Punished by My Mistress

No taboo phone sexYou came by today for your appointment. I have been parting a little hard and did not realize that I was booked with you. Normally I make sure to have eaten plenty of fiber the day before so that I can produce my scrumptious creamy chocolate pudding for you. Unfortunately, I was not able to today and you were so mad!

You called my mistress and told her that you pay good money for your sessions with me and you expect me to be able to preform. Whether you wanted a golden shower, scat, or for me to just suck your cock dry I should be ready and willing. Not the hung over hot mess that I was today. She assured you that it would never happen again.

She called me into the torture chamber and told me to strip. She told me that she expects her whores to deliver the best customer service always. Then she tied me up to her saw horse and started spanking my ass. I was screaming and crying before she stopped. Little did I know she was just getting started. She pulled out a vibrator and put it on my cunt. She punished my cunt with her vibrator and strap-on until my cunt was fucked raw. Then she just left me there all tied up and told me she would be back for round two!

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