Cuck Call Me For That BBC

Druggy Phone SexYou really a pathetic cucky, and I am waiting on amazon GC loser. So where is it? While I wait for you to get that to me. I thought I loved sloppy seconds right out of a cum filled twat. But you love that BBC fresh loads of cum right in your mouth as they are seeping out of a pussy like sap on a tree. I was waiting for you and I decided to drink a couple Zima beers and I started to get super horny so I was rubbing the bottle up and down my pussy until I put it in. I know we both have that addiction for that nose candy and your pin prick clt is the perfect size to do a line. I love the feeling of this bottle with that candy stretching me open. The ridges on it are deep and it’s body is as thick as a nice BBC with big testicles. I can’t wait to share this big penis with you and compare and laugh in your face and make you lick this nice chocolate shaft while wearing panties, so pathetic.

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