Cum Dumpster at a Party


cum dumpsterA cum dumpster will always be the life of the party. I have a girlfriend from the right side of the tracks. She married well. Growing up we were from the same side of the bad tracks. We were thick as thieves. She and I shared many a cock over the years for money. We used to tell older men we met at the mall we were sisters. We were both blonde and blue eyed and buxom for our age. Guys gladly shelled out money to get head or hand jobs from two teen sisters. She married a wealthy businessman and moved on up like the Jefferson’s. She never forgot her trailer trash whore roots and friend, however. I am invited to every party she throws. The one this weekend was a classy one. I stuck out like a sore thumb in hot pants and a tube top. She doesn’t care. She invites me because some of her male friends need a good ball draining and their stuck-up trophy wives need a wake-up call. I am the kind of woman who does what your wife won’t do. All the guys were glued to me. I was glued to the bar. Guys were pouring me drinks and chatting me up. My friend kept the wives away with a tour of the house. Suddenly, it was just me and 10 married men whose balls had not been drained since Regan was president.  It didn’t take long to blow them because when your dick has not been sucked in forever, the first touch of a tongue makes you ooze. I am sure you know what I am talking about. My tube top came off and these classy men were shooting their loads of cum all over me. I managed to clean myself up and have a few more drinks before my friend even came back from the house tour with the wives. Honestly, I bet those wives wouldn’t even be upset that I blew their husbands. I just saved them obligatory head for another decade. I am a cum guzzling slut. I love the taste of cum. I am happy to blow any man, even you.

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