I am they were not going to be gentle with me. Shoving fat lines of snow up my nose the three took turns penetrating my ass, pussy and fucking my throat. I was truly in cum whore heaven with some of the best crack whore anal fucking a white girl can get with those big fat nigger cocks. They really love a filthy trashy milf like me and I just love drugs and cock. Give me pleasure and pain and I’ll cum just the same.

Trailer Trash Whore

Trashy Milf Gets High and Fucks

Trashy Milf

    I wouldn’t really be a trashy milf if I weren’t the way I am, and that’s a trashy stripper prostitute p-mommy whore with a son and daughter. The major fixation of mine is getting high as fuck and taking as many big black cocks in this fit stripper body as I can get. It’s a shame I have to sleep even as my addiction to fucking and drugs is so controlling and why I’ve been a stripper and prostitute for decades. So if you love a sloppy stretched out and well fucked cunt and ass catch me after a night of intense partying and we can have some fun. If you want to take part in watching this pussy and ass get destroyed and be my cucked boy friend that pays my bills and I fuck big black cocks right in front of you and you pay for everything we want.

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