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trailer trash whoreI was hanging out at my friend’s house for poker night when I met this guy Justin Bobby. He was a redneck, and he had pornstache. He was not my type at all, but I heard some stuff about his bedroom skills. My friend Lydia told me she fucks him all the time. I wanted to see if she was right I was incredibly horny and wanted a nice fuck so bad. I went over there and wore some daisy dukes and a short halter top. I was trying to impress Justin. He was excited because after a couple of hours of flirting he took the initiative and invited me over to his place.

He was drunk out of his mind and started to get rough with me. He called me a slut and a trailer trash whore and was getting upset cause I wouldn’t suck him the right way. I can’t believe he was able to get the rope and tape from the garage because he was so fucked up . I must have been much more fucked up in the head than him because I was getting so turned on by his roughness. He wasn’t interested in fucking my pussy he wanted my ass, and he took it. I had never gotten fucked so hard in my ass he loved it, and I was so tensed and orgasming so much that I  pissed all over him. He got mad and started to put his cock in my mouth and pissed in the mouth. He was laughing so hard and loved that I was roped up and stranded


Lot lizard sex whore

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore chronicles that were the pitch. My master wanted to make some extra money and thought about breaking into the porn industry, He got all of us chained up and tortured and made us fuck on camera. He was monopolizing his money and wanted to branch out and make us feel more like property and he loved the high he got from seeing our faces and making us feel like crap. He wanted to have us fucked on camera and wanted us to be completely stupid cum buckets. There was about 12 of us and we were all lined up and ready to be treated like trash. We were so conditioned to be his sluts that we got wet and excited at the whole situation. We were force-fed a ton of cocks and we were fucked by the nastiest truckers ever. Just the whole experience made us all hopeless but horny too. It was so fucking bizarre but we all craved it more.

Slave whore

cum filled cuntthe other day was walking down the street and I got pulled in by the guys next door. Again they had something up their sleeves. They told me they wanted to fist me and make my pussy their cum filled cunt. I already knew the drill with them. All they really wanted was a slave whore. A slave whore they can take out all their frustrations on. The oldest one started to bring me inside the house and begun to tear my clothes off with the help of the others. It was so so aggressive but of course, it was turning me on. They stripped me naked and started to pull out a camera they made me tease my pussy on video. They wanted to pimp me out to a ton of guys an get all the incentives. Of course, I listened, I didn’t want to get tortured and fucked even harder. I was horny at the thought of being a fucking slave slut.

creampie slut fuck

creampie slutThe guys at the trailer park invited me over for some beers, The night was young and I was ready to have a good night. After some time I was getting tired and making my way out. The guys had another thing in mind. They didn’t let me out, They weren’t ready to let me go. One of the guys told me they handpicked me and wanted to fuck the shit out of me and use me as a urinal and make me their creampie slut. I was hoping it was a wicked joke but it wasn’t. Before I knew it they were getting their wish. I was being pumped and fucked and tortured. They loved seeing the piss all over me and making me drink not only their piss but their cum. They got a nice big jug filled it up with their creamy loads and made me chug it in front of them. They got what they wanted out of me that night.

Free blowjobs

I love being a flirt, guys have a pretty good feeling I;m going to be a total slut when they meet me. I was hanging out after class one day and I was ignoring my master I just wanted to let loose and have a good time and avoid my master and his goons. I should of just gone straight to his dungeon had I known the turn of events. I hung out with this guy after class I just wanted to show him what a good big dick sucker slut I am. We had a couple exchange of words and he knew I was a freak. I invited him over and things escalated like always. I reached under his shorts and decided to bring his cock right out and went to town with it. It felt so good in my mouth and I was deepthroating it so well. He could tell I was a frequent blow job queen. I loved seeing him tense and get so turned on. My favorite part like always was taking his load on my face. 🙂 big dick sucker

Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex I was out with the girls at the usual truck pit and it was an off day I knew something didn’t feel quite right, Boy was I right. I was working the guys seeing which one of these nasty fucks would pay up and give some cash to fuck and maybe even some blow. I was desperate I needed to find someone I was horny and fucking craving cock and coke. I should of went with my gut because I eventually got caught by an undercover cop, I was sent to the station and had been locked up, I was freaking out but then the under cover cop told me no one was around I was schocked but he was totally right, Everyone was gone for the holidays and he had planned this little stint, He wanted to use me a urinal and wanted to scare the shit out of me literally, He did just that and I agreed of course he could piss and shit on me, especially if that meant me leaving scott free.

Cum dumpster bucket

Cum dumpsterI was home alone and could hear the youngins next door pounding on my wall, I was so annoyed I decided to go over and see what they were doing, It was a couple of young high schoolers they all looked like they had something to prove and were totally trying to play ” a gang” it was quite comical, annoyed I told them to keep it down or I’d have to call their guardians or whatever, They told me to shut the fuck up and show up, I was shocked these dick heads could talk to me this way, suddenly I felt someone push me in the apartment, there he was a tall 6’4 goon ready to make me a cum dumpster, I knew this cause he said it as he was pushing me in, Theses assholes gathered all around me and just started to rip my clothes off and started to jerk their cocks on me. I felt like it was some type of nightmare, I couldn’t believe they were so badly, of course, I can never turn down a shower of cum though.

Anal cum dumpster sluts

Anal cum dumpster sluts that love to show off her prostitute pussy, I mean why shouldn’t I show and tell, I need to get plenty clients, and I do, I love going to the pit stops at the truck stations with my friends and love to give a sneak peek of what I’m working with. My slut friends and I just need to shake our money makers in the guy’s faces, this is how we get our johns. They are gross and make my skin crawl but they do know how to use us and make us their piece of meat. They don’t care if they are going to rough, They only have one thing in mind and that is getting their cocks to drain on us. The short fat smelly men have a vendetta on us, they like to end our pussies, its like they need to shove their cocks into our stomachs, they make sure to leave a lasting impression on us, one that will make us sore for days to come.  We love to get tied up and taken advantage of, even if you walk out with out paying that would fucking turn us on.anal cum dumpster

Lot lizard sex slut fun

lot lizard sex Lot lizard sex slut fun! I should probably say how turned off I am by getting all the cocks I get, the guys are totally gross and are only worried about getting their rocks off. To be truthful I have gotten so turned on by being a sex slut that I love being used by a ton of guys. The other night I knew that I would get a ton of cocks all at once because there was a trucker meet up. I got ready and headed down there with two of my prostitute friends and new we would make a good amount of cash and we would get off quite a bit. We ended up going and the guys all had something in mind, an orgy with the 3 of us. There were about 20 men all gross fat and short, some were tall and monstrous most were overweight with small cocks. It was just exciting and even though they weren’t an Ideal fuck the fact that they could do what they want with us got us all off.

Pissing sex slut

Pissing sex slut! How pathetic do I look at all your piss? You picked me up from outside the gas station I was being pimped out and abuse. As soon as you saw me you knew you wanted a piece of my ass. Pulled up and I hopped in… We made our way to a cheap dusty motel, The place smelled like cigarettes and cheap perfume. You told me it was time to have fun you had a busy long week at work. I was honestly hoping to just blow you and never see you again.You had something else in mind you wanted me to remember this day and wanted me to have your memory ingrained in my mind forever. As you begin to shove your cock in my mouth you begin to let a stream of piss, I freak out because I see a red light going, It’s your phone you are recording this and you are enjoying it, you tell me everyone will know about my dirty little secrets. You laugh and shove a twenty down my mouth. A week later a ton of people sends me a link my biggest fear has become reality. I’m all over the net is a human toilet slut. Pissing sex

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