Drunk Fucked By My Driver

Drunk Girl FuckingIt was another one of those nights where I went out to a friends house and we ended up getting so hammered. There was no way either of us could drive, so I called for an uber and was so wanting to get home to my hot neighbor and blow him. I also want my pussy gaping open, I love the way he will fist fuck me. My driver arrived and I stumbled out to the car and almost fell on my ass, that wouldn’t be good in my skirt and heels. And the fact that I am bare bottomed, trashy yes I know. I got in the car and he kept trying to touch up my thigh and was telling me how sexy I looked. Things were a blur with how drunk I was, I stopped trying to push his hand away. We got to my place and I was going in and out of being awake, he picked me up and carried me to my door. I walked in stumbling with his help, he laid me down on my couch and as I was coming in and out of my drunkeness he had my skirt up and was feeling my bald pussy. I couldn’t even push him away and then I felt him put his dick inside my pink hole and pound me while I was half here and half gone. It felt like a dream but it was real, he just kept pounding with my arms hanging down and legs spread real wide and then he was even playing with my breasts and I could tell they were bouncing. He came inside of me and then left and I woke up the next morning not really knowing quite what had happened.

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