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Pissing Sex Is Good as Gold

You like the idea of giving me some of that hot urine or maybe get turned on by licking my pissy cunt and receiving my golden showers. I love squatting over a dick and pissing on it watching it grow harder and bigger with my warm golden liquid shower. That sticky pissy cock is perfect for a messy blowjob as I suck that dick down and slurp all my piss up off of it. I love it when you bury your face between my legs and beg me to piss in your mouth as you go at this milf snatch.

The feeling of warm piss from a few guys standing over me is so fucking erotic and hot that I start rubbing my clit waiting to get banged while bathed in hot piss.

pissing sex

Coke Whore BJ Loves Big Dick

Druggy Phone Sex

Well isn’t that fucking hot, a retired stripper milf coke whore like me dying to have druggy phone sex with naughty pervs like you. I’m a hot fuck and I know you want this pussy and this filthy talking tramp to do you really good. I love talking about all kinds of dirty stuff especially all the BBC I love to fuck and all the drug dealers I have in my black book for hooking up some fine trades. I’m in love with the perfect blend of being high and fucked right. Sucking cock is an awesome high for me especially when I am coked up and horny. And let me tell you, this trashy milf is always horny when she’s high and I try to keep it that way on a permanent level.


Anal Sex Whore BJ Loves BBC

I’m so looking forward to the weekend and being the major anal sex whore that I thrive on being. My passion for taking a ton of Big black cocks has brought me to being super filthy and loving to take so much BBC that my anus gets prolapsed and gapes insanely. I will get so high off the crack rock and cocaine that my guys bring to me that i just really can’t see straight nor do I feel the way I am being fucked. I’m so fucking numb and that is fine for the guys and for me.

What’s your plans for the weekend? Maybe you want to get filthy with a truly trashy stripper cunt p-mommy milf that you decide to look me up.

 Anal Sex Whore

Stripper Sex Porn Is Fun To Watch

Stripper Sex Porn

I’m a porn watching addict and really love some hot kinky stripper sex porn for my high and horny times. What are your favorite porn movies to watch while you get high and are jerking it hard? I’m a big black dick loving trashy milf and being a retired stripper that always did side deals with my clients is likely a partial reason for loving this type of porn. Us strippers just really get dirty and down when that crack rock or those coke lines are free flowing and our restraints are none as soon as we see the green.

That being said, yeah, I’m a money hungry whore but aren’t us stripper types all that way? I’m open to being as filthy as your cock throbs for me to be.


Well Fucked Sloppy Stretched Snatch

I’ve been going at it for hours, fucking all those BBC’s and snorting all that nose candy while you watch me son. You beat off to my trashy mommy cunt being stretched by that black cock, and to watch mommy with the furry friends really makes you pound your boy dick so hard. It’s no surprise to you that you come home from school and you can smell the sex juices when you walk in the door. Your cock gets so hard instantly and you have to see what I’m up to if I am on all fours taking two big black dicks or if I am riding one or maybe you get the joy of seeing that furry cock penetrating mommy’s sloppy wet pussy and humping away. I know you want to put your dick in the messy hole, but you know the drill son… make sure to get me my line of white powder when you come in.

Sloppy Wet Pussy

Drunk Phone Sex Shenanigans

When I’m craving the drunk phone sex fun I will be so high already and wasted so much that I cannot stop rubbing my nipple piercing making my clit tingle. Of course I can’t help but spread my legs and rub my clit as I take hits off the crack pipe my dealer offers me. Watching me spread my legs and rub my pussy has his big black cock grow into a throbbing bulge in his workout pants. That long black dick has me horny or it could be a mixture of the crack, alcohol and how fucking throbbing beautiful that big dick is and how much I crave it between these white whore pussy lips. I cannot get enough of these BBC’s that visit me regularly.

Drunk Phone Sex

Sloppy Wet Pussy For Hot Fucking

I have a well fucked sloppy wet pussy for your filthy needs just waiting here. You love this cum filled cunthole of mine after I take on a group of big black men and their massive snakelike cocks. Getting my cunt pounded by such big and heavy dicks is a total turn on. I can’t even begin to explain how good it feels to be as fucking high as I am right now and to just keep taking cock after cock in my fuck holes.

Being the druggy trailer whore that I am, fucking is like the only thing I really excel at… well fucking and sucking that is. I love the feel of dick stuffing my face, my cunt and my ass. I certainly hope you like things sloppy.

sloppy wet pussy

Partying Trailer Style W/ a Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf

You crave some trashy milf fucking and slopping that dick around in this nice cream filled cunt hole, don’t you? My legs are spread and I’m high as fuck and just need to fuck lots. You can bring as many friends over as you wish as long as you guys bring the drugs and booze. I’m easy, but for fucks sake keep me fucking high and intoxicated. I am all over drunk fucking like a cheap assed trailer park whore that I am.

I’ll probably be fucking some big black dick of my dealer’s cock or his friends and he will be gangbanging my fuckholes. Either way I will have a messy oozing cunt and ass of cum loads waiting for you to enjoy the hot mess between my legs. I’m prepared to be fucking for hours on end so you be ready to fuck too. I promise you a good fucking drugged up time, trailer park whore style.



Dirty Phone Sex Coked Up Fucking

If it’s dirty phone sex you are seeking out, then you are in the right fucking place. I am all over cock like flies on a fucking picnic. I have been the center of bukkake parties with a Lot of BBC and seriously when they were done with me I wanted more of that big throbbing black dick.

We had a little shindig the other night and I had my dealer and about five other guys from the pub over. It took maybe a couple rounds of lines and shots of Jagermeister and I was all over those cocks. I was taking those cocks in my ass and guzzling down so many fucking cum loads I’m wet right now writing about it. Looks like I need to invite a few over for a small party.

Dirty Phone Sex

Trailer Trash Whore Parties Hard

I need my fix of smack or blow and that Big Black Dealer Dick, and I need them often! I am a horny old broad that has been working the pole for a couple decades before retiring to just fucking johns in the VIP room at the club. And I have the “special VIP” room to myself, unless I bring in another trashy whore like myself but younger to play mother/ daughter with these kinky bastards.

I have my son obsessed with this mommy pussy and my addiction to fucking. He will jerk off all night long listening to me fuck in the room next door. He is obsessed with fucking my messy hot twat after I’ve taken a good dozen cocks, and not just any cocks, always BBC.I fuck almost solely big black cocks and my sons dick. We have a special relationship and he knows when and who to call when mommy needs it bad.

Trailer Trash Whore

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