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Gangbang Whore Trains Sissy Son

I’m known for being a druggy gangbang whore and am proud to be such. My Sissy son has really shown interest in becoming like her mama and loves to take on big dicks just like I do. S(he) really enjoys being a naughty big black cock fag. My sissy son is a nigger cock loving faggot that loves to wear mommy’s soiled worn lingerie he finds in my hamper. He watches me take loads of gooey cum and begs me to let her become a sissy in my ass juice and cunt drippings soiled panties. This little sissy son I raised gets great enjoyment being a fluffer bitch to nigger dick. She hates when I don’t fuck a bunch of guys in front of her and hates even more when there aren’t some filthy cum stained panties for her to sniff and suck on while jerking her little clitstick off. I have come to the conclusion that it is due time to make her a sissy faggot gangbanged slut and soon a whore.

Gangbang whore

Hot Stripper Sex Kinky Milf BJ

Sometimes you just have to let loose and go with some hot stripper sex for the real dirty fun. I’m a retired stripper that has been stripping and prostituting since I was a young teen. I knew no other way to make a living and had big beautiful fake tits by the time I turned legal. A trashy milf of the trailer park and a crack whore prostitute is what life dealt me and I live it up and make the best of it. It’s in my genes to be a whore, and I raise my son around my lifestyle without shame. He has greatly benefited from it even. From his young days of accompanying mommy to the strip clubs where he hung out with the other strippers and they had so much fun playing with him and he loved the attention. He didn’t mind being a little toy to their affections and made into a dress up dolly. The girls made him pretty and into their own little slave doll. He was a cuckold before he even realized what sex was. He was servicing stripper cunts and assholes and suck big black cocks from a ripe young age. It’s no wonder he is such a dirty boy for his mama and a great fucking cocksucking Sissy.

Hot Stripper Sex

Druggy Phone Sex Junkie For BBC

I’m a filthy fucking trailer park ex stripper jizz junkie. I love all kinds of drugging and fucking, but the only cock I love is big black cock. I love getting high as fuck and pounded by three to ten BBC’s. It’s what I do, what I know and what I trained my son on. Yeah he understands that he needs to help mama with that BBC and be a bitch to that big black cock just like his mama is. I have the best filthy little whore sissy to big black dick. He know just what to do and will always be ready to text my dealer and back up cocks when I need them. I get so fucking high some nights that the only thing that will satisfy me is a Gangbang of BBC.

Druggy phone sex

Furry Friends Phone Sex Pole Lover

Furry friends phone sex

“Just lay right back and spread them pussy lips for us mama BJ” was the start to my furry friends phone sex fun. My son and a few of his friends all dressed up as furries and they wanted to film a special kind of porn. They really wanted a nasty furries on hooker kind of porn and little did I know that these friends we’re actually hung like beasts with the BBC cock. The really freaky surprise came in then when a couple of huge furry friends with four legs were brought into the studio. Things got really messy between all that jizz and saliva flowing all over the fucking place. I really knew that I was willing to take any kind of cock, as long as it was over eight inches.

Stripper Sex Stories About BBC Sex

I take a lot of BBC and have been taking it for years. As a stripper that worked a VIP room that was dedicated solely to big black cocks I have a lot of stripper sex stories about those big black dicks. It’s hard to go back to fucking any kind of white dick after taking so many black cocks that would really blow any white cock away when you compare the sizes. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a white dude that is endowed with a big white dick then i am certainly up for that ride. I hope you know how to use it though. I’ve been with a few big white cocked men that really had no fucking skill with that thing. Really they were best just jerking themselves off because they couldn’t fuck for shit. Come on and prove me wrong.

Stripper sex stories

My Son Loves My Swamp Pussy

Creampie Slut

It’s a hot fucking weekend chilling in the trailer park and being a creampie slut at the crack house. I frequent the crack house down at the edge of my trailer park and really love to just be zoned out of my mind and taking all kinds of BBC. My dealer works out of there so when I take a day off from work that is where everyone finds me. I really take loads of filthy cum and love to keep it fermenting in my filthy twat. There is no water at this trailer park shack and it’s where all the crack heads and a few hookers hang out to shoot up and deal with their addictions. My addiction is that crack rock and all that big black cock.

trashy Milf

I stay a good 24 hours in the shit hole and get my holes stuffed with filthy thick gooey loads of spunk. By the time I return home my son is eagerly waiting to get a whiff of mommy’s swamp pussy and that swamp ass. His cock throbs for that filthy pissy and cum oozing fermented fuck hole that is mama’s pussy. You crave a true trashy milf to dip that cock into baby?

Dirty phone sex

Trailer Whore MILF Is Your Cum Dumpster

The idea that a trailer whore milf is just a lazy flabby ball drainer is really not to far from the truth, except there is nothing flabby or lazy about this whore. I’m a dirty fucking cum dumpster that really works those BBC cocks good and hard for hours and I take on loads of thick creamy spunk. I let them cum in me bareback and in any whore hole they want. I am a retired stripper that is almost solely a black cock milf but really if the money is green and the price is right I am open for fucking, sucking and jacking those cocks no matter the size. But be warned I will certainly have a laugh or two on your accordance and fucking hell no one said I would actually suck that pathetic thing. I may just allow you in my back door and let you pump away while I get high and work on my next big cock.

cum dumpster

Dirty Phone Sex Anything Goes W/ BJ

I have always been a dirty phone sex whore with an anything goes mentality and I do mean Anything. Today I did a hot fucking call that was a little different for me since I am such a used up old cunt of a whore, who are we kidding, I’m a trashy fucking Cougar Milf with loose holes. I get a call wanting me for some ageplay in a daddy daughter kind of thing. I really enjoyed playing a young little whore for her daddy. Fuck, I always had been my daddy’s whore growing up in the trailer and that’s kinda how I became the trashy filth loving retired stripper for BBC that I am today. I thoroughly enjoyed draining daddy’s balls like I used to so many years ago in the smoke filled shack of a bar my papa ran. I was always draining his friends balls also.

Dirty phone sex

Big Dick Sucker Faggot Son

My son was raised to be such a fucking cock whore that he is now a big dick sucker Sissy faggot that loves getting used. His favorite kind of used is just like mommy’s,. He loves to be used by massive black cocks. To get banged by a bunch is her ultimate sissy whore goal, and mommy is sure to make that happen for the little fucking slut. I invite my most extreme clients over to take her sweet little ass and gape the fuck out of it. We work out deals all the time, I get my cut in the whoring of that little whore son/ daughter of mine. I bet you would love to be the little whore and be served up into a jailhouse gangbang of thug nigger cocks.

Big dick sucker

Pantyhose and Anal Sex Whore Fun

Anal sex whore BJ is the dirty Milf you have been desiring. I love to train my bitches on BBC and show them how a real whore likes to get penetrated, fucked and gaped until the cum is not just dripping, but it is oozing out of my holes. I love it filthy baby and love to get down on a few big black cocks at once where I being exploited in every fucking hole. I love when I am left with a gaping pussy, a prolapsed asshole and a tired/ stretched out mouth from taking all the cocks I took in 30 minutes. The idea of having my pantyhose ripped front to back to make access for fucking was the hottest thing a guy ever done to me with a pair of scissors.


Anal Sex Whore

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