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Punished by My Mistress

No taboo phone sexYou came by today for your appointment. I have been parting a little hard and did not realize that I was booked with you. Normally I make sure to have eaten plenty of fiber the day before so that I can produce my scrumptious creamy chocolate pudding for you. Unfortunately, I was not able to today and you were so mad!

You called my mistress and told her that you pay good money for your sessions with me and you expect me to be able to preform. Whether you wanted a golden shower, scat, or for me to just suck your cock dry I should be ready and willing. Not the hung over hot mess that I was today. She assured you that it would never happen again.

She called me into the torture chamber and told me to strip. She told me that she expects her whores to deliver the best customer service always. Then she tied me up to her saw horse and started spanking my ass. I was screaming and crying before she stopped. Little did I know she was just getting started. She pulled out a vibrator and put it on my cunt. She punished my cunt with her vibrator and strap-on until my cunt was fucked raw. Then she just left me there all tied up and told me she would be back for round two!

Dirty phone sex with Berretta

Dirty phone sexI don’t know why but vanilla sex will never get me off. I guess I am just wired differently than most because what makes my cunt hot and wet is dirty kinky deviant sex. You know all the kinky things you do but not with your wives or the girls that you date. No you only fulfill your wild crazy fantasies with whores like me. You love a golden show just as much as I do. Your grandiose cock grows so hard when my warm fizzy golden pee splatters all over it. When I get down on my hands and knees and suck all of my golden juices combined with your warm tangy precum off of your thick hard cock it drives you crazy. But the thing that drives you absolutely fucking wild is when I lick around your tight puckered ass and flick my tongue deep inside tasting that creamy gooey chocolate delight of yours. Nobody eats your ass better than this dirty whore.

Scrumptious Marble Shit Cake

Scat phone sexYou and I had the dirtiest kinkiest time last night. It was your birthday but by the time we got around to the cake, I had consumed too much alcohol and was just a little tipsy. I accidently dropped your cake right on your lap. You being you just started laughing and smearing that cake with red icing all over my naked body. We were smearing it all over our naked bodies and then we started licking it off of each other. As I was sucking all of that butter cream icing off of your big hard cock. You had a wicked little laugh and said you know what would make this cake better. If I took a great big shit all over your chest then we could mix it in with this vanilla cake and make one hell of a scrumptious marble shit cake. We smeared my shit along with your cake all over each other and made sure to lick every last drop off of each other. I sucked your hard throbbing shit cake covered cock until you busted a nut and cum washed it all down.

Adult Bookstore

Dirty phone sexI am laying on my bed thinking about last night. I am sucking on my finger and I can still taste your ass. We had one crazy night at the adult bookstore and drew quite the crowd. I put you down on your hands and knees and invited a guy over who had a 10 inch black cock. I had you licking and sucking on that big black cock while I pulled your ass checks apart. I started teasing your ass with my tongue. Just licking around the outside of that tight puckered ass. Then I sucked on my finger to get in nice and wet before sliding it into your ass. I finger fucked your ass just a little before pulling it out to taste. The crowd went wild at seeing me lick and eat that special chocolatey pudding that your ass provides for me. It even caused the guy face fucking you to drop his load. Then the guys all around us exploded giving us an extreme cum shower.

Golden Showers Sex with Berretta

Golden showers sex You know the song super freak that pretty much sums me up. I am definitely not the girl you would ever take home to meet your mother, but I am the girl that can make all of your nasty kinky dreams come true. I am the girl that loves a golden shower. Something magical about that warm golden sparkly piss splattering all over my naked body really gets me going. I will never tire of the aroma or the taste that is always slightly different depending what you have eaten. I am also the girl that will give you a rim job like you have never experienced before. I will stick my tongue so far up your ass that it will touch your prostate glands. Licking and tasting all of your dark creamy shit. And then we can finish the night off with one of your warm sticky cum showers.

Toilet Sex with Berretta

Toilet sexI am into so many different kinky things. One of my favorite things is scat play. Human toilets are always so much fun. I like to shit into your mouth while twirling my hips so that you end up with a special Berretta soft-serve chocolate ice cream. It makes my cunt dripping wet watching you eat every last drop of my scrumptious coffee flavored shit. Knowing that when you finish I am going to make you lick my ass clean. I want to feel you stick that tongue deep into my ass and swirl it around. You better make sure it is squeaky clean. While you are tongue fucking my puckered ass, I am going to be finger fucking my cunt. Your tongue up my ass always gives me the best orgasms.

Gangbang Whore Berretta

Gangbang whoreWhen you work as a truck stop whore, you know that the price of doing business is the occasional run in with the po po. I had just gotten into my john’s truck when surprise it was a sting operation. This tall leggy red headed cunt put me under arrest. This bitch even put leg cuffs on my ass before dragging me back to the station. Once there she started strip searching me but this was no ordinary strip search. She called in three men police officers to watch her. She made me get down on my hands and knees. Then she pulled my ass checks apart and she told one of them to come over and search my cunt. He shoved his whole fist up my cunt and started fist fucking it. She then told him to check my asshole. He roughly inserted three fingers. She told the other officer that she didn’t think his fingers could reach deep enough into my asshole and that he needed to use his great big 10 inch cock. I started to complain but that is when she grabbed my hair and shoved my head into another officer’s cock. She told him to start face fucking me that I was their Gangbang whore for the night and they were going to use and abuse me.

Scatt Smear Fun With Berretta

scat phone sex

If you are looking for a truly nasty experience, then I am your girl. Nothing is taboo or off limits with me! One of my favorite things for us to do is a scat smear. After all nothing is more fun than me taking a giant shit all over you and then getting to play with that warm gooey chocolatey shit. My cunt gets sloppy wet as I smear all of that extra gooey chocolatey shit all over your body. My favorite part is smearing my warm gooey shit all over your lips and then rubbing it all over my perky tits. Then shoving them into your mouth and having you suck all that scrumptious chocolatey shit off of my tits. Massaging all that warm gooey shit all over your great big cock and watching it get super hard. Seeing the excitement growing on your face know that I am about to deep throat that big hard shit covered cock of yours.

Slutty Student

phone sex line

I go to college every morning at 6 am. Honestly, I would have already dropped out but my teacher is so fucking hot. He is always mad at me though. “Beretta! , where is your paper? Why are you texting? You’re late again … really? One day I pissed him off really bad.I cheated on my exam and he caught me and told me to see him after class. When class was over I did what I always do and pushed my chest out of my low cut shirt and apologize .but this time he locked and closed the door.  He told me I have to be punished and bent me over the desk. He slid my pants off and pulled out his big black slung .teasingly he rubbed just the tip of his dick along my pussy. I wanted his dick so bad I taunted him “you wouldn’t dare fuck me “. He then slammed my hips into him and fucked the hell out of me. I started to scream but that pissed him off even worse. He yanked my hair back and stuffed his fingers into my mouth. He told me this is what you get for not following directions and toke his dick out and slammed it into my asshole. It hurt so bad I started to cry. You don’t like that do you, you little slut.  Oh but I fucking love it. More give me more! He stopped and went to his desk. I begged him to keep going .but just as I did he pulled out the biggest vibrator I have ever seen and pushed me against my desk. He told me to fuck my pussy like a good slut and if I didn’t I would regret it. So I did. I fucked my tight little pussy with that vibrator as he fucked my ass and when he cummed and filled my little asshole with all his cum I put the vibrator in my ass and begged for his dick in my pussy.

A Shitty Experience

dirty phone sex

I fucking love the taste of shit. Nothing turns me on more than men feeding me there delicious brown moist shit. One day I was at the park and I could hear a man taking the biggest shit in the restroom so I sneaked in and begged him to unleash on me. I toke off my clothes and got on my hands and knees begging him to just shit all over my chest and when he was done he pissed all over my face. I couldn’t help but moan as I cumed for him so he yanked me up and pushed me against the bathroom stall and fucked the hell out of me. I am really into anything though. I just love how dirty I get for you

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