Slutty Student

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I go to college every morning at 6 am. Honestly, I would have already dropped out but my teacher is so fucking hot. He is always mad at me though. “Beretta! , where is your paper? Why are you texting? You’re late again … really? One day I pissed him off really bad.I cheated on my exam and he caught me and told me to see him after class. When class was over I did what I always do and pushed my chest out of my low cut shirt and apologize .but this time he locked and closed the door.  He told me I have to be punished and bent me over the desk. He slid my pants off and pulled out his big black slung .teasingly he rubbed just the tip of his dick along my pussy. I wanted his dick so bad I taunted him “you wouldn’t dare fuck me “. He then slammed my hips into him and fucked the hell out of me. I started to scream but that pissed him off even worse. He yanked my hair back and stuffed his fingers into my mouth. He told me this is what you get for not following directions and toke his dick out and slammed it into my asshole. It hurt so bad I started to cry. You don’t like that do you, you little slut.  Oh but I fucking love it. More give me more! He stopped and went to his desk. I begged him to keep going .but just as I did he pulled out the biggest vibrator I have ever seen and pushed me against my desk. He told me to fuck my pussy like a good slut and if I didn’t I would regret it. So I did. I fucked my tight little pussy with that vibrator as he fucked my ass and when he cummed and filled my little asshole with all his cum I put the vibrator in my ass and begged for his dick in my pussy.

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